The greater the subject, the more satisfactorily is that faith to be established, on not only indisputable but irrefragable testimony.

All faith in peculiar system comes short of the unity of God, and can never be established in mind that he owns.

Faith of a proper and honorable character, cannot possibly enter into any absurd and unnatural views in any respect.

All things submitted to mind, must be received on the principles that govern mind. All kinds of faith are especially submitted to mind, and nothing else.

Mind can know nothing of religion but as a truth, therefore, its faith in that must be undoubtedly true.

It is utterly absurd to talk of the heart-faith, when mind has the sole province, duty and responsibility, to decide rightly. The heart is a blood-vessel, and is mainly concerned in the functions of circulation.

Religion, to be true, must be mind-felt; conclusively proved a rational faith.
Faith beyond reason, at all times, leaves analysis of folly that leads to 'crimes.

Faith must depend on the purest principles of philosophy, that represents the most liberal proper sense and science, the best of religion that causes mind to comprehend the most enlightened duty.

Hope rests on the same foundation, ever confident in science and true knowledge, always referring to God supreme.

Benevolence necessarily recognises the path of such faith, end owed with the noblest attributes of humanity.

Linked with the sublimest mercy, she cannot force out an improper and irrational faith, which would be criminal as unjust to ourselves and the just relation of things.

When all this doctrine is fully investigated and tried in the court of conscience, mind will acquiesce in that as wrong, not compatible with right principles.

No sound mind can reject reasonable decisions, as it must understand itself, that is necessary prior to appreciating God.

We must understand mind to understand the universe. Language must be understood fully and properly, and be strictly correct.

Faith either relies on reason, that is, truth, or self-delusion; she cannot rely on any other.

Faith with reason absolutely rejects all vicegerents, messialis, Christs, prophets, miracle-mongers, mystery-pretenders, by one of the plainest attributes of God.

With self-delusion and insidious persuasion, what is called faith, receives the most inconsiderate and worthless doctrines, unworthy of the age and its virtues.

Christ's messiahship, or any of the best far beyond his, could not be mistaken if sent by God, for then they would have been universal in space and in time, past, present and future ; cotemporary with creation, not peculiar to any age or small circle.

Christ's mission had not the passport and genuine stamp of God on it, else its seal would have been universal, accompanied by its unerring proofs.

The stamp of peculiar character, unerringly condemns it as counterfeit.

When truth is intentionally and wantonly violated by any disciples or church-members, then who cannot see that there is a violation of the principal foundation of all religion that is rational ?

What, then, was the state of Peter's mind ?
Was it rightly imbued with rational religion?
What honest mind can think so now?

Were the disciples worthy of mind's confidence, when they all deserted their master of peculiar faith?

This bespeaks a degradation however pardonable for the weakness of human nature, is inadmissible certainly, for leaders worthy of the world.

The possession of pure religion, and its author, God, cannot be truly denied by any rational mind.

No God walks the earth as mortal, that is unreasonable, as well as adverse to the principles of physiology, while the mortal may expect to aspire to nobler existence. God exalts. And all such impositions of a messiah rank and absurd, bear further deeper stain, that of impiety and shameful blasphemy.

The gods of the ancients were miserable fictions, characterized by the mind of the writers, that the priests could mould as suited their interest, or that of the dictating conquerors, with which collusion they all acted in the falsest faith to the people, who were to be the vulgar dupes and exponents of absolutism.

If the most ample bribes were not effectual, the compulsion of victory and conquest was to secure the flattering answers of the oracles so common to the ancient world. The oracle-mongers were as compliant as bribes and power could create.

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Among the peculiar faiths of even Asia, is that of a Confucius, who lived centuries before Christ, and offering sentiments that were doctrinal even with that, as the foundation of proper social principle, “Do ye unto others. as ye would have them do unto you.

The modern fanatic in his degrading notions of his own self-important powers, ignorance of those valuable and immortal powers in his own mind if secured from bigotry, filled with a disgusting man and idol worship, prevalent in every age that bows to power where its brief authority prevails, will wonder in stupid surprise at the origin of this sentence. Let him learn true wisdom displayed by mind's exhaustless powers if independently sought, the treasures that have been perverted in all false systems of peculiar faith, to correct which he must respect himself as the faithful representative of God.

Let him learn that all these came from the true mint that coins, that have been amalgamated in spurious, false, and counterfeit currency.

Let him seek the fountain, that mind becoming potent, reason drinks of, and keeps it

forever pure.

From what can we learn of Christ, but that of imposition and blasphemy, too plain for mistake?

What has his mode of faith done, but demoralize the world, exciting wars for centiiries, civil and general, continent against continent, nation and family against each other, strife all the time of its existence, the most vindictive and evil passions of men stirred up thereby, the people impoverished, demoralized and enslaved, to a papacy absolute in proportion to the light of mind ?

The principal faith has been so corrupt, that reformation, the noble light of mind, obscured and crushed, had to be mixed to make it tolerable by the world ! If Christ be peculiarly sent to the peculiar people for their salvation, how comes it

. that these peculiar people did not receive him?

But that holiness of the new creature being born again, the benefits of the new birth, regeneration, how can soul receive it, ay, the Holy Ghost, without it receives the peculiar faith of Christ?

The priestocracy were wide awake, to have the peculiar benefits only expressed through their peculiar province, as all priestocracies that are cunning, to degrade their world, not wise to save it.

All that can come effectual, is from God, if truth be told, and the best of mind is God's own light from his omniscient inspiration, or none at all, in the best sense of the term, can come. The degraded priesthoods ought to know that, if they analyze mind and its relations to mind and God.

The Creator is certainly most interested in affection for creation. To attempt denial of this, libels God's and man's nature.

True analysis, however difficult to reach, decides all these questions in favor of God supreme and only sovereign.

Imperfect analysis alone can assent to those interested in the treacherous impediment of mind's noblest perfection, intellectual independence, that shows the only dependence on God.

But civilization and christianity go together?

Where was civilization in the dark ages, centuries after christianity flourished? In those dark times, when the church invoked the sword instead of mind's light, to attaily the true conquest of the ing more and more bereft of mind's light?

Is not christianity one of the usurpations of God's attributes, and of mind's virtues ?

Did the church advance science, when it imprisoned Galileo, the astronomer, persecuting him and hosts of others, for advancing science as now required? Does not this fully settle the whole question, at once and forever?

If we admit the splendors of the Vatican, enriched with her seventy thousand sta-tues, and a library fourteen hundred years old, eclipsing, by such perishing masses, the gifts of all gifts, the freedom of living mind, denied at this day by brute force, before that building, facts of history declare that civilization abides not with christianity, for mind's freedom thus oppressed is proof conclusive.

But, then, the Protestants deny the proper position to the Papists, and declare that they have the true civilization. The last are indebted to the lights of science through mind, for the very reformation they boast of.

It is mind all the time that acts, but peculiar faith affects to be its guardian. When will truth be spoken in the world-wide history?

Did not science better abide at one time with the Mahommedans ?
But science never can flourish, where there is want of light and freedom of mind.

This is indisputable, that science only flourishes in degree. Her loftiest flights must be her freest.

However powerful the hierarchy and priestocracy, still their superstition should never stand for a moment, before the light of the present science of philosophy and rational religion.

Why do not the free nations extricate themselves at once? The intelligent good must act wisely for all.

They can analyze the true state of things, and decide most knowingly, that messiahship reverses civilization of mind, but the rest of the world should act understandingly, not do as bid by predecessors, who were prompted by peculiar views, interests, influence and even prejudices that must not arrest the progress of mind.

Here was Christ, that confined himself to a small spot of earth his whole life time, instead of devoting that life time to the whole world, the very object of his mission !

Why if he could work miracles, did he not as a master convince the chosen people of God? Was the assertion withheld, because the falsehood would have been too plain, for the world not to see it?

Why did he not work his miracles universally as a God, to universal conviction? Were these miracles any more than bible machinery, jugglery of mind?

Did he ever remove mountains, or command the elements of the universe to attend him as a God? Where is certain proof?

If Christ was co-equal with God from the foundation, where was he when angels fell? If he could not rule in the peculiar heaven, how reign on earth ?

But this angel fall, was worthy of correction in the supreme, and yet how imperfectly did this peculiar god manage his peculiar heaven. This is a peculiar tale, and requires peculiar minds to believe it.

Can his peculiar heaven be a fit place for souls, that seek no temptation there, and be entirely exempt from falli? Y'The God of the universe is the God of all.

Now when man fell, then was the fit time for Christ surely to free him at once from the curse.

Then he was familiar with God, and would have accepted at least the remission of sins, as these people, Adam and Eve, had been personally concerned.

The atonement was placed at the wrong end, and as God does things right, man's hand is in all this, and the corrupt priests' at that assuredly.

Again, why did not God use Christ, when the bible says he destroyed the world by a deluge, and thereby give all the world a fair chance to start with a messiah ?

Man botehes God's works eternally, instead of learning that God governed the universe by universal principles, as well physically as morally, mentally as religiously.

Had mind appreciated this position of God at the time tradition gave her bibles, then we had been spared this faulty conception of messiahship, and the debased character of the priests not overcome the science of the people. As it is, the priestocracy has spared nothing sacred in their peculiar heaven, and has desecrated all on earth, and tradition, merely priest fable, has made God incapable of ruling one world, much less the universe without an overseer. But in what is he delinquent? Can any of these base ininded men, point out aught of the supreme's deficiencies? They have debased every thing their mind could pollute, from Egypt to the whole world.

God exists everywhere, and he cannot be excluded. Mind is particularly the gift of God, and is inspired by him. On what then can the mission fall? On matter? God is there, for he is the God of nature.

In the dreams of these fanatical visionaries, they might have deluded themselves with the faith that another universe needed their missionary, and forgot after their sleep where it was their messiah was wanting ?

God's splendid works prove by their government, that they did not come by chance, which if thus miscalled, is a complete system of creation, that eternally excludes the very idea of messiahship.

What was man's sphere? To exercise free agency of mind, but only in the limits of the conservative principles of the universe that could not exist even in name, if those principles did not govern it.

Where then could a messiah act? The universe is a perfect whole, that excludes him.

God himself is bound to his own principles, and has elegantly prefigured to man his correct and disciplined course. Though there are from the nature of creation precipices, yet man can see the landmarks.

Principles were violated in the family of Christ, that nothing could have caused, had these disciples been of God.

On what principles of judgment was Christ's death necessary to produce universal redemption ?

If that be so, on what principle can the traitor be condemned ?

The predestination kills all systems of messiahs. Who is to meet this predestination that kills free agency of mind ?

The proof universal of God's works, referring directly to the great first cause,

excludes messiahs conclusively.

What else was it than a mortal influence, that embraced twelve men, whom a god so called, selects ?

If his followers could not esteem or adhere to him sincerely when he was with them, what could he do more in his absence?

The God of the universe convinces, having as creator certain fixed and immutable principles for his creation, adequate and efficient for its preservation, and to command the respect of all rational minds.

When there is failure, it was the fault of a mortal, who could not command the esteem of twelve men, much less convert them or the world.

In the dark ages, centuries after the institution of the christian peculiar faith, the deepest superstition and bigotry prevailed, whereas, had intellectual light and reason prevailed as God's endowments, men had been better as their minds had been enlightened, and the rulers instead of vassals of peculiar faith.

All exertions were made by Christ or Christ fathers, to generate a system, and popularize it before the world.

It was a dangerous enterprise, before God and man.

He gathered around him an imbecile ignorance, unworthy a God, characters none of the best, as Peter the perjurer, Judas the traitor, the rest deserters.

All perjurers are incapable of inspiring credence, as the virtue of truth is forever lost to them.

Hence Peter, on whom Christ's mantle fell, to whom the keys were delivered, is unworthy by perjury to face the world.

There is, then, truly, an end to that system.
All traitors are base and fit company for perjurers.

Now all the balance of the disciples were deserters, and are traitors to truth and the best feelings of sincerity to human nature, most grateful to its creator. Alas, what poor company to be found in, but then this was the very kind most needing amendment, but chosen as most easily moulded for this vile humbug.

What is any soul's interest in all such worth?
All such systems have essential elements, that degrade them as vile.

Judas had no business there if he had no faith in Christ, who conld not unfortunately mould the very man most needing it, and could if a God had known him at once. If he did not know Judas he was nu god; if he did, then his selection condemns him worst of all.

But if Judas discovered all this design of Christ to be a vile assault on mind's rights, who can condemn its exposure? Which was the worst treachery, to the world's best interests? The traitor to Christ, or the traitor to God?

All this was the peculiar work of peculiar faith, that can only do little at the time at one isolated point, and in few minds.

God that rules the universe, has his work better done, not operating on mere individuals, but all nations and on all minds at once, not merely small circles at Palestine, but the world at one and the same time, and not merely the world, but the universe! There is the test of sublimity, and sublime power.

The christian is no more than the Jew with God, yet there is prevailing a distinct separation. How can this be ?

Even the bible of bibles has copied the heathen mythology in placing the rich man in hell and Lazarus in Abraham's bosom, as if there were two or more divisions in certain regions for all departed spirits, till the final day of judgment. What, then, did Christ know more than mythologists? He and all the bible writers have been very ignorant in the most important subjects, and were the exponents of priestocracy so wofully ignorant in natural philosophy,

Christ left others to do what he plainly could not do. And this is the fine messiah, for independent, intelligent mind!

The very effort to correct creation by a messiah, at that very moment stultifies the enterprise, and renders it a complete abortion and dissension, as the bloody history of the world shows.

Then God can commit crime and folly, both of which he would do, in having such a messiahship as pointed out.

The originators must try their hands at another botch, for all the past are miserably stupid and imperfect. The covenant makers are all botches.

It would be folly for a full-faith proprietor to have a co-partner when the proprietor was the only one to act, and could only govern the universe of himself.

It would be perfect folly for a master workman, after having a perfect machinery working admirably and adequately, to institute another part totally unnecessary and totally subversive of its harmony and order.

God could not commit the crime of seduction or whoredom, and against his own laws, morals and religion, on his own world race, the worst of all crimes, on a mere mortal woman. Physiology decides against that, especially in the absence of all evidence of God's organization.

But God sent the Holy Ghost !

That makes the matter worse, for death comes in as a witness, having separated the ghost, spirit, or soul from the human body, leaves no access of the two distinct existences, much less a union between a spirit or ghost and living mortal. It is clear that none such can be seen or felt.. Of course the function of God is creation, not

pro-creation, and this decides the whole question.

Of course there is but, one way left, and that is by birth, as all mortals. Physiology proves the whole then, to be a miserable fabrication of priestocracy, who did any and everything for avarice and ambition that degrades man's nature.

Then God created Christ, if there ever was such a being, as all mortals, and no more. God is incapable of crime, as a God, then he acted as a God in creating all alike.

God's providence superintends, but God's work was finished before messiahs, preceding Christ many centuries, were born.

The messiah-makers have God a daily laborer, even sabbath-breaker, to uphold his works,

His conservative principles and universal providence prove God more supreme than any other position, after the supreme organization of mind or soul.

If God's conservative principles apply, an intercessor cannot supersede them.

If they do not apply, they place God in an imbecile position, striving to do what he could not do.

His principles uphold his universal works, from creation.

To attempt an alteration by messiahship, involves not only contradictions, but the most absurd blasphemy.

If an intercessor apply, he 'must of necessity supersede God's principles, and must not only regulate the safety of man, but must protect the universe.

This deduction absolutely and necessarily follows, and displaces God or renders him futile; to such miserable positions, not God, but stupid priestocracy is reduced, and has its aiders and abettors at this day and time before the light of science, that shames them as the most degraded of beings.

Providence, then, has provided at first not last, a good and adequate provision that all priestocracy cannot alter, much less improve on.

Who dares libel God on this point?
Who dares defraud man of this treasury of mind?
Will humanity, one of the first principles, permit any ?

What was Christ's humanity able to affect, staying pent up in Palestine, a small country, giving him all else round about, when the whole world needed his immediate assistance ?

This at once declares the nature of the deception, and that his system needed time and aid of others, as all mortal plans, when in a moment the God of such mission could have operated by inspiration to flash conviction, conversion, and regeneration in all rational minds, as he does when they are not perverted.

Coming to do extras, Christ could have brought an entire new and original stock of principles, thus best proving himself a god. Did he do it? He not only did not do it, but fell miserably far short of the universal application, of what God had given creation.

Instead of a universal brotherhood, he left the very worst elements of dissension and sectarianism.

Critics have been bribed by the seductions of powerful influences, or awed by the terrors of inquisitorial ferociousness, where they have not been destroyed by all the malign absolutism of church and state despotism.

Did he not increase instead of ending superstition?

Instead of one devil, he originated legion, and added to the horrors of mind already tinctured with this fiction.

How could he institute judicial reign, without full cognizance of every thought, word and deed, and how could he get this power but as Deity himself?

The works of creation fill every rational mind with adoration to humility for their divine author, God, but cause every sane one to revolt at the idea of any other being concerned therein.

The author of mind's existence never dies, as he is immortal. His sphere is the universe, and he is always cognizant of all.

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