The Names and Signatures of Correspondents are distinguished by Small
Capitals or Italics: as different Correspondents bare often adopted the same siguature,
some ambiguity in the references will unavoidably arise ; but this is an inconvenience
necessarily attached to anonymous communications.



Ackland's, Rev.T.G., Sermon on the American Quaker creed, specimen of
Trinity, extract from,
735 a new, 14. On the,

Acts ii. 23, 41, notes on, 529; xxiji. American Quakers, their persecution
3, a sermon from,
257 of Elias Hicks, 544,

Adam, Mr., his letter to the Com- American Roman Catholics' prayer
mittee of the Baptist Missionary for the Commonwealth,

Society, on his renouncing Trinita- Amicus on an instance of the opera-
rianism, with his remarks on Mr. tion of the Test and Corporation
Ivimey's letters in the Morning Acts,

Chronicle, 164. His “ Selection ANDROPHILOS ou the measures for
of Passages from the Old and New mitigating Negro-Slavery,

Testaments, in Proof of the Unity Anger, definition of the word, 530,
of God," reviewed,

608, 657,

Adam's, Rev. Robert, Religious Anonymous signatures, on the objec.
World Displayed," bigotry of,

tions to, 18,

712 Anster, Mr., his ballad on the Irish
Adams, Ex-President, letter from Pre- superstition of a child changed by
sident Jefferson to,
328 fairies,

Addison's Hymns, two of, ascribed to Apology for joining in the Church-
Andrew Marvell,
612 service,

Address to Deists, reviewed, 558 Apostles, Christ's instructions to his, 475
Aikio, Miss, her lines to the memory

of Gilbert Wakefield,

562 xxviii. 19, inconsistent with Unita-
Alexander's, Dr., monument, Leices-


ter, copy of the inscription on, 328 Appeal to Unitarians, on Sunday-
America, Mr. Thomas Smith's views Schools,
of emigration to,

116 A. S.'s remarks on Rom. viii. 9, 745
AMERICAN, An, his critical synopsis Athanasian Creed, supposed author
of the Monthly Repository, 550,

of the,

American and English charitable re- Atonement, difficulties in the Unita.
ligious societies, annual receipts of rian scheme of, 539,

some of the principal,

54 Authenticity of the two first chapters
American hints to Unitarians,

39 of Matthew and Luke, on thre, 327

5 E




Bereus's specimen of a new Ameri.

can Quaker Creed, 14. On the
B. on knowledge and belief-a dis- proposed American Quaker Creed,

tinction of Mr. Sturch's, 138. On 339. Ou the persecution of Elias
the state of religion in Sweden, Hicks by American Quakers, 544, 657
(1821,) 193. His obituary of Mr. Bible contest in Jreland,

Joseph Hancox, 302. His lines on Bible, recommendation to stationers

the death of Mrs. George Kenrick, 563 and printers to undertakean amend.
Bainbridge, Mrs. Jane, obituary of, 54 ed travslation of the, 81. On, 139,
Baker, Dr., obituary of,

160. Brief mótes on the,

BAKER, Mr., his correction of a mis- Bible Society, Dr. Henderson and the,
take respecting the Old Unitarian

Congregation, Bolton, 174. Ordi. Biddenden, Kent, state of the Unita-
vation of,

rian Society at,

Bakewell, Mr., on the state of moa Bigoury of the Evangelical Magazine, 409

rals and religion in Geneva, iu re. Bigotry of the Home Missionary Ma-
ply to the letters of Dr. J. P. Smith, gazine,

513, 593, 661,

739 Billett, Mr. Joseph, obituary of, 424
Baptism, efficacy of,

621 Bishop, a description of the process
Baptist Missionary Society, Mr. Adam's

of making a, 416. Correction of
letter to the Committee of the, on an error in,

his renouncing Trinitarianism, 164 Bloxham, succession of Presbyterian
Barbadoes, the Wesleian Methodist

ministers al,

Chapel at, destroyed,

60 Blunt, Mr., petition of, complaining
Barker, Rev. John, his incomparable of calunnies against Roman Ca.
letter to Dr. Doddridge,


tholics, in a pamphlet circulated by
Barwise, Mr. William, obituary of, 113 the “Society for Promoting Chris-
Bates, William, his story of a diaboli. tian Knowledge,"

cal possession,

449 Bolton, anniversary of the New Uni.
Baxter Manuscripts in Williams's Li. tarian congregation, 304,

brary, original letters froun the, 449,

Bolton, correction of a mistake re-
577, 726. From Bates to Baxter; specting the Old Unitarian Cop-
story of a diabolical possession,

gregation, 174. Ordination of the
449. From Baxter to Mr, Williain

Rev. Franklin Baker at,

Thomas, minister of Ubley, Somer. Bonapatre, Baroness de Stael's cha-
setshire, on the case of his son, facter of,

who liad been under Baster's care Bost, M. Ami, account of his « Gé.
for the cure of an heretical dispo- nève Religieuse,"g,
sition, 450. A letter, without an Boston Patriot, Ex-President Jeffer.
address, giving an account of the . son's letter to Ex-President Adamus,
landing of the Prince of Orange,

from tlie,

451. To Baxter, on the right of Bourn's Gazetteer, reviewed, 362
Antitrinitarians to be esteemed

Bowen, Mr. Thomas, obituary of,
Christians, 452. On his book on Bayle, the celebrated Mr. Robert, the
Episcopacy, 453.
« Of Orignal

*Countess of Ranelaghi's letter to 29
Sinne," 577,

7:26 Brabant, Rev. Thomas, some atceunt
Beasley, Rev. Thomas Ebenezer, obi.

tuary of,

425 Bransby's Address on Opening a
Belfast Academical Institution, peti- New School-Room at Dudley, re-
tion of the officers of the, 635. viewed, 626. His Sermon on the

636 Death of Mrs. Hannah Jevons, re-
Belfast; meeting of the Presbyterian viewed,

(Secoding) Synod of Ireland in, B. R. D.' on the Annual Meeting of
Bellaury, Mr., vindication of, froin the the Presbyterian and Unitarian Mi-
censies of Mr. Horne,

202 nisters of Lancashire and Cheshire, 484
BELSHA'M's, Mr., remarks on Dr. E. Beevis on the supposed author of the
Channing's attempt to delineate Dr.

Athanasian Creed, 156. His brief
Priestley's character,

notes on the Bible,

Ben David's Reply to Two Deistical British Critic, Mr. Gorton's theory of

Works, reviewed, 475, 555, 619 the genealogie's of Christ, recom-
Bentham, Jereiny, Mr. Wynu's tribute mented to the attention of the

188 Editors of 'the, 29. Mr. Frend on
Berbice, the Missionary Chapel at, a recent notice of him in the, 609, 709
i destroyed by fire,


Brown, George, the first person who



Debate on,



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publicly, allempted to reform the C. B.'s copy of the inscription on the
religion in Ireland,

641 - inonument to the inemory of the
Brown, William, Esq., obituary of, 51 late Dr. Alexander,

Browne, Revi S. V., his conclusion Cellerier, Sen., and M. Gaussen, their

of a discourse, at the final service “ Helvetic Confession of Faith,"7, 471
at Monkwell Street,

755 Chadwick, Miss Eliza, obituary of, 694
Burbage Wood, sonnet written in, Chancellor, the Lord, his speeches
June 21, 1824,

423 against the Unitarians' Marriage
Burdett, Sir Francis, his letter to the Bill, 243, 251,

Catholic Association,

258 Channing's, Dr. E., attempt to deli.
Burges, Sir J. B., vindication of, from neate Dr. Priestley's character, Mr.
the censures of Mr. Horne, 202

Belsham's remarks on,

Burgess's, Bishop, uncharitableness,

Character of an English judge, 257
531 Charitable bequests,

Burnet's Life of Şir Matthew Hale, Charles I., persecution of Irish Pres.
extract froin,
393 byterians in the reign of,

Burns's Law of Cbrist Viudicated ChenevièRE's, Professor, summary

from certain False Glosses of the of the theological controversies
r Rev. Edward Irving, contained in which have of late years agitated

his Argument on Judgment tu the city of Geneva, 1, 65, 129.
Cone, reviewed,
359 His defence of his statement,

Busby, Dr., an anecdote of,

415 Chester, the late] Bishop of, his
Butler's, Mr. Charles, Works, anec. speeches against tle Unitarians'
date from,
626 Marriage Bill, 244,

Buxton, Mr., his motion for abolish. Christ. See Jesus Christ.

ing Slavery throughout the British Christian Disciple, hints to Unita-
59 rians, in the,

Buxton, services at Old Presbyterian Christianity, testimony, lo, from Lord

377 Byron,
Byron, Lord, testimony to Christi. Christian inytbology, satiric fragment
anity froin, 200. On the character

on the,
of, in the Loydon Magazine, 632 Christian Tract Society, its Anniver-

sary, 316, 369. Letter fron Wil-

Jiam Roberts, of Madras, to the

Secretary of the, 369. Its officers
Calcutta, a Native College established

for 1824-5,

at, for the education of Brahmin Christie, the Rev. William, obituary
students in the Vedant or Brahimin-


ical Theology,

511 Church, the people the live stock of
Calthorpe, Lord, his speech in favour. the, 42. Explanation of the term, 289

of the Unitarians' Marriage Bill, 246 Church of Christ and Church of Eu-
Calviuist, A, and an Unitarian, a land, contrast between the,

frieudly correspondence belween, Churches of England and Rome, re-
.32, 103, 161, 275, 334, 394, 456, semblance of the,

601, 682,

714 Church-service, apology for joining
CALVINIST, A, his remonstrance on

in the,

behalf of Calvinism,

537 Clapperton, Lieut., extract of a letter
Calvinistic and Popish bigotry, 461 from, regarding the death of Dr.
CANTABRIGIENSIS on Calvinistic and Oudney, the African Traveller, 632
Popish bigotry, 46). On Dr. J. Clerical claims, formation of a society
Jones's novel bypothesis tbat Jose. at North Shields, for protection
phus was a concealed Christian, 612 againsi,

Canterbury, the Arebbishop of, his Cçericus on the scriptural Divinity
speeches in favour of the Unita.

of Christ,

riaus' Marriage Bill, 242,
306 Close of the year, the,

Carnot, M., memoir of,

183 Cogan, Mr., on the necessity and evi-
CARPENTBR'S, Dr., proposal of a ge. dence of revelation, 11, 135. On
neral subscription to Mr. Wright's a criticism of Porson's, 13. On an

“ Review of his Missionary Life,' 36 error in Mr. Locke, 219. His reply
| Carpenter, Rev. Benjamin, some ac- to Mr. Starch, on natural religion,
count of,

265 286. 01 Bishop Burgess's ancha-
Cartwright, Major, obituary of, 571, ritableness, 531. On a canon of

628. Sketch of the character of, 696 criticism relating to the Greek Ar-
Catholic Association, Sir F, Burdett's ticle,

letler, lu the,

Zb8 Collet's “ Relics of Literature," cata.


ary of,

Hale on,

logue of Sir Isaac Newton's unpub. Unitarian Society Anniversary,429.
lished MSS. froin,

19 Of the Southern Unitarian Fund
Collett, Governor, account of, 103


Collins, Anthony, fraud on the me. D. E.'s biographical sketch of Mr.
inory of,
330 James Torrance,

Coloss. iv. 1, comp. Psalın cxxiii. 2, 456 Deaths A BROAD, 116,

Communication of religious know- Defence of metaphysical studies, 268
ledge to the young,

650 Deists, An Address to, reviewed, 558
Coneybeare, Rev. John Josias, obitu- Demerara, death of Missionary Smith
483 at,

Cooper, Henry, Esq., obituary of, 571 Devon and Cornwall Unitarian Asso-
Cooper, Rev. Tbomas, defence of, 59 ciation Anniversary, 377,

Cork, Lord, and Protestant bigotry in Devon and Cornwall Unitarian Mis-

455 sionary Society, institution of the,
Cornish Controversy, 88, 141, 151,

303. Remarks of the Committee
216, 261, 286, 337, 401. Summary of the, on Mr. Worsley's letter on
of the,
151 missionary preaching,

Cornwallis, Earl, Bishop of Litch- Devotional Exercises for the Use of

field and Coventry, obituary of, 53 Young Persons, reviewed, 360
Corporation and Test Acts, applica- Diabolical possession, story of a, 449

tion to Parliament on the subject D'Israeli's Second Series of Curiosi.
of the, 55, 184, 240. Petitions to

ties of Literature, fraud on the me-
Parliainent for the repeal of the, mory of Anthony Collins, from, 330
377—379, 756. Instance of the Dissenters’ marriages, Sir Matthew
operation of the,

CORRector on an error in Worsley's Dissenting Registers of Births, Mar-

Lectures on Nonconformity, 474 riages and Burials, examined as
CORRESPONDENCE, 64, 128, 192, Documents of Evidence, reviewed, 480

256, 320, 384, 448, 512, 576, 640, Dives and Lazarus, inquiry on the

760 parable of, 140. Remarks on, 331
Correspondence between the late Rev. Doddridge, Dr., tribute to, 86. De-

T. Howe and the late Lord Erskine, fence of, against the Eclectie Re.
on the subject of a petition for re-


Jigious liberty,
409 Donohue, Anne, death of,

Cratbern, Rev. William Bentley, obi- Donoughue, Mrs. Martha, obituary
tuary of,
628 of,

Critical synopsis of the Monthly Re. Dover, General Baptist Annual Asso-

pository, by an American, 550, 589 ciation, 304. Plan for liquidating
Croker's Researches in the South of a chapel debt at,

Irelaud, bigotry from, 455. Ballad Doyle, Dr., titular (Catholic) Bishop

568 of Kildare, bis letter on the state
Crosskey, Mrs. Maria, obituary of, 51 of Ireland and the Irish Church, 385

Drummond, Henry, Esq., his proceed.

ings at Geneva, 4. Defence of, 471

Dudley, Bransby's Address on Open-

ing a New School-Room at, re-
D.'s obituary of William Brown, Esq., viewed,

51. His annonncement of the re- Dudley Double Lecture Anniversary, 377
signation of the Rev. Micbael Mau- Durell, Rev. Mr., account of, 264.
rice, of Frenchay, 509. His modern Inscription on his grave-stone, 266
example of Tritheism,

Dallas, Robert Charles, Esq., obitu-


DARB, Mr., his sonnet written in Bur.

bage Wood, June 21, 1824, 423 E.'s thoughts on the connexion be-
Daventry Academy, sketch of the tween poetry and religion, 100. On

character of a tutor in the, 178. the ancient use of the word Wor-
Literary reputation of the, 229 ship,

Davis, Mr., his account of Mr. Eastern Unitarian Society Anniver-
Woods, the patriotic Dissenting

sary, 317,

Minister of Lancashire,

18 East-India Únitarian Tracts, reviewed,
Davis, Rev. John, obituary of, 754 235, 296,

Davy, Mrs., Rev. J. Johns's Funeral E. C.'s obituary of Mr. John Hollick, 481
Discourse for, reviewed,
559 Ecclesiastes sji. 1-7, notes on,

D, B. P.'s report of the Southern Ecclesiastical intolerance in Ireland, 122

ary of,

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ECCLESIASTICAL PREPERMENTS, 120, Evangelical Magazine, bigotry of the, 409
185, 316, 377,485,

574 Evans, Dr., on Mr. Irving's “ Ora-
Eclectic Reviewers, Dr. Evaos's de- .cles," &c., 30. On Hall's Memoirs

fence of Dr. Doddridge against the, 170 of Toller, 83. His defence of Dr.
Edinburgh Freethinkers, petition of Doddridge against the Electic Re-

413 viewers, 170. His delineation of
EDITOR. His concurrence in Dr.

the character of the late William
Carpenter's proposal of a general Titford, Esq., 182. His final re-
subscription to Mr. Wright's “ Re- marks on Irving's Orations, 215.
view of bis Missionary Life,” 36. His plan for relieving the chapel
On the Cornish controversy, 92, debt, Dover, 343. His “ Rich-
149. On the want of an uniform ora

mond, and its Vicinity," &c., re-
thography in Anglo-Hindoo words, viewed, 561. On the bigotry of
(note,) 355. On the Catholic Bis

Adam's "

Religious World Dis.
shop of Kildare's views of an union played,"

between the Catholic Church and Evans, Mr. W., on Homer's Iliad,
the Church of England, 385. On B. i. v. 468; Coloss. iv. I, &c., 456
a letter of Dr. Hartley's to bis sis. Eraus, Rev. Richard, obituary of, 628
ter, 392. On a correspondence Everett's “ Europe," the proved im-
between the late Rev. T. Howe and policy of prosecuting Unbelievers,
tlre late Lord Eskine, 409.


original letters from the Baxter Evil, lines occasioned by the contro-
Manuscripts in Dr. Williams's Lic

versy on the origin of,

brary, 449, 452. On the critical Efeta575 on difficulties in the Uni-
synopsis of the Monthly Repository, tarian scheme of Atonement, 539
by an American, 551. - On the po- Exeter, the Bisbop of, his speech in
pulation of Boston, North America, favour of the Unitarians' Marriage
(note,) 563. On an history of the

Irish Preshyterians, 641. On a
sketch of the character of the late
Major Cartwright,


Ellis, Rev. John, obituary of,
Empaytaz, M., his proceedings at Ge.
neva, 2. Defence of,

466 Fawcett, Mrs. Charlotte, obituary of, 365
English and American charitable re- FELLOWSHIP FUND, establishinent of

ligious societies, annual receipts of a, in Stamford Street, Blackfriars, 53
some of the principal,

54 Fillingham, Mrs. Elizabeth, obituary
English judge, character of an, 257 of,

Ephes. iii, 20, 21, illustrated, 289; Finsbury Unitarian Chapel, opening
iv. 26, 31, notes on, 530, 608, 732

of the,

Erasmus's far-famed Greek Testa. Fisher, Miss Harriet Eliza, obituary
ment, sale of,


Erskine, Lord, obituary of, 46. His Fleming, Rev. Dr., obituary of, 569

defence of Captain Baillie, 47. His Flower, Mr., on an annended trans-
triumphant dialogue with Judge lation of the Bible,

Buller, on the celebrated trial of FORBIGN INTELLIGBNCE, 117, 188, 510
the Dean of St. Asaph, 48. His Fox's Edinburgh and London Chapel.
character, from the Scotsman, 50. Opening Sermons, reviewed, 624
His correspondence with the Rev. Fraud on the memory of Anthony
Thomas Howe,
409 Collins,

ESDAiLE, Mr., bis account of the final FRBND, Mr., on the ineffable name of

service at Monkwell-Street Chapel, 754 Jehovah, 109. On a recent notice
Essay on the incidental communica- of him in the British Critic, 609, 709

tion of religious knowledge to the Friendly correspondence between an

650 Unitarian and a Calvinist, 32, 103,
Established form of worship and esta- 161, 275, 334, 394, 456, 601, 682,
blished creeds and catechisms, ob-

714. Remarks on the,

jections to,


FRIEND TO INQUIRY, A, his vindica-
Eternal misery, on, 30,

278 tion of a pamphlet entitled, “The
Etoile, the situation of Protestants in Unitarian Doctrine briefly stated,"
France compared with that of Ca-

261. His apology for joining in
tholics in England, from the, 700

the Church-service,

Eugene, Prince, biographical notice FRIBND TO SUNDAY-SCHOOLS, A, bis

of, by Lieul.-General G, De Vau. appeal to Unitarians, on Sunday.
462 Schools,


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