for sale, their qualities are to be wisely inspected and recognised by the interested purchaser ; now peculiar faith is essentially of this character, and is for sale to the highest bidder. It is a world church-priestocracy, state-despotism affair at auction. Its bibles are so much waste paper.

The best functions of the soul are lost on peculiar faith. What schisms, false doctrines, heresies, and conspiracies, mislead from religion?

Your preachers are eternally complaining of the insuperable difficulty of making the people believe the bible tales-yes, it was making by despotism and sophistry. Get religion, say the faithocracy. That is all trifling nonsense, self-delusion.

All kinds of despotism are perishing before the lights of rational mind, and this, its vassal, goes with it.

with it. You need not fear any opprobrium, by a wise change. That change is only horrid that proves want of principles. The faith you affect is sacred, any how you may pretend. It is not at all, but the reverse. You desecrate faith, by adopting false pretences that convict it of blasphemy and felony. What claim has polytheism on the world?

The base desecration to mind, now, is peculiar faith, the detestable incarnation representative of religion. Peculiar faith is constantly presenting strife of its own offspring, spreading disruptions of society, of itself, its fragments are always in view, fragments first, its own explosion last.

Freemen, can you touch this odious tory?

Religious education with peculiar faithites implies, sectarian. Religious agitation is ever in all sectarian church and state countries.

Peculiar faith, when passive, means sectarian bigotry; when in influence, peculiar despotism.

Who can be held responsible for peculiar faith? You, and to your own mind, the most illustrious embodiment. Can you separate your physical from moral and religious existence? Then mind is bound to first examine the principles of unity.

There are some excellent people in peculiar faith churches, and the only way that they can be accounted for is, that they have been the least corrupted by their doctrines. Monotheism, that predominated with its saving influence, has saved them, assuredly. What a fine, excellent thing it is, that they kept their honest, healthful senses, and had God, their creator, to protect them and the universe, instead of man's botches and creation.

Indeed, well may they, all patriots be pleased with their noble country and its illustrious institutions, that they can reach monotheism in its best purity, whereas in peculiar faith they had forgot, overlooked religion.

While rational mind leaves nothing to contingency, bigotry, the stubborn hybrid of superstition and peculiar faith adopts both, and maintains them with fanaticism, when infuriated.

Religionist, do you know what you are talking of, when you affect the company of peculiar faith? That she is a bloody tigress, a reckless prostitute of souls, and that all priestocracies are her tools and menials, herself that of despotism?

When mind is told to seek religion under the auspices of any peculiar faith, the advocates of which tell it that its efforts, then and there, have been crowned with success, by their influence, at that very, moment falsehood and imposition are asserted by them, for false pretences, as all that mind possesses is by its own inherent faculties, Godgiven, and must be mind-improved, and so allowed. The imposition and world-demagogism is still carried farther, when the neophyte is enlisted ostensibly under their peculiar church-banner, instead of ascribing, with most grateful emotion, the mind-existence of their invaluable gift, then and there desecrated and polluted by a series of frauds.

Are not these tender mercies of fanaticism as bad as the domains of lust, unholy ambition, unbounded avarice, beastly drunkenness? The worst and most execrable deception is in taking advantage of emotions, passions, deep recesses of the soul's innate, intrinsic feelings, by unholy, ungodly counterfeits. Of all this the world has to be aware, in all the reckless disguises of sophistry and all its degrading alliances. All bigotry, in its best appreciation, is erroneous education, as it is a species of monomania in faith. All peculiar faith is that assuredly, nothing less, in the wisest analysis. In all this, the world is more sinned against than sinful.

Deny peculiar faith to be monomania ? What is fanaticism, her child, but of that character ? Like begets like, affinities beget affinities, and only such. Monotheism begets or is rational religion, that begets immortality of the soul, the loveliest family of mind.

Go to the widest oceans, the loftiest mountains, the sublimest cataracts, to secure the liberal expanse and impulse of humanity, the soul's emotions, and to religion, for the munificence of the Creator.

No peculiar faith dispenses herself in this wise, when she dwarfs her mind in the at tempt against the God of the universe.

What she calls mysteries are metaphysics. What can she promise the plaintive and soul grievings, the remorse, the deep feeling and anguish that lacerate, the penaltyappreciation, the mental dissatisfaction, when she violates Almighty Providence by messiahship, a perfect incompatibility. If it had been decreed from the first, as is pretended, then the complete mission deferred predicating omission of time and space, precludes its perfect character, and demonstrates it the worst of all impositions. The great holy centre cannot know peculiar faith, that religious people will be ashamed to mention there. What is miscalled sacred history is mostly mind-factured, as all the oracle-peculiar faiths. Mind has nothing to do with cross or crescent, but soul and its religion.

Peculiar faith goes where it is not wanting, and can do no good any.where, but harm. God's universe rebukes all such. She daubs everything with her peculiar sophistry ; appeals to purses, and tythes, and peculiar missionaries. Peculiar faith is ever in the rear, with hypocrisy most brazen before and ignorance behind. Let her gather her cliques and clans, sections and factions of sections, she gathers only fragments of fanaticism. Her garments are died in blood. She carries dissension, distrust, impotency, imbecility, and mortality. Peculiar faith of all sects and denominations can be rightfully branded as the ungrateful guest of monotheism, the tool of despots, tory to constitutional liberty and light of mind. Where is her glorious example of patriotism for this union?

In her disunion and fragments of churches?

Why cut up the world into fragments of petty societies, cliques, cabals ? The world cannot unite too strongly on religion, its highest duty, a universal brotherhood, its greatest interest.

Hard and imperfect is the tuition of peculiar faith, that has to travel too much over the same path.

All precept should enjoin proper investigation of all subjects submitted to mind. Those submitted for despotism are different. Is that not the bible of peculiar sophistry?

All the fair criticisms most legitimate against peculiar faith are to profit the mind in rationality. Peculiar faith cannot establish her doctrines endorsed by all world-despots, as she cannot appropriate principles, the universe-fund that God created.

The only way for peculiar faith of the greatest genius to be eternally founded is for that genius to invent, nay, to create principles. As all on this earth are creatures, proved by birth, life, and death, a vital existence identified with atmosphere, the whole fabric of such faith is the veriest fraud on earth, too plain for a school-boy to mistake. Now, rational mind can see most plainly the reason and demonstration of the religion of principles, created by the Almighty Architect of this universe. That settles the whole question at once and forever.

Now, mind ought to be mature enough to appreciate that it is instituted under providence at creation, as adequate for all questions occurring in the universe, and that no peculiar faith can furnish any materials for such solution.

Those who pay homage to their peculiar god cannot expect rational minds to apostatize from the God of the universe, whose supremacy is his unity.

A pagan always claims exemption of his faith from reason, because honest, truthful reason condemns all pagan faith as untruthful in position.

We expect nothing from peculiar faith, that only presents the poorest, the fragments of faith, as she is imbecile, impostor, usurper of good faith to the world, mind, universe, and their God.

She is not trustworthy; mind cannot know, the Creator cannot own, the universe cannot trust her. She is an outlaw, heinous and demented.

Her bibles are all pagan, with bloody statutes; her gods, numberless, are all fictions and caricatures. She knows no true way, sinning and causing all her followers to sin, causing retributive punishment for her folly and crimes. She is a political hack, for her kingdom is that of despotism, unprincipled in all things; she is of the earth earthly, born of mind debased, spurious and illegitimate. She has no functions for she has no titles thereto in any respect foisted by false pretenders ; her every breath is mortal, her every acts of that character. Of superstition, she is brazen as bigotry, seeking for ambitious power, which she of course always abuses.

Her perversion of mind is too dangerous for any one to be intrusted with her available intrigues, as she urges to perjury as traitors who called for perjury, false positions and influence against their own government, to which they acknowledged no intrinsic indebtedness. Peculiar faith is a part and parcel of government machinery, and is always dressed in the garb to suit the complexion of the times, being an arch-enemy of mind, ever despotic, ambitious, thirsting for power. She is a dangerous thing to meddle with. The world should never know her, and only knows in its self-delusion, superstition, ignorance, ruin or ignominy.

Republicans above all should have nothing to do with her, as in despotisms she forces herself en mankind and forces them to support her in the most sumptuous cathedrals, palaces and the extreme of tithes.

And her books, man-mind, self-deluded, call those of religion! What desecration of thought, what a prostitution of mind! Religion only asks of mind justice, that is to do itself justice, that it may do justice to her and through her beneficence to God. This is all her own, but peculiar faith seeks all that is not hers, and grasps all with her iron will that only asks for power to be enforced at all times. She is the after sight of perverted mind's creation, vaunts herself in the demagogism of affected republicanism, the greatest friend of the dear people, caring for their souls.

You affect not to be amenable to any of the obligations of public opinion. But you are to all social obligations. It has been decided that man rational, is not mere animal the brute, unless peculiarities make you so, therefore you are not to act whilst in rational society as it does, for your sphere is urged by its appropriate principles to remain there. So you are bound to all obligations that comprehension of principles embraces, not stopping short of the universe. Do not pretend to escape the past follies of mankind, as expedient. You thus adopt folly, with crime. The universe can no more rest on the isolated principles of one solar system, than your position can be sustained by exparte social doctrines. You must take all, or none. You expect most rational protection from all principles, thus you are bound to exhibit the best of good faith contribution, as your part necessary for the whole consumination of universal safety.

After all, what is peculiar faith? Analysis will demonstrate that peculiar church and state-faith-despotisms, are inseparate and indivisible. Both are peculiar nuisances to the world, and must, will be abolished by mind when liberalized by rationality and religion, vindicating, asserting its own immortal dignity. Peculiar faith people follow the teachers, not the principles, but the policy, doctrines and measures : their mind is psychologized by peculiar faith bibles and worships its idols.

If the advocates of this doctrine had ever considered the measurable difference of mind over its pretensions, they could not hesitate a moment.

See what mind has accomplished for constitutional government in this union; what it is accomplishing in all of life-problems.

The mind has interminable difficulties with peculiar faith in predestination ; its doctrines are tortuous, and cannot be straightened. They must die, and let those already advanced under mind's glorious free agency be properly estimated. I grant that the adherents know their faith but not their religion, they cannot assert any thing more. But all their coin is counterfeit, for all their metal is dross, not pure. The intention is every thing; if the motive be wrong all is wrong in mind. Monotheism alone carries out the legitimate blessing of free agency of mind, while an inconsistent predestination is peculiar faith’s.

What finer exhibition of mind can be given than its adequate appreciation and responsibility by conscience, firmness, general and particular. Whilst, personally, I feel a gentlemanly courtesy towards all people, I must desire to see the serpents of peculiar faiths to be securely handled at once, or not attempted.

The proper function of mind is rationality, not faith, unless admitted thereby. If it gain admittance at all, it is on these premises ; and if not true rationally, it must be spurious. Custom is one thing, and principle another, in regard to all sham-faiths.

We have to make principle sacred, for the more faith is talked of nominally, the less religion : all such is counterfeit. It is man-worship, mind, and soul-sacrifice, these faithmongers are dealing in all the time.

But you profess to be in horror of atheism? Then you should unite yourself to the only tenable position of science. Instead of bibles, you might tell the atheist to scan first the universe, solve that problem ere he could understand godology. He should fathom the depth of creation, ere he could penetrate the character of the Creator.

That science is too deep for him, when he had not fathomed the elements of mental rudiments, that of mind. He who denies conservation in all respects, physically, morally and religiously, denies to God his creation.

What good mind, with a world's patriotism, wishes to see that vindictive spirit unbridled and let loose all over the world? Does that harmonize with religion ?

The world is indebted to old Asia for despotism, monarchical, ecclesiastical, military, vast ruins of edifices, and above all is mind's prostration to the vandalism of all these. Such scenes of iniquity, that this trio trinity, the triune of peculiar god-head, has enacted is enough to arouse any republican man, woman, or child, to never let the


whilst your

accursed books of that detestable compound of sophistry, superstition, and faith, darken their doors. All of it, is belial indeed.

Let freemen, America, teach the world religion, and its purest principles. What redress has the world if it violate principles, that will preserve it to eternity otherwise ? Is it not complete suicide ? Is it not the duty of the soul to make their sincere acquaintance?

Adopt no faith that will cause you to think reproachfully of your maker, mind is rational, but elevate it rationally to the very best supreme of purposes. Now, what less than monotheism can make a man God-like? He can well say,

I am à man, and what monotheism made me, and all this, through republican constitutional principles. I only asked to be estimated in that light, no more nor less. What despots can be more?

I am opposed to peculiar faith, as it is opposed to civilization. Mind has to look above peculiar faith, and all life's errors, especially all associations, if suspicious.

The moderns must know that all peculiar faiths are unquestionably pagan and superstitious. The pulpit sophists have been taught a faithless faith and depend on it.

They have chosen a miserable false position, the fault is in them, their perverted minds, whose proper functions all the time is best wisdom.

Now, they should not sleep one night, much less die in that fix. When was peculiar faith ever modest? She usurps mind's rights, and then scouts at reason.

The world is initiated into peculiar faith by peculiar education, and thus indoctrinated, is utterly incapacitated to rationalize the subject; you cannot do justice by reason of sectarianism ; cannot investigate it for your bigotry, self-interest, and superstition. You have put your bible between you and religion-between mind and religion.

The worst of all is, that peculiar faith debauches the whole world! What can be expected of individuals, when the platform of the whole world is thus prostituted ?

It is a wholesale evil, and that too when there is not only not a particle of necessity, but on the contrary, is an obsolute necessity for its expulsion and exclusion. Peculiar faith, is it? Rather peculiar curse. Regeneration is too small a calibre, when conservative revolution of rational, not peculiar faith, is due mind. Peculiar faith is actually dangerous to the world, as if mind did not counteract its unholy objects, unceasing blood would flow. To establish any peculiar faith, no matter what, the worst of human nature has to be invoked : the worst of passions, superstition, false pretences, blasphemy, sacrilege, the worst imposition of mind, instead of the praiseworthy straightforward course of honorable, high-minded religion. Now, good citizens, you are not identified with all the most malevolent position to your God and country. You only need the proper view. Investigate independently of all influences, and decide religiously in good faith, to your own mind.

Gentlemanly deportment is the height of monotheism aspiration, justice to mind, world, God, religion. Has peculiar faith done all that? Has she started in truth and honesty aright? One of the most singular exhibitions of the world is to affect mind is not right, not in the right pursuit, is deranged, when genius attempts conservative revolutions of old exploded customs, ways, faiths, and of all the pitiful hacks of life, and in this, the monopolists and usurpers act the worst for their miserable and corrupt self-interest. If they did it with reason, truth or justice, the thing would be right.

Peculiar faith that has always libeled mind, is indebted to it for putting an end to most of her evils. Mind will close the balance by closing all peculiar faith, when reason can get audition. In being the peculiar god of the Jews, the peculiar superiority must be shown, or the avowal stamps the assertors claimant as unmitigated stupid impostors. From this dilemma they cannot escape. Peculiarity of god or gods, stultifies the claimants invariably and absolutely. How does this thing stand by the side of monotheism, that directs mind with the noblest, purest, chastest thoughts, exacts justice, beneficence, no superstition instead of religion? She exacts justice in place of charity, that is a trifle to the poor, who are to be cared for by the best acts of state and mind. She inspires all with true confidence, and tells them not be dispirited.

Atheists, you have to come by the side of your own abused compeer polytheist; you are a nature-worshipper, the other is a partial creation-god-worshipper, both pagans. All the intrigues of creation, the most unprincipled ingrates who seek to libel God's character, cannot invalidate his claims.

Rational religion presents a smooth road, while peculiar faith's is beset with quicksands. It is hard to avoid vice, unless the other side of the picture presents rational education to counteract always. All governments and states should furnish an adequate one, not empirical or peculiar, the curse instead of the world's blessing. When you educate peculiarly, to teach to hate peculiarly, you give an impulse, a wrong bias and influence to mind, the potent lever of the world. How little of the world can be de

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pended on? Why is this, but from the malign influence of peculiar faith? How can we resist evils? By peculiar faith? What, the prolific authoress?

Upon what principle can peculiar faithites arraign rational religion, one iota, when they are amenable in both honesty and religion? When the monarchical head turns his back on all but court faith, and persecutes, expels, dishonors, maltreats or insults the balance, as is now done in all the five grand divisions of the globe, then the curse of this world abomination, comes home to the deceived. There are no people in the world more interested than peculiar faithites, in putting down peculiar faith that trades on their capital, as that of mind and religion. What in the name of the Creator can they want with the very means of their own degradation? What is to stay all this abominable ungodliness of self-interest, but principle, and what better than its consummation, the religion of principles? The majority, the world, as far as it properly uses rational mind, uses monotheism, while religion exists without peculiar faith, that has to borrow her main plumage from the former. How was it when Luther arose against Romanism? Was that peculiar faith against herself, or was it not most clearly mind against her iniquities?

Cause and effect will rule out all of peculiar faith, that cannot get a foothold in rational mind of this whole universe! Polytheists as atheists, her defenders, can be nowhere.

When their minds err, religion still sustains them, as the gift by God's mind; the fund is still there.

As the position of all peculiar faith is diametrically opposite God's principles, to carry it out is perjury certainly. But peculiar faithites affect a devil is necessary. It is in their devil-machinery, not in God's, nor in that of monotheism ; their position is too much of their devil. Let it all go, especially to get rid of all such.

The priestocracy, above all, have repentance to seek. If you do not wish any corrupt evil faith to arise, do not corrupt the world by your peculiar faith. You have to act thus, most certainly.

Your very existence depends on principles, social, physical, moral, religious, to be conservative. Now, you have to find out these, to render you conservative. You, sir, are not to clash therewith in any of your opinions or acts. If you adopt peculiar faith, that decides you have a false position.

When partisans tell us that past scenes and acts of peculiar faithites were not sanctioned on their platform, that all such are not pagan, they do not speak the truth, only as they admit that the whole category is wound up by plenipotent rational religion, monotheism. The real position of religion is in every rational mind.

All that check peculiar faith is mind, the better as more rational. She has the worst evils in peculiar education. Education to be really good must be most and only rational, not peculiar at all.

The world mistakes in supposing people are so rational, just, good and true; it must take nothing for granted, and grant no powers but the most necessarily rational; else they will be awfully abused where peculiar will rules. All the peculiar machinery most corrupt will be put in requisition to sustain it, as prophecy, that is, for which must be read always sophistry. Mind can be God-like on principle, supreme completely to the extent of its capacity.

Now, it is not for the benefit of churches, whether cathedrals or not, priestocracies, nor their peculiar faiths, their paganisms, all their temporary advantages, made for that express purpose by the original intriguing designers, but what will be the elevation of your immortal souls, and the promotion of the religion of principles identified therewith and its Creator, that binds both in one indissoluble amity and unity.

You have nothing to do with peculiar faiths, priestocracies or their churches, much less their follies, crimes, strifes, bickerings, tithes, despotisms or foul designs, but you have with religion, rational discussions, universal brotherhoods, and all the highest promotion of the world's benefits.

You are bound as a member of society to exercise your best religion, and carry out the legitimate purpose. Reason, that holds all peculiar faith in abeyance, is the creative power, with the certain elements of solid happiness, emanating from rational religion. The last will give mankind the nearest approximation of perfection. Her innate qualities are adequate for the whole universe, Her word to the wise is sufficient, and her capital creates wisdom, not peculiarly but universally.

She will enable the valiant to rout ignorance, superstition and oppression, and aid the zealous by her principles. It is perfectly useless to pretend about faith of any kind being an absolute matter. That was the tory assertion of the smuggling tyrants that introduced it, a miserable imposture on the world, a false pretence to uphold a false pretence, taking advantage of the God-gift by their treacherous enforcement. If you

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