N publishing this volume we make no apology for its appearance among so many similar books now in the market. We believe there is a demand for it in the place it attempts to supply. Some features are novel. Many selections are new; others are old and standard. We invite a careful examination of the class of pieces employed, their arrangement under the fourteen divisions, the Diagram of the Elements of Vocal Expression, and the Indices to Readings from Shakespeare, the Bible, and the Hymn-books.

The pieces have been selected with regard to their literary merit and their adaptation to elocutionary purposes. The book contains only those selections which, if correctly delivered, will prove entertaining and instructive as public and private readings. The fourteen classes or divisions are comprehensive, covering the entire range of thought, and at once indicate the character of the selections placed under them. To be sure, many shades of sentiment often occur in one piece; but it is believed that each selection, as a whole, is correctly classified, so that the classification will be a safe guide to the pupil. The Diagrams of the Principles, which are based upon the philosophy of Dr. James Rush, will prove valuable to any student of the art of expression, but they are intended more particularly to assist our own pupils in the interpretation and correct reading of the contents of this volume, and also to accompany "Fulton and Trueblood's New Chart of the Principles of Expression." The Indices are a feature

which has not, we believe, been presented in any other book of readings. By them we are enabled to use a wide field of matter without reprinting so much that is already published in a cheap form and is universally accessible. In short, the book is intended for use in our growing profession, in social and reading circles, and in schools and colleges; and we leave it upon its own merits to find its proper place in public favour.

In compiling we have drawn from a number of sources, all of which have, in some form, been duly recognized. We here acknowledge our indebtedness for the valuable criticisms and suggestions of the Rev. Henry N. Hudson, the well-known Shakespearian, who has revised and approved the selections, and has himself furnished some of them, and has also superintended and corrected the printing throughout; which of itself should be endorsement enough to satisfy the most critical.

We also wish to acknowledge the courtesy extended to us by the following well-known publishing firms in allowing us the use of selections of which they hold the copyright: — D. Appleton & Co., New York; Clark & Maynard, New York, S. C. Griggs & Co., Chicago; Harper Brothers, New York; Houghton, Mifflin, & Co., Boston; J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia; Robert Clark & Co., Cincinnati.

July 24, 1884.


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