Man's systems of two covenants were ever superseded by mind's covenant, the bible of rational mind.

The God of the universe set up his presidency at creation's birth, as universal as space, as durable as eternity, and proclaimed that covenant to be best recognised by the highest appreciation of civilization and religion.

The ministry of all men's systems of peculiar faith, however ordained, will not meet this holy question of God's institution.

The ministry of God is not of man, for it is principles all the time, and they are only God-ordained.

Repentence arises on conviction, that recurs on intellectual recognition of what are the best views of principles.

These principles supersede the necessity of but one master, and that of the universe. No local Christ, can be.

No commission looks honest, when the commander omitted to execute the mission. All was a failure, if a God, an imposition, if a man; both positions decidedly negative the virtue, in the sight of the God of nature. Of what benefit are peculiar gods, to

Who, but an irrational bigot, cannot now see that the commission did not extend to this world ?

John, the relation of Jesus, the son of Elizabeth, cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus, cried in the wilderness, to prepare the way for Jesus, and endorsed him.

Now, who endorsed John? Oh, but he was a prophet!

Does that endorse John? The bible endorsement is worthless, as it cannot be authenticated. God proves that.

Correct principles, when justly appreciated, can be the only prophecy that is universal to the truly wise.

Reason analyzes principles, that endorse themselves as God's works, and nothing else.

All things that occur, are fulfilled by the prophecy of time alone. What proofs are there of Christ?

He healed the sick. The doctor does that.
He made the blind to see. When blinded with cataract, the surgeon causes them


to see.

But he raised the dead. Jugglery of mind and hand can do that, and the balance claimed. Who endorses Christ as the universal savior of the world? His success? That utterly condemns him. What does the God of the universe say, who is superior to any peculiar god peculiarly interpreted ?

His words are universal and eternal, having respect to past, present, and future, and do not pass as tradition, that cannot be a faithful exponent of the God of nature. His words, like himself, are living, and cannot be written by any but himself, in his great spheres of the universe.

His words are engraved, by his eternal means, in his works.
All others are the words of bibles of tradition, the evanescent words of man.
Christ is ever claimed as omnipotent and omniscient.

How come the asserters of this imposition and blasphemy, to escape some marked punishment?

Angels, and a star, heralded him. Who heralded them?
They are all impossibilities, declared by God's word, cause, and effect.

The prophecies are falsified, the miracles are nullified, and mysteries annihilated as enigmas and oracles, by the first principles of mind, their master.

Truth and reason are triumphant over all such stuff; therefore it was that you cannot, and must not, reason on this bible.

That inquisition, the denial of reason, is the worst of all infamous inquisitions, and its absurdity, to govern by faith, is worse than the bible story of the fish swallowing Jonah, who lay in him three days, and then escaped alive. If any fable can beat that, then we yield the question.

What can intelligent moderns think of such dregs, worse than heathenish superstition?

People need religion, not nonsense and sophistry of a tricky priestocracy, who sought to rule, or ruin, the world.



The science of mathematics defines the truth of numbers. Now, who would proa nounce three fingers of the one hand, one finger?

No wise or sound mind, much less, say that the hand had not four fingers, instead of three, as it is the polytheism of four gods of the bible.

Christ had no principles peculiar for a trinity.

Common sense and benefit are the cream of the world's sense, and they decide that the mode the Holy Ghost operates is unappreciable.

All negatives are proved by affirmatives, and, in this matter, ignorance and stupidity will prevail, though the institution is too peculiar for universal benefit. It commenced in sin, and was conceived in fraud.

Why do christians, whose creed is love, differ in hundreds of sects about creeds, but by reason of peculiar views, tastes, and inclinations, that prove human pretensions ?

The Mormons now appear to the Christians, what the Christians once did to the ancient Jews, mere innovators.

Every time that Christ is preached as a vicegerent, so often is the deepest blasphemy preached against God, the Creator, and the vilest imposition practiced on men, the creatures.

Why so many differences of faith, if true principles, that belong to religion, were the foundation ?

Who, but a peculiar God, could desert his son, when to be executed as a common malefactor between thieves ?

The God of the universe has universal dignity and power. And yet effusion of blood was a part of the compact of this peculiar god-drama, and those that produced it were punished. That is peculiar-god ethics.

What greater absurdity and crime can be perpetrated ?

To wash away the guilt of a world, the blood of a mortal was shed! Murder was to atone for it; crime was to wash away crime !

This was the messiah for man, made by God, who is bound to preserve to the demands of creation, which messiali could not save himself!

Man, who cannot save himself alone by good works, loses himself, by bad deeds, after Christ's help!

All ground of confidence, for the present or future, is false, but in God. All minds are from God, and have the elements of religion as a creation-right, and all can improve them, more or less, by improvement of conscience.

Good and wise laws protect society, and no good, wise citizen will forsake them for reckless speculations in bad laws and worse systems of peculiar faith.

Man's nature belongs, in part, to earth, and it can only act as mortal, sinful to death only in degree.

It is remarkable that the greatest miracle that Christ came to perform, as said, to create belief or faith, is the one least accomplished, and that grows beautifully less, as science of the world advances.

So far from forcing the people up to the creed and belief of their salvation, they could not be forced from such, if convincing miracles for belief had been created.

Of course, then, all such are false pretences.

Rational, or reasonable people, wish to believe that way, that indicates a reasonable and just faith, which the God of nature never would permit the people of this world to mistake.

They cannot mistake him in his real books of the universe. That is utterly impossible.

The heir that has a fee simple, or a perpetual life-right title to an estate, could have no better claim from all other sources.

If anything, those titles might invalidate it.
The Christ offers, perpetual life, salvation ?

On what reasonable grounds of proof, after his own mortality was so clearly proved on the cross?

Who sent him; where is the proof of his mission ?
It is not in his life career, that was evidently that of a mere man, tricky and assuming.

It is not from God, whose almighty functions of creation are clearly sought to be usurped by any such monopoly.

Who can give us undeniable and full proof, that is incontestible, worthy of truth and rational minds?

The christian says: To the altar, to be prayed for.

What is to be prayed for? Religion? That you have had at creation. You need to make it most rational. Can Christ avail, when faith is invoked against rationality ?

In what light shall we address Christ, then?
As a reformer? Then was his mission as a man, and must be viewed through mind.

When he is sought to be placed in a higher light, as all rational beings have had the elements of religion already, without which no such subject could be entertained, then there is collusion among the people, that is tyrannical in the state, and the whole becomes an imposition and a blasphemy.

Weak minded bigots, ignorant and obstinate, and the self-interested, may be easily misled by similar perverted minds, but there is no excuse that you should act the bigot.

Two wrongs do not make a right, in the case of Christ.
His sins added to those of the people, will not avail, but press down the heavier.

But the christian bible is true, because all the prophecies have come to pass about ühe downfall of nations. The bible prophecies are all pretences; but little is revealed about them.

When that bible was published, man was barbarian and uncivilized. Nations warred to prey, and pirate on each other. There was no stability in national affairs, and one nation fell after another, like wave upon wave.

Wars for conquest, mastery and power, were the games that all played at. No nation can be stable without principles that are permanent. No ancient nation was permanent for this reason, therefore the Jewish feil.

The list of the flesh was bad enough, but the lust of avarice and ambition, mastered all. The ancient world was composed of absolutism, priestocracy and military despotism, all having the elements of their own destruction.

This is human mind uncultivated, rude, undisciplined.

It will ever be so, under analogous circumstances, and the events can be well foretold. But bible prophecy is a perjury,

Then it is only the philosophy of history, where it is not its fiction, and not prophecy

Wise men can foretel thousands of things by analogy, and inspiration of science on mind.

Then let mind counteract all imposition, by its ample and proper means, that can avail effectually to the honor and triumph of mind irradiated by intellectual light.

Scourges of war, pestilence and famine, make a sad havoc of the erring nations of the world, for the self-vindication of principles, that should have kept them in their moral and intellectual orbits.

True observation of statesmen's minds will teach them their duties and actions, to banish deceit from their councils, and to accurse demagogism among the sons of men on the face of the earth, in order to drive feudalism of mind to nonentity.

But polygamy was excluded by Christ : a new thing. We believe not, when the world had the laws of other pagans, the Romans and Greeks, who had only one wife. The Romans had possession of Palestine, at that time, and ruled by their laws.

Were the superstitious Jews, who had polygamy even among their patriarchs, to teach their superiors ?

The numeral equality of the sexes, teaches the exclusion of polygamy as an abuse of nature's laws.

Was there ever such a being as Christ?

We do not know the exact year nor the season of the year, month or day of the birth of this chief, or Christ's nativity.

He appeared many thousands of years, after the world stood in need of a savior by the pretended fall of the bible Adam, surely. Who announced him? The jugglery of mind, obedient to priestocracy. That was his precursor : the man that dares deny it, is reckless of honor, truth and religion.

It matters but little about ventriloquism, “ the daughter of the voice," or the jugglers of hand, when the jugglery of mind is omnipotent on the ignorant and corrupt masses.

With the paternity of priestocracy, the jugglery of mind, and the movable mob masses, the world at one time was identified. Does any truthful mind deny this ? Let the ancient oracles tell. The Jew oracles are no better-schemed with more art and duplicity.

How easy was it by ventriloquism and psychology, to work all the machinery of priestocracy.

Any pretended manifestation of the will of the peculiar god could be supernatural, when their machinery announced " This is my beloved son,” &c.

It is the duty of every patriotic, intelligent mind, to expose all such imposition, as of all prophets, sorcerers and magicians who were false.

All oracles, the pretences of priests, should be exposed, no matter the authority.

The proper rational instruction and improvement of mind will discard magical operations, prophetic visions, ay, any oracles of Urim and Thummim. The only true prophet to be consulted is time, and that has exposed all the false pretences of all the world priestocracy.

But christianity claims the only decency about religion!

The Mahometan Moors taught the christians toleration in Spain, during the eighth century, yielding the rights of conscience when they conquered the people, but the Moors were treated in bad faith by the Spaniards, who reconquered their country in the fifteenth century, and refused them this principle at the expense of their lives.

Who could expect any thing of any professions, that resort to unprincipled faith for an existence ?

We cannot be safe by the traditions of any books, that interfere with the principles of conscience and mind ; in other words, with love, benevolence, philanthropy, justice and affection.

We must believe and know that God exists, and in the difference between vice and virtue, good and evil, justice and injustice, that we are bound to principles by conscience, else remorse must ensue.

We can espouse no system of man or books, but what reason sanctions, rational mind maintains, and nature demands, with becoming modesty.

God's conservative principles cut out Christ and all such pretended angel messengers and messiahs, and place dignity to his glory.

Had the ignorant priestocracy known all, and the revelations of science, that exposes the frauds of all mortals in time, then they would have been modestly silent. Their vicious book utterly condemns them.

If the godhead was perfect with Christ as is asserted, “I and the Father are one," in union with the godhead, it must needs be imperfect without him for the rest of the universe.

The time employed on earth is absurd to think of, as the rest of the universe must and would suffer in Christ's absence; this is a difficulty impracticable, to the priestocracy.

We hardly think the fabulists thought of all this, when they manufactured the story of messiahship.

Of course, they easily falsified any amount of matter, to carry out the drama, but their sophistry recoils at last, and transfixes them forever to exposure before the world.

The jugglery of mind, hand and voice, will explain the whole fabric of priestocracy, in all its most difficult points.

We need hardly ask, is it very difficult to cause persons to act most difficult dramas, if all matters were previously prepared, when the writers by a stroke of the style could manufacture all the dramas.

What cannot collusion do, by clanships?

The proof of Christ is pretended to rest on divine inspiration and prophecy, the falsity of which is well proved by the rejection by nearly the whole world, few of the Jews excepted, that is the peculiarly chosen people of course, of a peculiar god to be so asserted.

This of itself is authority, against such blasphemous imposition.
Thus it has been, with all other kinds of superstition.

Nations may take from their founders the kind of peculiar faith, and lose it in the ocean of dogmas.

The Romans adopted all kinds, and excluded by imperial power, what was suitable to Constantine, who enabled the christian peculiarity to progress, in that wide spread empire.

Should the Mormons last one hundred years by reason of the world's darkness, which God forbid, their prophets and faith may have equal claims on the credulity of the ignorant masses, and the vulgar bigotry.

Citizens of the world, noblemen of nature, aid in putting down all peculiarity of faitlı and bigotry. Talk of mind and reason, and the sycophants will tell us, that their prince cast out devils.

Did he cast out himself? If not, the assertion proves the falsity, as there can be no such beings, if God be pure. But he did many miracles. So can only the mind juggler. The Mormons claim all that kind of peculiar faith, and more too. All peculiar faiths claim mind jugglery, hence it is the juggler's faith.

If such pretence be used for a part, the whole is condemned. The fact is, no intrinsic part of peculiar faith can be approved. The balance is unworthy of notice, when a part is destitute of foundation. All of peculiar faith, is worthless.

As to sins, what are they?
The actions of deviations from settled principles, conservative if followed, but more

or less destructive or injurious, if rejected. Mind is identified with the relations of creation, and must act consistently. Sins proceed from mind, ignorant or perverted, the last knowing better, but addicted to bad habits that enslave. Then rational education must teach and correct the world, to approach the best position, and that must accompany the dawn of reason, rational mind..

All the proper influences that rational mind recognises, should be brought to bear in the world te preserve its noblest position.

How absurd then the sacrifices of Judaism, or any peculiar faith, in the blood of animals?

What availed the cruel, murderous sacrifice of human victims, as burnt or blood offerings?

What crime did all such conceal, or what pardon for sin propitiate ?

All the pretended sacrifices of messiahs or christs, are worse than idle ; they are ignominious.

Are the bibles that speak of human sacrifices worthy of our veneration or respect, when all rational minds must consider them as the barbarous rites of mere cannibals? minds?

But if mortal rewards are desirable, how much more are those that are eternal ?
Are not these the proper incentives to minds refined by cultivation ?

We must be certain who has the right to bestow the whole. We certainly could not be expected, if sane, to look to those not having the power.

We seek not a frail, but sure position. But what shall we do for repentance ?

Let all act to the dictates of the best enlightened conscience, for ever the best; look to the future, and correct the present. But what is the universal standard ? The bible of rational mind, that improves on the best refinements of rational civilization, looks to the unity of the Creator all the time, and appreciates that standard by a universal comprehension. The faculty of conscience, enlightened at this tribunal, teaches most that the eternal principles of truth, honesty, humanity and justice, are some of the first duties for all rational minds all the time, and that they must act by a duly instructed mind.

The mind of man is operated on by the mind of man, in the court of reason and conscience.

Mind looks threugh natural phenomena to the author, having the innate faculties of adoration, but is liable to distort their appreciation by the perversion of ignorance and superstition, the last of which, under the guidance of the priestecracy, speculates in them as world stock for miracles.

What kingdom could Christ set up, that God had not already anticipated in man's anind, by his presidential institutions 2

As to the doctrines of regeneration, sprinkling, baptism, and the host of ceremonies and rites, they will all fall with the principals, who fall of themselves, without redemption or resurrection, before a rational world. But is there not one peculiar faith of so many, that must be the true one?

No more than a selection of many falsehoods can make a truth.

The best Christian, or any other, is no more than the Mahometan, Brahmin, or Mormon.

If Christ had been the messiah, Judas would have suffered himself to be cut into thirty pieces of flesh, and Peter would have died at first, before either would have acted as they are said to have done, the one by teaching, the other by perjury, and all by desertion,

The Jews could not have been held back by force, if the true messiah had been announced to them, being on the look out. The history of twenty-four other pretended messiahs prove this, as six hundred thousand Jews lost their lives for merely one of them.

How much collusion and delusion have there been for messiahs and their priestocracy, the greatest curse of peculiar faith, the worst iniquity of the world.

How many testified falsely to messiahship!

That was an easy matter, when the materials were so abundant. The people, espe.. cially the ignorant, were easily deceived by supposed miracles, particularly when they were previously prepared by false prophecies, that were one of the world's weaknesses.

With all such, witchcraft, omens, magic were the same thing, mysterious.

If miracles and prophecies ever were necessary, they are so now, most especially in the progress of opposition, to eradicate the effects of the vedas and the oracles of the other pagans, who swarm by hundreds of millions in Asia.

Now is the time to arrest this mighty influence. But alas for them, they are killed by the light of mind that rises up to-day, to reclaim its last possessions over all mankind.

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