But the child of God has been vouchsafed to all creation.

Where is the proof, for that is injustice to God, and cruelty to his creation, deprived so much as that is worth of God? Not only Christ, but nearly all Christ's disciples, suffered violent deaths, according to christian story. For their blasphemous propagations, was it not?

Rational religion can cause none of this, unselfish and devoted to God alone as she is. It is she that arrests all this superstition and wrongs.

Why disturb the world with the wild vagaries and fanaticisms of superstition, to harrow up the mind to ideal and unreal views ? For whose benefit is all this?

The priests!! The primary matter and commission cannot be approached at all by messiahships.

God would alienate his power to that extent, and lose that amount in the rule of his works.

Peter's frailty shows the directly imperfect conviction of the christian doctrine, and but little confidence in it. This doctrine fails to give support to an immortal soul, leaving it destitute of confidence, but leaves it in doubt, and often in despondency, most certainly in perjured corruption.

It betrays the state, most certainly, of undeveloped mind, of an age of ignorance, both of natural phenomena, and of the human character, above all, God's character.

It acts as if this was the only sphere for mortals, and priests were the beneficiaries; dwarfs man to a pusillanimous vassal to adopt them, who puts himself between mind and its maker,

Under malign influences, the vassal mind of the nineteenth century, has itself bound to do many odious things. Unless mind, that needs correction, get its wants supplied at the best source and origin of science, the inspiration from God, all the balance would be insufficient and ineffectual.

Its protection has not been secured throughout its creation, by any other than its Creator's Almighty conservation.

There are intervals of time not taken up by all peculiar faiths, that are not conservative. God is conservative all the time, through principles. The earth has inherent elements that prove the conservative power of God all the time.

Christ or his priestocracy, had to resort to the heathen mythology, in his fable of Lazarus and the rich man, consequently his system proves its own deficiency.

Mind seemingly needs to know of all this, more than mind can tell us as some suppose, but the God of good veils all in the future, and reveals only what is truly of world interest.

Christ does not tell us what rational mind can tell, by analysis. Though Christ assumes God's capital, he is not the capitalist for mind.

Mind from the time of its consciousness should be impressed with all that satisfies in after lise, and none can do that all the time, but that from God, who permits no interval to be left out.

If humanity be true to itself, it will avail itself of this munificent capital of God alone.

Who knows of the world's or the universe's future termination? Is not all this evil speculation by ignorant and designing men, for base capital? We have seen Millerism

What is all prophecy, independent of its certain perjury, worth, that is so mystified, that none can reason on its results ?

It proves, most conclusively, that man's fingers have indited it, one of the sacrifices of perverted mind to the vassalage of superstition.

The scriptures, advocating all the entangled sophisms of dreaming priestocracies, tell us, that we are to have a new earth, and that the sea is to yield up its dead. All this is absurd, as the third day resurrection.

The christian peculiar faith has four gods, instead of three. The fourth is an evil genius, and so powerful as to take away souls from their Maker! What other paganism is any worse ?

The past and present actions of the Roman church, including all their pretensions, have no legitimate claim to the title of the true infallible orthodox faith. Their founder, Peter, on whom they count so much, who received the keys direct, and handed them down to the church, as pretended, was a perjurer, that would be deemed an unworthy witness in the especial court of conscience. Protestants may affirm, that their position is certainly better. How can it be, when Peter has the whole fraternity ? Besides, that has sectarianism, clannishness, and the clans war on each other, even to this day, with angry and even with bloody conflicts at times. That is not religion. The sectarians are denied by the Romanists, who, in turn, are pronounced wrong by the protestants!

die out.

All have pagan man-worship, a species of superstition, all of which must be thrown away surely, ere pure religion is secured to honorable high-minded freemen.

There must be no trade, no speculation, no priestocracies, no mental midwives to go between the mind and its God. All that is worse than useless ; it is criminal, heinous, foolish, base, degrading to the mind, that should look forever up to God, the Supreme Being alone to be adored. You cannot detract from the perfect character of God, by any messiahships. Put away your false gods.

Does God create hybrids? Are not these the work of mind perverted ?
Can a God be born of a mortal? What incongruity !

Can an immortal originate from a mortal womb on this earth? What false physiology!

The genealogy is most stupidly ridiculous, when it assumes God to be the father, and yet claims Joseph! It proves itself ineffably nonsensical. A mystified perjury made by jesuitical minds.

No principle of physiology or of reason, will permit such a monster. It is too light and merciful, to call all this mere inconsistency. No inside or outside barbarians of the world can assume this, and live out the


of mind.

Are secret crimes to beget such artifice ?
What then had Joseph to do with Christ's genealogy.?

Was Mary any direct connexion to David ? Was Mary the mother, less than a vile woman, as none but man ever could be on earth ? As much then as whoredom falls below chastity, so does peculiar faith fall below religion, and so does messiahship fall below the creator. Accursed it lives on earth, blasting mankind by its ignominious degradations.

And king David's was not even pure blood, as Solomon was born of the adulteress. Was this the pretence of oriential assumption, before which mind has been crushed ?

Christ's birth then was an imposition ; his life is described as spent in sectarianism, a very low calling, as the worst of demagogism.

His demonology, if not psychology disguised, proves that he used humbugs and jugglery, that if not of hands, at least of minds, even to this day. But worse than that. His life was not written until many years after he lived, if this was not an entire romance procured by the pious frauds of the priestocracy.

Then it was the worst species of mind-jugglery. At his death, Christ exclaimed, it is claimed, " My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Why did he ask this question without a cause? Had he not forsaken the best principles of honesty and religion, in assuming to be more than mortal ? But how explain away the great earthquake when Christ was crucified ? If it ever happened, of which there is no true history, and if not a mere coincidence, it proves as much for the consummation of the punishment for his blasphemy. Was any proof given, that it was not a mere coincidence? But christianity is the guardian of science. It is the obituary maker of philosophical science.

Christianity so far from protecting science, caused the philosophers to be banished Rome by Justinian, and astronomers to be punished for astronomy. She reared up the world-sophists.

It took kings and absolutism to put down God's philosophy, to rear pagan christianity, and deplorable have been the evil consequences to the world therefrom.

It took several centuries for christianity to get a foothold in that country, and it is indebted to Constantine for its establishment by the sword. In becoming the policy of his government, it acquired strength and power by union to state. It has been maintained, by the brute force of usurpation, and whenever expelled, as lately, the pope has been indebted to military power for restoration. Christianity, like all pagan peculiar world faiths, has been smuggled on the world. And such has been the policy of peculiar faith, to hold the world in its grasp and subjection..

The sword is unconscientiously used, if victory can be obtained. Rational mind only stays it to-day, supreme over Christ that came truly “to bring the sword.” What is the difference to the world, whether a Constantine or a Mahomet conquers for peculiar faith, that only differs in degree of superstition? How can this faith be universal and fraternal, when the most powerful nation with its state united to it, usurps the fairest portions of the globe, not to be repressed but by mind and its prowess ?

Some persons undertake to answer for all, because it is booked in the bible, as if the most inconsistent and contradictory, the most inextricable dilemmas were not there presented to its best friends. It involves many arguments that are unanswerable to the shrewdest of them, as what had the genealogy of Joseph to do with Christ's, if Christ was illegitimate ? Again, the apostles are said to have eaten with Christ, after his

asserted resurrection. No spirit can do that, as it is utterly incompatible. But there was union of body and mind, which was restoration to his original functions, that is, he was made alive as other mortals. That proves if any thing, that he had never been dead after birth.

All the whims, caprices, and fancies of peculiar faith, whether for Mahomet or Christ, Moses or Bhudd, Brahmin or Mormon, Juggernaut or Lama, end in sophistry and utter perjury, as all have false pretences of damnable character.

Persuasion may ruin, deceive or seduce the world, if mind is not posted up by virtue and intelligence. It has been thrown off its guard mostly by this very thing. What liad stars, suns of other solar systems to do with individuals of this solar system? It was the work of astrologers and alchemists, who were the affiliated priestocracy that affected irrational pretensions, as they were the world humbuggers.

But the history of Christ was delayed to be written, it is said, for many years after the supposed transactions. This implies fraud, for the avoidance of antagonism, that might upset the statement. No such story could have been valid, unless both sides had been properly reported, and adjudged correctly as verified.

How difficult is it now, in this day and time, with all the light of the press, to get the truth of the very time, published in the immediate circle ? Even in this day, a man by money and power, can get his clan around him, and make out much that is improbable pass for facts. There is no end to perjury, in the present state of society.

How difficult, if not impossible, is it, to reach the truth and facts after a lapse of time in distant places, where the responsibility personal is not imperative, and the rational standards not the highest.

To obtain Christ, a son should be born of a virgin. That is the very way that all first children should be born. Virgins are first mothers that way.

Can partisans be believed in faith, politics, or any matter connected with selfinterest?

Admit man has the habit of perverting the truth, constantly declaring the statements of peculiar faith, he will swear to them, particularly if he conceal his disbelief of the bible of tradition privately, while in public he hypocritically professes faith. Not only was one disciple of Christ a 'traitor, but another, the chief, was a perjurer, while all were deserters and perjurers.

What confidence can be placed in a world of such cattle? Who can be safely trusted, after using deceit or forfeiture of his word in serious matters ?

The bible of tradition authors were not up to the high and right appreciation of things. What can the inspectors of mind promise themselves, as to the unity of mind on any messiah? It can be procured on no such bauble, when the prime benefits of God are to be disregarded. If Christ be adopted, God is left to himself. Let the world understand this subject perfectly, and it will dismiss all messiahships as frauds on itself. The hidings of Christ's disciples evince only mortal actions, and the hidings of his father's face evince his own blasphemy. The whole of it is only a peculiar story unworthy of notice. We must have a sixth sense to mingle with spirits, as the apostles, as we mortals have to breathe another atmosphere. The penalty to presume on more is through death. But so far from the necessity of a sixth sense, whilst some are naturally deprived of a part of their five senses, other persons do not use appropriately all these, most being deprived of the right use of theirs by an interested but perverted clique of base characters. How deplorable in both cases! Are these last duly thankful to see the splendid universe ; to hear the joyful sounds of friendship and love; to speak the blessed thoughts of mind, yet refuse the proper allegiance to its independence and mighty characteristics in the analysis of truth?

What was the use of the Holy Ghost or Spirit but priest machinery, to circumvent mind's imaginings?

What ignorance has been taught in all bibles of tradition?

The doctrine of demons or spirits, a demoniacal possession, shows affection by epileptic fits, deranged persons, or those affected by numerous diseases.

Mind, the mighty agent for universal action, doubly corrects this wicked pretension.

The pride of reason is the error of opinion, that may mislead into all the puerilities of peculiar faith, as the wonderful visions of dancers, convulsionists, jumpers, jerkers, whippers, shakers, &c.

Fits were supposed, by the ignorant and superstitious ancients, to be a manifestation of actions of demons.

Suppose that the body of Christ had been burnt, as of course it could easily have been, who could have expected to have seen anything but ashes ?

Death is the barrier between spirits and mortals.
There can be no visions of all such, no contact, no commerce or intercourse; as de-

structive is in antagonism with conservative principles, as evil is so with good, so aro spirits and the living eternally separated.

What in the dark ages was Christianity but a darker thing, infuriating the very mind, the beneficiary, that, if perverted, leaves the world a blank?

Under the authority of Gibbon, the historian, the preternatural darkness of the three hours, time, is said to have happened during the lifetime of Seneca and the elder Pliny, not mentioned by them, great natural philosophers as they were, and particularly collecting and describing such remarkable incidents! But it is not proved the Christ arose the third day after his crucifixion; or that his body was in the tomb the second day; or that his spirit could be impeded one moment after death, from its appropriate elements.

The word for wisdom, in Asia, and in Hebrew, was chest; and when put into Greek, it was christ; and when put into Latin, it was christus."-Jacobs.

Incarn was the word. When was Christ born? Was he any but a fictitious personage ?

Leo X. said, “it is well known how profitable this fable of Christ has been to us." The gospels were vamped up, at the council of Nice.

What did not these ecclesiastics expect of the world, of Constantine, and all the future ?

Had the true Christ been apparent, the Jews would have rushed at the true savior of the world.

All the world never could have been kept back at all, at no time, from that most vital fact.

But in the nature of things of this universe, there can be no Christ, no Savior, if there be a Creator.

You must first uncreate the universe, to make a Christ.

Luke and Matthew differ about the genealogy of Christ, very essentially from each other, and certainly from truth. One having many persons more than the other, having Jacob for Joseph's father, and the other Heli; and both failing to connect Christ with the genealogy of Abraham or David! Now by-the-by, they have no genealogy at all. All are false, faith and Christ.

Kings and priestocracies forced the faith about Christ, supported by ignorant vassals, others knowing better then and now, merely to court popularity, that they have sought through peculiar faith. How servile the sentiment, how ignoble the thought, that when in Rome we must do as the Romans do! They have licked the dust off the Pope's feet! Is that manly; is it not like the beast? What humbugs, peculiar faith, priestocracy, and absolutism : how costly to the sovereign people. Peculiar faith has the road too much to preferment and popularity in the world, and that too most undeserved, Was there ever such a being as Christ? Let all rational beings then investigate, otherwise they will be wofully deceived by the ignorant and impotent priestocracy.

If individuals should be degraded, who violate proper manners, the best that are conventional of society, what can one say of those who violate the first principles of justice to Deity, and impose the deepest frauds on the world?

What power has Christ over sin, more than any other mortal that died? It is not election nor favoritism, but principle, that saves all. Sectarian, the majority of the world invariably dies out of the pale of your peculiar faith. On investigation, who but à coward or slave would own Christ, a most perfect imposition ? If the subject were peculiar faiths, I had not written, but they have nothing to do with religion that God requires rational mind to cultivate rightfully.

It is a matter of no moment whether we hear or not of christs or messiahs, who are not available, but stumbling blocks for laity and clergy, while our senses inform us of a God of nature, the majesty of the universe.

As we do not appreciate men by their mere standing alone, but by their life-acts, so no Christ can be verified unless he rule mind through reason and truth, the means that the God of mind uses, an utter impossibility. Christ a God, and let merest mortals conquer him! If God, he could have paralyzed all arms, and convinced all minds. But Christ is dead-what can he do?

The use of such doctrines as Christ uses, not original, not reaching even to God's principles, only proves him a mortal, not a God, and the attempt at miracles lays him and friends low as jugglers, as God's acts universally are conservative, whilst miracles reverse the order of nature, and are destructive.

The use of the doctrines advanced were at best only social principles, used by the world, as China, for centuries. Of course Christ was indebted, though an assumed god, to the supremacy of principles, that are of themselves in abeyance to God, to whom Christ was doubly inferior.

But he even went below them, for he advanced doctrines of blasphemous sectarianism, the lowest of all worldly acts, and expiated therefor with his life.

Of course he was only a man of straw in the hands of blasphemous impostor dramatists, to keep up a degraded game on mind, the main object being vile despotism to defraud and hold mind abject.

Enlightened conscience demands a proved Christ, on certain evidence, properly endorsed, or felony recoils certainly on all offering the bible and doctrine.

Our own mind must have a rightful decision.

If the Jews ever sacrificed Christ, our own sense tells us that he positively was a mortal, for they would not have done it had he proved himself a God.

They would have attempted anything else as soon. Here is a perfect conclusion to the whole story.

The bible of tradition writers endorse their peculiar faith and their Christ. Who endorse them? They need it above all others, as the veriest world felons, self-evident otherwise. Who came to the rescue? The pulpit priestocracy. The last perjure themselves, the very moment they open their mouth, and of course cannot sustain the bible-perjured authors. What is to be done?

If you believe the book under such inconsistencies, you perjure your mind and soul. The supreme testimony of God's principles excludes all such without mistake. Christ, according to Matthew, c. iv., was said to be led up of the spirit to be tempted of the devil, and was ministered to by angels, neither which can be proved to possibly exist under any circumstances of this universe and God's noblest attributes, much less to have been on our earth.

As to the persecution of Christ so often alluded to, that was sectarian ; on any other a God would have arisen to the dignity of his majesty by that very trial and tribunal, that he would have sought to display his innate greatness. He would have wished it world-wide ; but a mortal would sink, as Christ is said to have done, under it-a mere pagan sectarian.

The world then has not to look at his sectarian persecution so common to the world, but his blasphemy, to assume messiahship, the vilest libel on God.

God never intended that his attributes should be counterfeited. In this all the tinker. cobler dramatists are ever self-evident.

Their hero was to be sacrificed, and some agent had to do it; but wo to that man! Was there ever such suicidal logic ? Such blasphemous iniquity ? God, perfect purity, had to commit murder to save from sin !

Of all the solecisms of nonsense, this exceeds all.

But they must make him a perpetual drummer travelling agent, to carry out their fooleries.

Such pedant monks had no comprehension of the universe, God or mind, and only, looked to their idols of priestocracies. They have committed themselves most hopelessly to inextricable difficulties, and their helpless messiah nobody to nonentity.

Investigation and analysis consign all the peculiar animals to an ignoble position. Their peculiar doctrines place them in peculiar quagmires.

The poor dramatists should have carried him over the converted globe, that had only to see to believe.

As a god of miracles that they claim for Christ, he could have traversed the globe speedily, and have proved then and there, beyond doubt and most convincing to the world, any way desirable to the whole multitude, and done it too like a faithful agent, that mind should not have suffered by delay, neglect or want of the necessary constituent of relief. But messiahship was even ineffectual, a failure, an imposition, incompetent to meet the wants of the world.

What are its wants ? Could these infamous daubers tell, or supply if told? They were after making the most out of their ignoble sectarian professions.

Little did these court wily sycophants, who were concocting and writing their schemes for many a year, in their stupidity ever conceive of the sublime intelligence, that rules in the deepest silence and thought the mighty creation, before whom all their innumerable messiahships must sink in the most ignoble insignificance, the most contemptible.

Now the present history of the world proves conclusively, that religious characteristics are a very different thing.

What does Christianity or any peculiar faith avail the world, but enslave it by means of absolutism? At the same time serving to extract the cream of the benefits of the world for the few, but yielding only bitter dregs. The justice that suits the wants of the world is the unadulterated gift of God.

Nations that profess all the pretences of Christian, Mahometan, or any other peculiar policy, do not possess the proper policy of nations of the world of God, as has been

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