few short hours. It was equal to the bloody days of the French directory. And one of the best impediments was the vital danger of the felon accusers, some of whom paid forfeit for their crimes, by their lives. The result began to work on them too strongly, and their common danger brought them to their senses and humanity. But there have been millions massacred for this bible-faith in the world? The Christian churches oppose each other, much less the other different peculiar faiths, though their motto is

love thy neighbor as thyself.” How came the Salem witchcraft butchery to stop ? By effects of the bible? That gave the foundation, and was the very code of laws that originated the murderous fanaticism. Did that bloody transaction stop by faith? That was what started and excited it, next to the bible.

Was it not triumphant mind? What gave rise to the horrid inquisitions ? Superstition, bigotry, bible-faitlis, are the fathers of inquisitions, that would have overrun the world, but for mind !

Those who have been members of churches, will acknowledge that all such was a delusion. The crime is that all peculiar faiths are as great delusions.

Church union begets an improper alliance alien to universal principles. In Asiatic Turkey, the Turks are prompted to fanatical excesses against the Christians. In European Turkey, the Christians and Mahomedans are contending for political supremacy, and the last have massacred the first. In Switzerland, the Romans unite with the radicals and socialists. Have they not excited bloody deeds in that country, within the last few years? In England, the peculiar faith agitation still continues unabated, about the English and Roman churches. Is it any better in America, when Baptist synods seek to dictate about constitutional laws ? Let the world and rational mind, deliver themselves. How many great difficulties are there not, about the Roman church? But such a man is a republican, a churchman. He is only a man. Act with the world on principle. You can depend on principle, but not without. All plans of churches, secret societies, are failures; none but principles are the thing, and they not without rational religion. There are some persons of the world that cannot be corrupted by church machinery, but some are deeply in for all that they can get.

Do not tell me about the excellency of the church, when it is a part of the machinery to govern the world.

With what propriety, reason, or justice, can we go to churchmen for truth or honesty, when their whole foundation is otherwise ? But the churches do not make the converts right, as they do not stick generally. But God has made religion natural : churches make it artificial.

The best illustration of priestocracy is the union of church and state in the same head, as the emperors of China, Russia, the grand lama of Thibet, &c.

All things were common in the primitive days of christianity. Who was ever a greater bully than the church, as shown by proscriptions and inquisitions? It had no mercy, when it has no principle.

It is important to decide right, to escape the clutches of church tyranny, oppression, and exaction.

When people lie to us every day, whether in or out of church, for a little interest or money, what will they not do when impelled to swear? Would they not perjure themselves ? What a class are some of the lawyers in that predicament! Is there any reason that any one should prostitute his soul to falsehood for mere petty, trifling, or great considerations ? Every act, thought, and word of mind should be rational, look to reason, else they may look to the reverse or ruin. Society must be respected as a harmonious whole, and must therefore take precedence of church and secret associations. It must then have the proper basis to realize it. There must be no real cause for discontent, but there is now necessarily, as the world needs an honorable position. What made the christian and other faiths, as the Mormon, so popular, was the common stock arrangements, from which the rich backed out among the first.

The constitutional laws of principles furnish the proper protection from rational religion, that gives justice instead of contingent charity, that requires a proper homestead for all destitute families, that requires rational education for all citizens, and puts all in an honorable harmony, not local or sectarian antagonisms.

What are church organizations worth? To propagate bible heresies and advance the interest of demagogues. Church national disunions are tubs to the whale.

How can church-membership give religion, what God has already given to every rational mind? Destitute of principles that direct to him exclusively, it must make many bad or worse, while those that are good would be better out of it. But as to church-membership, no pledge should be given but what is honorable, and that must be honorably sustained. Can any honorable pledge be given or sustained, when there is no honorable foundation? The word of God most luminously, conclusively declares for


the supremacy of religion the only conservative, and rules out peculiar faith as inimical to and destructive to mind.

Every church-member, by his or her position, scowls on all others.--else why a difference? There are some in the church I could not trust with anything I possess. Who are they? They are myriads. Why? They have not the rational principles of rational education. So far from feeling compunction of conscience, they do not know what conscience-religion is. I could not trust my soul with one of the whole tribe. No peculiar faith, polytheism, or atheism ministry, can teach principles that belong to rational religion or monotheism correctly. That is certain.

Because their existence seems prior, is that an evidence of the exactness of their truth? They had affected the capital of rational religion, and were indebted for all available good-faith capital.

The feeling engendered in villages, in the same circle, for the peculiar half-a-dozen sects contending for life, reflects the great world agitated by the ungodly peculiar faiths. Whoever subscribes to any church of peculiar faith, has violated all proper principles of truth and honesty that such faith has certainly violated.

I know that this is the boldest step to arrest all such, and requires the highest moral firmness. Put down the felony. The protestant is as deep in the quagmire, as the Roman or Greek churchman, Mormon, Brahmin, more so for the lights of rational mind.

What harm do churches? The houses do none, only take up ground by worship of polytheism, better employed in adoration of God of the universe by making mind rational, inspiring it with the best of rational religion. Union of churches and secret societies, were for factitious purposes and advantages. Do they benefit the world at large or its component society ? What factitious importance is there in societies and churches? Look at the millions of converts of all characters that backslide or fall from grace, commit sin, &c. Now, all this elegantly proves that rationality is all in all in religion. All that we can know is by mind, that must be relatively rational for all rational enjoyments.

The baptists do not participate in their sacraments with other denominations of christians, thus increasing the subdivisions of sectarians.

As to heart-holiness from Christ, all that stuff is common with the Asiatic Brahmins. Have not the juggernauts all that pertains to experience? Are not their martyrs as much entitled to credence as those of any other in the world? Now, mind, rationality, change, comes of God, the universe ruler, who becomes the dignity of his station by assigning constitutional rights to mind by moral free agency, and acts like the constitutional president of the universe, not an autocrat of an empire. But if the world breaks up the priestocracy, all this would break up too many fine choirs, churches, organs, book concerns, charities, missions, collections, and livings. What are churchés ? Do they make people any better, when the priestocracy do not? Some are worse. Ah! but how shall we worship God? The rational mind does not need idol-worship nor lipservice, nor priestocracy performance.

Many church-members are all church malign influences, that cannot be injured thereby.

If the church present such men as Paul describes, what character had they for veracity, &c.?

In the land of bigotry, where church-ridden people are, there are only the forms of freedom.

What can rickety church-establishments avail in religion? Let a free, fair and liberal discussion be enacted, not avoided. Religion demands this, as the friend of truth and reason, not of faith and policy, mere pretences of oracles. Religion does not know faith, but through the right avenues of truth. What avail all the benefits of a crank-sided rickety church faith? Are there any principles intrinsic in any association ? I know members of churches that stand as high as the world can make them, for honesty and honor, their membership not hurting them, being safe before they joined.

But the house of God is expedient? Where is that particularly in this world, this universe ? See the various difficulties in churches. All that is best decided by enlightened public opinion.

What divisions of families who go to different churches. All this is miserable man's devices. What a noble thing it is that church-members are not corrupted by their membership

Now, as to the church, does that make religion? Who made the church? Man. Has the church any specific principles? What has the church to do? It is only man's devices, as priestocracy and bibles, faith and all its machinery. What good do all churchés do after all said and done? They are split into factions, divisions, and subdivisions.

As to being in the church, that does not avail, for that is founded on false pretences, on bibles that are a binding of lies, and its peculiar faith is a part and parcel thereof. All membership has to be strictly watched, else ecclesiastical or church power will aspire to supremacy; therefore all such is objectionable as partaking of man's polity. The world has some hard old sinners to deal with, and the worst are those in the church, especially the licensed heads, as bishops and others that feel themselves licensed to take licentious liberties.

The priestocracy have the worst morals in the world, except they be checked by the best lights of mind and rational civilization. Each peculiar church assumes peculiar prerogatives that destroy with its own elements. You protestants declaim against the auricular confession of the Roman church; what less sin is your assumed sanctifica- . tion? You, Christian, complain of the Mormon ; did you not show him the way, when you adopted peculiar faith, a thing that has no being but in the false pretences of superstition? Who are many of the church officials, but those seeking loaves and fishes by church-people-communion ? Associations in churches should discuss the subject of religion, the only way to reach the most correct views. The only church is the temple of the world, as part of the universe, and mankind the audience.

Churches that offer only one-sided peculiar views of sleepy sophist lecturers or preachers, instead of popular associations for truth discussions, diffuse the worst of mental, social, moral and religious suppressions, the worst of all peculiar poisons to the human family. Can you confide justly in any persons because they are in the church ? You cannot in truth, as the worst hypocrites may be church-going.

But there must be some criterion for public confidence. What is that? Personal anerit, of course; then it is not church-merit. To be confided in justly, the individuals must be thoroughly known for consistent honorable bearing.

In separation of church and state, religion allows of no church at all, for that is a political engine, a hobby, machinery, of no pretensions to religion. Such churches have millions of property, as the St. Louis Roman church, the Trinity church, New York, and too many elsewhere. Apply all these incomes to the right use of religion, not of churches. Apply all annually to the right correction of the world, that can be rectified in a few years, for billions will be withdrawn and devoted to God's, not man's purposes. Put down all despotisms of church and priestocracy monopoly, by conservative revolution.

Every churchman ought to resign his church-faith as derogatory to religion--if it be of religion, he can prove, as it will prove itself beyond a doubt the authenticity.

But freethinkers are the anti-church party; and what does that sophism all avail, churchmen? The anti-church party is not the anti-religious party; if it were, it would not be rational.

It is religion, not superstition, that rational mind, sane and sound, needs. It is utterly impossible to eradicate religion by all the efforts of the peculiar faith church-party.

Love the brethren, says the church advocate, proves the position. Do Romanists love protestants? Does the massacre on St. Bartholomew's day prove it? Peculiar faith always has a false position.

All that is corrupt is in churches, that should be best appropriated to the benefits of the world, and discussions held by associations of monotheists.

Politics and ecclesiastical policies are mixed up in church regime to the disturbance and agitation, strife, animosity, difficulties, and sectarianism of the people of each government and the world—as in Canada, Great Britain, Italy, &c.

The maintenance of peculiar faith is abominable. It was bad enough to have to receive the counterfeit. Religion does not need money, but mind-maintenance, no established churches nor hireling officials. The rational world asks to be free of all this. To do so, let each rational mind free itself at once and forever of all peculiar faiths, bibles, all priestocracies, all the vilest humbugs. Let there be no ecclesiastical regimes--no ecclesiastical nucleus for frauds, imposition, and despotism. The appropriation of property of the people, or what ought to be theirs if any, to churches, is sacrilege to mind, God, and religion.

All the establishments of world-peculiar faiths are frauds, sacrilegious frauds, that corrupt the people unqualifiedly. Where church benefices are, principles and the religion of principles are abandoned.

Let there be no kind of feudal tenures, nothing to check world and mind's improve


If it is not a pity to desecrate all churches of the present day to paganism, it is certainly wrong to devote mind to such trash, and that is adequate argument.

Are you a churchman? Then you sustain'despotic, ill-gotten, and worse retained power. The world must estimate things as they are.

But you are at a stand, halting about the best to be done. What is all of peculiar

faith that is adjudged a felon worth, having committed blaspheny against God? No reformation of protestantism will answer; nothing short of conservative revolution, What a pity it is that the diamond owners, should desire to swap it for false stones. That had been a gospel if rational, but it has murdered all its pretensions by being peculiar. As having a peculiar god and gods, it rules itself from rational mind, and is only fit to keep company with barbarians that originated it, or half civilized tyrants that smuggled it into the world.

Monotheism is legitimate, and carries out all legitimate purposes. She is faultless. Peculiar faith as illegitimate, has been palmed for God's, on the world.

That is why it has been so reverenced. Religious protection is what the world needs.

Peculiar faith is still the old prostitute with all her meretricious ornaments, to inveigle and deceive. She is with absolutism.

The love of mankind, Christian, takes precedence of the petty love of a sect: that is as clear as monotheism, religion takes precedence of all the earthly mortal peculiar faiths : besides, she gives justice before charity, as the first travels over the world, the universe, the last to home and its kindred interests—that is the charity of all sects, and the Christian has no more feelings than man can have under his circumstances.

How can that be protection of church-membership, when the recipient is deceived, deluded, and misdirected, from his own excellent possession ?

The noblest suggestion of religion would be, take no advantage of the situation of mind—but has not peculiar faith done this enough to the world, to declare her ignoble character to condemn her? The wise Author of the universe has put it out of the power of man, to trammel mind forever in its religion. He has taken care of all that.

All peculiar faiths cannot prove religion, but all are certain evidence of peculiar, perverted, weak state of mind--that of corruption of the whole, every way by absolutism, a false weight that shrewd minds ought to divest themselves of, only what the world is capable of.

The world does not require, and cannot abide ascetism. Let all that is legitimate, be consistently carried out, no more or less. Man has no business with any capital, that can be turned against hir

as peculiar faith, all others of which war on his, that is in direct antagonism with religion.

Come, citizen, can rationalists be hostile, with her banner? Teach them right, and they, doubtlessly, before God, will abjure the wrong, the day proclaimed; then they will confirm it as respects anything about peculiar faith being the right way, superior to rational religion.

All vice is an ignis fatuus, and at the head is peculiar faith. If you will not act straight about rational faith, stop your crazy, rickety monomania, for posterity will curse you with the bitterest curse. As an evidence of the uncertain basis of peculiar faith, Christianity the modern, most remarkably eschews previous acts of Christianity the ancient ; proving incontestibly that it is all in abeyance to mind, that has become more rational, civilized, and essentially religionized, not faithized. All peculiar faiths faithize, not religionizem-that is certain. How can any carry mind beyond what it cannot

carry itself?

By the admission of the professors, then, Christians, instead of wisely espousing rational religion, that is identified with rational mind, and gives all true expositions, have to resort to the deepest and most humiliating mortification of expunging the foulest blots of Christianity, that was barbarous as barbarian sectarianism could make her; and, worst of all, in debasing mind, now, at the very moment of its acknowledgment, in the expunging. Will the feeble egotists of peculiar faith never see the stupid and endless degradation

Not only God, but rational mind can evolve, out of apparent evils, its consummate good. Let wise souls of the world at once attain all the legitimate blessings of religion, constitutional government, universal brotherhood.

Billions die out, that peculiar faith does not practically reach, that, but for rational religion, would be brutes.

Christianity the advancer of true science, whose very first step, is the exclusion of the science of all sciences, rational religion ?

Whose eighteen centuries of exertions have been fruitlessly employed, to put down the true science of the Great First, the only Cause, sublime in his unity? What can be more brazen, in the wide world of ignorance and impudence? The very initiative of her own position excludes and estops her from all such special pleas and claims. Peculiar faith of churches cannot monopolize or usurp the world, endorsed as she has been by all abominable despotisms; and the sooner she gives up the place she cannot fill to rational religion the better, that looks over this earth and all the future. The wise existence of life requires a comprehension of what are requisite to be done.


The head men of hierarchies have the advantage of the world, and will rule it, one way or another, until the lay people know what and who they are. Will the people iavestigate and decide, in all the potent empire of mind, that they are the only sovereigns, and have the majesty and sovereignty of rights? How verdant the worldpeople are to be imposed upon, at this meridian-time of light, by priests and preachers, the priestocracies, who assume to have divine missions! There is no imposition or blaspheming greater, in or out of the world. How the world is befooled and defrauded about religion, by what is only a degenerate thing, peculiar faith, that is lauded above reason and religion. If you doubt their orthodoxy you are damned ; if you refuse it, you are proscribed by all their brute force. When self-willed, what limit has been placed to their tyranny, that is bad enough at the best?

They are impostors, and become tyrants of the human mind. Their bibles are libelers of Deity, mind and man.

What a destruction of books in the world, both by Christians and pagans! And yet science and philosophy are pre-eminently indebted to Christians ! What a libel on mind, on truth, on reason, on sense!

Hierarchies subsidize talents in their support, and invoke all the potency of perverted mind to their aid, but neither the inquisition of the ancients by banishment, death by hemlock, tortures, availed to exclude mind from its right course.

These hierarchies claim to rule, not by the aristocracy of mind, but affect to be infallible, a most degraded and gross absurdity, when they take faith for reason.

For the supremacy of sects, protestant or Romanist, the nation, the world must be convulsed time after time. The worst of intoleration has prevailed, when church and political power has been united.

The tenets of church-power are subversive of a constitutional government. The non-conformists have been subjected to intoleration, persecution and prosecution by judicial and military murders. Fear and hate of the churches have involved nations and their rulers into the worst of miseries. Why did the Romanists withhold their bibles from the laymen? Is hierarchy supreme over the world's mind ?

“ The English Romanists have now the whole bible in their mother tongue ; though it is to be observed, they are forbidden to read it without a license from their superior." -Buck. In 1532, Tindal and his associates finished the whole bible, except the apocrypha, and printed it abroad; but, while he was afterwards preparing a second edition, he was taken up and burnt for heresy in Flanders."

Notwithstanding, however, the excellency of this translation, (king James' bible,) it must be acknowledged that our increasing acquaintance with oriental customs and

and the changes our language has undergone since king James' time, are very powerful arguments for a new translation, or at least a correction of the old one.'

Let it go entirely down, and build up that of mind. God's bible never changes.

*s After very violent opposition from the (Roman) clergy, the court of Spain ordered Spanish bibles to be printed by royal authority in 1796, and put into the hands of people of all ranks, as well as to be used in public worship.”

"By the statute of England, he that denies one of the persons in the trinity, or denies Christianity to be true, &c., for the first offence is rendered incapable of any office," &c. “ These laws, however, in the present age, are not enforced”? The burning to death for heresy! Huss was burnt alive in 1415. Then there was war between the two parties. What terrible wars there were about the images! Imageworship debauched the priests, only a little more so.

Rites and ceremonies take up too much time uselessly, analogous to all the balance of hierarchal pretences. The Roman hierarchy affects to keep no faith with heretics. Which is greatest, the ignorance or cruelty of priestocracies? They burnt heretics in England by legal warrants. In France, they murdered recusants without the pretence of law. During the reign of Charles IX., on the 24th of August, 1572, was the massacre of St. Bartholomew. They massacred all ages and both sexes. They took no prisoners in civil wars, and pope Pius IV. commended the author of such murders. What prevents the repetition of all the malign felony of priestocracy now? Only the want of power.

Take away the pretence for absolutism, that gives all false pretences and no good from the nature of things.

In the massacre of the Huguenots, "seven long days was Paris one scene of pillage, outrage, and cruelty, which would have disgraced a horde of the wildest savages. Men might be seen stabbing little infants, while the innocents smiled in their faces, and




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