To carry out the so-called divine rights of kings and priests, martial laws are in every land possible, and an armed soldiery, overwhelming the land in blood and carnage, the rights of the sovereign people in the dust, crushing them and spirits with abominable and endless taxes, defiling the rational codes of morals and ethics, proclaiming the law of brute force, and banishing that of intrinsic virtues. Where priestocracy did not create the chains of despotism, they tightened those of mind, and where they have not been able to bully the world into submission, they have placed the many hydra-headed monster-snake coil of insidious sophistry.

Well, the betrayal in this priest drama was fixed upon, yet meritorious as was that act to the drama of crucifixion, still of course the actor was to be punished !

Punished, for what? Can man explain this absurd contradiction, that has neither brains or virtue, when Christ could not fulfil otherwise his mission ?

What a tissue of absurdities and contradictions, man makes of attributes that were almighty, but which he has basely prostituted to corrupt ignorance.

Treachery is a crime, that the true traitor should rightfully expiate by deserved penalty

The traitor to God's attributes should above all expiate for his crime of blasphemy. All generally do, sooner or later. What associates for a god! A traitor and a perjurer, one-sixth of the disciples, who were all perjurers. But then, he came to correct. Well then, he missed the very miracle expedient to correct such a man, this was the very one he should have bettered. Alas for his frailties, to become their victim instead of their master. Here was the right theatre; to obtain the mastery over such, would have proved something of his divine mission.

Last of all, did he know his own powers to be so feeble? No, it is not a god acts, who is born and dies, but poor, feeble man speaks for him. The priests stick out in all, showing nothing but human nature miserably covered over in dirty rags stolen from their brethren of mythology, Asia and Africa, as well as Europe.

But the supreme traitor to God's position of supremacy, expiated for abandonment of the only conservative principles God's unity.

This is a terrible thing to approach blasphemously, for many assumed God's messiahs and prophets have expiated by their death, and the people have suffered by millions in slaughter, and yet the end has not come. We can hardly go amiss. The world has wept in mud mired with blood, for this iniquity of degraded superstition.

Man's acts, as contradistinguished from God's, are seen by the slow progress of revolution, which if conservative, are so many epochs of right inspiration.

The present system of christianity has been before the world some eighteen hundred and odd years, as claimed, and still a small minority of the thousand millions of minds is only in the nominal circle.

And yet proselyting the whole was the very miracle he came to perform, clearly proved impracticable and unworthy of adoption all the time.

What impudence on God's earth, and before man's face!

There is more than a majority of the whole world that believes in no one peculiar faith, but more or less as pagans so called, but in whom in part God's light more or less beams as he is realized as the Great Spirit, whom they will not exchange for the Christian's gods, nor the gods of any other peculiar faith.

Then most of the balance are Mahomedans, Jews and others of peculiar doctrines.

But millions and millions are bound to no peculiar faith, which they reject as disgraceful to mind and the God of the universe, and abhorrent to rational religion.

As the last think, so will all mankind when most refined in civilization think, as this enlightened faith shows the impress of truth of Almighty reason.

But how did the wise men of the East know that the star in the East was the star of Christ?

Who endorses their wisdom beyond that of mortals ?

Who endorses the endorsers? What honest, sensible mind will to-day, believe this statement?

This fable of the star betrays the utter ignorance of astronomical principles, and much more when the windows of the bible heaven are claimed to be opened.

The expression for the location is stupid in the extreme. Did half of the world see it? Could this local incident interest the world? The workers of this drama undertook more than they appreciated. They could lie successfully for thousands of years in earthly matters, but were nonplused in God's business.

The people of the world, from its commencement to the end of time, were all interested in this mighty phenomenon, that could not have excited less than a hemisphere to its mighty display! Where is the mighty sign recorded ?

It was a world wide interest, was intended for the world universally, and therefore


must have the indelible God-prints analogous to all that the Creator does


unio verse phenomena. Its absence marks it the basest fraud attempted on the mind of

. Where is it, astronomy, speak thou, one of the bright daughters of science to ignorant men?

Mortal was Christ, and mortal he died, if he ever lived.

If minister for good, he took false steps to show it, as evil, unlike that good that pure religious principles give, has come out of it.

Look at the wars, tortures and tyranny of its peculiar faith. It is reasonable to suppose that the deep designing men of this messiahship machinery corrupted the views of this man of straw, Christ, to their greatest extent for the temporal interest of priestocracy.

How does Christ stand by the side of Socrates, who died for the most rational faith in his times? Socrates sought most disinterestedly an honorable faith, claiming no more than a citizen's right. Christ assumed the God, and is convicted below an honest man!

Many have been called martyrs, who died for peculiar or false faith, but they can never reach that title or dignity, unless they claim martyrdom for the rights of conscience. But few who died fanatics, can claim the dignity of martyrs.

Now, if any man of any pretensions to candor, can claim more for Christ than a mortal, then the intellectual world can envy him neither his morals or intellect, as the rectitude of both is directly self-impeached. The obliquity of mind reaches the state of monomania, or he cannot rise to the right point of mind, that gives the inherent exalted views of social virtues, taking hold of noxious trifles when he could reach universal results, and could look through the phenomena of nature to her God, the God of all.

The name of Christ is used by many weak or deluded followers, as if that name had a charn above all principle, all works. Such people have lost sight of all principles, especially when they tyrannize over their fellow citizens of the world in such a


Away with all such characters that forget that principles must be respected, as they respect the Great Head of all.

Who are said to be Christ's particular ancestors ?

Jacob, for whom this peculiar dispensation is procured at the expense of his truth, honesty, and honor, thereby excluding the very result contemplated, purity of chaXacter.

The boast of Christ's descent from David, is not effectual for unsullied virtue, that distinguishes exaltation of character.

Such descent has to answer for man, but if that mortal assumes prerogative of a God on this basis, he becomes a condemned impostor, a great deal worse than having claims to such polluted iniquity. Reason and truth clearly decide this. But after all, how is Christ proved to be the son of David, if Joseph his lineal descendent had not the paternity of Christ? Want of such lineage, the thing pretendedy kills the prophecy and himself, and stamps him the false Christ.

If Christ assumed to be more than mortal, he blasphemed.
As mortal, he usurped the province of mind.

That conception of Christ originates a blasphemy of vulgar character and licentiousness, unpardonable in the authors of the assumed inspiration.

The mere fact of mortality, shows an imbecility unworthy of God, who cannot and never will die.

Such a fable falls short of heathen myths, which it poorly copied.

What contradiction and stupid nonsense! He was man and God! Å solecism in language, and imbecility in power! God cannot die, man cannot escape death. No other proof is needed to the world, to appreciate this subject, truth tells, analysis decides fully, that such is a monster in physics, an impossibility in physiology, more to be avoided than sought.

Physiology decides the whole blasphemously false.

And what miracles for the messiah, in abeyance to facts. Among them all stand conspicuous those that caused expulsion of devils from man.

Some rational people take this bible figuratively and metaphorically, wishing to explain the whole as the most rational exposition of a good intention ; but faith dogmatists, after all their mysteries, use the term of devil, angel, witch and sorcerer, &c., literally ; then we must adopt no construction, suited temporarily to explain away anything of theirs, so tenaciously adhered to, but meet all, fairly and squarely, liberal in all, and fair in the whole.

No explanation of jugglery, of hand or tongue, will answer, because all this work is the jugglery of mind; it is the mysterious psychology that is to lead mind and soul, as the masters direct, in this mysterious machinery.

Christ was not content to expel the legion, but he even caused the innocent swine, to the amount of two thousand, to rush into the sea, under its fury, and to be choked! And, in all his just actions, we do not hear that he ever staid to requite the wronged owners, who to this day never cancelled this debt; but were all glad to be rid of such men.

Now, with this position we overturn this whole priestocracy, in their highest enthus siasm.

We protest against the existence of devils, on their own boasted showing and advo» cacy, from the very character of a pure Deity, and Almighty Creator omnipotent.

The proof, by their own documents, in any worthy court of conscience, before all good intelligent citizens, binds the world to reject the imposition, come from what sources it may. And the man or set of men that humbug in one instance, as in this clear case, will do so in a hundred thousand, or millions, if necessary, to carry out their nefarious designs on the minds of the people.

No matter what testimony of their own affiliated cattle is adduced, the position is proved more clearly, as false. And what can be expected of the progeny of such corrupt parentage, the world knows to its deepest sorrow and most poignant anguish.

The whole of the disciples were at one time deserters.

Peter is quoted as the founder of the church, yet he, at the time worth more than any other, committed perjury, in the denial of its head.

His weakness, the weakness of human nature, can be excused, but his crime of perjury cannot be overlooked; for the man culpable of its commission is not trustworthy in the word of so much conscience as religion.

The perjurer may be tolerated in his silence, not in religion, that he affects to establish for the whole world.

His peculiar faith people have excused him for the perjury, but monotheists must consider him doubly unworthy of credit, and that he cannot be believed.

Well had it been if the character of Christ had been a true reformer, purely for the good of all ; but he set up a kingdom for himself, anti-god to the pure God.

His personal ambition ekes out on all occasions, and instead of correcting, in his direct conflicts, the vices and the corruption of the times, he merely rouses up the hostility of the Jewish priesthood, who immolated him on the altar of their idolatry, involved as he was in the crime of his own deeper blasphemy and sectarianism.

Nothing less than this state could be expected of peculiar faith, that by its familiarity brings its gods into contempt.

The true spirit of reformation can only be rightly seconded by the best men, who must seek the most enlarged circle of action, speedily accomplished for the Author of good.

We might rest this great question on this single and solitary position, in the court of analysis, the court of conscience that if the universal object of Christ's mission, for the salvation of souls, was peculiar to his time, a period of man's life, and one small section of country, at the same time he being asserted to be able to perform miracles-that is, perform the functions of God—not securing the whole world at that time, by personal action, analogous to that assumed, then he loses the best hold on mind; as he neglected or was incompetent to the universal mission, or acted treacherously to the wants of the world.

His function was the salvation of all, and leaving that undone in most of the world, he left undone the only true miracle expedient for the world. This position is truer than his gospel, that cannot be fulfilled by its own inherent elements, now shivering in fragments.

But miracles are not the functions of the God of the universe, who directs, not misdirects, his works, that prove his Godship to all rational minds, that would act most irrationally and stupidly to require any other.

The affected performance of miracles is unnatural, and can only belong to the drama of peculiar faith, an unnatural monster. The God of nature works with her, and cannot be antagonistical, therefore does not perform miracles.

But miracles are created by the functions of ignorance and superstition, and are excluded from all codes of rational minds.

Miracles, then, can only have existence in ignorant minds, blinded to superstition and idolatry of bibles of tradition, which are better worshipped than the God of the universe is adored. The performance of God is recorded by God-marks in the universe; the performance of such mighty deeds, as claimed, are entitled to equal record as the works of a God, by God's marks. Where are they? They could be the only proof.

worse ?

But the bible of tradition is man's mark, that time, God's mark, sweeps away. Vain priestocracy, did you think of all this?

Now, if competent to control natural phenomena, as absurdly claimed, Christ's authority clashed with that of the God of the universe, that is regularly managed, or managed by rule, not by whim, or caprice, or the time, but by regular set, fixed, conservative principles-never by miracles. As one has to fall, rational mind can easily decide who.

We do not seek to know how the gods of peculiar faith manage their empire, in their peculiar way, as that is peculiarly claimed to be the peculiar province of peculiar ininds, peculiarly affected; whether with monomania or design, the God of the universe knows.

It is not to be disguised from inquiring minds, that Christ has only executed in a confused, bungling performance, a partial and moderate portion ever since of his universal mission, and that only to a very small portion of human beings, and all that on borrowed capital of God, when clearly a part of the majority of his cotemporaries was the very worst of savages and desperate cannibals, the very people to be speedily reformed.

But he had a special mission, is it pretended, to the peculiar people? Were they worse off than the rest of the world? What then becomes of God's especial peculiar providence over this peculiar people, that that peculiar providence made his charge

If he did not have a peculiar mission, then he is culpable of unpardonable guilt, in not saving all the world, while his life lasted, “ before the time came when no man could work."

If he did have a peculiar mission, then what shall we say of the billions before he came on earth, most of whom neither knew him nor the bible of the Jewish nation? Worse than all, his legacy has created rival sectarian creeds and faith among different denominations, that hated and killed each, without love or mercy, for the Christian ambition of having the ascendency in propagating their peculiar orthodoxy, that state and church might flourish aright, according to their notions.

And still worse, it has left one of the world's peculiar platforms of faith, to annoy and divide mankind, that God's principles can unite in universal brotherhood.

Christ's imbecile incapacity, under such striking circumstances, to help his friends, the sufferers--people needing, as he affirmed, the object of his mission--affords the best evidence that can be furnished of his mortal and vain pretensions, and decides conclusively the certain mortality of Christ's peculiar faith.

But admit that he encountered the most rebellious opposition from God's own peculiar people, who by their prophecies, as assumed, were bound to expect him, let that opposition be in innumerable folds, more powerful, to the extent of man, and the world, and the devil and his angels, all, still, if a God, how magnificent a triumph, which, lost, not only proves him a mortal, but a degraded, blasphemous impostor.

The issue is then joined most promptly and sincerely in comparison by monotheism, the adoration of the Immortal Being, and the sincere tuition with pure action necessarily inspired, from the only proper sources.

Monotheism compares triumphantly in regard to the union of all mankind, on her immortal principles, the only ones of God. Where is the union of any peculiar faith, Christ's, or any?

The grand divisions of the church of Christ, began with its dissentient elements. The feuds about Arianism, show what it was in its earlier days. The writings of Paul prove disturbance at the earliest. The hierarchy split into Greek and Roman papacy, conclusively proving how peculiar power managed its affairs.

But it may be affirmed that Christ was for union and all its lovely virtues, then he missed too intellectually for a God, and thereby places himself irrevocably in the category of a mortal, and one ignorant of the true principles of human nature. It is need less to affect that his constructionists did not act for him, as both were rebellious to the nobler principles that insure universality. Christ defines his own sectarianism too clearly to be missed, thereby proving himself mortal conclusively.

But the code of Christianity has some excellent traits.

With pleasure I admit them all as coming from mind, and am sorry that they were not universal, and fulfilled the mighty mission of mind. But those traits are abstract. It puts itself in antagonism with rational religion, and its ministry have to defend or leave it.

So have all other important systems, but what of that, when all peculiar faiths violate the greatest fundamental principles, the rights of the Creator, usurping his and creating no new principles at all.

We must not stop short of a wise comprehension, that uses up all their abstract doctrines forever.

It is this partial view of abstract doctrines that has sophisticated, whilst the unavoid. able evils of the peculiar faith have ruined the world.

We had better resort at once, as we ought universally, to the rule of conservative principles, which embrace all the abstract truths of the least value in all peculiar faiths that are necessarily indebted to them, and exclude most masterly all their evils, and in so doing we can, by the only conduct alone approach the God of the universe, otherwise we delude ourselves, and deceive the whole world by the little god of peculiar faith, an insignificant and worthless deity.

Christ or his daubers have marred the moral sublimity of the picture of humanity, not liberalized, but degraded by mortal frailties, for he is the object of idolatry, instead of the one pure God exclusive. Some may affect that it was essential to institute this faith and elevate him to this supremacy, to get the faith of the people confirmed. But this is a flimsy expedient of absolutism, disguised in all the forms. It is the low trick of priestocracy to secure that absolutism.

The Thibet lama makers have done nothing worse, compared with the lights before them.

These divisions, sects and denominations, are due the faulty system that Christ is said to have originated, and proves that position without the redemption of contradiction.

The subject, man, originating from Deity, can never be satisfactorily and properly indoctrinated in any faith, less truth and reason, to fulfil the object of his destiny.

The standard of idolatry can never bring man right to unity. Nothing less than conservative revolution will. The subject does not admit of any eclecticism, for the mass is totally corrupt.

The banner to suit man's nature needs the immortal fixed principles, that now impeach it before the universe's high court of conscience, in its soundest piety and highest veracity.

That is of man-worship, and of the most vindictive character, as history of crusades, inquisitions, and treatment of reformations, to the amplest satisfaction of wise men prove.

But among the last dreamy evidences, some may think that the blood of the martyrs and saints, so called by priestocracy, ought to carry out their drama and prove the messiahship of Christ. Not at all.

Who were they? All such were mere men of various characters, of course, that died for freedom of opinion.

Thousands and thousands, no less so, died in our revolutionary war for this very reason, at the highest shrine of mind, its glorious freedom.

Millions have died for it, for many centuries over the world. It is to be deplored that their martyrdom was not in the noble cause of rational religion, instead of the bigotry of peculiar faith, that must die out.

To cite strongest pagan proof, the martyrdom of the Juggernaut car, can be safely introduced, to show that man can die most readily from self-delusion and fanaticism, for fallacy of opinion, as easily as for the most confirmed truth and principles.

The imitation voice of the offspring will rally the noblest impulses of the mother's affection, and the most timid animals risk and sacrifice their lives in their defence.

All such martyrs have died under self-delusion of peculiar faith, operated upon by true influences of nature in the defence of their supposed duties.

Analysis puts the whole matter right.

Though all the rest of the world, if civilized, sees the fallacy of the Juggernauts, yet who could persuade the priests to stop this horrid delusion, while the profits raise a bulwark to all attempts at reform?

What care these fanatics for the loss of life, the degradation of humanity, the vassalage of mind, to the most glaring and obnoxious murderous superstition, or for the people, if their priestocracy can flourish ?

An intelligence superior to all the base shackles of mind, a patriotism supreme over the selfish sordidness of all such speculation, a religion supreme in refined civilization, will teach mind that all such martyrdom betrays à fatal antagonism of sectarianism, hostile to the best sentiments of the soul and its Creator, and conclusively condemns the damning errors of their propagators, and triumphantly leads them to a position that gives universal union and love for such fatal puerilities.

What can faith in Christ avail, if Christ be unavailable ?

Faith is the confidence in reasonable and analogous, therefore mind principles, otherwise, it is only credulity.

All faith must rest on undoubted' facts, to be worth respect of mind, to which all is necessarily subinitted.

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