have not an everlasting possession therein, it was only the priestocracy God that spoke, that was all.

Alexander burnt Persepolis. Ancient countries were ravaged with fire and sword, the adverse parties doing themselves and their peculiar gods service in doing so. Think of that, ye blind devotees of Jew idolatry, peculiar bibles. What city of the ancients was not destroyed, at one time or another?

Athens was burnt by the Persians. Has true and authentic history detailed all the facts, about the utter destruction of all these cities? What were the natural causes ? That the pitiful bible sophists could not tell, no more than the other oracle sophists of the day. Their trade was to detail available pretences, and have themselves screened from the exposure. The special providence of perverted minds has left a burden to that of rational mind to clear the world of.

Is the whole history of the world-facts laid open to us? if not, then all such peculiar bibles are peculiar nuisances. Now what did all the Jew prophecies amount to, admitting that they had any such character, which cannot be honorably proved in an honorable court of justice? After all said and pretended, all evaporates and discloses that the world is going on as God created it. They availed naught, and were worthless, and therefore to be disregarded, as flagitious and base. Some of the pretended prophets, that the bible presents, affect to treat others as lying prophets ; now if we were to hear both and the true sides, all would be convicted as base, lying prophets.

The evil of prescience, in prophecy, outweighs the good-does not suit the functions of mind. What blockheads all oracle-mongers were, to leave their posterity at the mercy of such abominable vices and crimes. But God's immutability prevents miracles and prophecies, that if he required yesterday, as part of his conservative principles, he does to-day. But these are mysteries. No, that is the absurd answer of the bible bigot, who disgraces his own mind and God, as far as in him lies, by false pretences of false bibles, priestocracy, and their affiliated, duped, or dependent vassals. Now if God fore-knew he fore-ordained, but all that is abeyance to mind's free moral agency, under the circumstances of creation, that bespeak immortality of the soul as a part of eternal justice, and God's immutability on conservative principles. This question of religion is the highest inquiry of philosophical science, and bespeaks a sublimity too triumphant over all the pretensions of miracles and prophecies. Bible bigots have opposed the idea, because they were thereby ruled out. Who countenance and support the absurd miracles of the present day, of the world, but those who sustain the foolish bibles and churches built on their premises? Now if you do that by belief and presence, you are culpable and amenable. The ancients, in their comparative ignorance, resorted to miracles, to explain what they could not appreciate. The power of the press would have passed with them for such. Now the people perform what would be considered innızmerable miracles, compared to which Moses was only a juggler.

All miracles are phenomena ; however consistent with nature, were unknown to the ignorant barbarians, who did not know even whence the rain came, by their own bible, that, instead of being a perfect code of science and religion, is a stupid memento, recording the national degradation and vassalage. Take the article

of manna, of Moses, and let it compare with the billions of pounds of sugar evoked by the hand of the moderns, elicited by science, and the comparison places the last far above this necromancer's dream.

If he were to-day in this city of New York, he would affirm that he was a mere school-boy to modern savans, and that his advocates were blind fanatics.

What is pretended to be miracles and prophecies are in abeyance to the laws of evidence.

The very attributes of the great First Cause destroy all miracles and prophecies.

All religion is that of principles, cannot be that of miracles and prophecies, and must be submitted, on the nature of evidence, demanding the full recognition of what is rational,

In this plan of peculiar bibles, the pretended prophets played the knave; all followers, faithites, are desired to play the dupe.

The idea of prophecy, would embrace the whole category of full time. Where is proof of any such, but in the pretences of subsequent impostors?

All such is the vilest imposition. The people should not be throwing away a lifetime on trash, much less actually committing a sacrilege on the Creator, for which nothing can atone. Many affect presentiments, under improper appreciations of prophecy, and act disreputably to correct good sense.

The priestocracy bible, the word of God! What a libel. But stay, it is only the word of the priestocracy's God, that is, of the priestocracy.

These simpletons forgot that miracles were enough, expedient to force the faith of the people, when they resorted to church bullyings. The God of the Jew bible is the Jew idol god of the priestocracy-not of the universe, universal, but of peculiar faith, peculiar. The peculiar one deals in miracles. The Author of the universe deals in principles, not miracles,

Do you believe in miracles? Then, you do not believe in the Creator of the universe, that cannot be made up of miracles, but cause and effect, the result of principles to which miracles are antagonistic. Of course you believe in the humbugs of Jew idolatry, that has their peculiar god. A peculiar god does not belong to our universe. Credulity or credulousness is heinous; it is mockery on the intelleet of the world. Miracles belong to supernaturalism, an absurdity and sacrilege on mind.

All creeds of faith that admit messiahs, prophets, and miracle-mongers, necessarily exclude the God of the universe, for all such are the false pretences of the priestocracy.

When cornered, bible advocates refer to mysteries, faith, metaphor, miracles, and prophecies' fulfilment.

But none of these, as their trinity, are self-evident.
None, but the unity of God, who is consistent in the unity of design.

What destroyed Babylon? We might well ask, what destroyed all the ancient isolated countries? Was it not for want of principles in government and religion? Instead of the sacred protection of universal brotherhood, they all fell victims to the fragments of peculiar errors and faiths—Palestine as well as all--even the mighty conquerors in turn, were overthrown by universal vindication of principles.

The universe could not last unless it were based on conservative principles. God gave them equally to the world, but mind's perversions have stood in the way. TO have full principles in the world's government, let it have all of religion of principles. Does any part of it, though blessed with the freest of governments, have? That is utterly impossible in the vagaries and crimes of polytheism. The mind must be perfectly rationalized, and the press-public opinion too much wedded to customs, must be free from malign influences of monopoly and usurpation. Publications, schools, discussions, associations, libraries, &c., should be liberally subservient to all the legitimate demands of the mind of the world.

Prophets and inspirations are impositions and frauds. But the christian, par excellence, demands faith, because of miracles and prophecies. Then he furnishes the best argument against himself

, for Judaism claims priority and originality over him, the borrowings from sectarianism of predecessors--certainly of nobler views by corrupt, venial and mercenary priestocracy.

The Mahommedan claims a subsequent covenant, and that arouses up the Mormon, who vows, as the latter-day saints, that they have precedence, and thus the subsequent blasphemer is to win.

But the christian affecting a mock dignity from his familiarity with despotic power, that upholds him in strengthening itself, a custom time out of mind in the annals of nations, assumes to talk of learning and science, and thus he is completely triumphed over by reason, to whom the braggart appeals, for he, as all his compeers, have usurped in this all the rights of monotheism.

But as a last dying effort, he conceitedly tells the public that the world will go into the jaws of atheism, if it be not under his protection. This is always the case with consociates of illegal and collusive action.

How can the world be worse off than under all such despotic regime? Well, now for the atheist.

How prove a God ? he asks. That is easily proved by reference to cause and effect that lead us to the great first cause, in whom mortals, all that are rational, must confide in due humility.

What then? says the inquirer. That proves an Almighty, for we cannot go beyond the Almighty Creator of the Universe till out of it. What does all this knowledge avail ? All intended. The religion of principles that produce all, that is the wisest purpose.

This protects the purest conscience, for its immortal happiness. As to the when and how of the universe and of its Author, those are all alien to our data and powers. Nature is in abeyance to principles, that are so to the God of nature ; this suffices for mind's noblest aspirations and brightest, best and most beneficial actions.

Rational mind can comprehend enough of the attributes of God, the Creator, to carry out rational religion. The when and the how of the atheist in creation are absurd, as his denial of the Creator.

Prophecy and miracle are the machinery of man, maniacs, crazy fanatics, and more crazy menials, vassal followers, the counterfeit currency of unprincipled priestocracies. Which is the worse, the denial of a God of the universe, or the peculiar dwarfing him below his own attributes ? From Deity the monotheist learns, appreciates that still higher is his purpose. Religion and priestocracy are incompatible. Cause and effect lead mind to the Great First Cause; and religion, the inevitable result of humility and rational confidence in him, confirms it.

It is not the when and the how, but the what is to be investigated in due adoration of the Author of perfection and happiness.

The Author of principles must be the immutable standard for a religious conscience. Mere matter and the universe are two very different things. If all were mere matter, then senseless as atheism, but it reflects its glorious Author. The atheist is bewildered about matter, the monotheist is enlightened and exalted about the universe. The very

idea of miracles and prophecies destroys all religion, as far as in them lies, being suicidal of principles. If the Jew priestocracy were capable of prophecy, why not proclaim the real substantial benefits of time to the whole world, as the discovery of continents then unknown, sciences then undeveloped, all the present and future means of civilization and its best blessings? These are the very things that prophecy could have done, a theme fit for the noblest statesmanship, patriotism and philanthropy, instead of the degraded tricks, not competent to dupe school-boys.

The Jew pretence to prophecy is the veriest humbug, and burlesque of humbug, the coin of knaves or fools. When you speak of prophecy, you speak of the suicidal curse to soul's happiness, mind's ease, quiet and earthly equanimity. If mind ever required direct revelation, it does it evermore, universally.

That difficulty annihilates the whole manufacture of miracles, prophecy, &c.

But the prophecies about cities are heralded by the affiliated moderns as if that was any thing, destitute teo even of its proof! As to their decay, that is only the history of the world-often by notorious causes, abundant among the ancient barbarians, whose pride and glory it was to destroy them.

What part of the world is exempt?

Of course, if prophecy were any thing above the paltry tricks of the priestocracy, we should have heard of major not minor local points-all that would have civilized the world, not have stabbed and assassinated with peculiar faiths, that are as old as sin itself.

Monotheism will justly accord all the biblical modifications of varied and subsequent prophecies, from Genesis to Revelations; that, however, will not avail all the advocacy of peculiar faith, for that incontestably proves the revelations of the peculiar god, not of foreknowledge, but of after opinions, and thus of man and that of mind perverted conclusively and surely.

Thus she meets all the legitimate demands of her duty in silencing, with the most exact justice, all the fictious of faith, and giving the full benefits to rational mind of the purest religion.


V. 11, lean upon

LET the prophets declare the character of their brethren. Micah ch. iii. v. 6, “And the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them.” Of course, they were found a useless machinery. V.7," For there is no answer of God."

The priests teach for hire, and the prophets divine for money : yet they will

the Lord.” The prophets and priests, mere seers and diviners, did not set out to write anything but fictions and falsehoods all the time, with whom the tribe was in collusion. That was the very character of the undertaking. How much they borrowed, and changed with the advance of mind, whose rights they always usurped under their blasphemous false pretences of claiming their peculiar God for authority. The apotheosis of the Pagan Emperors as they called them, eventuated in the canonization of the Saints, all paganism.

Zephaniah ch. iii. v. 4, “ Her prophets (Jerusalem) are light and treacherous persons ; her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have done violence to the law."

Zechariah ch. xiv, v. 17, “And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain.” 18, But as Egypt had no rain, « if it went not up it was to have the plague--also the heathen." O prophet, did you not dream in all your visions, that mind is the mighty means before the Lord of the universe ? The universe! Let that name startle you more than when you were awakened out of your sleep. You Israelites, appropriated the God of the four-cornered earth, and the scroll heaven, and could prophecy as much as you chose. But your prophecy was after the event, or as little account as this which is false, and the best of you would have been the worst exposed, if all your dark pretences and falsifications had been written with the pen of truth. But your train-band in collusion, kept up the profession. Who of all was more zealous than you, for the priestocracy of Jerusalem ? But out with the truth, and the same you say of others is applicable to all of all ages. But no, you are faithful to

your household.

Malachi ch. i. v. 14, “ For I am a great king, saith the Lord of hosts, and my name is dreadful among the heathen.” And this peculiar God who was a great king, and whose name was dreadful among the heathen, is indebted to Malachi for the publication. Who endorses Malachi ? But hear him, ch. iii. v. 8, “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.'* Malachi, thou wast a true priest, but a false man. This was priest robbing mall, through his peculiar God. The very essence of the profession.


The whole of this, as all the balance of this Pagan bible, might have been anticipated by the fact, that no such mission was necessary, as God of creation does not change, for his attributes are immutable, and the principles of the universe are fixed. Of course, wily priestcraft tries to play the whole drama. No matter the absurdity, it makes a fish story for Jonah. It was easier for Jonah to have lived three days, after swallowing a fish himself. That is more truthful and rational, any physiologist would say. The bible violates all principles of physiology and religion. Jonah must have swallowed a fish and lived better three days, than in the other condition, for then a fish and not Jonah would have lived. The people swallowed the fish story.

Ch. iii., “ And God repented of the evil that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not." What blasphemy--men said--God did not say. What a miserable character Jonah was, for a prophet, disobedient, refractory, and envious ? He a pure being, through whom God spake? Very clear indeed. He was very angry. Now prophets should not get angry; much less God. But the peculiar bibles can draw any peculiar caricature. Jonah was nearly guilty of the crime of suicide, as he wished in himself to die! But his crime of all crimes, was his libel of God's veracity.

Daniel ch. ill. v. 25. If this miracle had occurred, the world could not have kept Nebuchadnezzar from adoption and adoration of God, him and his nation, and as a proof, the Jews would have obtained then and there, their freedom.

Ch. ii. If this dream had been such, then they also had been convinced of God. But all the peculiar God people forget that God should not have done generally, if he had acted by miracles, as they could have been universal. How much easier was it for the God of all, to have acted at once for all. This is the way the God of nature does act, but these butchers of honest truth affect otherwise, and damn themselves forever as the worst of men.

Ch, vii. v. 8, “But I kept the matter in my heart,” says Daniel, a wise inspired man surely.

Ch. viii. v. 10, “ And (the little horn) it cast down some of the host, and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.” What good did all these mysteries of this ignorant simpleton ? Like the oracles, intended to deceive. By all these stupid characters, one general idea is conveyed, that of cunning.

Let us have all this nonsense stopped. Mind, had these fanatics ever listened to it, would have taught and enabled the Jews to have excluded all the pretended prophets, and an ignorant set of astrologers and jugglers. Let this fellow be tried by the laws of nature to entire conviction and condemnation, from respectable society,

Hosea ch. iv. v. 1, “Because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God ir the land." V.6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." there shall be, like people, like priest; ch. v. v. 1, (God spake) O priests, ye have been a snare on Mizpah, and a net spread upon 'Tabor." Ch. vi. v. 9, " The company of priests murder in the way by consent: for they commit lewdness.” The greatest piece of false pretence was, that the Jews were a peculiar people, thereby making their God a peculiar God, and causing their peculiar professions assuming to be prophets to eternally lie, a peculiar curse.

Ch. x. v. 13, « Ye have ploughed wickedness, ye have reaped iảiquity; ye have eaten the fruit of lies; because thou (the people) didst trust in thy way, in the multitude of thy mighty men." Give up all abominable peculiar faith,

0 people, to be safe. Ch, xii. v. 4, “ Yet I am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shală know no God but me, for there is no Saviour besides me. ” Had the God of nature spoken, he would have said he was of the universe, But the peculiar God only spoke, as the oracle-mongers spake. What a God!


66 And ܕ

Ch. xiii. v. 16, “ Samaria shall become desolate ; for she hath rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword; their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.” Had not the Jews set the example to the original possessors of the soil ?

This creed of prophecy, the indispensable result of Judaism, a peculiar faith, falls in with that faith. How abominable is any such, made by hypocrites and dissemblers !

This pretender was as rabid a fanatic, as blackguard could well rant. What nonsense, impiety, and blasphemy, for a mortal to pretend to inspiration for himself and others about divinity. The man that assumes that any such should be believed, is either deranged or unworthy of an honest fame. We can well see what was the character of all such, by reference to Josephus' translation about Archælaus, who sent for the divines in Judea, whose study was employed about dreams. And while some were of one opinion, and some of another, (for all their interpretations did not agree).

How many are made miserable yet in life, about dreams !


AMAZIAH the priest, and Amos the prophet fell out.
Amos wrote his own book, and told his own tale.

Amaziah's is not here. This contention proves corruption, among these professed people of God. No, they had not a universal brotherhood, certainly not. Why? Because they knew not the pure God of the universe. They overlooked his mighty attributes, and disregarded most ignorantly an investigation into his principles, and substituted false pretences about prophecies, an impossibility. How easy was it in all the military dynasties, to foretell much of the fate of the world, of races, much less one nation. But how came they not to prophecy better? Because they were not only men, but wretchedly, stupidly ignorant of science. Ignorance was the state of the

They were sadly deficient in all science. What good did all such prophecies ? Did the people believe in them? Their authors abundantly prove, that they were discarded.

All prophecies are incompatible with the conservative principles of the God of the universe, and as the Jews only knew their peculiar God, they had to feign prophecies, to juggle the people's minds, that of course were most wofully corrupted by this source of evil. The prophecies only benefited the priestocracy, apparently, but they finally involved them in one general ruin.

No such short-sighted policy can benefit any in this world, much less in that to come.



Ezekiel, as Ezekiel says, ch. xiii., " And the word of the Lord came unto me saying : 2. Son of man, prophecy against the prophets of Israel that prophecy, and say unto them that prophecy out of their own hearts : 3. Thus saith the Lord God, wo unto the foolish prophets that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing !" And this very pretence of Ezekiel, is now turned against him. Out of his own mouth, he is positively, justly condemned. All the prophets enacted their pretences through their heart, how else could they? Rational mind revolts at the bare idea of such action. Before the highest tribunal of rational mind, rationality tries, rebukes and condemns them, properly consigning them and their followers to obloquy, as they have “followed their own spirit, and have seen nothing."

The worst of all, is that corrupt and designing moderns wish to make all the available capital out of all this obsolete paganism, for their nefarious and foolish purposes. Not being able to perpetrate their own, they appropriate the thunder of predecessors. If they have no blush of modesty, will they not spare their country, their posterity, their iniquity? They are not only wrong, but heinously so in all their pagan business, that is totally irrelevant to religion.

And the whole land is bigoted, ch. xliv. 9, thus saith the Lord God, “No stranger, uncircumcised in heart, nor uncircumcised in flesh, shall enter into my sanctuary,” and the castes of priestocracy were horribly defined, as in all Asia. 24. “ The priests in controversy shall stand in judgment. 29. The priests shall eat the meat offering, and the sin offering, and the trespass offering; and every dedicated thing in Israel shall be theirs. 30. And the first of all, the first fruits of all things," &c. Discuss this maiter at all times for light, truth and satisfaction. Bigots are afraid to discuss, but hide themselves behind faith, as they call it, but as truth estimates it, credulity. These priestocra

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