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Appreciate, then, to enjoy your best boons of national happiness, and lay aside the exploded pretences of peculiar faith, that ruined your forefathers.

Where peculiar faith ends rational religion begins, and where the persecutions of the first stop, the blessings of the last commence, covering the whole earth with happiness.

When all other persuasions are done, rational religion flourishes, and mind reflects the attributes of its Creator:.

The persecutions instituted by those advocating peculiar faith and doctrines, have immolated hundreds of millions of victims over the world.

This was the degradation of base self-interest, and proves conclusively that there is but one true faith, that is rational.

If one peculiar faith perished, another triumphed.

This spirit among all corrupt classes of man has immolated for all kinds of power upon the base altars.

There have been horrible persecutions of christians by those of the same name; that proves conclusively that christianity is not religion.

How many did the reformation of Luther cause to be anathematized and excommunicated, to be butchered!

Much of Europe suffered in the attempt to overthrow the reformed church, by civil and international wars.

To this we owe the infamous massacre of St. Bartholomew. For this, popes decreed that a jubilee should be published throughout the whole christian world, 6 to return thanks to God for extirpation of the enemies of truth and church in France.” whole city of Rome was illuminated with bonfires."

Under fanaticism, all the atrocious and revolting indignities can be perpetrated upon human nature, as the rape of the modest virgins and matrons, the murder of all ages and both sexes, even of infants and sucking children. Even an unborn child burnt for heresy, the exhuming and burning of the bones of reformers buried for nearly half a century, as of Wickliffe, not to mention the confiscation of property to millions in amount.

Who can meddle with peculiar faith with impunity? Her history is horrible to contemplate.

She has to invoke the power of absolutism to aid in the world's tragedy; the power of kings and queens to do the base office of fanaticism, to become the dirty tools of destruction, by burning people denounced as heretics by assassins.

The rights of conscience are lost sight of, and both persecutors and persecuted, the regulators and moderators, the executives of peculiar faith, become mutual victimizers, and butcher the world between them.

Both sides persecuted, and will persecute forever, if you give them power and impunity.

What were not butchered were exiled, banished, or forced from unceasing persecution to expatriate themselves to various parts of the world, and America in particular.

Again we repeat the question, how many hundreds of millions have been massacred and butchered, to the fanaticism of peculiar faith. The most atrocious tyrant, the bloodiest butcher is peculiar faith.

One sect has been accused, long ago, of destroying sixty-five millions of people! Yet they are called Christians !

Well can we say, that without truth, honesty, and humanity, none have religion by profession.

The religion of civilization, to be what God requires, excludes all these actions, as no part of her creed.

Have not most of the world's wars been perpetrated for peculiar faith?

Her errors and tyranny put to shame and confusion. Who can uphold them? The world detests this felon, its deadliest enemy.

To renounce her vices is to renounce her bloody flag.
None are safe under it: pirate of the world!

We believe that false philosophy, with false faith, should be guarded against, by the revelations of rational mind and reason. All else is dangerous sectarianism.

Allowance must be made for education, that perverts all the advocates of peculiar faith, retards the world's improvement, enslaving mind and imposing on its credulity.

All the jealousies, ambitions, and warfare, between the different sects, prove all sectarianism to be destitute of religion.

Fanaticism overlooks morals, religion, all patriotism, in the horrid curses of her own peculiar faith.

No violence is too severe, no sophistry too base for her purposes. Hers is the bloody flag, that crimsons the world.

Blindness of faith is the one dogma, with all kinds.

All the prominent leaders of peculiar faith have suffered a miserable or felon's death, for their impiety and blasphemy, expiating by their own blood their own iniquity, of basest character.

Nor is this all: would that it were.

One of the conclusive arguments against all errors, are the disunion and warfare among the sectarians. Their views and interpretations being after the manner of men, from the imperfect organic base of their principal, directly war on each other, with a perfect hatred and hostile ferocity.

Some of them must have a blind faith ; whilst many adopt a very convenient faith; whilst none have the true faith, pure and uncorrupted.

Then it becomes all honorable patriots to resist with manly energy all the errors, crimes, and injuries of superstition, and repel all her malign influence. It emphatically belongs, as a paramount duty to the people, who are to resist all such absurd evils and immoral misdemeanors, to save us from any secret, or all associations, whose clanships defile the rational society of the world.

The hundreds of divisions of peculiar faith can never unite on messiahs, much less on doctrines, when they have such peculiar views, that subdivide all the time into peculiarity.

Will the moderns be never done with the exploded notions of the ancients, about the science and philosophy of peculiar faith, while they reject their science and philosophy, when abstracted ?

All such institutions are erroneous, having a false position and platform.

They have not the elements nor principles of union, hostile and aggressive as sectarianism, gory in blood, is.

How much less can it unite its antagonistics, Mahometanism to Christianity, Mormonism to Judaism?

All are peculiar, and all must necessarily be antagonistic.
This peculiarity has destroyed all, and must destroy all, forever.

It is too selfish, and cannot comprehend the interests of the whole world, embracing those of the mortal masters for the God Creator.

Any faith short of the last cannot stand, for it is false and must be defective.

The people are the beneficiaries. Who shall thwart them? Priest and preachers ? Who are they, but those acting for themselves? The whole world-people absolutely require a rational solution, to their world-problem.

If probably one of the hundreds of sectarian divisions of all the systems of peculiar faith be nearly right in form of doctrine but most wofully short in sight of practice, where is the balance who are directly antagonistic to this one? Where is the peace of the world involved, when religion has no antagonism, no war? Which one is that, of all sectarian creeds and doctrines ?

Most minds act by direct interest, according to the present teaching of sectarianism. They may be crushed by want of success.

Many act by blind impulse, hope, interest, misleading, want of correct opinion of themselves or others, false ambition.

There can be billions of peculiar faith, and every one necessarily must have bad faith, antagonistical to all others, and all to reason, the act of rational mind. Shall the peace of the whole world be at issue, when religion secures it at once ?

Then reason or mind enlightened can be for the wisest system, the only standard, the Creator God with no priestocracy, no worship but a true rational adoration.

That faith that was sophistry in sermons or dictation in power, ought to be silenced by reason.

Then one form of peculiar faith only differs from another, if it be not the true one as monotheism, as grades of superstition.

At this age of the world any one affecting faith independent of reason and the best guides of rational mind, should be scouted as an enemy to God the giver of all such.

It is deplorably lamentable that so much superstition and sophistry to uphold it, still prevail among the supposed best circles of the world.

Centuries hence if reason do not assert her empire, thousands of forms of such faith may prevail for their season, superseding each other by base intrigues or bloody wars. They must all diverge from religion. The handle to the peculiar faith, shows the impostor.

For thousands of years, this game has been played upon the unsuspecting honest people, under various forms of expiation adopted, as by the blood of animals or by blood and water baptism, then came the blood of the so called messiahs, and preceded by the blood of millions of victims of the dear people who listened to the fatal words of peculiar faith.

So abominable is peculiar faith before the light of truth, so odious is its perversion of God's rights, that its followers all expiate more or less for the folly, delusion and blasphemy.

Its god is an improvable being who is wiser in time as man, more so since the creation!

Is this possible when the God of the universe is unchangeable, and has omniscience ? What a libel on Deity !

Who was the weakest of mankind, the priestocracy that invented and propagated all such stuff, or the receivers ? The knowing receivers, are as bad. Will the world overlook this position, is it blood of beasts and men, or mind that adores God, the God of the universe ? Is it blood or mind, that is to be appreciated.

The code of peculiar faith presents antagonism of sects, all professing Christ, even in the same church : of governments, as absolutism against Republicanism. Who can wonder at this, when such governments embrace church power and union!


Was there ever a greater curse on the land of Hindostan than the Brahmin faith, de.. grading man into four castes, and unmanning by its deepest curses on him. To what but this faith that arrested the march of mind to its sublimest conceptions and aspirations, do they owe the present subjugation of their mighty country, that shames from its inighty national fortresses, the imbecility of its one hundred and forty odd millions, oneeighth of the whole world, to the intelligence and bravery of a few thousands of Europeans? As long as they nurture this faith, so long will they be imbecile and at the submission of men of mind.



No wonder their corrupt empires fall, as they only have the fragments of society cut up and ruined by peculiar faith.

They have been overrun by Mahometans and Christians, and have had civil wars for the peculiar faith of the Brahmins and Bhuddists. What nation could stand all these peculiar curses, backed by martial piracy?

In the administration of justice in India," the value of the bribe determines the cause,” excepting when the case is so manifestly proved, as to brand the failure of redress with glaring infamy. The first is peculiar faith-justice, and rational mind makes it.

“Of the host of Hindoo Divinities, Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, are the most exalted.

The Hindoos have distributed the creation and government of the universe among these three, styling Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Siva the destroy

This position bespeaks the want of analysis of the profound subject in their minds.

What claim has the old and new testament to originality? Is it not indebted to heathen mythology ?

Is it not all mythology itself of a peculiar kind ?
We clearly have here, God, Christ, and the devil.
The system of the Hindoos gives a universal deluge.

The mythology of the world has absurdly undertaken too much, mixing opinion with fiction for reason and facts, causing absurd, peculiar faiths and ceremonies, to usurp the place of religious principles.

The whole world has to be now revolutionized on the loftiest conservative principle of rational mind.

The pure morals of society must be preserved by suitable institutions from the bible of rational mind. All other bibles are not only unsafe, but most dangerous.

Have we any creed or action in pure faith, that has accomplished the legitimate demands of religion ?

The Brahmin assumes to rule all other orders of society, their rights, justice and laws, and becomes a despot of the worst character, for sacred purposes, and degrades society in the most licentious manner.

This Hindoo peculiar faith and tyranny, present a prototype of universal priestocracy, if mind of the world would have submitted to its vassalage. It only needs the power to act.

Woman, you thoughtlessly adopt the bibles of peculiar faith, and they are they that degrade you. Unite with rational mind, to secure to your best rights, the best endorsement of their protection.

In Hindostan, the women are degraded as servile, and the most outrageous position is established by unnatural orders in society, enough to force the conviction that all such superstition and tyranny are incomparably worse than no professed faith, the world


Proper laws would be the glory of glories to it.
What can be worse than the government of priests ?

The progress of mind has been impeded by them for thousands of years, and has been deprived of its potent rights, and just character, crushed and overwhelmed.

Such a state of things has rendered India, with her one hundred and forty millions, the abject vassal of as many thousands, and she has none to thank for her suicide and parricidal curse and ruin, but the abominable jesuitical priests at the expense of their country.

This curse of all curses, has been upon her.
What can any people be when church is monarch?
It blights any country, the fairest of the globe,

It is even bad at any time, at the very best, when church and state are united, as oppression will prevail

, till all corrupted, most certainly fall a prey to the worst passions and despots of the world, enslaved by them.

The advance of the Hindoos, in social improvements, was just enough to enslave them with the most abject submission to the car of superstition and absolutism, possible to be conceived of.

Any priestocracy that rules, is well calculated to ruin any country.
Let us analyze the books of Menu and the vedas.

We now can see that all but the bible of rational mind are false, as the codes of superstition.

All other bibles are mere copyings of each other, of false gods, plurality of gods and demi-gods, man's libel of Deity, who cannot be a peculiar god, to suit peculiar notions of priestocracy.

* The vedas are called the sacred book of the Hindoos, and are believed to be revealed by God, and estimated immortal.”

What numbers of systems can arise that mind has to analyze ere the right decision can be duly made.

If we had never heard of any till all were placed before us, we must resort to the best appreciation.

The Hindoos are believed to have had the faith customs of the Egyptians.

They were conquered by the Egyptians, Mahometans, and Christians, in succession, and what but idolatry was the result ? Asia, let alone Hindostan, has been overrun by peculiar faiths.

With the Hindoos, Brehm was the great god of all ineffable.
The peculiar faith was that of polytheism.

China may have been originally civilized from Hindostan. Bhuddism, the great heresy of India, prevails very commonly among the Chinese.

The military castes ruled over India.

The priestly or sacred caste governed where intellectual functions were not effectual, as in Egypt.

The eastern Hindoos did not know Jupiter's son, Alexander, or knew him too well as a humbug to recognise him, especially as conqueror.

His army took a panic, although his court flatterers would have the world believe that he was its ancient conqueror.

The Egyptians, who carried their worship to Greece, northern Africa, and perhaps Italy, transferred it also into Hindostan, according to authors.

The Hindoos had the worship of human gods and heroes, and rivers with them were sacred.

History enables us to extract, that “The Egyptian theogony enfolds a very perfect psychology, and the purest science of their day, in a system which began with the identity of God with his work, and ended in personifying every least species of existence.”

Zendevesta, the bible of the ancient magicians and modern Perses, teaches that there is a Supreme Being, eternal, self-existent.

The Persians entertained the purest form of heathenism, and abhorred the worship of idols.

With the Hindoos, a whole and extensive class, the Brahmins, is sacred, and an object of worship.

When does a priest ever relax his absolutism over the people? The light of independent mind only stays it.

Civilization does not need priests, but philosophy, science, mind civilized and refined, rational religion.

India, the finest country on the globe, has been a prey to priests, and has thereby been sacrificed to soldiers and priests. It is priests all the time. Citizens of the world, do not help to pollute mind.

There is every kind of peculiar faith in Asia, and what good has it done her? Rather say, what harm has not been perpetrated ? The end is not yet.

Man is the same from mind everywhere.

Already has Asia, the most of the world, been victimized by peculiar faith. Leto then, mind seek to arrest its curses.

All its bibles have their prophecies, miracles, and mysteries, mysticism, mythology, romance, fables, and legends.

There has been a constant antagonism of all such faiths, but all their virtue has a very low scale of morals.

The Bhudda faith displaced the old Brahmin faith of India for a season, then the Brahmins, by a new dynasty, persecuted and drove out of Hindostan their Bhuddist antagonists. Would that the people had driven out all, that the world would silence all priestocracy.

The Hindoos afterwards had a dynasty of magician kings, that terminated. It was the state power sought, all the time church and state union.

And this is the history of the whole world, time out of mind. The only rational remedy is rational religion, that ends all antagonism and sectarianism forever.

The Bhudda faith " denies the truth of everything invisible.” It is materialism éx.-emplified in idolatry.

The Brahmins have their prophecies.

“ Brahma seems to be the supreme reason, and originator, corresponding with the Egyptian Phtha.

Indra, the brahminical faith, resolves all things unto God.” The Hindoos have fables of gods being married to mortal females. Even their literature is enfeebled by mysticism. Hermits reside also among this people. The history part is taken from Whelpley.

According to the vedas, every sacrifice has a particular and proper value attached to it, and within its proper limits is infallible.

According to the authority of Menu, Brahma is the principal person of the three that emanated from Brehm, the vast ineffable one.

Creation was the work of Brahma, who, the first of created gods, gave origin to the world by conceiving it in his thought.

Has not the cosmogony of Menu been followed by Moses? Menu, the legislator of the Hindoos, is claimed to be among the most ancient of men.

The book of Hermes was predecessor.

In the book of Menu, there are four castes or classes.“The Brahmins are sacred with him, and their very birth is an incarnation of Dherma, the spirit of justice; for that the priest is born to promote justice ; and by the right of primogeniture, (being first created,) is the virtual sovereign and possessor of the world.”. Menu takes especial care to impress the sacredness of custom ;-declaring that it is transcendent law, and commanding all twice-born persons (as they revere the divine spirit that is within them) to observe it with the utmost reverence. Menu was of the priestocracy.

The Brahmins at first were beggars. They turned out to be the worst of tyrants, enslaving their own fellow citizens.

The code of Menu blended superstition, and was to uphold the good of the priestly order.

“ Among the laws for reading the vedas, each time the preceptor must pronounce silently the mysterious O’M., the initials of the unknown name.

When was it that the priestocracy overlooked mystery?

Repetition of prayers is inculcated on all occasions where any pretext will serve to introduce them.

The repetition of the prayer of prayers is alone sufficient to expiate all sin, and secure immortal bliss. The Supreme must be adored silently.

The morals inculcated are fine indeed.
Courtesy to the Brahmins insures celestial beatitude.

The marriage code is excellent, especially for the priests. Marriages must not be contracted within the sixth degree of consanguinity.

Penances are apportioned, and torments are threatened in the world to come.

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