Do they excel in mind, deeds and morals, well behaved citizens ?

There never was a system of peculiar faith, messiahship and all, but what there was the greatest zeal to have it estimated as infallible and orthodox, to surmount all reason, and reason's God, if necessary. The object is to make it live, if all others die. No object can be stopped short of, that will obtain it. Will perjury, force, ambition be despised in its consummation? Never.

What partizan priests ever abjured their peculiar faith?

The great object was, through the influence of moral doctrines that accorded passports to heaven the most captivating, besides all earthly anticipations, if the faith was successful.

Christianity, that was persecuted for centuries by other peculiar faiths of polytheism, persecuted with vindictive fury the world, as far as practicable, when she came into power.

It is too late for any attempt to render any peculiar faith dignified with orthodoxy, against the inalienable rights of conscience and reason.

Many forms of peculiar faith avail in barbarism, as savages have not attained the right use of reason. Races are to be estimated, as some cannot rise far into any scale of civilization, by reason of their natural talents.

Phrenology proves this on principles of physiology. While Greece, Rome and a few others had grown into much comparative civilization for their ages, eighteen centuries or more ago, many nations fell below it. The world has to abide and suffer from all the miserable systems of faith teachings and doctrines, and cannot help itself from the dogmas and false pretences of its teachers, who recoil at the loss of self-interest, not at the sacrifice of the world.

What but fraud and imposition gave license and authority at first for peculiar faith, that has existed under all the forms of superstition to the present times.

Superstition, the inseparable companion that invariably attends peculiar faith, ever abides with all states short of civilization ; and, of course, civilization can never be governed by the faith of uncivilized mind.

The world acts blindly from interest, fear, and custom, without reason, that governs in civilization.

All the peculiar faith of Judaism and its posterity, Christianity, Mahometanism, and Mormonism, with its progenitors the Egyptian, the Brahmin, &c., emanated from the three imperfect states of mind, the hunter, pastoral, and tiller of the soil; and have dwarfed the God of the universe to the provincial peculiar god of each, that had the sacrifice of victims in their own blood.

Peculiar faith aspires unwisely to unsolvable problems, wild as the perpetual motion is at present.

After all, there is only a minority now on any one side of peculiar faith, or gospel side, and shall that, erroneous as it is, rule the large majority of thinkers for themselves, and aiming to be right?

Good and true citizens of the globe must see that mind be not perverted by false teachings.

They must investigate the whole purpose of their being, and not be divested of their birth-right.

Peculiar faith can easily render multitudes of mind vassal, and that decides the necessary facility for fraud, perjury, and complete deception.

One of the perversions of mind by the sophistry of peculiar faith is, if we doubt we are damned.

This is one of the most iniquitous pretences to logic, reason, and religion.

The only faith that is worth thought is through the principal only true and living God, and that reason teaches through present science.

Another vile piece of arrant humbuggery and sophistry is, with God everything is possible.

This is in the mouth of every pretender to interpretation of God's universe, no matter the defective system of science or reason. Is folly possible with God?

What libel, O vain and ignoble man.

Make the whole question of theology refer to God, mind, science, and the universe, and then the world will all see the dignity of religion, that gives all capable of receiving all the advantages of progressive improvements of the spirit of the age.

Rational mind is independent of the elements of peculiar faith, and repels priests and preachers, only receives, as they are identified with the whole people, who are the beneficiaries before God and religion.

Modern statesmen treat the people as sovereigns, while the ancients mistreated them as vassals, to stand at a distance from things called holy.

What need we of a gospel scheme, that adopts man instead of principles, peculiar faith for rational religion, blind faith for enlightened mind and science.

Peculiar faith refers to a messiah, an irresponsible deputy ; religion refers to the principal, who is responsible for his creation, and bound to preserve mind to the best of his attributes for appropriate happiness.

Let us hear no more of the contingency of such imbecile substitutes.

No peculiar faith is exact or certain, because it is booked; an adherence to its mere partisan conduct can hardly be justice.

Nations that have governmental peculiar faith do not follow the principle of returning good for evil, but if their conquests are criterion, return evil for good in many instances.

Who can trust his life, happiness and rights of mind, at all, in the power of peculiar faith?

Peculiarity of nations, persons or churches, shows the peculiar designs of man, but universality shows God.

All peculiar faith persuasions have had so many failures, that man's peculiarity is conspicuous.

Mind must set about something else.

It is high time that mind's rights should be heard, in defence of the truth of its position, that all the defects of peculiar faith, that outrages so many and abundant facts in the world's history, be exposed.

The butcheries of peculiar faith, without number, and inquisitors creative of all the violations of the very attributes and essence of religion, rational and true, revolting to all reasonable minds, should be repressed. Dissentient in her thousand divisions of secession, assuming to be divine in all, she pursues with a unity of tyranny her speculations in the world's richest treasures. Her bibles accumulated in all kinds of mythology, under all the deepest devices of cunning and Jesuitry, have been handed down, with constant care of her pretensions and assumptions, that could not be counteracted nor resisted by individuals, or isolated exertions, that were feeble and impotent, against her collusions.

Citizen, are you battling for peculiar faith, spell-bound to the delusion, whose malign influence you cannot appreciate ?

Have nothing to do with a cause, that debases and corrupts mind, the world.

believe in revelation, you may say. All kinds of peculiar faith are peculiar, and have peculiar revelations--all are fictions, necessarily.

What is the evidence of your position being right?

You will have to seek a circuitous route to that point, that will be worth nothing, after it is advanced.

All such can never be proved, for it is disproved by even God's attributes, at once.

How dangerous to the world's liberty and happiness, are the shackles of peculiar faith, that pretends to be religious faith, yet the most oppressive of all the world's tyrannies, and subversive of religion.

In this respect, most of the world do not assert their proper rights, if they know them.

When reformation took place in peculiar faith, the light of mind called for it, not peculiar faith. Now conservative revolution is demanded, by all the lights of the world, over all peculiar faiths.

Institutions of mind must be properly sought, to change spongers, idlers, and drones, into industrious and responsible citizens, well raised and well behaved, by equalizing popular rights, and lessening the difficulties of making a living, and giving more legitimate facilities to the people at large.

Why the reformation of Luther, if mind and reason had not triumphed over corrupt peculiar faith?

Why or how does one peculiar faith displace another, but on this principle ?

If the Hebrew peculiar faith was that, by excellence, to save the world, what was it doing for thousands of years, if that was the chosen one of God, the light and salvation of the world?

The silence of this sav ige chosen people decides the inutility for all nations.

Whose hosts of people suffered so awfully by their superstition, from first to last, as the Jews ?

Of course, they rejected, by the despotism of their priestocracy, mind and reason, and have naught--the bibles of tradition being impostures.

In the differences of peculiar faith, that distract the affection of families, society, and country, the whole world is not only unpleasantly but disastrously situated.

But party is the life of the world--what would it do, if all were of one peculiar faith? The party of principles, not the faction of peculiar opinions, is essential in all rational discussions, where light is needed.

When the universal action of rational mind is predominant, then rational religion is in the right position. While the only victories in religion must be gained on facts, not in casuistry, the feelings of the world are still situated as partisans for peculiar faith, not yielding readily from bigotry, prejudice and ignorance to the facts of the case.

Hence it is not the authority of men, but the principles of the faith that meet the world's wants. But the mind cannot comprehend all about the mysteries of peculiar faith, and it never will, never should, if priests permit its foul impositions.

Pure religion has no mysteries, prophecy, nor miracles, but plain matter of fact views.

The advocates for peculiar faith seek the reason in referring to the tree, the grass, the flower, the growth of vegetation, for mortals to tell the process.

What sense is there in the appeal, presenting neither analysis, analogy nor parallel point in the statement?

The word of God is addressed through God's avenue, reason, to mind, for mind to understand by plain facts of science. The advocates of peculiar faith expose themselves, in refusing all this to enlightened mind.

But what rational mind can yet explain all about God's universal documents, the solar systems ? that prove conclusively a perfect God.

We see and believe vegetation to grow, from inherent enlargements and the products, and the fruit decides the value. All this is a part of the universe proof of its God.-Such is proof positive, but the book men affecting miracles destroy all pretence to truth, for God rules creation by conservative, not reversed or destructive principles.

There can be then no miracles in creation, otherwise the Creator is imbecile.

The advocates of peculiar faith object to phrenology, but as the system of physiological phrenology does not conflict but agree with rational religion, we are bound to admit its exact appreciation, however peculiar faith is in antagonism with both and all the facts of creation.

Peculiar faith does not look to the zenith of intellect, but to nadir of self-interest.
Some never attain, while others pass it and become puerile,

Ås all men's systems of peculiar faith have failed and will for ever fail, let reason and the God of reason have theirs, and as God and reason are above man and folly, so will be the first exalted to the most sublime of virtue and her noblest blessings.

The intrigue, malice and hypocrisy are antagonistic in peculiar faith, and defeat them


Minds, blinded by peculiar faith, cannot appreciate rational religion.
Any other than rational faith, places mind more or less in a psychological state.

People think of the profit of self-interest, not of the good part. Are the revenues, the profit, the inducements and power of the church, nothing to influence? But what are all such to the people's rights, thereby violated ?

The reward immortal is conditional and only contingent in peculiar faith, and perverted minds hasten to secure their's on this earth.

We desire no peculiar faith that drowns reason and enslaves mind.

What is the value of peculiar faith to those who backslide or err ? Yet all that look to principie cannot err intentionally, otherwise true religion is necessarily unknown.

Under the auspices of principle and science, the best position is obtained for truth, honesty, sound judgment and modesty.

Mystery about the seed vegetating and the word of God is all dissatisfactory, as all present no analogy nor parallel. All systems of peculiar faith are for the benefit of the priests and their dynasty. They bespeak that man's qualities and attributes are too selfish for general good, if they be perverted. He cannot displace but must control them, by the will of enlightened cultivation.

The idea of sect is not innate to true religion, but to peculiar faith, and never can be anything else. Any other opinion is utterly preposterous. The Roman affects the name of Catholic and rejects the proper position in substance, at the same time being utterly incompetent to attain universal principles in peculiarity in faith. His position never can be catholic.

God's attributes are universal, and any faith not to be antagonistic, must be of universal constituency and nothing less.

Analysis will prove conclusively that reason, unity, and universality catholicism, characterize God.

Peculiar faith and bibles of tradition are of the same character, all are worthless and treacherous.

But thanks to God of mind, all false systems carry within themselves, the elements of their own destruction. The sectarianism of peculiar faith is fast developing that world's age ?

result, in most of its secessions of the present day. The true spirit of prophecy which is analogy from reason on the world's analysis, declares their progressive ruin and extirpation, for all these are perverted minds' deepest collusions that shall mould, whilst the ever living authority of Deity becomes more vital and immortal.

The peculiarity of sect adheres not to the liberal universal spirit of rational religion.

The very necessity for separation of church and state, impeaches the parties as involved in corruption. All peculiar faiths are thus amenable.

The best code of peculiar faith selected from the world of their systems, can only lead us through partisan faith to the chief propagator, and what does all such avail the

Rational beings must see which of the two, peculiar or rational faith, can best govern the world's whole interests. The pious frauds committed in behalf of peculiar faith or of their authors, are beyond conception. The very first acts of such proselytes is that of cheating their God by faith, to swindle mind of its rights, in most detestable ways.

They must know as clearly as they see God's works, that God is present everywhere, and may be called upon by appropriate duty ever necessary and expedient in thoughts, words, and deeds, actions rather than by words of prayer.

The prayer of duty can only be made through the prayer of thoughts, words, and deeds, the prayer of action towards mankind, yet mind perverted leaves the author of its existence and benefits, and recurs to the pretences of the priestocracy, and thus cheats itself, at the same time opens the door of future injury for its conscience that may be or not violated, only to be answered by motives to be judged of at the supreme tribunal.

If, then, all churchmen's first steps are those of self-delusion, deception, or intentional imposition, what proper guarantees can the conscientious persons have in adherence to such faith?

Many sectarian peculiar faiths are split into hundreds of fragments, surely so, as blind faith not on analogy and analysis of reason, precedes works that alone are to be looked at by mind.

What is the enemy of constitutional liberty ?

Absolutism in peculiar faith, government, and aristocracy of money. All these are in abeyance to aristocracy of mind. The world is cut up into fragments of clans, that if they do not aid beyond their own little circle, fail in best actions of the greatest good to the greatest number.

What wise man will give anything for peculiar faith, that is all things to all men all over the globe ?

Is there any faith that separates you from the unity of God ? Depend on it, it is an evil that you cannot rightly embrace. What guarantee does all such give mind on earth equal to principles ?

Who would give, if wise, one iota for any character that overlooks principles; and who do that more than messiahs ?

What guarantee for good character has any in all peculiar faith professions ?

If peculiar faith was an abstraction, we might be satisfied to let time remedy without interpretation; but it is a troublesome superstition, that becomes bigotry, fanaticism and tyranny.

When peculiar faith becomes speculative, and unites with absolutism, all-governing authorities in excess, and when does it not do all these and more if permitted, then mankind ought to put it down as the worst species of tyranny?

Its false tastes are not quite so bad, but eventually malign, when it may run into ridiculous states of invoking from the universe intercessors, other than God, may affect belief of visions, and exhibit the various influences of trifling with the souls of the world by pretended miracles, mere sleight of hand or mind-jugglery; but all denote a contemptible, obnoxious influence on the human mind.

How long shall it be ere such vulgar prejudices and superstitions are superseded by the reflective part of mankind, who are truthful and honest? Not until original thinkers exert themselves as freemen, free from electioneering and corruption, and act as intelligent and correct-minded citizens.

Such will observe that the creation shows order and symmetry, the work and design of a Supreme artist, who moves it with electricity, and balances it by gravitation.

The best regulation of the world will be by principles; and all society is best regulated when it resorts to full principles, as all its members are best benefited thereby. You ask for the greatest good of society, and yet you practice its greatest evil, peculiar faith!

However abundantly peculiar faith prevails, what does that profit religion?
Mexico, ay, even England, that is so conspicuous in the world, are surfeited with a

state peculiar faith, and present a large class of their population ignorant, and of course superstitious.

With all your .peculiar faith, show us an ignorant people, and we must see a superstitious and degraded set of people,

Some countries with state faith do not even tolerate other faiths to any participation of citizenship. Where is the freedom of mind? If, then, peculiar faith produces all these evils, away with all such abuses, that help to crush the world.

If any wish us to adopt his views and faiths, we must first have the full proof of their worthiness ; God did not give us more than five senses, hence they require proof, else he would have given us a sixth sense, which inspiration of revelation, with its false pretences, affects to supply.

God's works prove him the Creator and Preserver, so that none in their senses can deny them.

The world has been blasted by speculative peculiar faith. It has been seared by its horrid crimes.

When advocates ask the world credence in their faith, without satisfactory reasons for that faith, then they act dishonestly at once, and do an injury all the time to morals, truth, honesty, and purity of mind, the greatest desideratum in the world for both sexes.

If we preserve truth and honesty, we preserve chastity and dignity of human nature.

Are we to take peculiar faith of the Asiatics or Africans, who could not give freemen laws ?

The peculiar faith of miracles, prophecies, mysteries and enigmas is an abomination in the sight of God and his religion, a degradation to mind and the human character. But there has been no superstition so absurd, no rites so cruel or barbarous and criminal, no peculiar policy so tyrannical, but that they have, at one time or another, had followers, who carried out successfully for a period the misdirected perversions of mind.

What part of the world has not been beset by superstition? Let us rid the world of it, and man-worship. How? By reason and religion.

By this time intelligent, unprejudiced people must see that it is superstition that still stalks her hour on the stage of life, and ought to be expelled.

All good and true people ought to unite in arresting the downward tendency of morals.

We address those of independence of character, not faces of wax, or people of


The mind of the ignorant mass in all ages is assimilated; hence it is difficult to eradicate old or new impressions.

We must desire minds enlarged and cultivated, that can protect themselves through God's light and spirit.

What power has peculiar faith with the last, when all such know.positively that it has need only of universal religion, which is dignified, as it comes from God?

If the light of any peculiar faith blazed, the blaze was that of fanaticism, not of science, for centuries. Its absolutism flourished on the soil of serfdom, and nations have to undergo a transition state to be rescued. To extirpate heresy to peculiar faith, Francis the First of France issued an order that any person that refused to sign the confessions of faith, should be deprived of all offices, and burnt alive without further trial.

This produced the massacre of the Huguenots of France. The sanguinary persecution of the protestants overran much of Europe.

The design was to exterminate heresy by fire and sword, and to extinguish civil and religious liberty. The dynasty that assumed this prerogative was composed of state and church absolutism, and contained in one felonious mass judges, accusers, prosecutors, witnesses and executioners.

The persecutions of the protestants in Holland were most dreadful. The spirit that prevailed was the malign demon of peculiar faith, for protestants that were persecuted to exile from Europe, in America persecuted a more peaceful sect.

And what saves the world now from the ferocious piracy of this fell and dangerous tyrant? Any church association? That is the very thing, if possessed of power, to play the tyrant. It cannot be trusted one moment, for it is the most dangerous tool of barbarian cruelty and vindictiveness.

There is no virtue in any of it, vile and degraded in corruption and vulgar ignorance

It is the great evil genius of the world and mind. It mistakes superstition for religion, credulity for faith, and the oracles of priestocracy for the enlightened principles of the Almighty.

Its peculiar notions cause its peculiar god to speak as it chooses. In the sight of its fanaticism, patriotism had no virtue.

as it is.

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