Puller, Mr. Joho, obituary of, 363 God, reference of the Jews for the
Future suffering, whether it be ne- naine of, (note,) 23, 109, 157.
cessary ? 15, 97, 283, 389, 533 Omnipotence of, 289,

Gorton's, Mr., theory of the genealo-

gies of Christ, recommended to the
attention of the Editors of the Bri.

tish Critic, 29. Inquiry whether
Galatians v. 2, notes on,

734 Mr. Gorton's Work has been noticed
Gale, Dr., a Trinitarian,
712 in any of the Reviews,

G, B, W: on the Somerset and Dor- Greek Article, on a canon of criti-
set Unitarian Association Half-

cism relatiog to the,

yearly Meeting, 135, 303, 484, Grepus, The Advocate, bis attack on
630. On Dr. Priestley's opinion the Genevese clergy, 6. Notice of,
of future sufferings, 389. His ac-


count of the Western Unitarian So- Grundy, the Rev, J., tribute of re-
ciety Anniversary, 484. On the

spect to,

papers of Philadelphirs, relating to
future punishment,

General Baptist Aanual Association,

General Baptist Assembly Anniver. H. on the bigotry of the Home Mis-
sary, 316,
365 sivnary Magazine,

Geneva, a summary of the theolo- Haldane, Robert, Esq., lis proceed.

gical controversies which of late ings at Geneva, 4. Defence of,
years have agitated the city of, 467. Extracts from his “Evi-
by M.J.J. Chenevière, Pastor and dence and Authority of Divine Re-
Professor of Divinity. -Introduc- vclation," ib. Mistake of Dr. J.
tion, 1. First symptoms of pertar-, P. Smith's relative to,

bation, 2. Regulation for the gui. Hale, Judge, on Dissenters' mar.
dance of all the theological students, riages,

ib. Regulation of the 3rd of May, "Hall's Memoirs of Toller, Dr. Evans's
1817, 4. Successive attacks on

strictures on, 83. Review of, 175, 229
the pastors of, 6. Testimonies of Hamilton, Miss Margaretta, obituary
t'esleem and confidence given to the of,

clergy, 8. M. Malan, 65, 324,407, Hancox, Mr. Joseph, obituary of, 302
3*518, 664, 668. Methodism'appre. HARDING, Mr., on a letter from Joha

ciated, 129. Conclusion, 132. Es- Lowden, a Muggletonian, lo a
tablishment of a literary censorship clergyman iu Sassex, 37. His re-
in, 188, Dr. J.P. Smith in reply commendation of the proposed new
to Professor Chenevière, on the Chapel at Sbecrness,

late theological controversies at, HARRIS, Mr., his addition to the ac-
321, 404, 464, 520. Mr. Bakewell count of the second Anniversary of
ou the state of morals aud religion the Moor Lane Society, Bolton, 376
at, in reply to the letters of Dr. J. Harrowby, Lord, his speech in favoar

P. Smith, 513, 593, 661, 739. Dr. of the Unitarians' Marriage Bill, 245
4. J.P. Smith's rejoinder to Mr. Bake- Hartley, Dr., extract from his Trea-

well's remarks on the late tbeolo- tise on Man, 284. His letter to his
gical controversies at, 668, 735, 738 sister,

Gentleman's Magazine, obituary of

Heathen tolerátion,

Mr. Jobn Simco, from the, 181. Helon's Pilgrimage to Jerusalew, re-
Annual report of ilre Royal Society

of Literature, from the,

510 Hendersou's, Dr., renunciation of his
Germany, reformation of Jewish wor. connexion with the Bible Society,
ship in,

510 121. His. Appeal to the Members
Gerson, Chancellor, anecdote of, 626 of the British and Foreigo Bible
Gibbon's Memoirs of Dr. Watts, ex-" Society, on the Subject of the
tract from, (note,)


Turkish New Testament, printed at
GIFFORD, CAPTAIN, on Bishop Bur. Paris in 1819, reviewed,

marks on,


gess's late speech in Parliament on Heresy, correspondence on a charge

ihe Unitarians' Marriage Bill, 345 of, against Sir Rose Price, Bart.,
Glasgow College, distribution of prizes 88,

ein, May 1, 1824,

510 Hesse-Darmstadt, instruction of the

Gnostics, a view of the principles of Hezekiah, the date, usually assigned

478 , as the period of the birth of, erro.


neous, 22.

of the,

Critical examination Hughes, Mrs. Anne, obituary of,

of the passage, 94. Application of Hughes, Mrs. Mare, fer protest
Isaiah ix. 6, 7, exclusively to,

223 against a paper on fnture punish-
Hicks, Elias, persccution of, by Ame- vient, 97. Reply to, 140.

rican Quakers, 544,

657 vindication of Peace-Societies, 324.
Hindooism and Trinitarian Christian-

On Unitarian education in Sunday.
ity kindred religions,
296 Schools,

Hiodoo Religion, Vindication of the, Hughes, Mrs. Mary, obituary of, 754

against the Attacks of. Christian Hughes, Rev, George, account of, 418

354 Hull, appeal on behalf of the Unita-
Hindoos, account of the holy books rian Society, assembling iu the
356 Chapel, Bowl-alley Lane,

Hints for Sunday Schools,

730 Hull, Lincoln, Doncaster and Thorne
Hints to Unitarians, in the Christian Unitarian Association Anniversary, 441
Disciple, (America,)

39 llumanitarian, explanation of the
History of the Irish Presbyterians, term,


705 Hylas, his obituary of Miss Marga.
H. M's lines occasioned by the con-

retta Hamilton, 693. His defence
troversy on the origin of evil, 43. of the Monthly Repository obituary
On the death of Lieutenant Hood,

44. His defence of metaphysical Hymns, 45,

studies, 268. His reply to difficul-
ties in the Unitarian scheme of


HOLDEN, Mr., bis account of the first 1. to N., a friendly correspondence,

Anniversary of the Tenterden Dis- 32, 34, *103, 104, 107, 161, 162,
trict of the Kent and Sussex Unita- 163, 276, 334, 394, 458, 460, 601,
rian Christian Association, 376. Of 682, 714,

the Kent and Sussex Unitarian As- 1. H.'s obituary of Miss Hannah
sociation Anniversary, 429. His Whitehouse,

recommendation of the case of the Impolicy of prosecuting Unbelievers,
Unitarians at Biddenden,
572 the,

Holland, Lord, his speeches in favour India, restrictions on the press in, 55.
of the Unitarians' Marriage Bill,

Native memorial,

249, 309. His speech before the Ineffable' name of Jebovah, on the
Protestant Society for the Protec-

use of the, 23,

tion of Religions Liberty, 487 Inquiry on tire parable of Dires and
HOLLAND, Mr., his remarks on He. Lazarus,

lon's Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, 580 Inscriptions for the statue to the me-
Hollick, Mr. Jobn, obituary of, 481 mory of the late Duke of Kent, 98
Hollis, John, Esq., obituary of, 154 Instånce of the operation of the Test
Holy Alliance, hymn to thé,
45 and Corporation Acts,

Hoine Missionary Magazine, bigotry

INTELLIGENCE, 53, 117, 184, 240,
of the,

709 303, 365, 420, 484, 572, 630,698, 754
Homer's Iliad, B. i: v. 468; 'ex-

'Ireland and the Irish Church, state
456 of,

Hone, Mr. Joseph William, obituary Ireland, ecclesiastical intolerance in,

240 122, 124. Bill to enforce the resi:
Hood, Lieutenant, lines on the death

dence of the clergy iri, 125, 126.

Protestant bigotry in, 455. · Éccle-
Hooker's Discourse of Justification, siastical affairs of, 632. Resolutions
passage from,

739 of the Presbyterian (Seceding) Sy-
Horne, Mr.; vindication of Sir J. B. nod of, 699. Bible contest in, 721.

'Burges and Mr. Bellamy from the A scene of religious agitation, 758
censures of,

202 Irish Catholics Burial Bill, remarks
Horsfield's “ History and Antiquities on the, 315,

of Lewes and its Vicinity,” History Irish Catholics, resolutions at an ag.
of the Westgate (Presbyterian) gregate meeting of the,

Meeting-House, Lewes, from, 281 Irish Disseuters' Marriage Act, mi-
Hosmer, Mrs. Sarah, obituary of, 51 nule of proceedings on the, 314
Houlbrooke, Rev, Theophilus, obitu- Irish episcopal incomes,

116 Irish Presbyterians, history of the,
Howe, the Rev. Thomas, and' Lord 641, 705. Persecntion of, 'in the
Erskine, correspondence between, 409 reign of Charles I.,


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ary of,


Irish Quakers, orthodoxy of, 726 Oldbury Double Lecture Annirer-
Irving's “Oracles," strictures on, 30


Irving on a future state, remarks on, Jillard, Mr. Peard, obituary of, 112

215 J. M.'s obituary of Mr. William Rob.
Isaiah ix. 6, 7, remarks on, 21, 94,


223; xiv. 10, notes on,
75 Job vii, 1, notes on,

Itinerant preachers and stated minis. John xiv. 16, remarks on, 292; xix.

ters of congregations, the contrast 25, votes on, 733; xx. 31, notes

I.W.'s Summary of the Cornish Con- 1 John iv. 8, 16, notes on,

troversy, 151.

His censure of a Johns, Rev. J., his Funeral Discourse
pamphlet called “ The Unitarian for Mrs. Davy, reviewed,

Doctrine briefly stated,"

155 Johns, Rev. W., his account of the

establishment of Presbyterianism in


Johnston, Mrs. Mary, obituary of, 643
J.'s stanzas to the morning, 361 Johnston, Rev. Dr., obituary of, 569
James I., state of religion in Ireland Johnston, the Rev. Ebenezer, account
in the reign of,
641 of, (note,)

James II., his persecution of the Irish Jones, Dr. John, his remarks on the
Protestant Dissenters,

705 parable of Dives and Lazarus, 331.
J. D.'s obituary of Mrs. Maria Cross-

On Mark and Luke being the two

51 disciples that fled 10 Emmaus, 655.
Jefferson, Ex-President, his letter to His concise view of the evidence
Ex-President Adams,

328 which proves Philo and Josephus
Jesns Christ, Isaiah ix. 6, 7, totally to be historians and apologists of
inapplicable to, 21, 94, 223. Mr. Christianity,

Gorton's theory of the genealogies Jones, Mr. Edward, obituary of, 240
of, recommended to the attention of Jortin's, Dr., translation of some La-
the Editors of the British Critic, tin verses of,

29. Inquiry whether Mr. Gorton's Josephus, arguments for his being a
work relative to the genealogy of, Christian, 555, 7:22. Remarks on,
has been noticed in any of the Re- 612. Vindication of the disputed
views, 228. Scriptural divinity of, passage in, relating to Christ, 556
274. Sense in which his death Jowett's Collection of Original Melo-
was voluntary, 331. The divinity dies, reviewed,

of, suggested by Heathenism, in J. Pi's account of the formation of
order 10 account for his miracles, an Unitarian Association for Shrop-
and adopted by the Pagan philo-

shire, Cheshire and Staffordshire, 573
sopbers to set aside the truth of J. T.'s obituary of the Rev. William
his Gospel, 477. Proofs of the re- Christie, 363. His account of the
surrection and ascension of, 479. Welsh Únitarian Quarterly Meet.
Vindication of the genuineness of ing,

the disputed passage in Josephus J. T. R. on lines addressed to the
relating to,
556 Pope by Luther,

Jbvans, Mr., bis recommendation to

stationers and printers to undertake
an amended translation of the Bi.

ble, 81. His account of the succes.
sion of Presbyterian ministers at Kevnedy, Rev. James, obituary of, 628
Blox bain, 263. On Rom. viii. 9, Kenrick, Mrs. George, lines on the
that it refers to the iniraculous gifts death of, 563. Obituary of, 571
of the Spirit of God,

581 Kent and Sussex Unitarian Associa-
Jevons, Mrs. Hannah, Bransby's Ser. tion Anniversary,

mon on the Death of, reviewed, 692 Kent, the late Duke of, inscriptions
Jewish genealogies, query on,

228 for the statue to the memory of, 98
Jewish worship in Germany, refor- Kindness, reformation by means of,
mation of,
510 a story from life,

Jews in the United States, information Knowledge and belief-a distinction
respecting the, 118, 554,
665 of Mr. Sturch's,

J. G. R.'s obituary of Dr. Thomas Kosciusko's bequest of 20,000 dol-

424 Jars, to be appropriated to the ame-
J.H, B, on the Dudley Double Lec. lioration of the condition of the
ture Anniversary, 377. On the

Blacks in the United States,




LUCKCOCK, Mr., his obituary of Miss

Anne Richards, 114. His inquiry
Lactantius, passage from, on the effi- respecting Peter Watson and Easter
cacy of baptism,
621 Offerings,

Lancashire and Cheshire Annual As. Luke, an eye-witness to the facts re-

sembly of Unitarian Ministers, 484 corded in his Gospel, 477. His
Langdon, Rev. Thomas, obituary of, 693 precision in defining the time of
Lansdowne, the Marquis of, his mo. Christ's public appearance, criti-
tion, &c., in favour of the Unita,

cisin upon,

: riaus' Marriage Bill, 241, 252, 305. Luke and Mark the two disciples that
His motion for returns of the Oaths fled to Emmans,

taken by Excise Officers,

490 Luke and Matthew, authenticity of
LAYMAN, A, his letter to the Editor the two first chapters of,

of the Royal Cornwall Gazette, on Luke, direct testimony on the part of
* the Cornish Controversy,

149 Paul 10, 621. The Gospel of, co-
L. B.'s obituary, of Mrs. Jane Toul- pied by Paul,

481 Luke vi. 19—35, remarks on,

Lee's, Professori Remarks on Dr. Luther, lines addressed to the Pope
Henderson's Appeal to the Bible by,

Society, on the Subject of the Lyons, Rev. Janies, obituary of, 571, 629
Turkish Version of the New Tes.
tament, printed at Paris in 1819,


Leeds, eighty-first Annual Conference M.'s obituary of Mr. John Simpson,
of the Wesleian Methodists at,


Lees, John, Esq., obituary of, 570 Maccullock, Rev. Dr., obituary of, 628
Le Grice, Rev. 0. V.,. his correspon. Malan, M., detail of his separation
deuce with Sir Rose Price, Bart.,

from the Protestaat Church of Ge-
from the Royal Cornwall Gazette,


65. Dr. J. P. Smith's vin-
88, 141. On, 216. His reply to dication of, 324, 407, 668. Mr.
Mr. Worsley, 337. His thoughts Bakewell's testimony to Professor
on religious consistency,

401 Chenevière's slatement regarding, 518
Lempriere, the Rev. Dr., obituary of, 182 Manchester, account of the establish-
Lewes, History of the Westgate (Pres- ment of Presbyterianism in, 541

byterian) Meeting-House in, 281 Manchester College, York, thirty-
Lines occasioned by the controversy seventh annual report of, 373, Vi.
on the origin of evil,

43 sitor's annual address, 426. No-
Litchfield and Coventry, obituary of tices, 445, 485. Donațion to, 631
the Bishop of,

53 Mark and Luke the two disciples that
Literary. Gazette, lines to a butterfly

fled to Emmaus,

resting on a skull, from the, 45 Mark, argument upon the introduc-

tion to the Gospel of,

187, 253, 317, 509, 638, 758 Martineau, Dr. Thomas, obituary of,
Liverpool, Lord, his speeches in fa. 365,

vour of the Unitarians' Marriage Marvell, Andrew, two of Addison's
Bill, 244,312. His bill to relieve

Hymns ascribed to,

Revenue Officers from the necessity Maseres, Baron, obituary of, 364, 425

of taking the Oath of Supremacy, 493 Mathson, death of an industrious and
L. K.'s inquiry, on the parable of saving clergyman, of the name of, 123
Dives and Lazarus,

140 Matt, ii, 1, notes on, 527 ; vi. 28-30,
Locke, Mr., error in, (note,) 137, 219 on, 290; xii. 31, 32, the uppar-
Lofft, Capel, Esq., obituary of, 481, donable sia considered, 293; xix.

571. List of his publications, 571 28, remarks on, 391; xxviji. 19,
London Christian Instructor, extract inconsistent with Unitarianism, 24
from the,

737 Matthew and Luke, authenticity of
London Magazine, character of Lord the two first chapters of,

Byron in the,

632 Matyrin, Rev, C., obituary of, 693
London, the Bishop of, his speech in

Maurice's Account of the Life and
favour of the Unitarians Marriage Religious Opinions of John Bawn,
247 of Frenchay, reviewed,

Lowden, John, a Muggletonian, his Méjanel, M., charges against, 8. De.
letter to a clergyman in Sussex, 37 fence of,

Lucerne, pleasing instance of tolera- Memoir of M, Werner, 117. Of M.
tion in the city of,
188 Carnot,


5 F



Merioneth, intolerant petition from Various Subjects, 289, 348. His

the clergy of, against the Roman reinarks on Matt. xix. 28, 391.
Catholic Marriages' Bill,

273 His review of “ Not Panl, but Je
Metaphysical studies, defence of, 268 sus,” 613. His essay on the inci.
Methodism appreciated, 129. Effects dental communication of religious

132 knowledge to the young, 650. His
Methodist Conference at Leeds, 631 review of the Bible Society's Turk.
M. H.'s obituary of Mrs. Ande ish Testament, 687. Of Bransby's

569 Sermon on the Death of Mrs. Han-
Midland Catholic Association, forma. nah Jevons,
tion of the,

631 N. to 1., a friendly correspondence,
Milton's eloquent passage in his Areo- 106, 107, 162, 163, 275, 336, 456,
pagitica, 85. Discovery of a ma- 459,

nuscript Work of, 124, 253; an- Napoleon, lines on, from the Morning
nounced for publication, 638. Ex-

tract from his Paradise Lost, 276 Natural religion, on, 11, 110, 135,
“Mirat-ool-Ukhbar,"translation from 219, 220,

the Persian newspaper, styled the, 55 Necessity of an improved version of
MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE, 55, the Scriptures : & vindication of

120, 186, 316, 509, 574, 631, 699, 757 Sir J. B. Burges and Mr. Bellamy
Missionary preaching, on, 652, 746, 749 from the censures of Mr. Horne, 202
Missionary Register, annual receipts Negro-Slavery in the West Indies,

of some of the principal English state of, 59. Institution of a Soo
and American charitable religious ciety for mitigating and gradually
societies, from the,

54 abolishing, ib. Mr. Buxton's mo
Modern example of Tritheism, a 735 tion on, ib. Resolutions of Gorers-
Modes of worship and ceremonies, of, 416 ment on, 60, 187. Petition of the
Moir, James, death of,

186 planters and merchants and others
Moldenbawer, M., notice of,

118 connected with, 122. On the mea-
Monkwell Street, final service at, 754 sures for mitigating,

Monotheism, explanation of the term, 710 New Churches' Bill, debates on the,
Monthly Repository, critical synopsis in the House of Commons, 498509

of the, by an American, 550, 589 NEW PUBLICATIONS IN THEO.
Morning Chronicle, the, hymn to the LOGY AND GENERAL LITE-

Holy Alliance, from, 45. Obituary RATURE, 61, 126, 189, 254, 317,
of Lord Erskine, from, 46. Re- 382, 446, 511, 575, 639, 702, 759
marks on Mr. Ivimey's letters to Newton's, Sir I., unpublished MSS.,
the Editor of, respecting Rammo- catalogue of,

hun Roy and Mr. Adam, 166. _Na- NONCONFORMIST, THE, 193
poleon, from, 362. Sale of Eras- Nonconformity, Worsley's Lectures
mus's Greek Testament, from, 377. on, reviewed,

Biographical notice of Prince Eu. North Eastern Unitarian Association
gene : by Lieut.-General De Vau.

doncourt, from, 462. Reformation Notes on passages of Scripture, 75,
of Jewish worship in Germany, 527,

510 NOTICES, 61, 185, 253, 316, 377,
Morning Herald, an assize sermon, 445, 484, 485,

257 Not Paul, but Jesus, by Gamaliel
Morning, stanzas to the,
361 Smith, Esq., reviewed,

M.s.'s hints for Sunday Schools, 730
Musæ Solitariæ, a Collection of Ori-

ginal Melodies, reviewed, 418
Musgrave, George, Esq., obituary of, 302 0.on the unity of the Godhead, 600

Oaths of Supremacy, the Marquis of

Lansdowne's motion on, 490, Lord
Liverpool's bill on,

Ni's notes on passages of Scripture,

OBITUARY, 46, 112, 179, 240,
75,527,732. His review of Hall's 301, 363, 424, 481, 569, 627, 693, 759
Memoir of Rev.T. N. Toller, 175, O'Connell, Mr., arrested on the charge
229. Of Wellbeloved's Sermon

of sedition,

before the Association of Unitarian
Christians residing at Hull, Thorne, improved version of the Scriptures, 202
Lincoln and adjacent Places, 237. Old age, a picture of the infinities
Of Rev, T. N. Toller's Sermons on

from the,

on the necessity of an ער אמובים


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