The polytheism or plurality of gods, a system that flourished in ancient times through the vitiated state of the priesthood, till the millions of gods have dwindled to three or four, is swept away forever, as the last but insidious absurdity, by the brilliant eclipsing splendor of immortal monotheism.

Let all their follies and crimes be buried with all their systems.

Potent reason reduces all necessarily, morally, justly, wisely, and rightly, to only the great first cause, that reigneth omnipotent and supreme in eternity.

What wise mind will defer the choice any more?

If any has renounced the Great First Cause, their case is a bad one, for he is the only God, being the author of safety.

If others derogate from his powers, they do so most unwisely, and their penalties will be in accordance with their irreverence. Every man's conscience must decide.

What one in his right rational mind, can reverence other than God?

Is the mind of all perverted, prepared to appreciate all the evil consequences of rejection of reason's God? They do not, if they look at the results of the world for past time and the present age. To whom but God alone, can mind, the only means of recognising the subject, resort?

Abscond from its maker, when everything before it declares his authorship, and by the only and best titles, the ownership?

Is that author, God, to be alienated by absurd division of his fee simple estate ?

In what enlightened court of conscience, will this be ever done? Who is willing to endorse the consequent perjury ? Clearly, no good and wise man in this universe.

The thing is impossible to be done, in the calmness of reflection of any intelligent mind.

Animal passions, ambition, avarice and fear with their horrid and blasphemous fictions, theatrical representations and legends arousing the best sympathies of human nature by false pretences of degrading sophistry devoted to the most iniquitous purposes, may do it for the moment, but never designedly and knowingly, unless humanity is degraded to her lowest depths and stupidity.

The very foundation of such absurdities, is well calculated to create insensibility to the general interest of the world, insincerity and all the train of bad consequences to society, that daily observation points out.

Pure and strong must be the popular mind, to successfully resist them.

The mind must be rightly trained, disciplined, and educated in all proper lights that look to the universe and its conservative principles all the time, eschewing all the absurd subtleties of a credulous and most ignorant age, as angels; world of spirits, good or evil, and peopling the air.

All rational minds have inherent faculties of ideas of a first great cause, but tuition has to instil any other secondary cause that must be forgotten and eclipsed in the resplendent glories of the first, by the regular process of nature, the exponent of God's creation.

Nay, more; this secondary thing, a rubbish of blotches, is perpetually clashing with the good of the first.

There can be no wonder when it ends, having the elements of its own destruction.

The whole world, moral and intellectual, is conscientious in the belief of a great first cause, who must have proper attributes. But a part do not carry out this principle in full.

Millions cannot be sincere in their professions of belief short of God, for they leave all other faith, and their conduct proves their absolute sincerity, and the agreement of that whole faith.

Unity of faith in the eternal first cause, would unite every mind in the bonds of proper affection.

There would be no repugnance of sects, as they could not form themselves into being ; their depravity would be apparent, and their antagonism to God most clear.

The scimitar of the Musselman would not have to meet the sword of the Christian, for the crusaders of the last could not point to any tomb but that of mutual enmity, nor would hierarchy in all her varied tyranny of absolutism disguised by siren sophistry, ever seduce the world freed from its sophisticated pretences, its sordid trade, its desecration of sacred things by speculation. There could then be no ruler but God, whose watch-word is unity for all, and no ministry, no mission, but the pure light of mind.

Mind would have credit for construing his attributes, reason for appreciating him, wisdom in the confirmation.

If the peculiar faith-heaven be pure, Deity has full possession of his attributes. Of course the creation of the devil befouls heaven in the quagmire of impiety, and dwarfs the original purity of the Creator who has to be perfect to organize the universe.

If by man's libel, intellect and reason, the proper sentinels would then face Deity with the rankest impiety, contradicting especially the attributes of purity, all his power and knowledge, all goodness and mercy.

That which is worth all the rest, fixed principles, would be of no avail, as a perfect failure is thereby implied in place of a governor affording adequate protection. The polytheist's god, is necessarily imperfect, as we have a creature fallen and degraded, then exalted, to be the eternal rival of his Creator in the seduction of souls! To what will not the corruption of priestocracy lead? To the most consummate contradictions, ineffable, stupid, suicidal destruction of all the principles of reason and logic. No wonder that the peculiar bible powers that be, expel her on all necessary occasions.

In this bible doctrine, we have two creatures endowed with peculiar powers. Everything is peculiar in this peculiar machinery. Where is the true piety towards God the Creator ? Monotheism originates in truth from God, the most elevated views of Deity, when we refer directly to him alone.

That shows a manly spirit and a freeman's duty, and religionist's character.

Where does any other view tend, but to make man a poor menial ? Not a freeman nor like an honest man, to face an honest and truthful being, but like an abject petitioner, he demeans himself to mortal, an impostor and a blasphemer. No, never does enlightened mind endowed with reason, take its religion second-handed ; never goes to inferior vicegerents convicted of direct imposition by all the laws of nature ever true to her God, mere earthly beings at best, in abject submission to the basest practitioners of false pretences, exclusive of the people from their God, when we can appreciate according to the lights of the age and our intellectual ability, God's attributes.

Sublime is the Creator's greatness by mind, that must reach reason to obtain its greatness in rational religion.

No sound mind can or will dispute this plain proposition.

Sincerity in God's creation must reign, as the test of his attributes. A messiahship, is a substitute most absurd.

The universe and mind are made as God willed, not as botches wish, or as dreamers speculate.

We have hardly begun to rightly estimate the object of creation as wisely directed by God.

Who are the witnesses of the living God? The whole universe appreciated by mind and reason, as clear as the sun beams.

Any other, is false and contemptible, if peculiar.

All the first recognise the universe as proclaiming a great first cause, worthy of all the reverence of creation.

None but a very ignorant, deluded or perverted mind can begin to assert that any bible of tradition can meet the dignity of his attributes.

Cultivated mind has to be employed all its existence, to meet these demands.

It is mind that has to seek that which is worthy of universal esteem, and embrace it with the worthiest affection,

It must be in the acts of all minds that aspire to true rational religion.

The attributes of mind declaring innate elements and capacity of religion for its originator, honor the attributes of that power, and cultivated intellect requires the superseding all arbitrary means that tend to exclude that mighty quality of divine power.

While the sincerely religious minded, with feelings of superior reverence from constitutional organization, are to be duly estimated, at the same time they are to be appropriately enlightened as to the object of that reverence.

Reverence, to be honest, must be orthodox.

If God needs a messiah, then he is only part of a God, and must be inferior to him who aids, that is clear.

No prior occupant, with full fee simple rights, divides titles.

God's creation cannot refer to any higher than himself; if he were not independent of all messiahs and creatures, his creation would be independent of him,

What are the pretensions offered in competition with God ?

Those of atheism and polytheism, that is, no God, and several gods or substitutes in man-hero and idol worship.

Who has to take cognizance of these paramount subjects ?

Mind, the beneficiary, has to recognise these pretensions. If mind has the function as it has to adopt, it has the undoubted right to discard and reject the same.

How does mind reach the true issue, truth and fact?
At the tribunal of reason, over which God presides.
There can be no other.
If there were no God, the universe could have no conservative principles, and all

would be confusion. Therefore, the universe confirms most conclusively the existence of both.

Reason is the only power to prove conclusively that such principles apply universally in order and harmony, refer to the Great First Cause, and command mind to refer to principles and their first great cause.

If there was plurality of gods, the Great First Cause commands them absolutely on his conservative principles, as he is a perfect being, and must have perfect rule.

Messiahships make most foolishly imperfect rule, and are at most analogous to the exploded notions of plurality of gods.

Can any past remnant of peculiar faith, perverted views of superstition, be rightly modified, and made eclectic to religion? That would be most absurd. The attribute of immutability of God forbids it altogether. God's laws are immutable as he is, then they do not and cannot change; but mind changes, and the error is in it. Man should take heed that all such be not libel, knowing the same to be error.

God, as universal, not peculiar, in all his attributes, comprehensive in his universal government, matures his munificent schemes in time, and will carry out for individuals also this last great attribute of mercy.

God alone must be perfectly worthy of adoration and esteem by the whole universe, that he made and sublimely governs; and merits mind's true subjection, in its most profound humility, to his sublime glory.

All the universe could not eradicate the genuine devotion of a rational mind from its Creator.

All the universe could not create a genuine elevation of a rational mind, knowing the true position of things, for Messiahship.

All the bibles of tradition and peculiar faith manufacture and create so small gods, that rational minds are not satisfied to adore them.



COME, pure religionist, and indite yourself prayers, that are to be offered up by you, seeking purity at the shrine of purity.

You approach an unchangeable God, who has unchangeable principles and attributes.

If you really seek to effect a change, that assuredly must be in yourself, for there is no need of God's character changing, that is impossible in the present order and harmony of the universe. He is pure and holy. He giveth all practicable blessings desirable to goodness, on universal principles. You surely do not seek to change these.

God reigneth over the universe, and must consider all.

But you are a sectarian warrior, and in battle array with the very banner of a faith, that of itself, if true, must inculcate principles that insure peace and universal friendship, that rebuke you to all eternity.

But, alas ! that banner is sectarian, and with all your crosses of Christ, as you are about to engage with your sister that came from the same parent stock of Judaism, which sister of the crescent is about to wield the scimitar, one or the other must be wrong.

God cannot be the author of war, however mythology had war-gods, especially to indicate his own religion, that is indicated by the ennobling triumphs of mind, that respects itself as it honors God's conservative principles.

But your gods invoked are peculiar ; then as they are the fictions of your priestocracy, to them belongs all.

You cannot pray to the God of the universe to defend you and the cross or crescent.
What does the God of the universe know of either?
What right have either of you to believe that?

you of the cross seek a mere sepulchre, that sign to him unfortunately is one of bloody warfare, piracy, and bloodshed.

But if you seek the conquest, as you did of Asia and the world, to prostrate it at the feet of peculiar faith, that victimized its foolish partizans without compunctions of conscience, then assuredly he, as the very author of justice, cannot grant your disgraceful and ignominious petitions.

God knows it not, no more than any other standards.

And here comes the other standard of the crescent, no more holier than its sister, but now carried in the defence of country and fire-side, that if not rightly won from possessors now passed off the stage of life, at least are possessed as rightly as by the ancestors of the very people expelled.

Many a bloody conquest, by Jew and Gentile, had been made alternately of this land before. It was one of the dark and bloody grounds.

The issue, you see, is decided by your address in the hands of justice against you, by a tribunal that respects no mortal, save as they respect conservative laws, that give the firmest action the best prayers.

You may have displayed all heroic valor and dauntless bravery, still the more just the decision then. You were the victim of fanaticism, or of the world's pirates.

But it is reserved for posterity to conquer that country by the light of true faith. Monotheism fights no bloody battles of the sword, as she wields the universal empire of peace.

In what an awkward state is God by the prayers of opposing armies placed, by mind's perversions.

Mind has to retrace all these errors for their correction.

It is the commotion of the world, but serene, no doubt, is the Creator in deciding justice, and all this is done by the agency of principles.

All this comprehension of justice is to reflect for the good of all, and retributive justice will be conspicuous.

National tyranny has remote effects, that come home for many generations. The world's history is full of it, and presents the sublimest philosophy, their correction by rational religion.

You can then commune with God, whose mercy is responsive to merit; and in that you must be particularly correct. You must address principles, pure functions, and attributes, by pure thoughts, words, and deeds, as prayers.

Do we not believe in more than one God ?
We cannot possibly, and retain a rational mind.

Why is that belief necessary for polytheism, when God, the God of nature, Creator of the universe, is all powerful, knowing, and existent, with all the full attributes to the universal demands of creation ?

His attributes, characterized in bold relief by his works, prove that he alone is the only true God.

All others are counterfeits, and mislead mind.
We now ask you, does thy intellect tell thee that thou shouldst expect justice ?
Then do it yourself by just appreciation and its rightful action to the author of justice.

Let not God's eternal principles be monopolized by usurpers, as their thoughts and gifts, when reason decides, and principles are vindicated before God alone.

Do we ask to have truth revealed to us, and neglect the God of truth?

If the world wish to obtain the full benefits of truth and principles, it must speak the first at all times, as disguise and ignominy follow falsehood, and the severest penalty comes for the violation of that and the last. The whole truth and principles are embraced in rational religion.

Man's just actions will protect him from unjust and unwise laws, fanaticism, bigotry, disunion of our country, craftship in its criminal guiles, nominal professions in peculiar faiths that abound for speculation by millions who follow vicegerents that are dead, instead of the ever-living God.

All that believe in God alone, truly possess a correct religious foundation, that if rightly cultivated, may lead to the speediest true happiness. Such actions without pretensions that are perfectly useless, must be worthy of God's regard.

This character is written of God himself in his own writings, as taught by enlightened reason. Will God lead us into temptation? That idea involves a libel of God. God is a perfect being, and will do nothing derogatory to his exalted God-head.

And as to the devil, he has been proved a fiction, an imaginary being, however preachers and priests assume him as part of their indispensable machinery to be an existence, dealing in brimstone, the product of volcanoes, to terrify the timid, to secure successful extortions.

This character involves in the same category his residence, both of which must be ideal.

Eternal and pure adoration is God's the Lord omnipotent who sways the Universe with principles, and regulates all beyond mind's present conception.

He is the essence of true greatness, and his works are his prophets in the wide Universe.

God is the source and fountain of power, which is identified with the Universe, man included.

Mind is obliged to look to him or none.

What can the weak or incapable mortals do? All are nothing before God, who knows our wants, and could only supply them all. His providence was prescient, in conservative principles.

The creation of the Universe presupposes nothing less than God's exclusive mastery. It is idle to suppose any other plainly mortal, as plainly an after thought of vulgar minds.

God's actions are good and perpetual ; the evil of man is finite.

The creator is alone and unapproachable, except through the introduction of correct principles that lead man to his God. All created beings are then alike in this respect, and eternally condemned is all bible tradition. Their innate faculties necessarily refer to their Creator, for if mind had no inherent ideas of a God as taught by his universal works of laudation, elicited by action of mind on mind amid which are bibles of tradition, most imperfect specimens of exploded views, then we might as well say that mind had no existence, no functions, as that we could not get the idea of God from his works, his only sublime scriptures.

Most believe as it is their interest, without due investigation, and assent to a doctrine that there are no means of appreciating God without the bible of tradition in the face of God-proof, which position of itself necessarily cuts down the bibles of tradition, and all the advocates who have worldly speculation and profits therefrom.

But have we creatures any claim on God, to save and preserve us ? His prescient and universal providence at creation, answered that question.

We have the highest paramount claims, for the Creator placed us in his creation for his highest purposes, and recognised us at the creation, placing his recognition through religion in all rational mortals as his creatures, we may rightly expect what may be due essential to creation, by knowing what is duty.

We know no one else in this matter, as we can only know God by the creation, and if all give God his due, not make him a demi-god as possessed of part of his attributes, the balance being usurped for another, who proved by his death his mortality and consequent incapacity for them, they cannot possibly divide God's attributes as there is no plurality of gods.

Then we must perpetually look to God alone, the only one that had a hand in our creation, and with whom we can be acquainted.

God is immutable in attributes and functions, with principles capable of sustaining them, his powers, creation, and the Universe.

This faith is vital and rational, or else the God of the whole is below his creation, an absurdity that is criminal.

Rational mind may be beset with numerous temptations, but in its sanity and soundness never can it forget its Creator.

Its protection is mind's all in religious, moral, and intellectual culture, a finished education of that kind.

If God be not the supreme, there will be peculiar results and peculiar faith, which will disorganize the Universe, and demoralize the world results.

There is a supreme retributive power somewhere in the centre, operating to the circumference of space, else the self-decisions of the world would work its end.


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His works displayed in the Universe, that impeach and discard the Bible of tradition as paltry and contemptible, that advances all the time peculiar faith, and no true system of religion trustworthy of mind. Can you not easily appreciate why you cannot defend the bible of tradition ?

Because it is anti-God, and therefore of perdition, proved by its workers of iniquity.

God's bible proves that religion must embrace the whole range of science and philosophy, as far as all such refers to God and man.

The burning presence of mind's inspiration, towers over the dreamy notions of a mere substitute, or even worse, a counterfeit.

No mortal can put down God's works.
Who would wish to discard any that were right?
Those that are mortal and wrong will put themselves down.

We only seek as good citizens to expose the errors of such, and as all rational minds have more or less the seed of religion, being endowed with its innate elements and principles from their creation, they should have the right direction and instruction to reach the balance. Principles are only needed to do that.

It is for mankind to sustain the severest tests of sense in the Universe, of adversity and prosperity, and remain true to their Creator and themselves, to investigate all this, and to undergo all not only without the least murmur, but with the most appropriate appreciation of Deity's motives, justice, and mercy, The God of principles, Creator of the Universe, and Preserver of mankind, God of

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