mind? Talk of miracles. All such is folly, legends, false pretences, as the universe is one of cause and effect. All are the legitimate province of science, not of the assuming ignorant priestocracy, who assumed all such for monopoly and usurpation, that would tion on the people, a degraded swindling of the soul's rights, a miserable superseding religion by the petty larceny of peculiar faith. The whole universe is in constant motion : time, the act of universal motion, and their conservative principles, are the prophets.

The world has been governed, and sought to be governed by superstition, but another name for all the peculiar bible-machinery. Those who are of it, do not like to talk of it. Alexander sought too late among the Greeks, who were too civilized to think him a god, but he commanded the aid of the sycophantic priestocracy, who, in Africa, hailed him as the son of Jupiter, and this was immense capital for future conquests. Napoleon tried the priestocracy, it is said, in Egypt, by becoming a Mussulman. But what did it avail ? Cromwell cherished superstition in his camp, and aroused the enthusiasm of his men, who signally aided him in his victories; while these military chieftains were men of policy, Washington was a man of principles; the one lives in the affections of his country, the world, mankind; the others will shrink into insignificance by the just awards of monotheism.

When church-faith resorts to tricks of miracles to uphold it, it is tottering. Is not the whole from first to last such a resort? Principles all the time for an honest policy, the world. Inspiration of what? To make men deceivers. How dangerous is pretended prophecy, as the result agreeing with I told you so, conspires with the wish and effort to have it so!

What are the prophets of the Jews worth to strangers, when their own people and kings disregarded them, according to the best pretended prophet's showing. How came Moses to portray the rebellion of so many, but for that very cause ? Was not Christ put to death by disbelievers? Was Isaiah treated with decent respect by his own king, to whom he affected to deliver a sign? Jeremiah's scroll was thrown into the fire by Jehoiakim, his king, who had imprisoned the same. Can Americans be fooled, when those present scouted the pretenders ? All the old oracle-mongers built their faith on prophecy, without which they could not have arisen ; and all the present priestocracy built

up their power on this basis. What were the augurs, soothsayers ? Will the moderns know that they are all complete masters of the ancients in all their superstitions, if they will just use their honest truthful senses? But the tory priestocracy tell them not to read the very book that God has written, and that his own word, cause and effect, positively declares. All that the most virtuous and honorable monotheism can do, is to appreciate it to the very best of its intellectual abilities.

The God of the universe declares himself as all rational minds can read, but all the priestocracy, to have their peculiar profits, pretend another view, with most crazy sophistry. This is the result about miracles : Judges ii. 10, “And there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.” That required peculiar education--were the bibles Jost, or not yet written?

And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, and served Baalim.” Did they not do this eternally? 17, “And yet they would not hearken unto their judges. The people had none to depend on, priests, prophets or judges, who they knew had deceived them. Ch. iv. v. 2, And the Lord sold them (the children of Israel) into the hand of Jabin, king of Canaan. Where was the slavery of Canaan ? 3, " And twenty years he mightily oppressed the children of Israel. 4. Deborah, a prophetess, she judged Israel at that time.” Another pythoness. God does not avail himself of angels, prophets, miracles nor mysteries. What a great age of the ancients ! Their polytheism disproves that they had any notions of rational religion. The Israelites were fanatics against the citizens of Judea. Were not all of Palestine so? Ch. i. v. 19, “ And the Lord was with Judah ; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountains; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.” Rather a poor war-god-not equal to Mars. 21, " And the children of Benjamin did not drive out the Jebusites that inhabited Jerusalem ; but the Jebusites dwell with the children of Benjamin in Jerusalem unto this day.” Exodus, ch. xxxii. v. 2, “And I will send an angel hefore thee, and I will drive out the Canaanite ** and the Jebusite." X. v. 11,

11, " And the Lord said unto the children of Israel,” v. 13 v. “yet ye have forsaken me, and served other gods ; wherefore I will deliver you no more. » Ch. xi. v. 29, “ Then the spirit of the Lord came upon Jephthah, 30, and Jephthah vowed a vow unto the Lord.” 32, “So Jephthah passed over unto the children of Ammon to fight against them; and the Lord delivered them into his hands." And that yow was the sacrifice of his own daughter as a burnt offering to this peculiar God, who delivered the Israelites after all the priestocracies' false pretences !!!! Yes, this bloody and impicus book of the Jews,

11 v.


desecrated with the name of bible, presents the horrid blasphemy of their peculiar god's bribery and perjury, with a human sacrifice! Then it was that the Jew Christians could tamper farther with him, in causing him to be a murderer and an adulterer—all such iniquities recoiling upon themselves, whom I this day impeach as the most nefarious of all nefarious priestocracies. Jephthah was one of the judges.

Of course, an intelligent God, immutable, could not perjure himself, much less permit a human sacrifice, knowing too what it would be. What savages !

The world will be cursed as bad as these human-sacrificing and God-blaspheming Jews, if they continue to adopt their nefarious books. It will be cursed till it becomes rational, and has rational religion and its sound principles. Ch. xxi. v. 25, “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Was any

nation more idolatrous, more degraded in morals, than this book presents of the Benjaminites? Were there ever worse barbarians in any land on earth? What do prayers avail when mind is lost to its own dignity and duty ? It is not priestocracy, nor their pretended revelations ; all such cheats will do no good, before the conservative principles of the universe.

Samuel, ch. viii. v. 3, “And his sons walked not in his ways, but turned aside after lucre, and took bribes, and perverted judgment.” Now the people preferred a king to judges. A king, bad as he was portrayed by Samuel, was the least of evils compared with the priests. The priests monopolized the Lord's flesh. They desecrated the sacrifice, and the chastity of the women. The people could not stand them. Let not Americans stand all this bible profanation of the God of the universe. It is a Belial work. Every rational mind needs rational religion, that comprehends all that mind in the universe, to give the only passport, as all rational minds have the principles and elements, and only need their evolution. There are too many sacrifices to judicial and other bigotry. Give mind power, no matter priest or prophet, king or judge, and they will pervert, and make all the pretences that will hold the world in abeyance to sophistry. . After all the efforts of the priestocracy, whether good, bad or indifferent, we see how deplorable was the state of morals of the Jews, practising their most unnatural, not to say ungodly sins that polite refined minds of the present day would blush to name in public. All this is worse, and in part arose from the priestocracy fixing on the world the most ungodly faith.

If the world had not been put back by such ungodly faith of Moses and Aaron, the world-priestocracy, the world, might have been far in advance of its present state. The priestocracy were the belials, with their ungodly wars. What is the best proof of the scriptures? Prophecy. Whose ? Isaiah's. He was a libeler of God. Any person on earth, on the authority of God's word, cause and effect, and rational mind's supreme authority, stands self-declared and convicted as a dupe, or worse, to assert that there are, ever were or can be, miracles, prophecies, messiahs, mysteries, angels good or bad, hell, purgatory, any need of priestocracy or any such machinery. Messiahs, so far from originating new principles, did not, could not, inculcate any

of themselves, for their very position destroys all principle.

The universe-knowledge was lost to the priestocracy, on account of messiahship; they disregarded all creation-teaching then in existence, as long before, hence afterthoughts were in their minds, and they substituted them for those of God, who is basely misrepresented by libelous bibles.

It takes rational mind to give, as analyze, all facts of creation, hence no apostles of peculiar faith are honorable, worthy, creditable witnesses of universe-facts, when making them appear miracles, prophecies, mysteries. The whole truth turns not at all on mysteries, prophecies, miracles, bibles, but on the perverted versions of the degraded writers who act degradedly below mind's character, in aspiring to be of the priestocracy. Let religion flourish, but the world's nuisance and curse, peculiar faith, with all their froths, be ruled out of rational minds.

It will not do to speculate of the future, until we do the amplest justice to the present life, this world and its people. Let mind tower in the sublime greatness of its own inherent worth and use. Had the ancients had the knowledge of mind now of the moderns, they would have fixed up a different messiahship, if the honest, truthful ones had not adopted rational igion. If any doubt after all written, and only on prophecies, as they are pretende let him see the touch-stone in the most pointed peculiarity, that of the messiah, who : s the diamond before mind, and not to be mistaken, if pure. Yet truth discloses the fal: stone of no value. It was as usual about trifles. The spirit of pretended prophec 's an odious evil kept up in families, to reflect the supposed wisdom of those presuming in brief authority, but really the folly of their own badly trained minds.

If rational minds reject hu nan sacrifices with horror and shuddering, the miserable delusion of perverted minds of degraded priestocracy, they must loathe with ineffable disgust, all the pretended immolations of Christs and messiahs, and contemn, despise the priestocracy concerned from first to last, as ineffably barbarous and iniquitously degraded, corrupt, vile, stupid, their own hell deserving as belials, all the time. How dare they invade the sacred rights of mird?

All bibles of peculiar faith are made up of dove-tailed, disjointed stuff, called prophecies, the greatest of all frauds, impositions and blasphemies.

The immutability of nature and nature's God, convicts all the priestocracy of the present times, in felonious falsehoods that miracles, prophecies and mysteries affected in the bible have ceased. Before the world they are this day fully and satisfactorily convicted, as they never were performed. If they ever existed, they would certainly now exist.

Miracles are the reversals of the order of nature, and of course could not exist in a universe that recognises all the time, cause and effect. Peculiar faith people forget that miracles reverse the order of the laws of nature, and convict themselves. The popular idea is, that there are spirits, ghosts, witches, &c. Why? Would a perfect God create all such stuff? An idle brain, or that of superstition, creates all such.

Prophecy is a part of the peculiar creed of peculiar faith, that with or without it, is nothing. Now prophecy is only essential to help make out the false pretences of peculiar faith, that is all. The performance is feigned, not perfected. This is where the world is deluded by such blasphemy. All such bibles have story and some history to sustain their story, this is by cunning and sophistry, that enlist all the affiliated priestocracy. The history is hard to find in the story. All the book, kills itself. The world has been afraid to handle it right-on account of the sophisticated bullying priestocracy, who were posted behind the world's bullying despots. Even in modern times this ferocious faith is portrayed. What was the course of republican France under Louis Napoleon's presidency, towards Rome? Was it any less by the vile dictation of polytheism, than under the vile rule of atheistical France? The names of things are nothing, it is the thing itself. What government can assume dominion by the grace of God, defender of the faith? The very position is self-impeached, as base fraud.

Could the world ever have found near as much ill, but for miserable false pretences of bibles, priestocracies, and prophets? What upholds peculiar doctrines and prophecies? Bibles. What upholds them? Faith, frost, fog, mist--to be dissolved by the light of truth. The peculiar machinery of bibles is miracles, prophecy, and mystery; all these are indispensable to such.

But all these have to be submitted to rational mind. To talk of receiving any message at all without recognising by mind, rationality, is foolish in the extreme, as much in faith as in all other things.

All the bible aspirants about miracles and things of their heaven affect much, when they could not tell rightly of earth. Let them now give honorable, high-minded proof, that such things are true. They cannot, for the immutable principles of God pronounce their miracles, mysteries, and all their peculiar bibles and people, all the priestocracy detestably, ignominiously, and degradingly false. They are not to give the priestocracy fixing up, on mere bible statements but documentary demonstration that all such is positively true, or be forever silent. A free and intelligent people should silence all pretenders and pretences forever. The least iota of detraction from God's perfection or immutability, renders him imperfect and that much no God. That is the inevitable result in moral, physical, intellectual, and religious position. Now, if there were miracles or prophecies at any time of creation, they are now in their full force and vigor. Are the stupid priestocracy and affiliated minions so far gone in iniquity and corruption, that they cannot see this? They had best stop, and seek, by repentance, to become honest and truthful people for the balance of their days. II. Chronicles ch. xxi. v. 7. “Howbeit the Lord would not destroy the house of David, because of the covenant that he had made with David, and as he promised to give a light to him and to his sons forever.” Is this promise fulfilled an iota ? This call prophecy? This was the priestocracy, speaking always to understood for their peculiar Jew-god, made by priestocracy jugglery. Now the Go of the universe before whom all such are impeached, made his covenant with t. whole creation of mind in the universe at creation too, so far does the last incom rably exceed the first as God exceeds perverted mind. Why so much difficulty ami g the priests and prophets, as they were called ? Because the people abundantly saw i ough their hypocrisy and false pretences.

Now the world does not investigate for itself in one of the most important of all matters, religion, that elevates it to its s blimest sphere. Well does it regard prophecies as the prop, but little does it investigai e them. The pretended prophecies deceive many moderns, palmed on all, and after all t' e fixings up by the Jews were and are no more than the oracles of other nations as of the Romans. They are done with all the sophistry of the priestocracy, backed by false governments and their belial times. They have distorted the God of creation, by all the degraded investments of peculiar forgery and fraud. They are characterized by all that can pervert the truth, and degrade mind. Ch. 32 and 33 of Exodus clearly prove at once the whole imposture, besides many others. They affect

They affect to make belief of things that they did not ever know, and never could know, nor could possibly have seen. The world ought to be told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the bible's pretended prophecies, which are all false pretences that would have died long ago, had the priestocracy not been false pretenders. The superstitious people idolize the bible and its idols, as if the world would come to an end if they were destroyed. The key of the death of the new testament is in 17 and 18 verses of 16th ch. of Mark, and what can all the pretended prophecies of all faiths avail their own suicide ? and the same fact conclusively applies as the key of suicide to the old testament, in ch. 32 and 33 of Exodus, where the peculiar God kills off through the priestocracy, all the foolish prophecy foundation of all such bibles, that are thus blown sky high. A factitious importance is attached about some Jew oracles, respecting a few old cities, Babylon, Nineveh, and a few countries, as if the whole world's destiny was anything to be regulated thereby, when the Jews had lost at the seige of Jerusalem by their own pretended prophecies their million of people, and ruined their nation.

If ever there was a stupid and infatuated people, the Jews are they. Many still adhere to that degraded superstition, the most abominable because the most murderous to them. Are the priestocracy completely crazy, that they wish to ruin the world in the same way? All this iniquitous folly should be estopped by intelligent freemen. The world should not be sacrificed to such degradation. Jew oracles lied as all other oracles, and they that deny this, lie as endorsers. Oracles are nothing at all, but to gull and defraud the world.

Analyze the ancient world, and a pretty set of piratical barbarians they were indeed. One old city pirated upon another, one nation on another. Babylon grew out of Nineveh, that the Medes and Babylonians destroyed. Then Seleucia eat up Babylon, that its enemies ruined. The mighty problem that gives the solution, holds all the priestocracy and absolutists in abeyance. The mighty question that they could not solve overwhelms them in their pitiful ignorance. Tell us, world-philosophers of this age, how many cities have perished in that old country of Assyria? Who were the first aborigines of that country? How many countless generations existed before the priestocracy's Adam was ever heard of, nay, how many passed off the world's theatré. Yes, tell us how many Babylons and Ninevehs, and then the priestocracy will be scouted as impostors truly.

What was the case of the old country of Italy, where races had pre-existed unknown to all the ancients? Is not that the case in America ? Tell us, priestocracy, of America's ancient cities without one inhabitant, and then you can claim to be more than you

Absolutists and priestocracies have played into each other's hands. They have stifled the truth, bullied the world in miserable falsehoods.

All bible prophecies and oracles are like the priestocracy, that have conspired to delude the world. What are Babylon and Nineveh to prove? Have we the facts of truth told us, as rational mind requires. How many thousand untruths have been told to fix up

all such trash? Are they not reactions of cause and effect? Cyrus ruined Babylon by changing the river, flooding the country. What a mighty dead-list of ruined cities would the world's history present us, enacted by savage warfare. Have there not been thousands upon thousands destroyed? If the bible has been true the whole world could not be kept from believing it, for it would have presented mind the first principles of things, and the true history of pre-existing races, which it cannot do, as its writers, the priestocracy, did not know.--Ask for bible proof, and man speaks ; ask for God's bible, and his universe responds with true sublimity. Where, bible prophets, are the ancient cities of Egypt? They are now in ruins. Are they prophecied of in the bible? The bible, if of God, had necessarily told us of the world, and nothing less, to comprehend a just revelation ; but we have none of this. It does not do justice to the smallest part, much less mind, that it assails! But you bible advocates are bible worshippers, faith polytheists, believers in devils, angels, ghosts, wars in your heaven ; but you dwarf the God of the universe ; no, that cannot be, but you dwarf your own mind in blasphemous conception and description of him who needs no aid of his creation, priestocracy, or pretended prophets, who is blasphemed in the pretence down to the little peculiar overseer god of Šewry. Shame upon you, that you sacrifice the lights of the present age to all the false pretences of Jew idolatry and oracles.

Do you really sacrifice your religion to all the false pretences of slave Jew bibles and faiths ? Shame, freemen of the world.

are now.

Where are the mighty ancient cities, races of the earth, anterior to all bibles? What shall the world do for that history, that bible pretences cannot reach? To disprove the absurdity of these bible pretences what veritably endorsed authority have we that Jeremiah prophecied against Babylon. It is expedient to give truth endorsements before prophecies. Bishop Newton says, “ Jeremiah sent his prophecies concerning Babylon to Babylon by the hands of Seraiah," &c.--(Jer. li. 59.)-“There is, therefore, no room for skepticism.'

What stuff! Thus are the people gulled by the modern priestocracy. See the vile imposition :

63. “And it shall be, when thou hast made an end of reading this book, that thou shalt bind a stone to it, and cast it into the midst of Euphrates.

64. “ And thou shalt say, Thus shall Babylon sink, and shall not rise from the evil that I will bring upon her : and they shall be weary : thus far are the words of Jeremiah."

Which was the biggest blockhead or mind-juggler, Jeremiah or Bishop Newton ? Did not the last know that such false pretence to evidence would be laughed out of an honorable court of justice. Jeremiah also said, v. 43, “neither doth any son of man pass thereby." Capt. Keppel, in 1824, visited the ruins of Babylon. So much for Jeremiah. If all the facts of all peculiar faiths, bibles, and priestocracies were laid before the world, the most ridiculous of all impositions would appear with the most flagrant murderous outrages on mankind, of all the Belial-world outrages. The world with one united voice, the priestocracy and minions always excepted, would accurse this lowest blasphemy.

Instead of prophecies, read impositions. The moderns must not regard the few old obsolete cities, Babylon and Nineveh, &c., as if they were the world. They are dead; let them be buried ; and let not their ashes be desecrated by the priestocracy, who are lower than they are. We should never have heard of them in any such light, but for the vindictive fury of the Jews in resentment of their national subjugation. That is not a laudable spirit, when these Jews butchered the world when they wanted its land.

They talk of prophecies, and all their category of deluge and fallen cities bespeak their stupid fall in science, ignorant of obvious natural causes; yet the moderns stupidly keep up the ignominious game, disgraceful to novices in truth, honesty, and science.

Now the subject of peculiar bibles, and all their peculiar machinery, is impracticable to their advocates. What did the bible give of the pyramids of Egypt? Of Thebes, famous for its hundred gates? It has ferociously exhumed the world's vices, and buried its virtues.

How many thousands of years before the bible Adam did the human race extend? How many races of mankind were extinct, and their very name lost in the distant vistas of past pre-existent ages ? A bible of God's inspiration should have told of first principles, and of things before tradition, not of tradition, which is man's.

As to prophecies or oracles, what ancient nation did not have them ? Rome and Greece luxuriated in them. Among the Greeks they were used in all important public matters. The name of the thing does not change the thing itself.

These Jew prophets were all impostors, who were ignorant of the most essential causes, that wrote their history on the deeds of the ancients. They sacrificed their nation.

Transfer, republicans, no such paganism to your blessed country.

The world should be able to teil by this time what is the worth of rational mind and religion ; not of peculiar faith and all its accursed train, that has to be scouted from the face of this earth.

What do mankind need of any bible prophecy to give the highest glory to God, that requires the purest duty of mind to the world and God. Surely all the polluted Jew bible examples cannot begin to teach them. What is religion? The highest function of mind illustrated by action, the committal of the soul, mind, spirit, to God Almighty.

What does christianity embrace? What, western Bhuddism? Is that any better than the eastern ?

All are fictions of the priestocracy, that sought to rule the people, No peculiar faith is any, unless mind has bestowed its portion of capital for civilization, then it is monotheism unacknowledged. True prophecy is it, when no ancient nation ever furnished us with a true history of itself.

It yet, at least, remains to be proved.

The Jew prophets, &c., poured out this hatred against Egypt and Babylon particularly, that conquered them. Not only Babylon is fallen, but Judea and Jerusalem.

Gen. ch. xvii. v. 1: “The Lord said unto Abraham “I am the Almighty God;' 8. and I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.” As the Jews

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