the pretences of any such faith. If the authenticity of the scriptures is proved, all the world ought to join the church. If not proved, as they are not, most clearly and conclusively, then no falsehood will benefit God, and then all ought to adopt truth and honesty. If the scriptures were authentic, the world could not be chained from their adoption.

When one peculiar faith supersedes another, it is conclusive that the one superseded has radical defects as the Christian is in antagonism to that of Judaism, the world can see how both are deficient at once.

The bibles admit of constructions, and are most Jesuitical the less carried out in good faith. The new depends on the old, yet supersedes it. Both are negatived by truth.

Bibles of tradition are explained away by each sect.

The bible of mind is progressive as mind, in order necessarily, as we have just commenced exact science.

Such will drive out all bibles of tradition, those of superstition clearly. Now the explanations of such bibles, as advanced by their advocates, are doing clandestinely and partially, what the bible of mind does by conservative revolution, in full, at once, and with the strictest justice to God.

The scriptures require explanation, that is as difficult to many minds. The bible is not consistent with universal good and proper morals.

We charge home upon you, Judaism, for high crimes and misdemeanors, for which we impeach you before a God you never knew, the God of the universe.

Can construction and explanation be scripture, when there are hundreds of ways or systems for them?

Has any people, assuming to be a peculiar people, or not, been greater sufferers than the Jews, as well in Egypt as in Syria and in Palestine, also from the Assyrians and Babylonians, Persians, Macedonians and Romans ?

Has not this suffering been, much of it, through peculiar, their peculiar curse-half civilized as they were ?

Were not their kings as foolish and corrupt as most of the Orientals at that day— their priests and prophets any less corrupt and degraded ?

We are no skeptics, but feel assured, indeed, that we are right, in the great principles of mind, reason, and facts.

Bibles of tradition and their peculiar faith, with their advocates, aiders, abettors, and supporters, giving aid and comfort, have been wholesale murderers in the world, for hundreds of millions of lives.

That a bible of inspiration, that invalidates God's omnipresence and omniscience?

The Jew records were called holy or sacred: what ancient priestocracy's works were not so called, as they named them?

Is any such, is Moses or any such, superior to mind? But the zealot does not like any one to attack the bible. If the bible be true, it can defend itself. If false, it ought to go down, and you, zealot, ought to scorn the upholding such an ignoble perjury.

Sectaries will violate all the principles of logic to reach their faith, which is a mere delusion, as it cannot be a fact; consequently, it is not worth mind's notice, as it is not a fact, and cannot be religion ; therefore is the bible a culprit.

But the Word of God is the bible. What bible ?

The bible of tradition, bible of Moses? That is the bible of peculiar faith ; that is of course not religion; hence not a true bible. The bįble of mind is the only bible, and monotheism is the only religion. There can be no other. But that peculiar bible declares that the devil and all his angels shall not prevail against God. For that reason we declare for God alone. Let perverted people seek to be devils and their angels, we will reverence God alone.

The bible of tradition is framed in contradiction to God's attributes and principles that are in common to man's nature, that is common, not peculiar.

The bible of tradition makes all but the chosen people the heathen, the outside barbarians; yet all are the children of the God of nature. Mention anything of the bibles of tradition, and the advocates can see no error. Bigotry has closed their understanding. The pulpit people preachers and priests leave off where they ought to begin, for they have but this one sermon to preach, the full and satisfactory proof of the authenticity of the scriptures. The balance will preach themselves.

Moses was skilled for his side, of power. Was the Jewish nation of any respectable standing among the nations of the earth? Was it not reputed for extreme superstition?

Search the scriptures! How absurd to think that these scriptures could delineate the God of the universe, who fills all space! Analyze, by mind the most cultivated, chis exhaustless subject, and if at any time hence you find an error, amend it before the

proper tribunal of mind, that all creation should not stop from being corrected, unlike: the bigoted priestocracy's bible that interdicts correction!

The chief thing of all bibles is the proof. If you expect us to believe the scriptures. we demand of you to prove them, honestly in good faith, beyond a doubt, or never to utter a word about them afterwards, as you are an impostor if you do. We can be no skeptics or doubters, when we speak knowingly that all such are conclusively false. As to any supposed deists, who have failed in their whole duty, being alarmed at death, that does not prove anything for you or your bibles, that if true, would have anticipated and counteracted all that. Why, sophists, can you not drop your small artillery, your petty calibre puerilities?

We rely on God alone, in life and death. On whom else can the world rely ? Prove your position, or be silent. If you prove your position, with Christ and God on your side, you need not fear at all.

But if you take Christ, and do not prove, as you cannot, any connection with God, assuredly your position is miserable. You have no documents to uphold you! Wherc are you now? Do you know? If you do not, you ought earnestly to investigate. God could not be particularly identified to one spot of earth or one globe, much less one people, when he is universally identified with creation, as he is the God of nature.

The Jews suffered, after all their priestocracies, peculiar faith, and false systems, deeply and horribly as a nation. Their god is made peculiarly vindicative, furious and wrathful by the Jews, as other peculiar gods. Here seems more policy than principles, that characterizes their actions. They did not comprehend the dignity of the God of nature, as the only safety is universally in principles that vindicate themselves.

The time-serving bigots will pretend, if cornered, that they do not understand this bible of Moses. Do they understand principles, truth, or honesty ? Where are the hundreds of thousands of people who are said to have seen the law delivered to Moses? Who endorses them ? None! Then all are pretences, the worst sort of false pretences.. It is not for a bible, but for religion, safety, greatness of satisfaction before the God of nature, that I write. And if this bible of tradition be a true one, let it stand on fair and honorable terms, for truly were it the word of God, man's word could and should not prevail against it. Bibles of tradition cannot be the guardians of the world, nor can be the functionaries of priestocracies.

God of the universe is omnipresent; that is, he fills all space or presides over it by principles that represent him. His residence radiates from the centre of purity, and comprehends the centre of power and intelligence.

Rational beings must come to the conclusion very clearly, that the old writers of the bible, so far from being inspired and knowing about the future and happiness, did not. know truly the affairs of earth for their time, and least of all, of science. Inspiration implies a perfect knowledge of all that is to be communicated, in all its particulars. All this is above criticism, as it is above correction. It partakes of the divine nature, and is as perfect as God's perfection can make it.

The scriptures have no virtue if the essential foundation is false, as all is of any peculiar faith.

The bible people spend their life about an obsolete book of exploded doctrines, intended for imposition instead of science.

Judge of these so-called revelations according to their merits, and they are wortła nothing at all. What do they reveal? any science ? Nothing can contain more falsities than the gospels.

Figure or metaphor will not express their character, nor avail the advocates who affirm to explain away the whole, or much of it, as figurative or metaphorical. On that basis, the whole bible can be explained away jesuitically; therefore, let us consider and meet all as really intended, on the pure, proper principles of truthful logic the most satisfactory of all.

Had God revealed himself in any bible, as he has, he could have called himself 110 less than the God of the universe. But as ignorant men wrote it, they call him the God of a peculiar earth!

The world has pirated on the example of this book, by popes' dispensations.

Is the bible of tradition, or that of mind best capable of directing aright, the proper faculties of the soul? .

What is the soul', without mind? Both are identified not with the bible of tradition surely, that cuts down mind..

Bibles of tradition, as tho arins of absolutism, are of design, upon mind and its rights in the world.

All the bibles of tradition are worthless, totally so. They tell us that the bible is the word of God. As such, we feel bound to require proof. Is it so? What is the worek of God? The commencement of God's bible is truth, and that would tell that the God of nature is the God of the universe, not of one world and its hemisphere of heavens with all others lights, for the earth. All descriptions of God's language and appearance are all false. There is none able to give a full description of him on this earth; consequently there can be no truth in any bible of tradition, as it begins in ignorance and ends in perjury! What is a greater enemy of all righteousness? What produces worse temptation and example from doing that which is right? Action justifies pure foundations, and condemns this. Does it teach sinners to make white their robes in the grace of God? In God's righteousness? Any other is counterfeit, either a peculiar god or his peculiar messiahs. Mind that is enlightened does not wish to know what the bible tells, as the priests tell who wrote it. One, jot or tittle of all such faith credulity cannot stand the test of reason.

But what a spell of superstition binds the world!

Some would not disbelieve in a devil for all the world, and yet all the world could not prove a devil to exist! The belief of a devil does not keep people out of penalties, nor the jails freer from culprits, but belps to render the world worse.

God did all things as seemed best to him, but the bible of tradition makers did not and never can do more than botch and tinker. Their bible may tell us of some things, bụt its extinction is preferable to all their dogmas. It had better be left out, than put in. It deceives the world, most seriously. The God of our fathers is claimed by all filial and affectionate children, but the advantage is taken of them as by hunters who imitate the cry of the young, to inveigle the mothers.

Let all analyze, and they will see that it is to know the God that created the race of our fathers. We are indebted to that woful state of public prejudice, for these bibles of tradition. The first ages recognised were corrupt, as any were. We can concede indulgence to their abstract pretensions, but not superiority as the adoption of priestocracy scriptures imply. Let us all aim to be right, and we are obliged to see the old testament fall, and of course, most assuredly the new does for the sins of both. The sins of the scriptures are the deepest of all, through their authors. You add to them if you make yourself subject to their pretences. Can we not add to the scriptures? We must discard them.

We must discard them. The bible of mind as wise laws, may be then advanced. Any book that claims to be sacred and has no such proof, has to be closed by the command of truth and reason, God's vicegerents. The world would speak rightly to the Jews, but for its own superstition.

What can the bible of the Jews tell us, of moment to the world ? . What of philosophical sciences, does it communicate? What of all the ancient race of the world? Did it know of but three small parts of all five, of the whole world? As far as it missed the world's geography, so far did it miss the true principles of religion. All the bible advocates are bound in the first place to give their hearers undoubted proof of its authenticity, especially in the old testament. In the second place they should prove satisfactorily, how the devil could have been made, compatibly with the purity of their heaven and the perfection of the God of their heaven.

In the third place they are bound to prove a sufficiency of prophecy in the old testament on the most undoubted purity, written at the time, and properly preserved without alteration to the proper time, that warrants in the fullest comprehension the whole matter beyond doubt or equivocation. The very object of bibliocracy of tradition was to deceive the world, both in conception and adoption. Potentates of the earth have so conspired. Mind only needs a proper audience of mind, to eradicate the false impressions. In the first ages of orientalism, when mind was abject, allegory was considered useful, but since age has become more refined, and mind is entrusted with its rights, in the name of God let it resume all properly.

The bibles of tradition cannot remove the sins of the world ; it is mind that must act. What proof is there, of all bibles of tradition? It cannot be given, at all.

The assertion of Moses or his dramatists, is no more than of other irresponsible falsifiers. All is the work of priestocracy, for the worst of purposes. All cannot hold a respectable hold in decent society, when mind's rights are audited. If there had been any prophets especially of Christ, all would have been accurately and exactly told. If God had inspired, that inspiration would have been correctly defined. God would have had an appropriate bible representing intellect and power, and most perfect. But the stupid priestocracy did not understand that their bibles superseded mind, their messiahs and peculiar gods superseded God, their peculiar faith superseded religion, all their peculiar creation superseded the creator's. What was so plain before them, that time was God's prophet, and that wise minds could anticipate it only on principles that define prophecy a false pretence in conception, a perjury in conclusion. Will the moderns stupidly put on the cast-off mantles of the ancients? Do we know the true history, from these oracle-monger priests and kings, all in collusion before the people? What was the dynasty policy, was easily spoken by the mouth of the priestocracy who assumed to have the mouth of their lord, the most available mouth-piece the world ever used, who was a peculiar god, became very peculiarly pliant in the hands of the dramatists. This was the great idol of priestocracy-now of the world. The bible of tradition makers are falsehood propagators. The peculiar opinion of the Jews being the chosen people of God, made them sinful indeed. It was all political speculation, their eyes on other people's possessions, their priestocracy hands in the Jew pockets, the Jews seeking to fleece the world, their priests fleecing them all the time. Did the Jews show themselves particularly worthy in breaking their covenant, worshipping images, sacrificing their sons and daughters to them to be devoured ? How like the most degraded savages, no less than cannibals! We perform a mercy to them, and all such, to relieve them of their numerous contradictions.

But we are constantly met by questions, What will the world do for bibles? That is really bible-mania. Murders flourish, when laws permit, bibles or no bibles, and so of other vices. An increase of power, results in remedial means. When peculiar faith prevails, repudiation flourishes. Where are the morals? What protection is any bible, if wise laws do not sustain society? Did bibles protect the Jews? The world from inquisitions? But then the French revolution showed the horrors of no bible! It reflected the brutality of bibles. That proved that mind had been crushed and brutalized by the three most powerful arms of absolutism, monarchy, church and soldiery. Look back comprehensively, not partially—that is not fair.

This was for want of mind-cultivation of the whole people—religion, order and law. Civilization and religion go together. It is not man's bibles, but God, who is above all, that we seek to appreciate.

In regard to the French Revolution, much of it was involved in the mighty conflicts of masses, brutalized by bible sophistry and despotism, that, pent up by absolutism for centuries, broke loose the other way into licentiousness.

The world has been treated as an overgrown animal, not as mind at all. Hush! do not speak against the bible. No, not of God. That is, of the universe.

But the Jews' peculiar god could not fill all space, for he was absent at man's peculiar fall, so absurdly related—the most to be pitied of all when he found it out-and present at a nonentity's creation, a peculiar heaven and earth. As a god of tradition, lie is among the obsolete things of tradition. All this requires the foolish consent of mind, brought about by the artful duplicity of perverted mind.

Who can have implicit faith or confidence in any bible of tradition? Who can have as much in the writers? Who could endorse them? Ignorant men, yea, very ignorant priests, wrote these books; they were priestly inspired writers. The light and philosophical science of mind and bible of tradition, will not do to mention together the same day. It is pollution to connect them together. But what, for a code? If your rational mind, your country's institutions and righteous laws do not furnish, aided by all the benefits of rational education, go to the wild Indian chiefs that are the most refined in mind of forest growth, and ask them for the constituents of society. Why should the world have the peculiar faith of priestocracies, when its society is swindled thereby ? Those who are wise, can see why the need of inquisitions, to uphold their iniquities.

They need all the tools of the world in their ignoble machinery of superstition, that damns the world and mind.

I impeach and discard the scriptures for various reasons: that they are most contradictory, rest on false pretences, and are most demoralizing, anti-religious. Among their many pretensions, a foul libel, I mention that there is no devil, and, of course, no local hell in God's universe, whatever there might have been in the Jewish peculiar superstition. This is proved : that no people can be chosen and peculiar on earth, without making their god a peculiar god, and their scriptures surely peculiar, and all of no account, proving the whole a despotic polity to manage a defrauded people. Which is worse, for the world to denounce a thing without investigation and analysis, or adhere to their own explosions? But the scriptures are important, they fulfil an important point. That is, they sustain bigots. What use is there for me to go on with my bible opposition, you will say, as the world must believe in some faith? I go on to help promote rational faith. But what opposition to the bible is effectual ? The intelligent patriots of the land know, but you cannot appreciate it, because your bigotry has no reason. Lay aside your bigotry, and then you will see what religion is. I reject all bibles of tradition on account of religion, to get rid of their peculiar faith-to reach the pure and essential demands of mind. But infidelity is a robbery. It is indeed to God, therefore all such bibles should be positively excluded. With the triumphs of innocence the purest, we extricate ourselves out of wholesale errors, or the perpetual cause of them, the bible of tradition.

But this is an extraordinary work. It is an extraordinary imposition, and should have extraordinary proof, or be discarded by the advocates, who should have extraordinary silence and retirement.

Some people's minds are so perverted that they cannot rid themselves of sophistry, so degraded that they cannot extricate themselves out of their bigotry.

If religionists, men must discard peculiar faith and all its heresies as bibles of tradition, and adopt that of the bible of mind. While the world is full of public improvements, it is a shame that this most important subject should be kept in abeyance.

This is the age of reform and conservative revolution.

Analyze, for no bigots have ever yet investigated this whole subject. We ought to abolish all bibles of tradition, as absolutely abridging and restricting the proper means of mind to improve the creation funds of religion. The bibles of tradition can never be the standard of what mind ought to reverence, as they have no proper constituent elements for the world's peace and happiness!

But instead of extraordinary proof, we have extraordinary imposition by the peculiar scriptures. What is mind for, but to expel and not receive all such impositions ? No wonder that the priestocracy arrogate that faith is not under the domains of mind, else they would have been blown long ago, sky high!

The only thing you have to decide is, as to any scriptures being peculiar; if so, as they clash' necessarily with one another, and with that of mind that is universal, then they are hopelessly corrupt and to be discarded.

The mind has to respect universal, not peculiar principles, that do not exist. The ancients knew not the principles of astronomy, and betray themselves by the grossest ignorance of placing the stars in the firmament, which firmament was not ether, but a firm work for mere light to the earth, instead of their being the suns of solar systems, having their own planetary and cometary orbs revolving round them in beautiful harmony. It is worse for the world to be mastered by peculiar bibles, than to be ruled by the decrees of imperial Rome. It is taken for granted, because of the assertion about the holy scriptures, that all is true, unquestionably so, that it is the word of God. These two things are potent and talismanic; but when we affirm that God does not entrust his sacred word to priest's hieroglyphics, or to man's writings, any contingency, but in his own adorable keeping in the immortal, everlasting works of the universe, we are met by the supposition that God has not left anything less. But suppositions that have blasted the world so often, will not do. We must have facts, or the bible-pretenders must be forever silent on this world-wide subject.

The facts are demanded in vain. But the brass and stupidity of the imbecile mass have outlived their exploded bibles. They did not know that they have no bible in truth or fact. Their bible is a contingency, and bears unmistakable evidences of man's works, as it is liable to be lost, erased, misinterpreted, mistranslated, not preached from, after being made out of priests' lies from beginning to end. But how do we know the facts of any history, as history? All that is accredited and approved as national archives, exempt from doubt or suspicion, and free from the least improbability, presented us by those whose authority is unquestionable, and whose veracity is unimpeached, can be considered history. But none is history that convicts itself by the facts of science and philosophy as violation of both, that runs counter to nature's truths, reason's and principles' laws, and when its faith sneaks out of reason's court. This is the case with every bible of tradition. But the stupid objector foiled in supporting the bible of tradition, affects that in a court of justice one hundred years hence, when there is no living witness present, after a man was convicted, on the proper testimony of witnesses, of murder, and executed, that we may not have any better evidence than the bible.

If kept as a matter of record, most safely in the clerk's office, it would be correct history ; but otherwise it would be only tradition, and estimated in worth accordingly,

Has the bible this position of record, faithful and true above suspicion ? No! for if kept sacredly in a proper deposit from the time of the pretended Moses, it would kill itself, from the reason that it has impossibilities of miracles, prophecies, mysteries, and peculiarities proved to be perjuries.

But, says the simple advocate, hundreds of thousands of people saw Moses receive this gift of God! If all this was anything more than their peculiar god, who proves or endorses that now? None. Yet as God-gift, it requires God-proof, but gives none. Then it is untrue, false as fiction can make it.' But the bible advocate begs for time to prepare for all the defence of the old bible, his ability not furnishing more argument, and his circumcised superstition still urging him on.

As much time he may have as needed; but does he do anything further? How can

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