that have radical errors and crimes running through them. What incidents there are, in some bibles. The bible Georgian is in the ancient language. That language having become almost obsolete, and the Georgians in general being very ignorant, few of them can either read or understand it. Did God leave this contingency, when he left mind ?

- The bible Gothics. It is generally said that Ulphilas, a Gothic bishop, who lived in the fourth century, made a version of the whole bible, except the book of kings, for the use of his countrymen ; that book he omitted, because of the frequent mention of the wars therein, as fearing to inspire too much of the military genius into that people. We have nothing remaining of this version but the four evangelists, printed in quarto, at Dort, 1665, from a very ancient manuscript.” How many of the savage nations have any bible?" O, sad indeed. How many of the individuals of the best nations are destitute, or loathe it?

The bible English. The bible of Tindal, who was burnt for heresy! The Jew Jephthah made a burnt offering of his daughter for the demon of war, and the English made a burnt offering of the scholar Tindal to the fell demon of fanaticism. Who was worse?

But the ancients and moderns used the bible for a cloak, then the abuses of this book evidently condemn it as base, demoralizing and degrading.

But mind, man's supreme adviser on earth, would detect all this, had not mind been superseded by a means to be used as a cloak. Take away all such cloaks forever, as the means of superstition and corruption.

It dwarfs the human mind, causing it to be hypocritical, deceitful, designing, clannish.

The bible caricature of the God of the universe, propagates other obvious errors : in giving one peculiar god, it engendered the whole family.

Öf what advantage are all peculiar dispensations, when one universal dispensation of creation meets most becomingly, the proper demands of mind ?

But that did not suit priest-machinery.

What did all its writers know of any dispensation, when they did not understand the analysis of the mental organization, and substituted the heart for the soul ? But if all the bible doctrines be discarded as impeached and protested against, what are we to do then? Do right.

We had at first and have at last, nothing but mind to overcome all difficulties of life, to balance and settle all its accounts.

Wise men look to the powers of mind, to prevent starving in the desert. The compass in the trackless ocean and mighty deserts, enables mind to triumph over all its dangers and appalling difficulties. These are part of the bible of mind. And shall bibles of tradition claim exemption from universal obligations? So far from their being able to stand still in error, science excludes them forever, therefore sectarianism cannot exist.

Would you go to the Indians only having tradition, for exact history, or to exact documents unmistakable. The first demands foolish faith, the last furnish facts and truth. And are Moses and those of his priestocracy, any of his age and time, more competent to give the exact history of just such ages of hunting and shepherd men?

Can these men pretend to advance one iota in the presence of the holy and eternal God-written documents? But they were inspired. They were inspired with false pretences. What proof is there of any inspiration ? None at all. Are they present? No! Who then endorses them ? None. Then all is a dead letter. Is that dead letter, that false inspiration, to be the world's tyrant in the hands of despotic hierarchists and priestocracies, who are to mould mind as they can mould it? :. But how account for the rod-serpents of Moses and Aaron, swallowing the rod-serpents of the Egyptians ? Moses had only to swallow his conscience, and the people could swallow his lies, as we would account for any lies ; and the people of the world will be verdant, to swallow any serpent or fish story that the false priestocracy devise, and make their minds vassals to false pretences. We have only the legends of the first. Mind-jugglery was and is, and ever will be, as long as permitted, a part of the great game of priesteraft, and if any proof is thus advanced, it is that the Jews were greater jugglers than the Egyptians. The God of this universe does not deal in priestocracies or prophets, much less in their jugglery.

The very idea of the existence of a devil, pays too high a compliment to fabulous legends.

Volcanic action is a constituent element of the earth, and gave to the ignorant ancients their idea of hell and vulcan or the devil. But the hell of mind is a place for torment, and the devil is the mortal ártificer. Mind then carries within itself the means of its own advancement, or of degradation. It is supplied with elements of happiness, or of much misery.

What science is there that vulgar prejudices do not still prevail to the libel of mind? In natural history, this has been for time out of mind. In ornithology it is so. Migration is one of the greatest characteristics of various birds, but as the small ones are not seen to take their flight, but do it noiselessly, the most extravagant vagaries are surmised to obtain the solution.

If we study nature, and then review our studies, we may become enlightened. Do you believe the bible and practice its precepts? Some affect they believe the bible, but do not practice its precepts. Then that amounts to nothing, worse than nothing, as that already condemns your inconsistency. If you did practice all such, you would be the deepest culprit. You are either for the whole or none at all. Belief without practice, is nothing at all.

Who is accountable in the first five books of Moses?

The one man, the author ? Who endorses him? Can anything than mind do that, and as it is rational, not peculiar faith that results, the whole bible is necessarily ruled out, yet the ignorant and corrupt tribunals of the world exclude that, and libel all that attempt it?

Can any author be vouched for as correct, without documents ?

As his own witness, the chief of prophets, he is degraded from giving testimony. He has blasphemed his own God buried in mausoleum of prophecy, ch. xxxii., of Exodus, by perjury.

Are the Jews paragons of excellence by their peculiar faith, for all the world to follow after ? In what respect do they excei ? Superstition or inhumanity ?

How do we know anything of the bible miracles?

They say so; the bible says so. But who endorses they say so, or the dead-letter of the bible ? If the bible authors are ruled out by perjury, the bible is the perjury.

What are the present faiths of all bibles of tradition, but modifications of pagan mythology ? The ignoble proceedings of sophistry to skulk dishonorably paramount questions, produces the agitation of the most obnoxious measures.

We impeach and discard, as the present foundation to much of the world's iniquity, all the bibles of tradition, all the codes of peculiar faith, for reasons that are conservative, virtue's, law's, order's and religion's sake.

The Druids advocated as much as the Jews of their god, forming a peculiar priestocracy. But all the ancients made their god peculiar more or less, relatively to their stage of civilization that is the light of mind.

The Jewish bible and other bibles, as that of the Brahmins, have a considerable analogy. Which is the copy

? What is the world of such bibles worth to mind, that appreciates what is religion?

Bibles of tradition are all founded on one another, or are more or less analogous. The Jew originates the Christian bible, both have their prototypes in the vedas, and Fohi was the eastern Christ.

These two enable Mahometan and Mormon faiths to help agitate the world.

All have to resort to the expedients of the worst falsehoods, else they could not get an existence or be credited by their advocates. All are indebted to pagan false pretences.

What infatuation! That the mind cannot credit a bible of tradition, without it has the most outrageous false pretences of prophecies, miracles and mysteries. What can be a greater lie than gospels ? Is not the audience culpable, that fosters and countenances such?

All these false faiths, ungodly perjuries, are indebted to the sword, the brute force of absolutism, or all the insidiousness of sophistry.

The sword of Moses is as conspicuous as his pen, in the propagation of his false pretences.

No wonder this chosen people were rebellious, and hearkened no longer to the peculiar god than compelled. Korah and his compeers saw through the imposition, and so can all not in collusion.

The Koran established a military priestocracy, that was corrupt and administered to the desires of sensualists.

The christian dispensation arose by military despotism over the rights of mind, the usurpation of false faith over the justice of reason. The sword and sceptre of Constantine were united to the sophistry of the priestocracy, to advance it.

Are such books as vedas, korans, and bibles of tradition of ignorant and enslaved ancients, to be the standard of taste for enlightened moderns, constitutional liberalists, of mind that is free? Are these legends to terrify the world from its exact propriety, by their portraiture of terrible deaths, and misgovern rational beings ?

The koran contradicts the christian bible abundantly it is said, and very probably paved the way for their terrible military conflicts for very nearly two centuries, most bloody and disastrous. No peculiar faith can bring peace and religion to the world : that is certain.

All these and all analogous are full of glaring contradictions, inconsistencies, absurdities, and errors. How could it be otherwise, when all started with ungodly perjuries, false pretences, and abominable blasphemies? Will not the enlightened world see all this, after all the efforts of absolutism to crush its exposure, all the devices of sophistry to conceal its felony? The world will expose it, and spare not. Of course, they are not of God, as they give depraved faiths, all necessarily antagonistic. They all are ungodly paganisms.

The Mahometans regard the koran with superstition and awe. They idolize the koran as all peculiar faith advocates do their bibles. They affect that it is supernatural. Why should not the Mormons affect the very same. The most modern has as much right to claims of superstition, as any, while all are in that category. So great was faithintoleration with the Mahometans, that they sought to burn all books but the koran. But authors have been burnt by the world of faith. Has not the Christian intoleration amounted to odious criminality, when besides, it has sought to prevent the publication of the light of science, by all the practicable and basest proscriptions! Christian, as Mahometan bigots, are as corrupt as any, they are all degraded indeed.

The idol of a world's mind is a bible of tradition, as that has already, by iniquity, procured power, and the first is unquestionable, because the last is sought to be held as indisputable; hence the feuds of sects.

It is bible-power, not the simple bible--the priestocracy care nothing for that, means only vulgarized by the pagan minds of the deceived.

The world must cut adrift not only all unions of church and peculiar faith, but all kinds of consequent speculations.

Genius and philosophy are to be housed by this dwarfing monster. As an evidence, all true men of science see that there could be no general deluge at one and the same time, for obvious reasons of philosophy. As basely as Columbus was treated, mind is even worse situated, and all its honest rational suggestions silenced for this demon of credulity, by these ignorant barbarians.

As to the deluge, by the Mosaic account, “ The mountains were covered" some five miles high. Whence did these wiseacres get the waters for a universal deluge? From their heaven, the storehouse of their blasphemous lies?

But, says the sophist-bigot, all things are possible with God! Ask him the abstract question, if the Great First Cause operates by cause and effect in this universe, and he will be compelled, if of sane mind, to respond in the affirmative. Then, as an immutable being, this has been an organic history of the universe. Thus he actually makes his god bend to his bible, and himself to the depraved iniquity.

As the bible resource fails when heaven is put for the atmosphere, that cannot, on all rational principles, overdraw itself; hence this is point blank proof of four conclusive confutations that they knew nothing of creation, confirmed when they put heaven for the rain storehouse, and nothing of a universal deluge that could not come from the atmosphere, inherently limited, as the mighty lever of the Almighty for defined resources and measures of the earth's waters, and all declaring, demonstrating to a conclusive, positive certainty that they knew nothing of miracles, of which they could not of course prophecy, nothing divine of mysteries and enigmas, their pretences, because they would, as plainly caught, supersede natural phenomena, of which they were as now incontestably proved utterly ignorant and most consummately false witnesses.

Are the world's priestocracies now satisfied that they know nothing of peculiar faith, and that they are estopped about all such, and had better, as honest and faithful adorers of God Almighty, close all such bibles that libel him and convict them forever?

Who believes that mankind ever lived much longer than the present race? Who can affirm that the year was defined correctly in the undeveloped, the barbarous and ignorant ages of antiquity, when science and philosophy were unknown to so great a degree that they stated tħe earth to have four corners, and of course conceived it to be a vast plane, not revolving, but resting on pillars for a foundation, a firmament, to use their biblical pretences. What did they know of years then on such views, that clearly prove that they had no correct notion of astronomy, when a flat earth cannot make years, that result by motion and revolution of itself around the sun that their ignorant and perjured Joshua made to run counter, thereby involving the statement of years as a perfect non


entity, when they could not calculate them, having no proper rules or laws, no astronom my for exact computations.

People must have been at first ignorant of astronomical calculations, and reckoned then by moons.

The science that bespeaks the true yearly period convicts all such tradition as the veriest pedantry of ignorant second age of men, that is, shepherds, who knew not the laws of the solar system, evinced by Joshua, &c. and much more by Isaiah and John, who testified to the falling of the stars.

In all this, the bible becomes thereby self-impeached.

Man has naught but mind and reason that his wisdom recognises in every breath drawn, and all else about bibles is imposition and fraud upon the world. It could not have been otherwise when priestocracies had their sway so triumphantly.

The condition of all faiths and philosophy is necessarily the only one deficient, as the mind was undeveloped. The bible of mind cannot be completed till its rationality is perfect

No other bible is competent to lead us, or analyze our true state. Any other just reverses mind's progress, and renders the last stage of civilization in abeyance to the second of ignorance and barbarism. The condition of mind itself proves the world yet destitute of refined civilization and its religion.

What is the difference in the gospel speculations but the worst gambling on false pretences?

How can you safely rely on man's scriptures, that differ so materially in interpretations ? · Are any such scriptures worth translation, the thought of interpretation, after their exposure on exposition ?

But you still affirm that you believe the bible. Which, as there are several of tradition? That of Moses. But why not the others? The authority that rules out the others, or any peculiar ones, is that of supreme principles, that rule out this and all other such booles. They cannot stand, as every page is full of perjuries and false pre

All such are only the demoralizing expedients of priestocracies that harass the world, whilst the world has to look to the mighty principles of God, that are silently available as beings are rational.

But the bible of Moses relates such wonderful miracles about the passage of the Israelites over the Red Sea, and about the pillar of fire and cloud.

It is you that make the miracles, the pagan wonder, as God has none at all of this kind. He has no peculiar or other miracles, but universal truths for mind throughout the universe to receive the benefit. All else is fabrication base,

Had a steamer, with its cloud and column of smoke and its furnace of fire, with its certain and speedy progress against wind and tide, been discovered at that time, the ancients would have boasted of a miracle indeed, that could have laughed to scorn all the pretences of Moses and the whole world of priests that were in collusion to dispossess mankind of their noblest attributes. Yet all this is the triumph of mind and science over all the boasts of ancient miracles.

Ere long the world will be ashamed to hear of such a thing as a bible of tradition.

What other certainly is language than of human origin or invention? We overlook mind when we come to look at learning. Where now are all the sacred deposites, as arks ? Gone the way of all priestocracy's perjuries to annihilation. All their falsehoods could have never had one moment's hold but in ignorant minds, that were selfdeluded, and that most shamefully.

Assuredly these relics might have rescued the poor bibles, that will soon join them, from the obloquy of perjury.

The bible's creation is nullified by the developments of cause and effect.

Instead of six days for creation, our reverence for the Deity of the universe would give him, as a perfect being, power at thought not fixed to time.

He spoke most assuredly all such into being as a perfect God, willing the developments from the inherent characteristics. When the functions of an Almighty rest in eternity, earth does not define his time : mind perverted has dwarfed itself by the attempt to define creation by pretended inspiration.

In looking to the function of reproduction, all institutions must have virtue and consistency in the human race.

God's function was creation, that of man is procreation. Their functions are as separate as God is from man.

For priestocracy to contravene any principles is the deepest blasphemy, and to support it by sophistry is still worse. How libelous is it to affirm that nothing is impossible with God, thereby making a licentious and absurd appreciation. All things consistent with God's character are possible.

This world, as one of the exhaustless universe of spheres, presents only a mixed state, fit for a mixed condition of mind embodied; therefore the mind, referring to the soul spiritualized and separated, asks for a nobler sphere. Death is the universal passport, and the lot of earthly existences by their nature, disproving any bible of tradition assuming that any mortal ever escaped its certain signet.

None can put Moses ahead of the works of the Egyptians, whose pyramid architecture, more than two thousand years past, was the admiration of Grecian historians and philosophers that visited them in person. They furnish the hieroglyphics before Moses, who was barred in Egyptian hierarchal policy, that, the world over its whole age, is necessarily more or less analogous; Moses then was not, could not be, possibly original.

Nor must we overlook the ancient Persians, among whom the Jews dwelt, thus having opportunities of selection. If both sides of history be asserted, we shall find that in the ancient circle of best civilization from the Indus to the Mediterranean sea, from Egypt to Persia and India, Chaldea, &c., that the empire of peculiar faith, however diversified, had many analogies of commanding supremacy. The Jewish could only be borrowed at best.

There were numerous secret associations all over Egypt that had reference to priestcraft.

The trade of India is beyond all historical records of nations that had literature, and Egypt and India knew each other before the time of historical record. History says so.

They resemble each other in the division of their people into castes. The ancient monuments of India show its mythology, equally ancient and similar to the Egyptians. The Indian rocks, enormous works of sculpture, were symbols of an obscure mythology, for which the Hindoos have hereditary veneration.

The Egyptians had hieroglyphics.

Pythagoras introduced into Greece the Indian doctrine of the metempsychosis, one of the earliest of their belief.

In India, it was the first article of faith.
Egypt and India had strong coincidence in mythology.

The Hindoos are as peculiar as the Jews, both surviving the ruins of nations. The possession of peculiar faith will assimilate the wreck of nations.

The two great divisions of the Hindoos were Brahmins and Sameans, according to the ancient Greeks.

The last is most recent, essentially hostile to distinction of castes, and the exclusive authority of the Brahmins. They have been extensively received into Thibet, China, and whole middle and northern districts of Asia.

Schamans denote the priests and sorcerers of middle and northern Asia.

The god of the Hindoos, Brahma, had Menu for his prophet, lawgiver, spirit, creative thought. The code of Menu is the most ancient of the Hindoos. Almost the whole of Indian mythology is to be seen hewn out of rocks, sculptured writing, whose antiquity is at least as great as that of any Indian poems now extant. They have no hieroglyphics, according to Schlegel's History of Literature. How many centuries did tradition prevail anterior to symbols and hieroglyphics? Moses is no where among the ancients. His Adam and Eve are lost in the vista of antiquity--are modernized.

The Phenician alphabet, as those of western Asia and Europe, were formed from hieroglyphics that preceded them, but the Indian alphabet was hardly so formed. Decimal cyphers had their commencement in Hindostan, å very great discovery of genius.

The book of Menu has proofs of the highest antiquity and perfect integrity. Jones' opinion gives its appearance of an age between Homer and the twelve tables of the Romans. Alexander may have seen it.

The idea of a threefold godhead originated with the Hindoos, long before the christians arose.

They had the term, new-born, or regeneration.

What claims have the Jews to priority of idea of their god? As their godhead is necessarily peculiar, it is a species of priestocracy, which makes the peculiar godhead act and speak at its will.

The Persians acknowledged one God, a good godhead, and an evil one like the Jews. Was not that of the Jews, like that of the ancient Persians ?

The Persians overran India prior to Alexander, and their faith and that of the Jews resembled.

The godhead of the Jews embraced a considerable machinery if we analyze their bible ; but the Jews abolished human sacrifices. They sacrificed, according to their own showing, a host of their own children to Moloch, for many centuries. Even one of

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