Moses was a wily politician and historian, and could easily operate on the masses, ready, from their blind confidence and dependence in their rulers of absolutism, to receive the most that was offered them.

If they had been in previous bondage, so much the more easily did they succumb.

Moses could easily make his own record. Who is here now to call it to an account but the omnipotence of rational mind? Its jurisdiction is masterly over the recusant priestOcracy. Did wily absolutists ever have conscience about results of power to peculiarly benefit them?

An analyst, who takes hold of assailable points not sustained by facts, can point with mathematical certainty to the defects, and well asks, are these the fit standards for intelligent and high-minded freemen of this state of civilized mind?

In a miserable light do stand these Hebrew men at last before the highest tribunal, light of mind.

But the wily politico-faith hack may affect that the people could not have been governed otherwise. This is ever the delusive pretence of absolutism.

These men, and all in the collusion, show by their oppressive hold on the people, that the people could have easily dispensed with all their pretences to divine rights.

This Moses stands in the category of absolutism.

How many stultify themselves, and by vitiating man's better nature to gratify their selfish ambition, are self-impeached? So stands this priestocracy before the highest of all earthly tribunals, responsible rational mind.

The philosophy of all things of life stands on the platform of reason, truth, science, and justice, and this then, embraces the whole question.

So far from being a god-like liberal government, embracing all the legitimate blessings, this priestocracy was conceived in the bigotry of the times, and partook of superstition, and priest-rule and craft.

Frauds, imposition, hypocrisy, and blasphemy, were on the very face, corrupting masses, orders, and individuals, to the nefarious traffic in the holiest of purposes.

It was so flagitious, that others arose of equally false pretences, and abominable false positions from that time to this, and would be endless if rational mind did not interpose.

The God of the universe breathes an atmosphere too sublime for their conceptions.

Superstition upon superstition has been put down, but that, evil men have appropriated for their ambition.

From many such malign causes, but moderate good has been accomplished from age to age, on its own legitimate capital.

It has been reserved for after ages and later times, to rally more potently, and point out more correct views.

How came the Jews so narrow-minded, but from the Mosaic polity? The Jews were taught to believe, that they were the peculiar people of a god as peculiar as themselves. This people, otherwise, was not peculiar by any virtue as a nation, if equal to the enlightened ones of Greece and Rome, the best ancient republics. Such peculiar views invariably elicited all their peculiar vices.

The answers have been already given.

The sanction of superstition of the Jewish peculiarity, sophisticated most awfully that nation's mind, and reflected the consequences in all their social relations.

The priests eternally perverted the minds of the people, and in every age are only more or less varied editions of the same book. The only variation is by and through mind, correlatively rational.

What a mass of crime was thereby propagated.

In the most liberal spirit, the mind of intelligence is obliged to find as the least of evils, much of the bibles metaphorical and figurative, but that will not meet their intrinsic evils and difficulties.

All of them have to be discarded as organic evils.

What else of evils of their magnitude introduced by peculiar motives to the notice of the world, could not be repelled as unworthy of its universal regard? No peculiar reception will meet the question. Have they not been elements of conflict to the world, and productive of many evils ?

Ask candid men who undertake to interpret them, their solution ?

Will one of them say that they believe or can understand the whole, much less practice the same understandingly ?

This is an important paramount question to all.

A book of books, it is pretended, has been given mind, to which it is most dictatorial and despotic, and that inculcates à faith not to be reasoned with, language not understood, and of course, affecting duties involved therein. This at once condemns it as negativing the very functions of mind, and the quintessence of religion.

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Ask all its ministers, and do they not make the difficulties greater, the quagmire more miry from the nature of the elements ?

Many put you off without reasons or solutions.

You may be told that such are sacred things, that you must hold and go no further, that some events were to come, that they were not past!

The proper time for right investigation and inquiry may never come, and this state of things is to be fund for future imposition and false pretences !

Patriots must appreciate, that the mind that will not take heed of its rights that are universal in or out of bibles, that existed and flourished before all the trash of tradition of superstition was ever devised, is tory in withholding allegiance to its maker. But there are some things that may be true in that biblè, while others stagger the faith of the most faithful. All that is true, is capital of mind, falsely appropriated by the priestocracy

The position of the balance in which no candid honest mind can confide, invalidates: the claim of the bible to man's adoption, for the whole must be taken or its character by partial rejection is impeached, as God is perfect, and would give a perfect original to mind.

Man gives imperfect copies, therefore the bible is man's imperfect tradition.

Cannot we believe that Adam and Eve were our first parents ? Bibles of tradition cannot truthfully go as far back. Indians cannot, mind cannot.

Prove their color, compared with the diversity of the human race.
If white, whence came the black or intermediate colors ?

Hundreds of years have not changed either, under most appropriate circumstances. Neither are the colors contingent or fortuitous, but follow after their kinds. It was as easy for the Creator to diversify the race in five varieties, as to make five large grand divisions of the globe. . All that, proves him Almighty.

Philosophy will not permit a limited or isolated view of this mighty subject, very far from it indeed. while at the same time she is a liberal , IVI UOT accurate language, necessarily, right and justice require, and will amend if misled by others. Her potent voice should not only be heard but obeyed.

She enters into the disquisition of this important subject, to secure the most suitable position of truth and reason. She would do injustice to her own rights and self-respect, if she did not thus act.

She respects the feelings and honest principles of all religionists, while she must accord to the nature of the subject the most candid exposition requisite.

She publishes views deliberately entertained, as the best for life and death, being the true friend of the people. Her reverence for Deity is of the highest quality, and cannot see his attributes affected, or his exclusive claim diminished by any worship of men, or any intervening object.

She leaves this momentous question and subject, with the conscience of the enlightened, who can decide whether tradition could impart correct views of the first parentage, in names or character.

Neither the memory of philosophy of the first rude ages of man, could meet truthfully this question.

Fiction has been resorted to to fill up the picture. Grant that there were Adams and Eves in ancient times, and that they were sinful people, digressing from established principles, still no peculiar faith has any guarantee or privilege to enslave the mind of the world to its peculiar homage. That is absurd in the extreme, for priestocracy to render the world vassal to its idolatrous legends, to secure unity of race for the maintenance of their pretended identification and power.

Every continent may have had its Adam and Eve.

We might give due credit to Moses or his priest-fathers, for some improvements ira his code, if we knew the whole Chaldaic, or that its predecessor was less, but then the Mosaic, however curiously dovetailed, is sadly corrupted by the times. It is doubtlessly an abominable plagiary on ignominious priestocracy predecessors.

Did they not corrupt the Hebrews in causing them to borrow the valuables of the Egyptians, and then dictated repudiation of the payment? They teach this heinous code, whether it transpired or not. We have the code of their morals. Was this honest or truthful, the two first characteristics of true religion?

All that the Mosaic code can ever be, is that it is the result of corrupt peculiar faith.

Is not this enough, at once, to satisfy an honest and truthful mind, on the invalidation of this history of Moses, by this moral delinquency, an unsafe doctrinal teacher ?

But then, is it right to believe a part, without taking the whole? It is impossible for

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rational mind to receive what is irrational, as part of the bible, that might be gross legends inserted according to expediency of priestocracy at any or all times suitable.

All sectarian dogmas have their circle of malign influence, that should never by honest and truthful men be prelonged; the life of this dishonest doctrine is now destroyed on this position.

People now have light enough to cast aside all the pretences of Judaism, or any peculiar faith, analyze their superstitious points, and not forget their duty to man, in blind devotion to self-professions and fanatical feelings!

Could not the Jews purchase and win to-day their beloved Jerusalem, for a few miilions, and by citizenship?

But think you they would wish te leave better countries, that give them much good civil, commercial, and faith-freedom?

But they can do far better, as they can rid themselves of their false position, imposed on them by prejudices of a peculiar faith, and avow themselves the recipients of the noblest, and fraternize within an universal brothertivod. They can now adopt a pure and rational religion.

It becomes the wise of their people to show the beauty and strength of wisdom, and avow the God of the universe, and abjure the puny god of Judaism, imposed on them by a base and fanatical priestocracy.

Unfortunately, the weak-minded of the world can be rallied on false positions sooner than on the true, as many are ever ready to call by sophistry and names, to secure the ready profits of all worldly speculations.

The bible of tradition cannot be satisfactory to the world, as a transcript of its true position, imperfect and erroneous as it is, after contradicting the facts of nature, and outraging truth in many particulars.

Then the notions of its peculiar character, asserting the superiority of one people, condemn it as an outrage, and its ignorance as a libel on Deity, whose character is grossly misconceived, and authority usurped.

What can science say to its astronomy, when Joshua commands the sun and moon to stand still?

What effect would this have had on the great conservative principles of the universe, thereby also intercepted?

What shall we say for its ethnology, geology, and phrenology, or the science of the taces of man, of the earth, and man's nature and character?

What moral maxims, at the best, did it institute, that were not the characteristics of mind, in its various degrees of improvement ?

Its moral maxims ceuld not, by any means, be peculiar, and they were in abeyance to mind, laid up in its treasury, to be evolved by the best powers of its genius.

The famous one of Christianity," Do unto others as we would have them, in similar circumstances, do unto us," was hundreds of years sketched by several prototypes in existence at the time of Confucius, and were necessarily suggested by the proper appreciation of the best social relations and duties.

Every age tells of heroes, that have done their missions--but why any heroivorship?

Axioms of tried benefit and good, establish and vindicate themselves, whilst the rest pass away.

There is but one mighty system, instituted by Goủ, and to be rightly read and appreciated by mind, that can stand all test in the world of intellect and motives, and that is rational religion, the inspiration of a living and undying God.

Most of the superstitions, mythologies, and kinds of polytheism, have gone down; the balance will, sooner or later, end, never to rise, as long as reason holds her sway.

Rational religion cannot perish, but will put down all errors, as the one true light, before all systems of earthly superstitions, that are unworthy, degraded, and to be excluded from the folds of true protection.

What peculiar claim has the bible of peculiar tradition to man's universal esteem?

Does it give mind the character of the God of the universe, when it portrays him as the peculiar god of Judaism and Christianity ?

Does it not give us superstition for religioñi, priestocracy and hierarchy for freedom of religious opinion?

Does it not make peculiar tradition to be placed before intellectual and moral conservative principles, that none but eclect ethics or the best morals will vindicate ?

Does it not increase the various superstitions of the globe, and yield the apologies for them?

I desire no such book, that teaches the worship of the powers of nature, of mortals, 6 supersede the adoration of the Power Supreme.

Man is at the bottom, ministering to usurpation and monopoly, the pretensions of the priesthood.

Designing men seek, through this, for power and its attributes.

The sacrifice is too costly. The victims of intolerance are too many to the wiles of hierarchy and the duplicity of priestocracy.

In all this darkness, mind is crushed, befouled, and injured, if not silenced. Philoso-phy, mind, and science gainsay the bibles of tradition, most triumphantly.

Can mind learn correctly from any people, whose faith was the grossest superstition, whose knowledge was deep errors ?

Can we copy, in honesty, from Moses, who corrupted his own people, by the most dishonest repudiation of debts contracted, for jewels borrowed, and of the brigħtest lights of rational religion?

Can we estimate the dire effects of these morals on the priest-ridden people, to countless ages of such superstitious faith?

Can we estimate his morals, with the blood of murder on his hands, and never wiped off by any penalty ?

Was this the peculiar prerogative of his peculiar institutions, to make differences and distinctions of guilt, only as persons, not as the guilt, differed ?

Can we copy from him, in mind, when he instituted a priestocracy to overwhelm mind ?

Can we copy from the Jews, who believed in sacrifices of victims, effusion of blood, arrogated to themselves national superiority, without attaining it, and finally denationalized themselves by their vices, crimes, and errors ?

What reflection of light did they cast, on the balance of their cotemporaries? Does priest-ridden Jerusalem show sound views of science, laws, and jurisprudence, the glory of the world?

Due credit is given to the Hebrews, who reject Christ; because if their faith, Juda -ism, were right, Christ was wrong ; but rational religion exclusively proves Judaism a non-entity, and all entirely wrong.

They were intrinsically interested in securing the safest worship, according to their ability of defective education ; but clearly they were not convinced by any rational proof of any other peculiar faith better than their own. Why then should they change the original for the graft?

If God had been previously disposed to any peculiar people, could he possibly suilen them to miss the right messiahship? That is the most conclusive proof, that the messiah was never before the people, more than the Almighty, who was there where creation was willed into existence. This position is enough to kill all such ideas forever.

Considering that the Hebrew had an immortal soul, as God's chosen people, how could God permit that part that lives after death, to miss so great and indispensable salvation ?

God is incapable of less than immatable principles, that self-creation and immor-tality fortify, therefore this position of peculiarity evidently destroys the whole fabric of messiahship.

What need we any book of tradition to affect a caricature of God and his attributes, when the works of creation are the only mighty evidences of nature, and time performs the functions of prophecy throughout the universe, and plain matters of facts, the whole truth, the only oracles of wisdom, proclaiming the Creator, and enabling his creatures to proclaim and adore him, supersede mysteries, enigmas, miracles, and prophecies pretended

Mind, that looks to cause and effect, will be the only means of discovering the su-premacy of the Great First Cause, to the shame and confusion of hypocritical cant, that stupidly libels God and mind, when it asserts the contrary.

Bible tradition tells, that mankind sprung from one source, and all this is worti: nothing, if we cannot advance our faith up to these absurd legends. No wonder that faith fills so much of the deeds of mind confiding in them!

Facts show characteristics that mark mankind with such variety, that the ethnologist must ask from which color, white or black, was that source? Absolutism alone affects to answer, by inspiration !

Mind has advanced to such a glorious state of intellectual independence, that it pro-nounces any inspiration not recognised by reason as the false pretences of folly.

Mind alone can recognise all inspirations. It is at its tribunal that all books of tradition, purporting to be such, are condemned.

The next base pretence, after inspiration, is peculiarity. This tradition tells us that the Jews were å peculiar people, eminently favored and cared for by God.


Reason on the facts of their history, not secretly kept by their priesthood, but known to the world, proves to us that they had no peculiar virtues or characteristics above other people of the world ; that they were as vain-glorious and selfish, as much of landpirates as other barbarian nations of antiquity; as vindictive and ferocious on their enemies, and no less idolatrous, or iniquitous in their idolatry.

They suffered losses by wars, that were frequent; and were carried into captivity, where they suffered as other nations. Their years of captivity prove the power of their enemies. But the eternal jesuitical sophistry of priestocracy comes to the rescue.

In their misfortunes they had sinned ; in their prosperity they had acted with no less sin. Will any but a stupid analyst affirm the contrary? When was Jewry ever clear of sin? I will defy honorable minds to show.

Did they communicate the blessings of their peculiarity to other nations? They concealed them as long as practicable.

In fact, their cotemporaries did not estimate them very highly, if the Apion of Josephus permit us to judge. If we had Apion, he would speak for himself. The world has been robbed of truthful literature.

A nation peculiarly beloved by God must have excited high respect among neighboring nations ; but the reverse is their case.

What peculiarity had they but what man made, and priest at that? Are not the Mormons a peculiar people; are not all that adopt any peculiar faith?

The world is not concerned except in its sufferings about peculiar faiths, but has the important problem of universal brotherhood given its magnificent solution of benefits to mind and the whole world?

Judaism, at its very best, is not the beginning of rational religion, that is never stained with blood, or corrupted by priestocracy, much less outraged by absolutism.

How much infatuation prevailed then about national peculiarity, when their country fell so often into the conquerors' hands, as the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Turks, &c.

Tradition claims peculiar faith with spiritualization, enthusiasm, grace, and sanctity, the doctrine of election, predestination, &c.

But the tradition becomes peculiar, and on the principles of the universe, that acknowledges but one God, as our solar system has but one central sun, it is absolutely invalidated, is entirely worthless. All that depends thereon is in the same category.

How, then, can peculiar faith, that only repeats the story, decide these positions at all ?

God's omniscience and omnipresence, much less his omnipotence, must not be libeled by such, is either attribute excludes peculiarity.

God is not local or peculiar, but universal.

Give us a God worthy of mind's reverence, fit for civilized society of the whole world, to be supremely benefited by his transcendant guidance, not one evidently characterized by barbarian pencils, an irascible being, having peculiarities too monstrous for mind!

Give us an immortal being, not the creation of Judaism, but independent of man's imbecile conceptions, the lovely perfection of philosophical science.

Rational minds are obliged to dismiss from serious consideration the absurdity that constantly hangs on the bibles of tradition.

That God cannot manage his own creation without the aid of his creatures, the priestocracy, from the flood, a most absurd history, and above all, that souls are indebted to their prayers and their exertions, as he cannot prevent the god of evil, his degraded rival, from interfering with his greatest work, mind !

In all traditions of bibles, unless the First Great Cause is the universal type, there is nothing but peculiar acts, and these incontestibly condemn them all, surely, as impositions.

Do not even the enlightened Jews now consider their bible as a mere history ? Has it any of the dignity of history? Would that it was even a good history, correct and to be relied on ; but assuredly it, and all its emanations, are digests of most obnoxious and objectionable materials, compounds of most revolting absurdities.

If all these were abstract, isolated machines, kept in a museum for curiosity of the dark ages, one might tolerate the enormities.

What is the bible of tradition but a scheme to uphold the dynasty of priests, and all connected with priestocracy?

It fails to teach us the elevated, liberal, and just views of government and religion, that invariably recognise the greatest good to the greatest number.

Pure religion did not commence with the Jews, nor at Jerusalem, nor in Egypt, but with mind's existence and creation in the universe, in the mighty dawn of its glorious initiative.

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