God will assert his claims exclusively through reason's presidency. A rational system of religion must be maintained for right action and proper good deportment, for social and the world's good, extended to the greatest numbers, the whole.

The whole ethics of the world must be rational to be best accommodated to the wants of mind.

Let rational sense, truth and honesty forever preside at the world's theatre.

Man, as born a helpless infant, ignorant of the wiles of mind perverted and corrupt, subject to evil communications, the poisons of miserable and degraded education, abiding errors of ignorance and customs, misguided teachings of dotards and pretenders, invaluable time lost, eternal truths never attained, concealed or mistaught, all the dangers of temptation to ills and evils only known by physical ruin and despotic tyrannical habits, must have a proper code for the family altar, to the boldest consummation of true faith, the exertions of genius, and the happiest attainments of philosophy. His mind should be duly balanced, and his happiness best promoted by all the fundamental principles that can glorify his perfect Creator.

Then an enlightened conscience, the possession of all civilized beings, taught the ethics inherent to human nature and its best condition, reflecting the best lights of the age, will continue to bless mind's fruition. Rational education of all the nations of the world should be universal, and have the proper scope to all this for its full comprehension, that all may be justly dealt with and advanced to the legitimate elevation of mind.

But one true system of religion can stand all proper tests and satisfy mind, that is supreme in vital religion, as all proper principles direct a certain and unmistakable education for mind's present good and future happiness.

This question will bring the people of all faiths to a right solution, as there can be but one true faith resulting on inherent elements.

No system of faith can restrain the spirit of the wilderness unless sane by mind's civilization.

The mighty cities of the earth have even their dark and criminal corners and circles as well as the country, all amenable to mind's correction.

The only saving faith is that resting on the right foundation, and directing in the right way. Mind of civilization must do that. The rights of reason are to be heard when faith speaks.

“ Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen,” says one of the bibles of miracles, prophecies, and mysteries.

But seen or not seen, reason guides the mind to the adoption of all faith on a right basis, else insanity and untruth would be the basis, and all tuition would be the quintessence of sophistry.

This position defines itself on truthful testimony properly endorsed.

Enlightened mind in its utmost sincerity must assert for its best good, that its purest allegiance is all due exclusively to the exclusive Author and Creator of all. His creation can never be misunderstood by mortals observing and reflecting on his works.

Who, under the influence of such undeniable proof, can reverence any dogma of man for a day, or even an hour.

The constitutional organization of a rightly balanced mind causes it to reject all dogmas, to recognise and analyze eternal truths and principles, and as a faithful sentinel to the citizens of the globe, it is bound not to stifle conscience for its own sake, or for the little lucre of the moment, custom blind, deceitful, erratic, blundering, and hurtful, or the more attractive emoluments through the rubbish of life.

The Immortal and Supreme Being needs no service but pure and unadulterated ways, honorable and just, that honor mind and must honor God.

With this basis, actions, words, and thoughts, with the right direction, are of rightful benefit, be they as humble as the modest flower “ that blooms unseen, and wastes its sweetness on the desert air.

No species of idolatry, no man or mortal-worship, deludes the just man's devotions.

To God Almighty alone, as due, they are purely paid, the holy and only confessor, to reform on the past, to improve for the future.

The just man opens his mind to wisdom, his acts to virtue, his duty with his fellow man, his religion with his God. He knows no priest nor bible of tradition preaching. He commences with God, who is unchangeable, and commenced with his mind. He holds himself responsible to the progress of amendment, and renders social virtues to man ; building his actions on the best foundations.

He looks upon truth as ever essential to his actions, that they may be rightly endowed with honesty.

His acts are fundamentally right, as his intentions are the elements of his happiness and fruition.

His deeds rebuke mortals who come short of duty, curtailing their manliness and capacity, their best titles and hopes, acting unwisely in seeking shadows, wofully missing the substance in their immediate circle.


With such a code, rational religion, or monotheism, unavoidably arises—it is utterly impossible for the people to think on this subject, without becoming rational religionists

—that is most plain. There can be only polytheism, atheism, and monotheism, all defining accurately the points of faith. The first is absurd, the second incredible, and the last indispensable and unavoidable, the right concession to the majesty of God. Many have decided against the gods of Christianity, Judaism, and all other peculiar faiths, most conscientiously, as unsuitable for the universe or this world, but lose themselyes in the vacuum of a faith having no fixed principles; whereas they all must look to themselves all the time of consciousness, as most responsible for due observance of all conservative principles, if they in good faith invoke the God of those principles, as their God and Supreme Ruler.

If they grapple to his principles, before religion can be thrown, the universe dependent on them will also fall, and this at once destroys all Messiahships ; for conservation of the universe embraces this as only a part of the mighty creation. Such botches have been all messiahship tinkers, that they could not analyze the first principles of the universe, much less mind. Eternal infamy is their portion, with all their pious fraudis.

Most of those enlightened minds that are up to the light of reason, philosophical, not sophist, whether invoked to the investigation of Judaism, Christianity, Mahometanism, morinonism, or refined paganism, must be considered indifferent to all these existent partial and peculiar systems of faith, yet have no system perfected in general to concentrate their energies in proper union and strength.

The system of monotheism must be the only rational code, and deep be the sins of any peculiar faith-doctrine vassals that seek to set it aside, seeing that all else is a blank, that wise men will not deny and good men will deprecate.

Let not the want of union and knowledge exclude conservative principles, and the injunction of duty.

The insurance to the whole world, of the only beneficial code, depends on individual exertions, most important and essential for a right start and permanent action in life. Man owes it to himself and world, fellow citizens, to select the right code.

Of course reason and mind are to be warred upon, tortured and silenced down by brute force or sophistry, the arms of absolutism in all her disguises.

They are not to be heard, for that is a loss forever to false rule and usurped power.
Does the world need a moral or intellectual light?
How can it obtain it, but by mind and reason?

Let mortals know their right, and do their whole duty, as the unchangeable requirement of God, of mind, that is only responsible.

Reason is God's favorite ; analysis and analogy her assistants. When such are absent there can be no truthful faith, for there can be no reasonable basis.

There can be none totally exempt from sin, none sanctified ; but the best state is the least sin while life lasts. God's forgiveness of sins may ensue by appropriate action of the delinquents, but all can only live improving the proper insurance on enlightened principles. In this there can be no mistake.

. God alone can only appreciate man in all his vicissitudes, and aid him best by his Providence Universal.

To inspire the right faith in belief, reason must inspire the world with wisdom, else the effect is only transitory and evanescent.

All previous modes of peculiar worship being destitute of all such elements, will finally yield to the noble impulses of mind.

Even fashion and custom must be upheld by reason, or time will efface them.

If we give up the faith of reason and rational mind, we have to submit to all the abominable doctrines of the peculiar faith of superstition.

All the codes for a bible but those founded on reason ought to be immediately abolished by all reasonable and cultivated intellects, in their mental appreciation, which decides them all nonsense, if not nuisances. Mind that is rational must not only abjure, reject, and discard all the bibles of tradition as the most insidious fabrications, made as a conspiracy against the best rights of mind, but impeach all, as most demoralizing and treacherous to the majesty and dignity of God Almighty.

We all need the highest order of intellectual and moral religion, that disseminates itself in civilization.

Our faith must be liberal, however incomprehensible the principles of the universe, and modestly in accordance with reason that recognises inherent actions.

We have to be modest, and advance on the modest steps of reason.
We can know of no revelation, but through rational mind.

What an insult to cultivated intellect, to be asked its faith in such legends as bibles of tradition give us? Intellect recoils indignantly, at the proposition.

The necessary result will be forever, under the circumstances, of freemen not exercising their own judgment of mind in matters of faith, but go back to customs of ages, where pretenders and their minions acted most insidiously, that idol-worship will be at one point, man-worship at the other, of the whole globe. At the best, it will be hard for all such Jesuitical belief to die, most difficult to be killed off. Who can separate faith from reason and mind for his idol, is prepared for treason to human nature.

The noblest faith is obtained by the noblest reason.

Name principles to a monotheist, and he will feel himself bound to them, as others by law, for religion.

Rationality is the motto, that takes precedence of all low, vulgar proceedings. You are a member of society, and must pay a reciprocal obligation. The highest is through religion. I do not believe in man's bible, but the world must adhere to what protects mankind universally. Before any talk of having rational improved religion, they must show the essential constituents, truth and honesty, or there is no rational religion there. All have the elements of religion, but all do not make it rational. Peculiar faith just reverses and lies to get in, and all the time injuring all the elements of religion. Rational religion will answer for the death bed. It is the only religion, and can sustain the departing soul ; who, as rational, must know all that is essential and beneficial.

The uniform protection to society is rational religion. The world and society are bound, in all the highest obligations, to act up to all its requisitions. As you seek all the benefits of society, you are bound to all for the best return. The nearer the world becomes one general commonwealth or common weal, the nearer perfection will be monotheism, the highest dignitary of all on earth, next to rational mind.

Mere atheists cannot speculate on the existence of a God, without feeling the necessity of having the full benefits of his providence in this world, the providence of conservation.

It does matter for every principle of humanity, that correct doctrines should be brilliantly illuminated by righteous actions, else man is a brute without innate organs of a soul approaching the Almighty, this is his earthly history in all ages and with all professions.

It is horrible to contemplate the bane of society; predicated on no comprehensive universal accountability. Atheism does that; and polytheism is a bigot to as miserable doctrines.

All reason and philosophy must plead for chance as effectually as the best doctrine of design, as mere names are nothing.

Man is clearly to all observant and reflective minds, held amenable and accountable in the circle of the universe, that could not be a universe, if not governed by the fixed principles that God ordained for universal conservation, physically, morally and religiously.

Man has ample free-agency of mind, that renders him justly accountable for the violation of these principles, beyond which he cannot go.

God's splendid works prove themselves by their government.

How false to society are all that pretend to believe in no accountability of mind, as they affect that man's life is mere animal existence; but rational mankind has innate faculties of religion that a mere brute has not, then that proves the supreme obligation of a supreme adoration and accountability to God, if not, the brute equals the man who acknowledges no innate responsive principles. Such people are grossly, blindly ignorant, or monomaniacs.

Many die without fear or reproach, believing in the God of the universe, and yet the preachers, divines we hear they are called, libel them at death!

Is this the way the noble question of religion is to be met? Sure the way that it is met, proves conclusively that “ all the divines" are utterly vanquished.

Why do they not meet this question as men? They ignorantly and unprincipledly give them no credit for rational religion.

The preachers and priests affect all the time to persuade men about their souls, and

yet are afraid for the people to discuss this on free, rational and enlightened inquiry. This bigotry cuts short religion. They denounce beforehand, all works that inquire thereof!

Priests and preachers that assume to dictate about men's souls, will be deeply accountable for their errors. If they had a rational claim, they would submit it at once to rational mind. But what do they care for all that?

Are any of them mentally responsible? Who believes that? The world must have no divine rights of absolutism, kings or priests, but all divine rights of the people, and those alone next to God's alone.

Wise systems of education and laws of social benefits, are those of man, whose interest is thus best subservient where it approaches nearest these principles.

The world must look at all such as making one mighty system of unity for mind, its true conservative position, and not let mere feelings and emotions in errors of education and prejudices mislead, but consider what safely address existence in all ages.

But here is a waste, where no code exists. Surely it is right that aid of the right kind should be administered for universal safety, to put mind on a higher system that honors its nature and character. The wise institution of universal principles must exclude sectarianism, in all its inconsistencies.

But sectarians object to rational religion as leading to deism, that is, it leads the people away from their flagrant errors. No matter where it leads, if deism or all advocated be truth. But that destroys the bibles of tradition. That is right, if they be the gods of idolatry that prevent sight of truth, facts and rational faith, or the banks of false pretences. No matter what is destroyed, if such bibles, if connected, as all are, with untruth and crime so universal, promoting the distrust and disunion of a peaceful world that learns to hate with a peculiar hate on the peculiar basis of sectarianism. The nearest approach to Deity is through deism, Monotheism ; all others are gross and vulgar departures therefrom. What an outrageous abuse of Deists!

Why is this? Instead of the priestocracy concocting this abomination, they would learn wisdom and truth from their position, and instead of reading out of a book written by priestocracies for their unholy purposes, they had better read out of the universe created for God's holiness and soul's happiness. All trinitarians view God as an imperfect being. When we get to the Great First Cause, we get to humility that teaches mind its moral obligations ! Our moral obligations are derived from the laws that rule

Man was created for rational purposes. Monotheism willingly audits the pretensions of atheism as polytheism, that the wide world may be best enlightened on all relative claims. She is after truth, and fears no triumph of all such under this luminous banner.

My objection to polytheism and atheism applies to their pretence of principles; they have no principles.

What is the weak point in polytheism? They are all weak and rotten, having no foundation. The people of each audience ought in self-defence, in their rights of mind, to say to the preachers, declare the substantial proof or stop, be silent. What shall we do with the literature, as Milton and Shakespeare, all the poetry? Let the modern go as the ancient. Homer was the prince of such in his days, now it is as all are, romance and fiction. Truth must take precedence of fiction and poetry. Monotheism is not appreciated, as the ancients had no advocates. No ancient Monotheists? Where was Socrates ? He had an accompanying demon, ordered the sacrifice of a cock to Æsculapius, and composed poetry in praise of Diana and Apollo. Where was Plato ? Part of his metaphysics, and that of the Brahmin's and Bhuddhist's, make up that of the western Bhuddhist's, the christians. Where is Confucius ? His went to the state faith of China, with spirits, the emperor for high priest. Where is the Indian's great spirit? Debauched by his imposing priestocracy. Monotheism has none of man's devices from imperial pontiffs down to any intriguing priestocracy. Emperors of Russia and China, Papa of the Greek faith, Pope of Rome, Lama of Thibet, the world priestocracy, do not help keep up the world cheat about faith not for your Creator, religion, the best good of mankind, but put away your false pretences, base, bad faith, absolutism, priestocracy, sworn enemies of mind's dignity, worth, independence, the value of the immortal soul that has to work out its own eternal problem. The only way to do it rightly, is the comprehensive solution of the whole problem. Rational mind demands exclusion of all peculiar views in religion, to establish universal principles for the whole world. The general welfare of all mankind is on living principles, not on exploded notions of dead bibles, or of the brief authority of man assuming faith to sustain his empire over the superstitious minds thus defrauded.

As to bullying proscriptions of church bible views against Monotheists, that is all wind-gas. Numbers only make many things tolerable, that of themselves are most contemptible and iniquitous.



Polytheists as atheists, are all equal to monomaniacs, they lack reason but have faith, the very thing the monomaniacs have. All bigots deal in faith, the counterfeit in religion, which is the highest duty to God and man, the quintessence of sublimest justice obligatory on all rational minds.

The polytheists and atheists might preach their lifetime, and not teach Monotheism, not the first point in God's word, cause and effect. Monotheism reflected through cause and effect, is for the world mankind to read. Everything that the priestocracy have done in their province, has detracted as far as in them lay from the providence of the Almighty. Instead of God's creation being remodeled, all was the miserable fixture of the priestocracy, whose after-knowledge kills them so dead with honest, truthful analysts, that they cannot breathe one breath more of libel on God the Creator.


The Almighty of Monotheism originated all of universal motion that is identified with time, beyond which the human mind cannot take cognizance. The atheist may rely on the position that matter cannot be added to nor diminished, created or annihilated, therefore it was in existence all the time from eternity.

Several points of profound inquiry necessarily arise, in this interesting subject. It is easy to contemplate matter as now presented, different from that anterior to its elaboration. Now it is nature bedecked in beauty and usefulness, then it was disjunct from that state, Time is a relative state of orb-motion compared with the self-existence of the Almighty, with whom neither time nor periods of eternity apply. If both are durations of motion, as the terms imply, time being intrinsic to our planet or other orbs of the universe, eternity that of the Creator, then God is almighty compared to each. He was independent absolutely of all universe motion or time, and is characterized by eternity that precludes mind's investigation.

God's creation of something in the form of matter wherewith the universe was created, transcends the wishes of atheists. Now where are the properties, attributes, functions and principles of matter of this universe, that premises subsequent motion to eternity ?

These are, if anything, still superior questions, to the creation of mere plastic matter.

The philosopher now speaks of nature with all her essential properties, and considers, most properly, that her matter cannot be diminished or added to, for the universe is perfect and independent of addition or diminution, neither can it be annihilated, as God's conservative principles are eternal protectors for its conservation.

The matter that was in existence from all eternity necessarily refers anterior to creation, the time when universe motion began; then matter is originated by Deity for creation that informs mind through time, its integral measurer, of the Almighty elaboration, the magnificent effect the result of supreme and anterior causes. The lines and outlines of demarcation for the universe intrinsically, are too distinctly drawn to deny its creation, for pro-creation necessarily results itself the effect of creation that as all, must be universal, not peculiar. Time, the definer of universe-motion, is a demonstration.

Geology defines the bold outlines of creation, and characterizes them by universal epochs. This whole category of matter the first, applies most definitely to the Almighty, whose perfect functions, attributes and principles, are supremely displayed in the universe, and proclaim his eternity pre-eminently his.

If the atheist presumes to go beyond creation, he presumptuously essays more than universe, and assumes to affect cognizance of questions most abstract, not pertaining to mind's province, but Deity's organization, the data of which cannot be entrusted to that of mortal organization. They cannot both breathe the same intellectual atmosphere. To affirm that eternity should be identified with the universe, is to manufacture dictionaries as bibles, not subservient, but dictators to rational mind.

It becomes all rational minds to investigate properly all questions expedient, and take nothing for granted not in unison with truth and rationality. It has always to abide principles, and abjure all doctrines, no matter how, deemed orthodox, that do not accord therewith.

To let the atheist's metaphysics that refer to matter beyond Deity, a veiled speculation, be self-confuted, if we grant that matter was in existence, how can you get without the Great First Cause, soul or supreme intelligence, the beautiful and systematic organization of matter that moves with such mathematical precision, sublime adjustment, ultimate exactness and certainty? No such mass of matter could organize itself in harmony and symmetrical arrangements, from the magnitude of the mighty spheres of space to the minuteness of the atom, beyond either of which, mind created

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