The predominant idea or passport of confidence to the world, respecting the scriutures as they are assumed, is inspiration and revelation by the god of covenants. Proper analysis and the highest respect to truth and religion, compel the most exact and just language. That they are inspired by the Creator of the universe, must be gratuitously admitted or taken for granted, but mind most rational and of right culture, is compelled to hold all this in abeyance until proved and demonstrated conclusively and satisfactorily. All such inspiration must be exact and perfect as God, who is perfect. If such scriptures be not perfect, then they are not in exact accordance with philosophical science, that convicts them of false pretences. Divine and direct inspiration, then, is a proper substitute for science, wisdom and philosophy.

Mind invariably owes it to itself, as most honorable thus to act, to decide properly and faithfully on all propositions, for in the multiplicity of the world's bibles that were more numerous than the ancient nations, and that flourished relatively to the state of auguries, soothsayings and oracles, to analyze this whole subject fairly, that it may not be imposed upon by false pretences that will mislead it to the most disreputable and dishonorable company, the association of which may be regarded most justly before rational mind, as most felonious, and before the perfect Creator, most blasphemous. None that are fair, honorable or just, can take exception to this correct course, but those whose dishonesty and untruth will be necessarily exposed to the whole world that is obliged to be identified in the glorious subject of religion and morals. As a universequestion, this whole matter must be resolved on its illustrious and eternal principles, and on no other. The very first chapter, nay, verse, of Genesis, proves the scriptures to be an uninspired book, and that too, in reference to the most important points, God and his universe, otherwise science has to be sacrificed before inspiration, which is an imposition, though it be from ignorance and any peculiar god of the writers, with whom the universe cannot possibly be acquainted on its principles, functions or attributes.

In the first place, I will premise that there is no unity between the old and subsequent testaments, new or more recent, first, intermediate or latter, as now presented by Christians, Mahommedans and Mormons. Such last testaments are bound to the old, by a mere rope of sand, and all rest on no foundations. The old speaks of one peculiar god, the new speaks of trinity and prophets peculiar, and all of their peculiar machinery of faith. The question of all sublime questions of honor, justly and rationally arises, are those scriptures endorsed for mind's conscience and soul's reception? When submitted to the only test of the whole universe, they are all refuted as false pretences. The creation's God has recorded his self-evident, neither refutable nor deniable by any rational mind.

We now advance to the most prominent matters of the first, the Jew Testament so called, and among them the analysis of the creation, by submitting it to rational mind, its master-spirit. Whose creation is this, to which we are now intraduced by this socalled bible ? It is positively that of the priestocracy, who ostensibly are represented by Moses. All that we have, proves that mind originated sham designs of intellectual but perverted creation, for the emolument and selfish purposes of the priestocracy, that had then a preponderating ascendancy in mind's affairs.

God alone prophecies always by time, acts constantly by the universe, the consummation of cause and effect, his work and word represented by its principles, functions and attributes, all matters of fixed and immutable facts cognizable to mind, an individual element whose exponents are five connecting organs, those of sense, and thus invites all by his eternal truths of universe facts.

Naw, if this matter submitted had been true inspiration of the creator, the author would have enlightened correspondently to the munificence of this sublime subject, conformed mere in accordance with exact science, and instead of such peculiar bibledefective communication, would have indited a universal language, as much above all that pretended, as God is above Moses.

God, in his perfection, has, exactly in conformity to his august and divine majesty, thus enacted, and left the eternal record unmistašable to the universe.

For bibles, partial representations of science, philosophy, astronomy, and wisdom, he has left their divine essences indelibly impressed on the universe itself. He has given it the real substance, and left rational mind to elaborate from those munificent universa) treasures, exhaustless and evolved, proportionately to the innate capacity of mind's improved rationality.

In the beginning, the great first cause created that universe, his own seat of purity the holy centre, and all the abodes of rational mind, that can appropriate all that is legitimate in universal language and facts, all eternal.

This universe is a system of systems, reflecting effect to cause all to him, its supreme consummation, and the earth a planet that belongs to our solar system, and is directly indebted to the sun for its light, that reflects the supreme luminary of suns, and that ever shineth on this planet in its revolutions that make the day and night, the year and seasons of the year, and its own mighty results during that year.

The elaboration of this universe, exhaustless and immense to the brightest embodiment of mind, that characterizes it as nature, which analyzed, is creation elaborated with principles, functions, and attributes, is due to the creator's almighty potency, intelligence in perfection, for the glory of himself exacting the adoration of his supreme work-man's mind, in soul and spirit, that are to elaborate their perfection in this mighty theatre.

Any system that pretends that nature is adequate for the creator, is destitute of the first principles of its comprehension.

The creator adapted all the elements of creation to each other, each solar system balancing itself by its inherent properties, and all for an harmonious whole that necessarily and exclusively respects its almighty standard, whom all conservative principles represent and vindicate.

The chief purpose is religious comprehension of mind, that can unite universally on this consummation. Before all this, all partial and peculiar bibles sink into utter insignificance. Its authors absurdly sophisticate natural results, cause and effect, and give no credit to universal principles that represent the first cause.

A partial or peculiar creed or bible, when we are introduced into the audience-centre of the perfect creator of the universe, is worse than none at all-incomparably worse. That is miserable morals to palm all such on the world for the inspired one. From the sublime subject just presented, we have to descend to the grovelling, mercenary, and ridiculous one of the bible, mind-factured by the priestocracy who represent in every age of the world and division the soothsayers, augurs, and oracle dispensers, pagans all. All that they can possibly present are only diversified editions of the same mighty subject, to which their pretences are as irrelevant and inadequate.


Genesis, ch. i. 1, gives “God created the heaven and the earth." What was the heaven, but what was heaved up? Does this creation of man, define God's creation with philosophical science? If it were the best that mind then, or at any other time, from the nature of information as it was, could only give, then I would hail it as the best offering of religion ; but when it is palmed on the world as the offering of inspiration, I feel bound to test it by the claims advanced, and not of its relative potency of mortality.

The very start premises a downfall. If the writers, assuming as they do inspiration, be ignorant on that, as in social science, what must they be in religion, when they cannot define the God of creation, nor the most obvious parts of creation ?

The creation is not defined by the word heaven, which means heaved up, in the opinion of the bible writers, who were ignorant also that it was relatively heaved down, or that the revolution of the earth constantly presented the same kind of exalted concavity. When we ask where is heaven, who can pretend to locate ether for heaven, much less is it a firm frame-work built up by the ignorance of the priestocracy, who assumed to fix the frame-work of science, that has upset all their impudence.

Their idea of the earth, was as far from science. Some of the self-inspired men pretended that this earth was a plane, with four corners or ends, an idea that was conveyed to the sailors of Columbus, when they feared they might drop off, or from it, if they sailed too far west.

Čircumnavigation only proved the rotundity of the globe. All the resulting ideas were parallel. The ancients not only conceived of heathen, or outside barbarians, that did not belong to their peculiar god, but they also viewed the land as heathen. The errors at the first great source made many more.

The perverse bigotry of peculiar faith is indebted to this source, as even the Christians by excellence enlightened, adopting the peculiar errors of the peculiar bible, that represents its peculiar god, seek to have the ineffably stupid pleasure of introducing him by their gospel to the outside barbarians, that is the heathen, who they overlook or are totally ignorant, have their minds from the God of the universe, whom no such pretenders represent by faith.


God Almighty is represented by religion, not by faith. To return : the heaven of this bible was only half a vault or concavity, as the earth was on pillars for its foundations. They never dreamed of the rotundity of this earth, much less of its various motions or revolutions, that reflected as in a mirror, a boundless scope of solar systems.

As they are self-exposed, assuming to be the peculiarly inspired pensmen, it is the duty of rational mind to notice it in its own self-preservation. 3. And God said, let there be light: and there was light. 4. And God divided the light from the darkness. 5. And the evening and the morning were the first day. 7. And God made the firma

8. And God called the firmament heaven. 16.' And God made two great lights ; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

17. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven, to give light upon the earth. 19. And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

God made the light the first day, yet he did not create the two great organs of light till the fourth day! This is a universe of cause and effect, we must ever keep in mind, so that winds up the bible.

And God set them (lights and stars) in the firmament of heaven to give light upon the earth."

All was a firmament or firm fixture, in which the stars were fixed as lights to the earth, as if lamps.

The larger lights, the sun and moon, moved, for the purpose of lighting more brilliantly the earth.

The sụn or moon rises, because they were thought by these inspired, as they assumed, to move around the earth. This error, with others of greater magnitude, has stuck to the present times.

But these lights “divide the light from the darkness.” This looks science! Inspiration could have cleared up this, by revealing the reason for mind's light, that where darkness ceases, there light begins, or the reverse. But the oracle did not speak, as it. was analogously situated.

The bible's only objects, main ones, of creation, were heaven, the earth, and its people, the chosen ones, peculiarly, to which all the rest was subsidiary.

The firmament is no firmament at all, when verified by exact science, that only discloses ether and innumerable stars that are suns of their solar systems, besides the planets of our solar system. Where the ignorant bible writers located heaven, we locate ether, a space without limit, for all is the universe undefined to mind, the end is the means, the last the means without end. What exhaustless munificence.

So the stellar light was for a more magnificent object, directly at least.

But the magnificent philosophy of the atmosphere was as unknown to Moses as to Peter, and this ignorance rather desecrated heaven, for 7. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. 8. And God called the firmament heaven. And to this we are indebted for rain!

Was the bible view adapted to the mighty universe, when it discloses, among imbecilities or puerilties, the stars to be lights as lamps to the earth? The beauties of creation had not shone on the writers of those days, as philosophical science had not presented much of her treasures and discoveries in optics; proof conclusive that the moderns are before the ancients, inspired or not.

Science decides most conclusively that inspiration has been brought forward by the false pretences of the priestocracy. The leaf of geology, one of the volumes of God's word, discloses that the earth in the fulness of time was lastly prepared for man, who has the ascendancy for all, by the supremacy of his mind, which, as its history discloses, works its own elevation to the standard of its divine Author, who is eternal. Geology then proves the creation of the universe.

All creation is as God elaborated it. Can it be better or more correct? That devolves on Deity, not on the priestocracy to define.

I feel like descending from the sublime to the ridiculous, in coming from the contemplation of the Creator in the mirror of the universe, to that of the peculiar god in all his peculiar bibles, reeking with impudent ignorance and vulgarisms of man's images and idolatry.

What would be the surprise of Moses and his tribe, if they were to stand by the falls of Niagara, in the glorious light of the sun? How rebuked would those barbarians be by the spray that sends forth its rainbows, and no doubt has taught the forest sons of America of the almighty power of the Great Spirit.

Ch. ii. v. 1. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. v. 2. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made, and he rested on the seventh day. Now, did it take God six days of this earth to create the uni

at once.

verse ? If so, by what principle was this peculiar time of this earth for six days, God's measure, in preference to any of the universe ? Is the earth the superior planet? If so, does man's situation of imperfect state permit the idea ? This idea is condemned

Is God so imperfect a being that he had to rest, as a created being ? This betrays at once an imperfect appreciation of God that is the emanation of man's brain. We should have the sign unmistakable of the proper sabbath, as there are now no less than seven sabbaths. Which is the proper one, if any be more than man's ordination ? What should we do, if peculiar systems made every day a sabbath? Do what we ought to do at once-use wise legislation.

The heaven was the abode of the peculiar god of his peculiar people, who certainly were indebted to the mind of predecessors and successors for this very imperfect knowledge of creation. As to the light which they ignorantly divided from darkness, as two separate existences, not conceiving the last the negative of the first, as sin or evil is of good, they misled themselves into the mists and fogs of their own twilight, which obfuscated all their moral as intellectual faculties. Now, the bible writers are estopped from the God of the universe, as they claim all the peculiar benefits of their peculiar bible, its god, &c.

In the creation of man, respect was had to his adaptation to the diversified conditions of the earth.

Several varieties of the same species best accomplish that purpose. It was as easy for the Creator to produce as many as the great grand divisions of the globe required, and at the same time identified through mind. It was not corporeal existence that God respected, as mind was his master creation, his chief workmanship. Both mind, soul, spirit, and their embodiment, were the objects of his divine providence and eternal regard. All are as God created them. His creation implies preservation, correspondent to their merits. Mind, the soul or spirit embodied, was endowed with its chief creation birthright, religion, the chief end of its eternal existence, a problem that requires the universe and eternity for its solution.

Mind, then, only has the elements to elaborate for future good. It has to work its way through science, through nature, up to nature's God. The only inspiration is to itself, and that must, can only be through the mouth-pieces of the Great First Cause, who speaks by cause and effect.

Mind, then, does not at first repose on a bed of luxury, till it has won it by its merits, through the gracious boon of its Creator. It has to embellish itself by the best of culture to civilize the world, and render it embellished a true purpose in all its comprehensiveness.

Mind has to make its own creation for its own enjoyment. The idea of happiness being first is absurd, on the analysis of mind. As to the river and garden of Eden, all is clearly a fable as much as any. All such is an absurd fable, that belongs to the peculiar views of the brains of the priestocracy that wrote the books of Moses, and caused woman to be taken from man.

The leaf of physiology declares for the exhaustless genius of creation in woman as in man, as civilization declares for the equality of both. The diversity of human creation meets the whole case, obviates any necessity for incest, and glorifies God as a perfect being, who is libeled by bible-fables.

If God took one of man's ribs to form woman, then man ought to have one rib less, by physiology.

"25. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed." They, of course, were not civilized, by indirect admission. It seems that the man had to work after all, form“ 15. And the Lord took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden, to dress it, and to keep it.” But in the 28th verse of the first chapter, man and woman were positively commanded to subdue the earth, that implies labor! besides, they were told to look for supplies to the whole earth. Eden is an afterthought in the diversified chapters of the priestocracy fixings.

“ 16. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayst freely eat: 17. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die." Ch. iii. The attributes of God declare against any monster creation of morals, and their antagonism, the Devil, or Satan serpent. This is a fiction also of the aforesaid visionaries. * 4. And the serpent said unto the woman, ye shall not surely die :". The serpent had more influence than God, for-“6. She (the woman) took of the fruit thereof, and did

All the idea of man's fall is a libel on mind, as the seduction of the evil one is a libel on the Creator, who is necessarily deprived of his omnipresence, as of his Almighty power, by a superior antagonism. All this proves conclusively the priestocracy's peculiar god not almighty. God walks in the garden and inquires about the matter.


to man.

The diversity of the species of the human race, and the universal attributes of God Almighty, not here conceded, preclude all this pretension ; even to all the bible charac.. ters that have been invented. Tradition could not recognise any such at all. None can tell of Adam or Eve, or such. It is folly and blasphemy.

It is folly and blasphemy. The idea of the Creator coming down subsequently, after all was ruined, and rebuking poor mortals for what he should have protected them from, particularly his powerful rival, the serpent, that “was more subtile than any beast of the field,” of whom he is not mentioned as cautioning, declares an awful omission of duty on God's part, is a disingenuous legend of those who knew nothing of what they pretended to write.

Now, it most clearly is proved by analysis, that mind required rational education, and not receiving its full comprehension, that it erred. The impression of a Supreme was not satisfactorily made by this peculiar god, who has to be dismissed for the God of the universe, the God of mind. As to any antipathy at first between mind and serpent, that results from education. As to the woman's sorrows being multiplied in child-birth, that is by no means certain, not even probable, as her organization is as created originally. The less luxuriously the mother living, the less laborious the child-birth, to a certain extent, as the more it is assimilated to animals.

The curse of the man is relative, and negatives the bible's falsity, for his labor that produces the sweat of the face, also sweetens the enjoyments of life, gives a relish for the taste, and health to the body. As to the fear of the Lord lest man should live for ever, all that is legend, and does not portray the imbecile character of the peculiar god, as it discloses the decided ignorance and assurance of the bible writers, who knew not the God of the universe, nor the great laws of nature, that comprehends unity of design, and required a universal change from what it now is, had that prospect been practicable

The bible of inspiration truly, if of ignorance general. All created animal existence had to change by death, or the world had been unfit by reproduction.

21. Unto Adam also, and to his wife, did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.” The first state or stage of life.

). And they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons." Still a savage state, though in the Eden: The dramatists wind themselves up completely. And they were so simple, so verdant, as to trust the serpent. How could they appreciate God, who was with them so much?

This Adam and Eve were weak-minded and ignorant, a very poor specimen of humanity; that is, the writers of the bible were. The last clause of the third chapter of Genesis implies, that Eden was left guarded by cherubims, both non-existents, all fabulous. All are fables about Eden. Angels could not supersede conservative principles. Which was the best, peculiar god or devil ?

After God Almighty created the elements pertaining to earth, from the least organization to the highest man conceived in his forethought, he committed all to the conservation of principles, that bespeak most that belongs to providence.

And as books called bibles, or by any other name, are man's, all that pertain to any tradition, are afterthoughts, that betray their own absurdity, the absurdity and infamy of the priestocracy, who are more apparent in the subsequent progress of this work. Ch. iv. v. 2.

The most conspicuous display is next made, in the history of Cain and Abel, all priestocracy inventions for the purpose, who are both represented as priests offering sacrifices to their peculiar god. The main object is to show that this god had his select chosen peculiar priests.

“ And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground." These are the second and third states of society, as that of their parents was the first.

How came Moses, or those having this man of straw, to know aught of tradition for so many generations back? It is impossible among all such tribes as the Indians, who represent an analogous state. The peculiar god could not know, hence the priestocracy lied blasphemously. V.3.-—"Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord. 4. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock, and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel, and his offering.” Well done, priestocracy, here you planted, confirmed your mighty origin. To identifiy it still better, Cain is made to slay Abel about their offerings ! This work for the profession was instituted in blood said to have been shed.

This has been the centre of immense bloodshed. “ 17. And Cain knew his wife." Who was she? Who ever heard of her before? Were the writers incompetent or ashamed to tell ?

Now, if God of the universe created, as reason tells us, five or more varieties of species of mankind, he obviated the crime of incest.


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