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ted were made during the mayoralties TYY LOOTYTA" See Prov. xxxi. 15: A of ancestors of my own.

virtuous woman “ riseth also while it In 1696, it was ordered that any is yet night, and giveth meat to her person but a Protestant freeman, pre- household, and a portion to her maidsuming to go to the Mayor's feast, ens.”_Tempora mutantur. should pay five shillings, or be set in N. B. Bishop Pearson on the Creed the stocks.

remarks, that “the Fathers agreed 1702. Several Papists, who had in nothing more than they did in be. been admitted freemen, were dis- lieving a real descent of the soul of franched, and it was ordered that no Christ unto the habitation of the souls Papist should be made free again. departed: the persons to whom, and

1744. Gregory Griines, victualler, end for which he descended, they differ was disfranched, for having a Popish in-but as to a real descent to the wife.

infernal parts they all agree." Is not Researches in the South of Ireland, this hypothesis probably derived from by T. Crofton Croker, 4to. pp. 152 the fictions of the Heathen Mythoand 159, 160.

logy, delineated by Homer and Virgil

in the descent of their respective hePark Wood, March 15, 1824. rocs, Ulysses and Æneas ? TOMER. ILIAD. B. i. v. 468. Through twilight shades, by incantation,

Ουδε τι θυμος εδευετο δαιτος led tions is an expression that frequently 'To view the “ pale dominions of the occurs in this poem, admitting of va- dead :" rious interpretations, according to the Jhant obscuri sola •ub nocte per umbram, opinions of the Ancients : of whom Perque domos. Ditis vacuas, et inania some explain it as indicating a table regna: furnished with ample viands for the

Quale per incertam lunam, sub luce complete entertainment of the guests;

maligua, &c.-Æneis, B. vi. some maintain that it denotes a divi.

W. EVANS. sion of the food to be distributed in similar rations on the board ; and A Friendly Correspondence between others assert that it implies a feast, an Unitarian and a Calvinist. good par excellence, as consisting of

(Continued from p. 401.) delicacies and luxuries in the highest state of perfection. See Athenæus,

N to 1. B. i. C. x. A parallel passage in the

8th October.

AM glad that to date its ambiguity: Αλλοι Αχαιοι

Almighty God at our own tribunal. Δαιτρον πινωσιν, σον δε πλείον δεπας For my part I am terrified, and wish alai' Agamemnon observes to Ido. to run away from the discussion, meneus, that while inferior Achæans, and betake myself to agonizing praythe rest of the clan, drank only the er. If you did so, I am most permeasures of wine, meted to them, fectly sure you would not write as you with equity and impartiality,--the do. Let God decide! How did I bechieftain was honoured with a goblet, gin the controversy? I said that the replenished at his will, by youths in celebrated Mr. Ig appeared to inc attendance, watching his nod, that the to be but partially awakened, (judging heroes inight regale their companions by his own words,) and in fact every in arms, and pledge one another in one. Before I implicated you I ought full cups, in imitation of the celestials, to have introduced myself; I acknowwho are described by the bard as ledge this omission, and beg pardon. served by Ganymede; and quaffing Having been told that you disalnectar in convivial succession from lowed the doctrine of the Atonement, eirculating "vases of gold.”

I accounted for it upon the principle Colos. iv. 1, seems to correspond to of not being duly convinced of sin. Psalm cxxiii. 2. Behold, the eyes Is there a man in the world that is so ? of servants look unto the hands of I include myself in the query. Let their masters--for their portion of me look at that which you will not meat and of work : Masters, enjoins behold, that I may appreciate it fully. the Apostle, give an equal portion- I believe that God designs we should

fourth Iliad

, v. 261, appears to eluci- I Alarm at being engaged in trying

do so, but your doctrine, as far as it he would not be forgiven in the world is received, renders it impossible. to come, and be everlastingly blessed

You mention the word reason. Rea- in contradiction to Christ's assertion son is available to a certain extent, or to the contrary, and yet that very else man would not be accountable. person may read your and your sect's But we are told that reason is blinded words in print, telling him he will by the fall, and the heart become de- eventually be blessed to all eternity. ceitful above all things and desperately You are an advocate for receiving wicked. You evade every thing that the Scriptures literally; then you must is said with respect to thorough con

admit the word vengeance, so often viction of sin. "The most godly per- mentioned in the Scriptures, in the sons I ever knew felt the deepest con- literal sense of the word, though you victions. I have no doubt that your now say that that punishment is not doctrine prevents every one that re- vindictive. You and I ought to go to ceives it from feeling those convictions. God to obtain thorough conviction of I see the strongest proof of the wantsin, as we cannot obtain full experiof such conviction in all you write and ence of gospel grace without it, leavspeak on the subject. I therefore ing this discussion to be renewed after conclude that you are awfully hurt by our discovery of the one and the other it, and I should add, incurably, if I has become complete, leaving also did not perceive that, independently God to manage what belongs to him. of your doctrine, God has sown the Now, suppose that you or I should seed of eternal life, and therefore I am be totally deprived of our faculties, inclined to hope you may rank your- God would not be at a loss for want self among the elect, which right you of our advice. disavow. Rejoice with trembling.” It is not said that any true penitent

Although engaged in controversy, will go to hell. I admit that CalvinI regard 'many of the passages you ists harden their hearts by taking up have quoted as delightful, taken in the atonement lightly, and disconnecttheir due connexion. You do not ing duty and privilege. But conscience prove to ine that the condition of the will now and then interrupt their departed is affected by what we can slumbers. With self-reproach I look think, feel say on the subject. Do at the constant strugglings of the true you or I pray to God to damn any Calvinists; their alternate victories; man? Do we not tell men to flee their times of refreshing; their ardent from the wrath to come? The greater desires to die more and more in Christ the evil the stronger the excitement to daily, and to know more of his life by fice from it, and the greater the pro- the work of the Holy Spirit. These bability of escape, speaking after the are things that I consider myself aumanner of men.

thorized to believe. Your people and You think, perhaps, that I am har- high, that is Antinomian, Calvinists, dening my heart against truth, because are strangers to them, by what they I look steadfastly at such passages as coinmunicate of their thoughts and these: The ungodly called “ cursed;" experience. I do, however, give your the duration of happiness and punish- people (not Antinomians) credit for ment in the same words—" Fear him bearing with fortitude the trials of huwho is able to destroy both soul and man life, as men, whose spirits are body in hell ;” “ Punished with ever- not broken, do bear them. I therefore lasting destruction;" "Banished froin consider myself authorized to conclude the presence of God and the glory of that your tenets do not promote such his power.” I look up to my Al. striving prayer, ardent longings, dymighty Judge and ask him, if conti- ings and risings with Christ, which nuing in impenitence, hardness of Christ and his apostles, and the most heart, and contempt of his authority favoured of our people speak of. and gospel, I am not warned by the If we seek after these things, in words recited, to perceive no term to our endeavours to attain unto them, punishment, and an eternal exclusion we shall be fully occupied as respects from a state of blessedness.

divine matters, all our lives; and give You do not tell me that if you met judgment on the other when God with a known sinner against the Holy requires us to do it. But we are reGhost, you would not tell such person quired now and hereafter, as far as

3 N


respects our own merits, to plead work until the whole shall be leavened. guilty. But the last word must be, Such is the nature and design of Let us pray, and continue instant in Christ's kingdom, that wherever sin prayer, and continue to do so to the has abounded, it will conquer and suend.

perabound; for this end Christ both

died and rose and revived, that he I to N.

might be Lord both of the dead and Dear N.

13th October. of the living I have pleasure in repeating what I The belief of this revealed mystery have formerly said, that Christians of will not, as you justly observe, affect the Calvinist profession do manifest a the state of the dead, nor influence degree of piety towards God, and of the Divine decrees; but, nevertheless, zeal in doing good to man, which are it does affect the mind of bim that very exemplary. I hold the persons believes it, because it strengthens his of these people in high respect. The confidence in the love of God, it exdogma against which I am opposed, cites a feeling of joy at the prospect is not the peculiar doctrine of the Cal. of the triumph which awaits the kingvinists, but that which has unhappily dom of Christ, and it is calculated to tainted Christian Churches of all de- excite charity towards the human race nominations, with a few exceptions. at large, as eventual partakers of the St. Paul expressly says that the grand blessings of the gospel. This is the mystery of the restitution of all things utility of the doctrine. To be deprived is to be testified in due time; or, ace of this hope would be a serious injury cording to a revised translation, is a to me; but I do not say that you may testimony for its proper season: that not be able to enjoy a sense of the season is now at hand. One cheering Divine favour, although the truth in sign of its approach, is the cordial question is hidden from your eyes. union of all sects of Christians for the With respect to the words for ever, purpose of extending the knowledge everlasting and eternal, as applied in of divine truth to all the nations of the English Version of the Bible to the earth. I have just read with great future punishment, I need not deem pleasure a report of the proceedings of it necessary to advert to them, because the Southampton Bible Society. The you know that the original words do Chairman, Sir George Rose, said, “he not convey the idea of endless durawas attached to the Bible Society, on tion; and that even in the English account of the charitable spirit of Bible the words are actually applied co-operation which it aimed to secure to many things which, it is admitted among Christians of different parties on all hands, have or will come to an and of different opinions on minor end. I now close all that I intend to points. Its tendency was to fraternize say upon the subject. the whole Christian Church, and to You still insinuate that I have not make all parties active in promoting sought for a knowledge of the truth one great object, amicable rivalry by prayer. Private devotion is a thing and brotherly affection.” In another not to be boasted of, and I shall not speech, adverting to the discouraging say a word more respecting it, than report of the Abbé Dubois, respecting that He who heareth and answereth the progress which has been made in prayer knows, and will hereafter make converting the Hindoos, he says, “If manifest, who they are that seek him. he (the Abbé) had read and believed With respect to the exercise of the prophecies, he must have perceived reason in matters of faith, to which and believed that the whole world is you appear to object, I venture to destined to come under the spiritual challenge you to produce a single pasdominion of Christ.” Such a faith as sage of Scripture that forbids it. I this is undoubtedly well calculated to am well aware that much is said as animate the exertions of Christians; to the temper of mind in which our and the man who cordially holds it, is inquiries should be conducted ; nameprepared to hope and expect that so ly, that we should, like little children, powerful a principle as the love of (free from pride, inalice and anger,) Christ will eventually triumph over apply our minds to learn the truth. sin and misery, wherever they may be No man is against reason until he found. The leaven will continue to finds reason against him. Some men are so sophisticated by system as not well as the nature and duration of the 10 perceive that they resort to reason- punishment, in such a manner as to ing, even when they endeavour to give to the words employed the fullprove that we ought not to reason. est meaning which they are able to Christian liberty, however, after a long bear. Consequently the texts you have period of darkness, is now beginning quoted are, in their judgment, over. to be pretty generally understood. ruled. It is an act of submission and Men have the wit to discern that when obedience which clears God of every one mortal usurps authority over the unfavourable imputation, gives the mind and conscience of another, he fullest allowance to the penitent, and lays claim to a divine attribute. Why instead of beguiling men into danger, did Jesus and Paul reason, or Calvin warns them to flee from it. Penitents and Luther argue against the errors are not the subjects of the threat, and and follies of Popery? The answer they are told so in the strongest terms. which justifies them will suffice for As to feeling for impenitent and unme.

1. converted fellow-creatures, God is the

judge which of the two sects feels most N to I.

the agony, the travailing in birth for

14th October. souls, and gives the most impressive You have set me at ease in respect warnings. Every one will be ransomed to one grand point, namely, that nei- who accepts the offered pardon with ther the state of the departed nor the that feeling of repentance which God decrees of God can be affected by what will accept. Wherever repentance is we can think, or feel, or speak, or do, proved there will be salvation. All with respect to the dead. But you this will be known hereafter. You say justly, that the living are affected. assume that men will repent in a fuI am perfectly satisfied in my mind ture state, but you cannot prove it. that your doctrine does harm to your. It is a great pity that while we are self and those who hold it, and to so anxious for the repentance of conthose to whom it is preached. What demned spirits, we should be so little you say with respect to reason strength- anxious for our own. Ivgily believe ens my convictions. The time for you that if we were fully convinced by the and all of us to know the effects of Holy Ghost in our ownselves, of sin the fall, and to experience a full know and righteousness and judgment, we ledge of the evil of sin, is yet to come. should not be anxious to prove that As to the pleasure which you speak lost spirits repent and are saved. We of, I consider it to be dangerously should leave these matters in God's delusive, and I think the same with hands, making nse of Scripture lanregard to the pleasing experiences of guage, and adopt the word æonian if the great bulk of professed Calvinists. you please and the designation of the As to the true scriptural Calvinist, he impenitent. We ought to be very carepossesses all the consummation that ful how we encourage men to put off you can hold out to him. He is as. repentance, by telling them they may sured that every thing will be restored repent savingly after death. All sects to its proper place—that he will find of Christians appear to see the evil every thing in heaven any good being tendency of this doctrine, and many a eould wish for; and he cannot have worldly man sees it, or professes to more. He soon is swallowed up in see it. a sense of the love of God in Christ The true Calvinist experiences an Jesus, brimfull, and can hold no more increasingly deep conviction of the -is immersed in an ocean without blindness and depravity of his heart bounds. He will be of one mind with by nature; and, therefore, longs for God to all eternity; and all creature the light of life. Such does not apconsiderations will be resolved into pear to be the experience of your the glory and sovereignty of God, sect. They look to distant periods and which is, at all events, what it ought events ; and their professed sense of to be ; and we shall be enabled to see the love of God, seems to make them that hereafter. The true Calvinist, lose sight and feeling of what God has bowing to the sovereignty of God, res said with respect to sin and the sinner, ceives what is said with respect to the those awful denunciations. Our sect, character of the finally impenitent, as under quickenings and awakenings,

perceive and feel with acute anguish, fellowship, and acknowledge him for horror and dismay, such deviations as, a true Christian. I believe, your people would think It is not quite correct in free disvery little of; and as respects spiritual cussions for one of the parties to asaffections and desires, I cannot see sume the point in dispute. The queshow it is possible that the two sects tion was not what Calvinists believe, can harmonize. This applies to par- but what the Bible teaches. You altially awakened Calvinists.

ways make the term Calvinist (a moTrue Calvinists do not exult over dern sect) synonymous with true bethe finally impenitent and their doom, liever, which was precisely the course but tremblingly say, “ I am by nature pursued by the Papists, when reaand conduct under the same tremen- soning with the Reformers. This is dous liability, but hope I have found puerile and unworthy a man of sense. a sure refuge. I am taught the evil In speaking of the spiritual condiof sin by this awful exposure. He tion of those who believe conscienwill offer salvation to every true peni- tiously that the Bible teaches some tent; leaving it to God to judge as to things which the Calvinistic creed does the nature of the repentance of the not contain, and that some of the individual. But this is swerving from dogmas of that sect are not to be the avowed object of this paper, which found in the Bible, you undertake that is intended to be confined to thorough for which you are not qualified; for awakenings, quickenings and enlighit- you do not know the people of whom enings, and real spirituality of affec- you thus judge. The Calvinists are tion. You will, I suppose, say that very numerous, and, I doubt not, that your sect are truly spiritual. I do among them there are many sincere not remember to have ever seen one and humble Christians. The other that I thought to be so according to parties to whom you allude are earthe definition of scripture.

nestly desirous that a sectarian should There seems to be a great difference be superseded by a more Catholic as respects convictions of righteous- spirit: they do not underrate the paness and of holiness; and between ramount importance of personal hoconvictions as to sufferings or liability liness, nor treat lightly the conseto suffer, and conviction of the evil quences of sin; but they do think that of sin, both which can only be spiri- the conversion of sinners is more likely tually discerned by supernatural light to be effected by scriptural represenof the Holy Ghost. This must be tations of the love of God to mankind, sought for on both sides, and as soon and of his justice and impartiality in as that is the case I believe the dis- his dealings with his creatures, than cussion respecting future dispensa- by those dreadful denunciations which, tions will be superseded and left to although they may for a while astound God.

the faculties of men, are so opposed

to every idea of the character of a I to N.

just and good Ruler, as speedily to Dear N.

15th October. evaporate and leave the mind void of “As to the true scriptural Calvinist, any well-defined notions. In fact, the he possesses all the consummation experiment of the doctrine of neverthat you can hold out to him. He is ending punishment has been tried for assured that every thing will be re- ages, and has left men as hardened stored to its proper place-that he and as dissolute as ever. It is time will find every thing in heaven a good that another course should be tried, being would wish for; and he cannot and tried it will be. have more. He is swallowed up in You say, “ It is a great pity that a sense of the love of God in Christ while we are so anxious for the repenJesus, brimfull, and can hold no more tance of condemned spirits, we should -is immersed in an ocean without be so little anxious for our own.” It bounds. He will be of one mind with would, indeed, be a pity if this were God to all eternity; and all creature the case ; but is it the case ? It considerations will be resolved into pleases you to assume that it is so. the glory and sovereignty of God.” Whether or not you have judged cor

Introduce me to such a man, and I rectly I leave with a power to whom will gladly give him the right-hand of we are all accountable,

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