theatre. Is this theatre adequate ? Not at all : far from it. The soul must be then immortal, and have an adequate universe-theatre.

The moderns have one vast and mighty duty to perform to sacrifice superstition and their bibles, and all their machinery to the sacred holiness of rational religion. Ask the priestocracy to resign, to depart the pulpit and all its hoary sophistry for ever. The world is of the universe, and that refers to God—the soul refers to God. Thus teaches monotheism. But cannot she be refuted ? That is impossible, as rational religion is God-given and protected.

Free rational discussion, is on rationality.

The way to return God grateful thanks is by doing the best justice to that mind that he has given us, making it rational, its bright embodiment as pure as possible as the charge that he has given us, to rid the world of superstition, idolatry, priestocracy, ab- : solutism, despotism.

Religion inculcates the idea, the obligation, not to leave the world or society worse than found.

Is religion a reality? As much as mind—the universe--individuality, all of which are held together' by inherent conservative principles. Take religion away, and the key stone of creatien-arch is destroyed. Now peculiar faith, has not, and cannot have, , one particle of religion, no matter the imposing name, Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, or Mahommedanism.

What does Brahminism produce but the degraded popular castes, the ruin of Asiatic society ; what Bhuddism and other peculiar faiths leave of it? What Christianity lacks of this disgusting barbarism, is all due to mind that is getting the ascendancy of all these myrmidons. How is all this conclusively demonstrated ? Because of the world's taint from analogous peculiar faith, one of its accursed evil genius to mind, principles and religion. , Peculiar faith has divested the world of all these, as far as practicable. The world needs refined civilization, and that is only got by the consummation of rational mind in religion, the consummation of man's duty here, the highest aspirations of the future.

Nothing is out of date with monotheism, that is not out of the protection of principles. The more sacred the subject, the more rational investigation it demands of all rational minds. Religion demands most of all, by freemen. The peculiar faith-man, refers to his bible as the standard. The rational religionist refers to the Creator, as exemplified through the universe as the standard. Command your own best self-respect, on principle. Promise and act, on principle, the highest order of morals and religion.

Never let money stand between you and morals, much less religion. Let your word be

your bond, and that on principle, not on impulse, to get you into any difficulty. Pursue the path of principle in defiance of the world's seduction or its influence. Always understand matters properly, before commission. This thing of power of any little brief aruthority, is most clearly to be considered, before any proceeding or acquiescence. Let nothing be conceded without principles. All grants of power must be constitutional, to be rightly used as trust, otherwise there is abuse of principles. We do not know so much of theology, as of religion that is implanted in all rational minds. What is the limit of an honest truthful mind as to temptation, but what is eternally based on principles? Who can tell, better than time, that convicts pretended prophets? Can aught save the world but religion, in the most essential points of society? The whole of the opposition to monotheism or rational religion, is unprincipled.

Monotheism after all the analysis of bible and church-matters of peculiar faith, decides that none such have religion. It remains for the Americans to prove to the world, that they have solved the problem of religion. The Holy Book of God, is his universe. Any black letter book, a peculiar bible, is a false picture. No master can be safely followed. Adopt principles.

Religion must be rational, and demands rational education, nothing short of it. But what shall we do for the Christian religion? There is no Christian religion. It is all a misnomer. There is only rational religion, but christian peculiar faith, and what does that all amount to but paganism most genuine? If the advocates contend for their faith being religion, then their own game is eternally blocked on them by the world gamblers in the balance of such stocks. Calling things by names, does not establish its first principles. How much is the world deceived, by all such fooleries. The world must expunge all its false position, to do right on its theatre fully and satisfactorily, to be entitled to the best earnest hereafter. Nothing else can answer, as nothing else is a test. Every base of ill feelings, and will, and all malign influences, must be removed from the world, at the instance of rational religion that commands the moral intellect of mankind. When any world-citizen talks of religion, he can only speak, write, think of and act on rational religion, and if he be not strictly truthful and honest, he cannot start on more


than the God-given elements of religion that all rational minds have as creation-gifts, but which he has most basely perverted.

He must ever stick until he speaks the truth, and acts honestly for ever. Now what is the state of all peculiar faiths ? Not a particle of truth is in their first or last points. What others they have, they have smuggled and embezzled. They will have to disgorge all their infamous plagiaries and larcenies.

Rational religion improves on her virtues, while peculiar faith holds to her odious and exploded vices and crimes, sinking lower to her lowest depths. The progress of rational religion in America, will prove the gratefulness to the winners of pure govern

The vipers of atheism and polytheism bite a file when they assail monotheism, rational, the only religion. Can monotheism make the perfect gentleman, the accurately religious, the best aspirant to immortal fruition? Can it cause the enactment of perfect justice, to the absent? Who are the dignitaries of the land? Those who have the dignity of rational mind. Those who honor self-respect of mind, their word, obligation, honor and life, above all, religion rational. With them, the whole world adopting conservative principles, the details settle themselves. With them, truth and honesty are matters of habit as they are settled principles.

Rational religion requires the world, mankind to act so as to make every day as a holiday, every thought, word, and deed, winged messengers of future joy. The highest exercise of mind on earth, is the consummation of rational religion.

If a man die in his sins, he will be damned, say the peculiar faith bibles. What sins ? Because he does not believe the rickety sophists, the priestocracy? Now rational religion inculcates the highest legitimate actions, words and thoughts with the best appreciation of nature's laws, God's laws, as the right position when carried out on the chastest taste legitimately furnished.

All others are false.

But for religion there would be no consummation of virtue, of conservative principles, to keep all in abeyance, &c. By the wisdom of rational religion, the world has due respect to innocence of mind that is as bold as truth, that is the boldest yet the most modest. She teaches the world not to contravene the customs of nature and nature's laws, but those of erroneous man not in abeyance to rationality. There can be nothing more of a dignitary on earth, than a perfect monotheist.


PECULIARITY in faith, hope, &c. necessarily condemns all such, God's attributes being universal in their power, indite universal character, authority, faith, and all essential principles, and stamp their universal acceptance to all rational minds.

Peculiarity of faith, then, is originated by mortals in bad faith, is inconsistent with God's universal attributes, is basely unjust, and must meet with universal reprobation and rejection by all rational and enlightened minds.

Mind of rational beings is universal, and takes cognizance of universality as legitimate when Deity is considered, and worth of mind is assessed.

Reason, not tradition, takes proper cognizance of God's works, that universally speak to mind.

Faith and hope can only refer to God through mind, most reasonably, truthfully and honestly.

Tradition, then, does not embrace nor cover time and space, clearly proving its untenable position, that reason amply supplies in eternity universally over time.

What can reason say for man's resurrection?
All that can be said in truth on this earth.

What can tradition do for that, anterior to its cognizance? Tradition must fall or imposition to affect any knowledge beyond this world.

The way to meet this question truly is to be prepared to meet the Author of creation by the best course of life to God and man.

Reason can say, and sincere and faithful minds must abide her supreme decision, that the resurrection of man is certainly in the right hands, those of his Immortal Creator only, who is sublimely omnipotent in man's creation in the endowing the attributes of mind.

Where is proof direct of any resurrection on this earth? Is any recorded, that will pass the ordeal of an enlightened mind, capable of justice ?

Will any honorable court of conscience authorize the faith of reason in any resurrection days after death, which must prove conclusively, all it can prove, its immediate execution ?

It is the highest proof to see the defenders of any such doctrines avoid the condemnation, by shirking the main questions, the proof of authenticity of all the bibles. The balance are of no consequence now.

Was Christ's resurrection proved, when no positive proof is exhibited of his body being positively in the sepulchre, when the door was sealed? How can we take that for granted ?

No court of justice will affirm that much, when dissolution proves the immediate departure of the spirit from the body.

Who does not wish to stop the father and mother of base superstition, sophistry?
Kill that, and the world-monster is dead.
To do so, give mind its legitimate triumph.

In the name of God of the universe, let not minds, aspiring to be enlightened in a free world, suffer themselves misled by such base superstition.

It will be an everlasting disgrace to freemen of the world, if intelligent, who are prepared to accept such humbuggery, the offcast of a degraded part of the globe.

Natural phenomena being most obscurely appreciated in the dark ages of the world, the mere imposition and pretence to miracles, divination, divine inspiration and prophecy were assumed in all the circles of priestocracy through mythology.

All their bibles are those of mythology, while the bible of rational mind espouses the only true principles of rational religion.

After all the pretended objections to science and philosophy in faith, how can they be dispensed with by the wisest, who seek a full knowledge of natural phenomena as essential to combat successfully all the difficulties of ignorance, error and prejudice, backed by bigotry.

The fault is in the people, who are humbugged about peculiar faith and all its peculiar frauds, when they can master the powers to control the degradation of their own



The veils of the future are a bliss bestowed on mind for the best of purposes, for man's own internal peace, constituted as he is by emotions in regard to death, hope and fear for punishments, and the penalties for improper transgressions. If mind take cognizance of this subject rightly, the world that is so much disturbed by the Romanist view will be at rest.

That view is a very slavish doctrine of mind. The universal Creator has cognizance and exclusive power over natural phenomena, and these he has subjected to conservative principles that represent him, both unchangeable. To reverse them, or execute miracles would be a change of himself, an impossibility in his immutability, and be the God of the universe ; also unsafe, inexpedient, unwise and unnecessary, for all wise minds, in the dignity of philosophical science, recognise his supremacy best by their consummation in the universe. No one but impostors on the best rights and interests of the community of the world could seek to perpetrate such degraded frauds, under the assumption of peculiar faith, as none but the Creator can have any power at all on the phenomena of creation, and no worthy member of society can put forth any pretension to appropriate more than what mortals universally have. Every man in his own mind well knows how incapable and incompetent mortals are to perform one single function of a miracle.

The whole constitutes false pretences, and the most wicked humbugs of the world. If peculiar faith had not been stilted on such, it could not have breathed at


time. While the world may have to deplore past transgressions of the degraded impostors, it has to exert its most intellectual exertions from being the dupe and transgressor in turn, lest it make itself the curse and laughing-stock of posterity.

The reverse of principles implies miracles, or destructive negative qualities, the exercise of which, not understood by man presuming to chronicle God's government, impeaches at once wisdom and creative attributes.

The fair creation is often read with error, if not with impiety, the necessary and inevitable result of all systems of peculiar faith, that mislead from the only True One, recognising the unity of an Immortal Supreme, as those systems produce a constant sophistry, that mislead from truth and beget bigotry in their followers, antagonism if not contempt of the rest of the world for all such, and a culpable indifference to the requisitions of what is genuine and most worthy.

Baffled forever and entirely exploded are the tenures of those supposed strongholds if the zealot will persist in asserting them. He has to learn that miracles cannot pos

sibly exist before the light of mind, as they are now forever superseded by a knowledge of natural phenomena. They are all as baseless as the peculiar faith that originated them. All such are false and foul pretences.

Miracles have never existed. Their record has ceased, because popular ignorance has abated.

A recent sect, the Mormons, as preceding ones, tried miracles, but they could not flourish in this or any enlightened age.

Then the age or authority the more affecting religion, mind, highest duty, the more disgraceful, and is impeached forever, that does assert, much less propagate, the doctrine of miracles, that always derogate from God's divinity and perfection.

Baffled to the last points in the category and links of corruption, the zealot refers to prophecies.

But here he is estopped by the undeniable fact, that time is God's only true prophet, and most benevolent at that, in only disclosing fast enough for man's good and feelings ; hence prophecies are a libel on God's attribute of benevolence, to say nothing of the blasphemy of the false pretence.

The priests' God is not the God of the universe, painted as he is in false colors, and indebted to the priests' miracles, prophecies, enigmas and mysteries.; of course the doctrine has to be dismissed as that of superstition. The talisman of science, the sceptre of the true God of the universe, silences not only the priests, but their god, all very corrupt and bloody, wrathful, and worst of all, a very changeable being.

Baffled to the last, with consummate impudence, arising in ignorance and bigotry, he refers to peculiar faith, mysteries, and enigmas; and fearful of not escaping if located on earth, he puts them in other regions.

But God made the universe, and wrote down all the characteristics with his own hand of electricity, all readable in simple appreciation as far as needed; of course, then, no mysteries but to ignorance.

The faith that reaches God is only the faith of reason, that can go no farther. Any other than rational faith is credulity, dependent on false positions and interpretations.

When God speaks to man he uses plain facts.

Priestocracies use mysteries, and veil them in enigmas, which the experience of best histories incontrovertibly proves impostures.

The mystery turns out a simple duty, that honest minds appreciate. The enigma or mysterious revelation of priests is needed to have that guessed at which proper sense tells straight forward, unless arrested by the trick and cruelty of the interlopers, who want pay or power for interpretation.

The cobwebs of the dark ages, and their darker workers, all the sphinxes, must be swept away forever and at once, as dangerous to the rights and morals of mind.

But reason is not the coin used by absolutism. That did not aspire to all the best means on earth. It affected to be divine, so miscalled, to maintain itself. All that are on the right side can well show it. All are meant, that their own position proves. The history is too plain to mistake absolutism for aught but an enemy to the rights of mind,

All are acquitted that reason acquits.

Absolutism, then, does not refer to reason, but to faith. How comes faith of any peculiar character ?

It is the faith only of absolutism, that carries its point by the bayonet, or by malign sophistry.

But it is asserted to be the faith of the bible. So much the worse! It is corruption the blackest, that fawns on absolutism, unprincipled, and acting in the worst of bad faith. Faith, then, means any and every thing that credulity chooses to believe, and absolutism dictates.

But the degraded sycophancy of the world, that clings to the casts-off of sophistry, assumes that miracles have ceased, as if ever performed in good faith, or otherwise than by jugglery, legerdemain, or ventriloquism.

The miserable imposition is on the present mind, as if such things ever did take place, and never emanated from a lying priestocracy, always intent on popular deception for their own immediate emolument. Kings and priests have combined, and succeeded in deceiving the world.

Whoso propagates such sophistry is responsible for the frauds thereby committed ; but what do an unprincipled priestocracy care for all if they can escape detection?

Every agent and preacher who help to propagate these doctrines are morally guilty of crime, high treason, and perjury.

Well can it be affirmed that miracles have ceased, because they never existed but in the brains of wiseacres, and the tongues and hands of pious knaves.

They only appear to cease, because stupid and blind ignorance, credulous of nonsense, has abated, and the phenomena of nature better understood by science.

Various hoaxes are often played now upon the people, and have been in every age, for all the seducing emoluments and gain to be derived therefrom.

The fact is, the people act their part too well in this senseless imposition upon them.

They are the dupes, so intended, to obtain from them their invaluable treasures of mind, to reach those of their pockets.

Will they be sold without redemption to such impostors; will they play their part in this iniquitous game, make senseless ignorance as culpable as unprincipled knavery, and worse than the deluded vulgar of more than eighteen centuries past; will they continue the currency of the base counterfeits, after being taught that this is spurious coin?

The people, if the subject be addressed successfully to their animal passions, fears, and ignorance, and most cunningly too, in the state of the conscience too often guilty, are ever credulous.

The other phenomena of bible of tradition-ethics, like that of the star locomotion in Christ's times, are more than remarkable, beyond any credence of rational faith. The canopy of heaven is naught but thin atmosphere; beyond, are the hosts of bodies of the universe.

Nothing but meteors pass on or near the earth, and they are projectiles of volcanoes, more or less, if solid.

The success of these abuses, indoctrinating the credulous part of the world into pretended miracles, brings forward unlimited faith-perversions.

The peculiar doctrines of Judaism, originating from eastern peculiarities, without doubt, most probably from Chaldea, where astronomy was cultivated, and priestocracy predominated, was the peculiar mother of a prolific offspring, the end of which is not yet.

On that arose Christianity, with her hundreds of divisions. On these two arose Mahomedanism, with its sects. Again, in these latter days, has been thereunto added the Mormon peculiarity.

The others, older sisters of superstition, desire to disown her, but the sisterhood is indelibly established, and what is a good ear-mark, they are all pagan, a foul crowd.

The priority of age is nothing at all in all such faiths; the characteristic superiority is in successful sophistry.

The world has to be deceived into its deception. “The greatest art is to conceal the art."

If the Mormons spoke with new tongues, what else could Christians expect, whose master asserted that “these signs shall follow them that believe."

Although hundreds of Mormons might have sworn and perjured themselves, that their prophet did not die without resurrection to them, still all their miracles and pious frauds fell still-born on the intelligent, for want of an ignorant age.

If intelligence heeded the Mormons, it was only perverted, as in all systems of miracle faith, by hope of rewards.

In what respect, then, are the Mormons less than their other peculiar faith brethren of the world?

But the greatest miracle is, it is surprisingly strange that the people, sovereigns as they are of mind and its cultivation, of the mastery of thought, should permit themselves to be led about by a few characters, as if a mighty elephant governed by his keepers, with this difference, that the elephant only succumbs to his friend the keeper, whereas the people succumb to masters alienated to their true interests, else the priests have no concert of action, and do not know what they are about.

Where is mind all this time, asleep or infatuated ?

The miracles are mockeries and trifles, not fit for children ; when the author is most wanted now, in time and space, he is not present, nor are his memorials, through his works, before us to represent him to the satisfaction of mind, honesty, and reason. Miracles cannot elucidate for mind, that looks for reason. Miracles are not rational.

But God's works are always before us, day and night, material and spiritual, that shame into confusion the impostors.

Miracles cannot be when the word of God comes through science, his messenger, that can only expose usurpations and monopolies, that are always jealous of talents and virtue in opposition, as all such rest on a false base, and never can be safe while reason and mind can combat them.

When phenomena are offered to our respectable credence, then they must be analogous to what reason requires, as philosophy teaches. All phenomena are for the five senses to recognise, that all refer to reason, and faith through reason.

The natural causes must be rightly traced, and none assigned that are not supported by nature's facts.

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