perjury. There can be no pure pacification of the world till all such are interred in the tomb of the world's errors. You cannot teach the world religion through the foulest codes of despotism, as such are incompatible. Have the bibles of peculiar faith psychologized the world-mind? All bibles of tradition refer to the past, and exclude mind's progress from development, thereby creating awful evils greater than any pretended to be remedied.

The world has to try faith and its bibles by religion. That is the only standard to get a righteous verdict. All that the advocates of the scriptures can say, is that upheld by sophistry endorsed by all available despotism. There can be no other for bible perjury. No intelligent freeman in his senses can receive a pagan bible for religion, for that book to be desecrated to the corrupt purposes designated by its clique. No such species of despotism can be tolerated.

I am not to consult your belief of the scriptures, but their facts ; not bible faith, but God-facts.

You assert that religion should speak for the bible, as the bible advocates assume to her friendship. Now she goes directly against all such. God will not condescend to support such, then they are estopped, and ruled out of mind's confidence. Their advocates have to be silent. That bible is proceeding to its dotage, decay, and extinction. Bibles got the world into difficulties about wars, witches, and crusades; what got them out, but mind? But then, there is no grateful acknowledgment of all this.

All peculiar bibles, make castes. All such bear internal evidence of false pretences, , the reflection of the priestocracy. No bible of peculiar faith can do justice to the world, the wants of mind, or the requisitions of the soul, and as such is iniquity, it should never be palmed on the world, being the counterfeit means of religion. Surely after eighteen centuries' preparation, the bible affiliations ought to be able to prepare some plausible proof of their bantling. I am actually surprised to see the intelligent freemen of the land using such a book, tory to every principle of constitutional and religious liberty. No wonder that the adherents of monarchy, the one man power persist for it, when it is the best card in the pack of despotism. It carries the game, and sweeps all in its insidious folds. Its sophistry is more capacious than the anaconda, for it embraces in its serpentine power all the verdant and treacherous of the world. The possession of any peculiar faith and bible, is that much less than religion, and puts the supposed possessor that much behind.

The Jews acted as if monarchy was to be a perennial mode of government of the world, including its union the church, thereby proving that prophecy was a nullity, a degrading pretence to keep the world in darkness, political, and religious.

It is strange the advocate of one peculiar faith sees the glass-houses of all others but his own, probably the most brittle of the whole.

I could not wish to be one-billioneth the sinner in adopting any priest's bible, to be exposed to all the ignominious life of its defence. No bible has the merit of toleration, , but bears the mark of a brute beast as it is.

All the bible advocates have to rely on now, is a miserable subterfuge of sophistry called faith, that when run out legitimately, is the rankest, craziest perjury. Mind is married to rationality, but neretricious and mercenary faith separates them by base adultery.

Now freemen can see, why inquisitions to burn and torture mankind.

Peculiar faith trammels, while rational religion expands the excellency of mindthe soul. God has organized the universe by conservative principles, functions, and aitributes-of which we are an essential part, and therefore most wisely hold ourselves cognizant of and obedient thereto—the social and soul problem is an endless progression of consummate perfection and happiness, through adequate means, to their attainmenta never ceasing exertion.

Had not the world been butchered up, by so many bloody bible statutes, to force it 01 the world, the evil might have been less.

When such are written or adopted, that proves the undeveloped state of unenlightenéd, irrational minds—if the Jew corruption had been all--but that was the platform to an endless, ungodly brood.

Had constitutional liberty prevailed, when the first bible had been written, that necesa sarily had been that of rational religion, the only one.

The world has had the bible and faith of despotism, let us henceforward have the bible of religion of the people of the whole world. Peculiar faith so estranged and corrupted the ancient world, that the peculiar advocates estimated the balance as heathens, and unworthy of soul benefits. What but the immortality of the soul could enable the world to possess its intrinsic brotherhood? The best abstract proof of a God of rational religion, is the chaos and confusion of the whole world full of peculiar faiths, that divide and subdivide, instead of making the world right: when monotheism representing the unity of God, identifies therewith the unity of man. Where do you find the worst morals? Where the priestocracy have the most influence with the people.

The proper principle of the soul, that should deal in principles all the time, is, never to rely on that which has no principles or responsibility, as the priestocracy or their bibles. The only inspiration and revelation is an exact bible of mind, not of priestocracy, that is certain and exact by science and principle, the consummation of principles, the religion of principles. Had true physical and moral science prevailed in the days of peculiar bibles, we should have never heard of priestocracy's inspiration, that made all their creations worse off than at first found.

All such bibles prove moral and intellectual obliquity of the authors only. What a caricature of themselves and authors, who come not only far short of Deity's character, but of common sense science.

The authors were perfect blockheads, whether aiming or not to impose on the people. The bible falling short of the character of divine inspiration, as purported, proves itself, is self-evidence of its own perjury, involving the character of all its authors and advocates in that category. Religion requires the speediest expulsion of all peculiar faith bibles, as self-impeached, and discarded on that impeachment.

All such bibles are man's foolish work, and are ruled out by a higher inspiration of rational mind, that thus proves their usurpation and imposition. One of the very best proofs against all such bibles, was the fall of mind by them, only to be rescued by rational mind. Nothing could have been more insidious than such bibles, similating false friendship to mind, that it crushed.

The bible is the most ungodly book in the world, and betrays the most vulgar ignorance, reflecting the absurd obliquity of the times and authors, the most miserable caricature of God the creator, mind the free agent, and the most bungling creation. Either their peculiar god or the writers have been left out; the adorers of the true God

can tell.

The bible, as the worst sort of perjury, cannot begin to suit children. The proper portraiture of the Jews has been much adverted to, as mirrored in the bible of their priestocracy, that reflects their national imbecility, corruption, and idolatry, them dishonest repudiators, having no pretension to religion, as destitute of humanity and all godly virtues, insidious scourges to avenge themselves on mankind, as their enemies, thereby violating the world's brotherhood, adding the worst libel on their unfortunate victims, for idolatry that only was pagan as that of the Jews; barbarizing and prostrating, brutalizing human nature by utter reckless piracy, debauching their prisoners, if not nefariously butchering them, and holding out their false lights to the modern world, that should stoop to notice, by imitation, their national felonies.

The bible sophists assume that the philosophers of the ancients did not discover what religion was-nor did all the affiliated tribe of the priestocracy, in all their pretences, under their pagan regime.

Religion has been practiced in all ages and countries where mind acted as inind, independent of all systems and their pretenders.

There have been many Scipios of their passions, in not triumphing over prostrate virtue, and many unknown, practicing what humanity required. Better had the world know not such advisers, if they affect to teach religion.

What keeps up now that piratical spirit of martial prowess, but the degraded example of such bibles. Let the mighty continental governments be instituted, and the necessity for even annexation, much less conquest, will be annihilated. The Jew and Christian bibles are the most corrupt bibles of paganism.

Let the whole rational world decide at once that all peculiar bibles are, on the conclusive facts of the case, their own priestocracy prophecies, perjuries, and act becomingly on rational, the only religion, and the world would see, in the shortest practicable time, one of the greatest evils coming to an end, and the noblest liberty maturing to her most magnificent splendor.

I oppose the world of peculiar bibles from the highest intrinsic principles, their consummation that of religion, to exclude all such and their concomitants, their world evils.

I can take no higher basis, and can have no wanton views of injury to any being. I seek to vindicate my unassailable position.

Bible faith is it? Any can be manufactured out of that bible, that contribute to any species of despotism under such a curse. I cannot admit any such faith, that contravenes that of God the Creator, and overwhelms man's, the full and undeniable one of right. After all the best analysis, the bible inculcates at the very start a violation of truth, honesty, and religion, a priestocracy perjury. A pure soul wishes none of all that. The bible needs a dispensation, and that is its entire and speediest banishment, as the most unworthy of a world's notice for a moment.

Yes, a constitutional liberty mind must expel it, whilst the despot invokes its tory aid to his collusion. Would any mind less than a crazy monomaniac conspire with perjured fraud, to uphold such a rickety perjury as the bibles of peculiar faith? The bible sophists, manufacturers, and advocates falsify all science, religion, the universe, to uphold that sink of perdition. Faith, is it, about these bibles? Yes, let it be faith, of course, the world over ; but let it be fully comprehended ; let it not stop short of the whole analysis of the faith subject, and then you will see the faithlessness of such bibles.

You have not begun to see the whole question of faith.

Your priestocracy with insidious friendship to inveigle you, only showed you their black letter part, but the God of true and religious faith has a universal picture that your false guides, wolves in sheeps' clothing, have not shown you, but falsified the whole in failure. Their omission is a perjury indeed. Tell it to the world that I oppose and discard the bible, but the reason with it always, that it is for principle, religion. So far from the world's being backed out by bible mysteries, it had only to investigate them fully to discover the whole a mystified perjury. Give the world the faithful comprehension of bible faith, and it would liave nothing to do with it. The bible covenants falsify the universe covenants of God, and of course falsify themselves. What a world false capital the bible is. It trades all the time on false capital of mind, is used by despots for government, and by world-hacks to manage social circles, by mercenary designs.

Bible barbarism and paganism. The adoption of any such bibles, stultifies the adopters.

As I have proved satisfactorily that all peculiar bible inspiration cannot be of the God of the universe, his inspired bible, then it results that ample reference be made to that of mind, the only means available for all other inspirations that must be necessarily either those of undeveloped and irrational or rational position, and reflective thereof.

I have proved that the last can only produce a bible of mind and religion, and therefore that all such peculiar bibles result from the revelation and inspiration of the other side of the proposition, that necessarily determines the answer and their extinction, for as all conventional rules of society are determined by their legitimacy of principles, all others are extinguished by that decision.

The very idea of the universe, requires universal standards, and to cut mind out of them, is the treachery of toryism. Thus, is the world victimized. The world has nothing at all to do with the relative antiquity of any peculiar faiths of Moses, Menu, trinities, incarnations, as they are all pagan and not religion. They are the special pleadings of special priestocracies, the meretricious and mercenary efforts of world traitors, to rule the abject mind.

They would blight the universe by their seductions. False bibles require all falsities for their support, most ignoble at best.

It is the deepest reflection on mind, that the world does not move harmoniously as mind most rational can make it, on principles the purpose of creation. That furnishes conclusive evidence to exclude all the world peculiar faiths and their bibles with all their appurtenances.

Suppose the whole world, like New England, had been in one universal witch massacre at that time, directed by what its advocates claim as the world's guide, the black spirit the bible; the terrors of French massacres are nothing to it.

Nothing has kept down that and other analogous evils, but the relative rational light of mind. We cannot be too cautious in regard to all such bibles, as they are the evilerrants of the world. God's own conservative principles, the great blessings of the universe, might as destructives be turned into its greatest curses, and thus with such bibles.

Nothing is safe but religious principles, and religiously carried out. God does not know any peculiar bible, nor any persons under such banner ; even his principles are unknown to them. All the advocates to be rightly received, must rally under monotheism.

I feel myself compelled to adhere accurately to the text, throughout the bible of rational mind. All conservative revolutionist authors must prepare to encounter the abominable prejudice and odious view of the world, that had instituted the monopolies. The purest motives cause me to make these inquiries. I feel most deeply interested to have all free of mistake, much less error. I wish to be critically exact.

One idea, rational religion, led to all this work. Man is a rational being, and must have the highest respect to rationality. The world's attention is called to this point.

If you do not respect your rights, investigate, know, and defend them, what part of the world will ? As to the priestocracy, they are most interested in the converse.

All peculiar faith 'persons, Christians or Jews, Mahomedans or Mormons, Brahmins or Bhuddists, or any other, prove your position satisfactorily, on rational principles to rational mind, and the world will be fairly gained. Then you will overturn this system of monotheism, that is, the bible of rational mind and religion.

Peculiar faith has undue ascendency in the world, by undue ascendency of the world's ignorance, Justice cannot be done the system of religion, even by criticism, that is corrupt as the times will permit. As it is, I offer this to the honorable world, for a solution.

Bibles of mind have to be appreciated and adopted by the world.

Prejudiced and affiliated critics can be met by propositions of two distinct points : the first requiring positive proof of the authenticity of any bible being the word of God of the universe, submitted to the priestocracies and laymen of all peculiar faiths of the world, which, if not answered, impeaches all the peculiar faiths not defended. The second requires, on failure of all defence, to successfully overthrow the bible of rational mind, to be not the righî bible.

I will give any church the noblest triumph, if it can gain it. I do not know that the world is yet prepared to advance with me to my point in faith confutation.

The bible of refined civilization is due rational mind. Matters of the world have to be estimated to the most refined civilization, the highest rationality of cultivated mind. If these problems are not met, rational religion impeaches the whole position. Rational religion invokes the most refined civilization, the glorious, triumphant advance of conservative revolution.

The proper triumph of the cause before the world is most desirable. I am interested in the truth of the whole matter. The just and equitable relations of life are advanced by the bible of mind; but the bible of priestocracy keeps up an unjust agitation and an outrageous infraction of mind's rights.

The world needs not only a proper analysis, but a liberal discussion respecting religion.

I challenge the whole world, every sect and denomination, creed and profession of peculiar faith, laymen and all. Come one, come all, and break your intellectual lances with an open and undisguised opponent. I do not attack any person's religion. I uphold that, but I assault the world's false pretences of peculiar faith. I do not attack the bible of God, for that I uphold, as that is self-upheld like its supreme original; but I assault the priestocracy pretended bible, that they have palmed on the world for their peculiar gods.

I will bind myself to act as a monotheist to any one that proves the authenticity. Now all of you who are in the church, should be obliged to any one to set you right, if practicable, as all mankind are perfectly incompetent to prove the authenticity of the scriptures without God's testimony, that is indispensable to the validity of securing what is rational and just. Impeach one single point in rational religion, and that is effectual. If you cannot say aught against monotheism, you cannot say aught for Jew bibles,

This enterprise will bring the world to the proper view in making a transfer, that it take proper care that it lose nothing, as in exchanging rational religion for any peculiar faith. Rational religion cannot own peculiar faith on any principle.

The demonstration of all faith has to be on rational principles, self-evident on the rules of evidence.

A total failure to sustain peculiar faith, requires the proper effort to maintain some other that is best.

That is clearly monotheism, the original, pure one.
The infatuated advocates of the first will seek the successful overthrow of the last.

All such is to be fairly and honorably decided, to insure the facts that are trustworthy by mankind.

To elicit the best that can be advanced for religion, the author invokes in this matter the ablest talents of the world's most expansive minds, to whom the most satisfactory exposition will be given.

The bible of rational mind elucidates the religion of principles. It is not to affect the piety of one individual, but to direct to the right investigation, that ought to be instituted by all, in order to reach the correct and confidential decision.

Our object is only to displace all peculiar faiths, and establish religion. There are frequent changes of faith made for sinister purposes, or mercenary designs, but nothing can change religion.

A proper code of morals and duties cannot be too correct. A. proper codification, free, fair, liberal and just on discussion of principles, will unite mind, the world, on all subjects that have unity-religion is emphatically one of them. She renders man as near a perfect man as mortal can on earth attain. Her divine inspiration forbids all bibles of priestocracies, as creative of base idolatry of the book and its contents.

The sacrifices thereto, through its belial creations, are evinced in all the despotic devices of inquisitions and hypocrisy, exclusive of all the legitimates of mind and soul organization, whose priceless birth and creation's rights cannot be alienated, forfeited, or prostituted by all their belial machinery,

All minds can and will write on this sublime subject, in one harmonious brotherhood. Religious principles will rule all peculiar faithites, and expose their false position about orthodoxy. Why will the world, peculiar faithites, oppose treacherously nature and nature's God, forfeiting the noblest merit of souls, for the untenable deed of the ignoble priestocracy? It may be pretended that this question embodies the difficult one of faith, and as such is a matter of exquisite feeling ; but my mind is so constituted that it cannot be humbugged that way. The established rules of evidence can decide best this whole question in all its bearing of faith, which represents facts predicated in truth or falsehood. There is no recorded code of religion before the world up to this time. You affect the bible, that which is subversive of all the principles of religion. Do you go for such morals to give world felons, the chiefs of despotism, infallible excuses, and perjurers royal palliation ? Will you violate thus all the noble qualities of mind and religion, and uphold the felon, blasphemer most sacrilegious ?

If you adopt a barbarian bible, you barbarize your own mind, country, as much as de pends on you.

But the bigot may say, that he or she may not read any other book whether bible or not. That position at once premises the worst bigotry of peculiar faith not of religion. What will not prejudice do?

Peculiar bibles teach obstinate believers to be hypocrites or bigots. They obstinately adhere to exploded notions, and are afraid they will be upset by reading and investigation. Now these last are the very way to arrive at truth, which is the foundation of religion.

Whether there could be prophets or miracles cannot be pertinent to less than truth, that decides against all such as the idle tales of augurs and soothsayers.

But you refuse to read this bible. Why? Because it exposes all pagan bibles. It arraigns them for bearing false witness against God Almighty, libeling his character every way profitable to its impudent authors the priestocracy, who, with all their affiliated brethren, have taken unwarrantable liberty with their creator. And they have made their base capital the very means of entrapping mind, dealing the worst treachery thereto.

The affiliated may affect, of course, that they cannot see anything wrong in their bible or the priestocracy. But their self-interest and possession of powers as perverted minds, may affect blindness, and are really possessed of moral and religious blindness.

If despotism be wrong, of course its mental offspring is, and all their bible's acts are thus predicated.

Women of godlike mind and fortitude, invoke your sacred household and family to defend their principles, their religion of principles on the bible of mind; to live with, to die by, and feed it, and your domestic glory will eclipse all that despotism can erect in all its gorgeous trappings and assumptions. The bible of mind illustrates these principles :

1. Thou shalt not have any gods besides the creator of the universe. Thou shalt not have any of the creation peculiar gods of the priestocracy. Thou shalt abjure them all.

2. Thou shalt not have any of their bibles to mislead thee in false faith, idolatry, or the evil sacrifices thereof.

3. Honor the creator and his functions, attributes and principles, then thou wilt honor all expedient, and his principles will honor thy attributes and functions.

4. Thou shalt do justice to thy mind, and above all creation to thy soul, the immortal part.

5. Thou shalt sustain the sacred brotherhood of the world, and nothing less.

6. Thou shalt go for the world's constitutional, civil and religious liberty, by the purest conservative revolution of monotheism.

7. Parents and children shall do reciprocal justice to each other, that the first may inspire the last with love and reverence, due respect for rational principles inculcated, evinced by the profoundest, permanent filial gratitude.

8. The family shall be sacred in all its social, moral, and religious principles, as endowed with the noblest functions and attributes of society.

9. As all principles are sacred, religion, their consummation, consecrates all of rational mind, to a more exalted fruition in the future.

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