An Exposition of the Historical Wri. bility for Difference of Religion. By W. tings of the New Testament, with Reflec. J. Baldwin, Esq. 8vo. 28. 6d. tions subjvined to each Sectiou. By the The Life and Remains of Edward Dalate Rev. Timothy Kenrick. With a Me. niel Clarke, LL.D., Professor of Minemoir of the Author. Second Edition. ralogy in the University of Cambridge, 11. 118. 6d.

Author of Travels, &c. By the Rev. A Vindication of Mr. Belsham's New William Otter, A. M. 4to. Portrait. Translation and Exposition of the Epis- 31. 38. tles of Paul, from the Strictures in the Abridgement of the Religious World 59th Number of the Quarterly Review. Displayed. By Robert Adam, M. A. By the Author. 8vo. Is. 6d.

12mo. 68. Three Additional Letters addressed to The Life of John Wesley, A. M., Fel. the Ven. and Rev. Francis Wrangham, low of Livcoln College, Oxford: in which M. A., Archdeacon of Cleveland, in Re- are iucluded the Life of his Brother, the ply to his Animadversions on Three Rev. Charles Wesley, A. M., Student of Former Letters, in the Appendix to a Christ Church; and Memoirs of their Charge delivered to the Clergy of his family : comprehending an Account of Archdeacoury, in August 1823. By C. the great revival of Religion, in which Wellbeloved. 8vo. 38. 6d.

they were the first and chief Instruments. Vetus Testamentum Græcum, cum By the Rev. Henry Moore, only surviving Variis Lectionibus, Editionem Roberto Trustee of Mr. Wesley's MSS. 8vo. Holmes, S.T. P. R.S.S. Decano Winto- Vol. I. 10s. 6d. nieusi, inchoatam continuavit Jacobus Some Account of the Life of Richard Parsons, S. T. P., Tomus Quartus. Pars Wilson, Esq., R. A. With Testimonies Prima continens Esaias. Folio. (Oxford to his Genius and Memory, and Remarks -Clarendon Press.) II. ls.

on his Landscapes. By T. Wright, Esq. Sunday Evening's Amusement : A Se. (For the Benefit of the Artists' Benevo. cond Series : Consisting of Sacred Melo- lent Fund.) 4to. Portrait. 11. 7s. dies, Composed and Arranged for the Norum Lexicon Græcum, EtymologiPiano Forte and Organ. By Wm. Dalmer, cum et Reale ; cui pro Basi substratæ Bath. 58.

sunt Concordantiæ et Elucidationes HoParochial Psalmody; being a Selection merica et Pindaricæ. Auctore Christ. of the niost esteemed Psalm Tunes, newly Tob. Damm. Editio de novo instructa ; harmonized for Four Voices. By T. Voces nempe omues præstans, primo Greatorex, Conductor of his Majesty's Ordine Literarum explicatas, deinde, Concert of Ancient Music, and Organist Familiis Etymologocis dispositas Cura J. of Westminster Abbey. 128. Bound, 148. M. Duncan, A. B. 4to. 41. 48. 2 Vols.

Family Bible, with Notes Practical and 8vo. 31. Explanatory; by a Layman of the Church Olympia : or, Topography illustrative of Eugland. To which is added, an His- of the Actual State of the Plain of Olynıtorical Account of the Old and New Tes- pia, aud of the Ruins of the City of Elis. taments; with a Brief Account of the By John Spencer Stanhope, F. R. S. Jews, &c. 4to. 31. 38.

Imperial Folio, with numerous Plates A Translation of the Pharmacopæia engraved by G. Cooke and others. 41. 48. of the Royal College of Physicians of A Narrative of the Sufferings of GeneLondon, 1824. With Notes and Illus ral Riego and his Aid-de-Camp, Mr. G. trations. By Richard Phillips, F.R. S. Matthewes, in the Dungeons of Spain, L. and E., &c.

from September 1823 to April 1824, and A Supplement to the Pharmacopæia, of the latter Events of the Spanish Rebeing a Treatise on Pharmacology in volution. By George Matthewes, an EnGeneral. By S. F. Gray, Lecturer ou the glishman. 58. Materia Medica. Third Edition. 8vo. A Voyage to Cochin China. By John 148.

White, Lieutenant in the United States' An Essay on Christianity, shewing its Navy. 8vo. 108. 6d. True Principle, and proving the Anti- Original Letters illustrative of English Christianity of Prosecution for Religious History; including numerous Royal LetDiscussion, and of Exclusion and Disa- ters, from Autographs in the British Mu

seum, and one or two other' Collections. Scenes in the Drama of Life. 3 Vols.
With Notes and Illustrations. By Henry 12mo. 188.
Ellis, F. R. S. Lec. S. A., &c. 3 Vols. The Satires of Bishop Hall; with the
Crowo 8vo. 16. 16s.

Illustrations of the late Rev. Thomas Histoire de la Régénération de la Grèce, Warton; and some Additional Notes. comprenant le Précis des Evènements By S. W. Singer. 98. depuis 1740 jusqu'en 1824. Par T. C. Posthumous Poems of the late Percy H. L. Pouqueville, Ancien Consul.General Bysshe Shelley, Esq. 8vo. 158. de la France, auprès d’Ali Pacha de The Grecians, a Tragedy: in Five Acts. Janina, &c. 5 Vols. 8vo. Maps and By Mrs. Vanghan. 8vo. 38. Portraits. 21. 10s.

Athens, a Comedy iu Verse. In Five A Tour on the Continent, through Acts. 58. France, Switzerland and Italy, in the Greece in 1824. By the Author of Years 1817-1818. By Roger Hogg, Esq. " War in Greece." Is. 6d. 8vo. 88.

The Czar: an Historical Tragedy. By Discoveries of the Portuguese in the Joseph Cradock, Esq., M. A. F. S. A. 45. Interior of Angola and Mozambiqne, an Anti-Tooke ; or, an Analysis of the Account of, from Original MSS. By the Principles and Structure of Language, late T. E. Bowditch, Esq. Two Maps. exemplified in the English Tongue. By 103.

John Fearn. 8vo. Vol. I. 108. 6d. Six Months' Residence and Travels in An Inquiry into the Principles of the Mexico, containing Remarks on the pre. Distribution of Wealth most conducive sent State of New Spain, its Natural to Human Happiness; applied to the *Productions, &c. By W. Bullock, F. L. S., newly. proposed System of Voluntary Proprietor of the late London Museum. Equality of Wealth. By William Thom8vo. 18 Maps and Views. 188.

son. 8vo. 148. Narrative of a Pedestrian Journey An Outline of the System of Education through Russia and Siberian Tartary, at New Lanark. By Robert Dale Owen. from the Territories of China to the 8vo. 28. Frozen Sea and Kamschatka, performed Strictures on Phrenology. By Thomas during the Years 1820-1823. By Capt. Rolph. Demy 8vo. 28. 6d. John Dundas Cochrane, of the Royal Elements of Phrenology. By George Navy. 2 Vols. 8vo. Second Edition Combe, President of the Phrenological with Additions. Eight Plates and Three Society. Two Engravings. 48. Maps.

Essay on the Beneficial Direction of An Account of the Bell-Rock Light Rural Expenditure. By Robert A. Slaney, House, including the Details of the Erec- Esq., Barrister at Law. 12mo. 6s. 60. tion and peculiar Structure of that Edi- An English Syntax, with New and Cofice. To which is prefixed, A Historical pious Examples. By H. L. Hunt. View of the Institution and Progress of A Letter to Sir Charles Forbes, Bart., the Northern Light-Houses. By Robert M. P., on the Suppression of Public OpiStevenson, Civil Engineer, F. R. S., &c. nion in India, and the Banishment withRoyal 4to. 22 Engravings and Frontis- out Trial of the Two British Editors from piece. 57. 58.

that Country, by the Acting GovernorItaly and the Italians in the Nineteenth General, Mr. Adam. By a Proprietor of Century; a View of the Civil, Political India Stock. 18, and Moral State of that Country; with A Second Letter to the Same, on the a Treatise on Modern Italian Literature. same Subject. By a Proprietor, &c. 28. By A. Vieusseux. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 168. An Appeal not io the Government, but

Sketches of the History, Manners and to the People of England, on the Subject Customs of the North American Indians, of West-Indian Slavery. 8vo. 18. with a view to the Amelioration of their A Speech, delivered in the House of present Condition: to which are added, Peers, June 10, 1824, on the Irish Tithe Observations on the Religion and Lan. Composition Amendment Bill. By John guages of the Indians. By James Bu- Jebb, D.D., Lord Bishop of Limerick. 38. chanan, Esq., his Majesty's Consul for Captain Rock Detected; or the Origin the State of New York. Demy 8vo. and Character of the Recent Disturb108. 6d.

ances, and the Causes both Moral and Noon-Tide Leisure; or, Sketches in Political of the present alarming CondiSammer : Outlines from Nature, and tion of the South and West of Ireland. Imagination : and including a Tale of the By a Munster Farmer. Days of Shakspeare. By Nathan Drake, A Narrative of the Conversion and M.D.. 2 Vols, Post 8vo. 188.

Death of Count Struensee, formerly Prime The Hermit in Edinburgh; or, Sketches Minister of Denmark. By Dr. Munter. of Manners and Real Characters and Translated from the German in 1774, by the Rev. Mr. Wendeborn. With an lo- Genius of Lord Byron. By Sir Egerton troduction and Notes. By Thomas Ren. Brydges, Bart. Post Svo. 98. nell, B.D. F.R. S., Vicar of Kensington. Lord Byron's Private Correspondence. 8vo. 88.

Including his Letters to bis Mother, A Present for the Convalescent, and Written from Portugal, Spain, Greece, for New Converts to Religion. By John &c. Published from the Origivals, with Fry, Rector of Desford, Leicestershire. Notes aud Observations. By R. C. Dallas, 12mo. 48.

Esq. A Letter to a friend, on the Autho. Lord Byron's Works, viewed in Conrity, Purpose and Effects of Christianity, pexion with Christianity and the Obligaand especially on the Doctrine of Re- tions of Social Life: a Sernion delivered demption. 18. 6d.

in Holland Chapel, Kenuington, July 4, Friendly Conversations between a Pas. 1824. By Joho Styles, D. D. 8vo. 18. 6d. tor of the Church of England and his

Flock. 58.
Essays on various Subjects of Ecclesi-

Discourses, Sclected from the Manu. astical History and Antiquity. By James scripts of the late Robert Boog, D.D., Townley, D.D. 58.

Minister of the Abbey Church of Paisley.

8vo. 128. Letters and Papers of the late Rev. Thomas Scott, Selected and Edited by Assistant Preacher at St. Paul, Covent

By the late Rev. James Richard Vernon, Johu Scott, A. M., Vicar of North Ferriby, Garden. 8vo. 108. 6d. &c. 8vo. Portrait. 128. The Complete Works of the Rev. P.

Doctrinal and Practical. By 'J. Bull, Shelton, Rector of Fintena : with his M. A., Master of the Hospital and Free Lite, edited by the Rev. R. Lynam, A.M. Gramınar School at Clipston, Northamp6 Vols. 8vo. 31. 128.

tonshire. 8vo. 10s. The Deity of Christ the uniform Tes.

Single. tiniony of the Scriptures. By W. Jones, Christ Crucified. A Sermon, delivered Bolton. ls. 6d.

at the Opening of the Unitarian MeetingThe Private Memoirs and Confessions House, Todmorden, in the Afternoon of of a Justified Sivner. Written by Him. Whitsunday, June 6th, 1824. By Wm. self. With a Detail of Curious Tradi- Stevens. 12mo. 8d. tionary Facts, and other Evidence, by the A Sermon, in which is attempted to Editor. Post 8vo. 108, 6d.

be shewn how far the Use of Music is Missionary Journal and Memoir of the allowable or serviceable in Religious ExRev. Joseph Wolf, Missionary to the ercises. By J. Topham, M.A. F. R. S. L. Jews. Written by Himself. Revised and 18. Edited by John Bayford, Esq., F.S.A.

Christian Faith Ilustrated by the Faith 8vo. 78.

of Abraham ; a Visitation Sermon. By Queries on the Doctrine of the Church G. F. Tavel, M. A. F, R. S., Rector of of England respecting Baptism : to which Campsey Ash, Saffolk. 18. 6id. is subjoined so much of all the Docu- Preached at the Visitation at Ludlow, ments of the Church as relate to the May 4, 1824. By Daniel Nihill, M. An, subject. 28. 6d.

Perpetual Curate of Clunbury, Shropshire. Remarks on Luke xviii. 15-17, and 18. 6d. on the Abrahamic Corenant, Infant On the Excellencies of the. Liturgy ; Baptisin, &c., in which some Notice is delivered at the Apual Visitation at taken of Mr. Kinghorn's Tract on the Leeds, June, 1824. By Charles Mus. Covenant of Circumcision. By William grave, M. A., Vicar of Whitkirk, YorkBeal. 8d.


Preached at the Parish Church of St. Lord Byron.

Mary, Islington, July 11, 1824, on OccaLord Byron's Works. Portrait. 4 Vols. sion of beiug Inducted into the Vicarage 8vo. 21. 2s.

of that Church. By Daniel Wilsou, M.A., Letters on the Character and Poetical of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. 18.

CORRESPONDENCE. Cotnmunications have been received from Mr. Pewn; R.; the Asiatic Journal; and the Rev, R. Taylor.

The unusual quantity of Intelligence excludes this month several articles of Review (Ben David's Reply to Two Deistical Works, &c.).

Monthly Repository.


AUGUST, 1824.

[Vol. XIX.

Original Letters from the Baxter Manuscripts in Dr. Williams's Library.

From Bates to Buxter; Story of a Diabolićul Possession. [This letter is without date ; it was the Mallei Maleficorum, Danæus and probably written before Baxter print- others, we had many score of them deed his « Unreasonableness of Infide- tected, and many executed in one year lity.” In his second edition of “ The in Suffolk and Éssex (for the truth of Saints' Everlasting Rest,” published this read Mr. Fairclough's Life) about 1651, as well as in the former work, 1644. And I have at this present a published 1655, he refers to some of Alint-stone, which was one of about the authors pointed out by his learned 160, which was voided by the urinary correspondent. From those and others passage by a bewitched child in Evesof his works, Baxter appears to have ham, yet living, some of near an ounce been quite prepared to receive the mar- weight; which was fully proved, the vellous tale that Bates relates. He witch executed, and the child, upon expresses hiinself as follows, in “The her imprisonment, freed : to pass by Saints' Everlasting Rest :" " I know many others. And I have had conmany are very incredulous herein, and vincing testimony of apparitions, bewill hardly believe that there have side that famous one, The Devil of been such apparitions. For my own Mascon, and that in the shape of part, though I am as suspicious as most Lieutenant-Colonel Bowen in Wales, in such reports, and do believe that mentioned elsewhere : and besides, most of them are conceits or delusions, many testimonies of haunted houses; yet having been very diligently inqui- however many, or most şuch reports sitive in all such cases, I have received are but deceits.” Id. p. 870.-" Deundoubted testimony of the truth of ceits,” indeed, all such “ reports” are such apparitions, some from the now known to have been, but with mouths of men of undoubted honesty such deceits were filled the minds of and godliness, and some from the those divines to whom the religious report of multitudes of persons who world has looked up for a century and heard or saw.

Were it fit here to a half as authorities in matters of name the

persons, I could send them faith! Ed.] to you yet living, by whom you would be as fully satisfied as I: houses that “ DEARE SIR, have been so frequently haunted with OURS I received, and am hearsuch terrors, that the inhabitants suc

tily sorry for the spreading of cessively have been witnesses of it.” infidelity wh you mention. Concerning (Practical Works, Folio, Vol. III. p. the authors who have writ de spectris, 103.) Again he says, “ The history I made inquiry. There are Lavaterus of the Dispossession of the Devil out de Spectris. Remigius-Demonolatria. of many persons together in a room Thyræus de Obsessis. Boissardus de in Lancashire, at the prayer of some Divinatione Pererius-Disquisitiones godly ministers, is very famous." Ib. Magicæ. But, above all, I esteem a p. 104. Once more, in his “Dying late Collection printed in Holland, Thoughts,” he says, “ Satan himself, entitled Magica---de Apparitionibus. though unwillingly, hath many ways Upon this occasion I will relate helped my belief of our immortality you a story of a maid in Canterbury, and future hopes. I have had many who about 9 years since was an eininent convincing proofs of witches, the con- instance of God's displeasure, &c. She

tracts they have made with Devils, had promised marriage to one of a · and the power which they have re- mean calling, whom she cast off upon ceived from them. Besides the vo- an offer made by another who was lumes of Remigius and Bodin, and better provided in estate. The first,




" I am,

after several endeavours to recover truth of this story, know that I reher affections, comes to her at the ceived it from one of ye ministers who last, and tells her he was going from then lived in Canterbury, who was her, so as she should never see him with her, and put his hand into her more ; to wb she answered she was side where her ribbs were broken. It glad of it. He then took her by the is most worthy to be communicated apron-strings, and shaking them said, to ye world in this unbelieving age.

Bess! God will shake thee. He, • I have lately lookt upon your upon this, went froin Canterbury to booke in answer to Mr. Pierce: it Dover, and was seen once to go to- very much pleases me to read your wards ye sea, but never returned. vindication of the Synod of Dort, and This maid, living in a little roome by of the Puritans, who are certainly the herself, had spun some flax, wh she best men in ye world, although by carried to a neighbour's, intending to Mr. Pierce and others of his faction go sell it in the market. While she they are blasted as not worthy to live. was in ye house, there being a very But of Pierce and Grotius more heresmall fire, suddenly there was a noi. after. some smell of brimstone which they “The good Lord direct and prosper marvelled at, but found not apparent you in that work wh he gives you to The maid takes her basket

doe, and

express myself in the wherein her flax was, and, opening it, verse of an excellent man, found the flax burned to a coal! This

Goe you to heav'n, but yet do make no gave so strong a smell that for the

hast, space of 4 hours the whole street was

Goe slowly, slowly, but yet goe at oppressed with it. The next night as last.' this maid lay alone in her bed appears to her the man whom she bad pro

"Yours, in the truest bond, mised, with something about his head

" WM. BATES. as if he were going to drown himself, and asked her whether she would have London, 5th August. him. She shrinking into the bed, he “ Direct your letters for mee to takes hold of her fingers and disjoints bee left at Mr. Titon's, yt I may not all the parts of her fingers, wrist and misse them. arme to ye shoulder, and takes hold of her toe and plucks all out of joint

“ For the Reverend and bis most from thence to her hip. The maid worthily respected friend Mr. Richard discovers nothing as yet. Another

Baxter, minister of the Gospel at Kidnight there appears to her the forme derminster, theise.” of a bul, and with one blow breakes her ribbs to pieces. Another time, From Baxter to Mr. Wm. Thomas, the forme of a dogg and tore her

Minister of Ulley, Somersetshire, throat. Another time, a ball was

on the Case of his Son, who had forct downe into her stomack, w" soe

been under Baxter's care for the inflamed her that she could no more

cure of an Heretical Disposition. be toucht than burning coales. Soe “ REVEREND SIR, that with anguish one of her eyes dropt I forbore long to write to you, out. The Divel told her that her case because I had nothing of moinent to was desperate, and bid her seeke for acquaint you with. At last I wrote no helpe by ministers. But the Lord by London way, engaging Mr. Underin his rich' mercy prevailed upon her hill to send it to you ; but by, your to open her condition to them, who son I understand you received it not, by fasting and prayer obtained mercy Having found that your son did differ for her. She was eminently broken froin me in some points, (most philoin heart, freed from those dreadful sophicall about the very being or naeffects of God's anger, and became an ture of all habits and inclinations ; humble holy Christian. She is still and the possibility of God's effectually alive, for these 8 years not able to causing a free act, &c.,) I was forced move out of her bed, only as lifted in to dispute these with him first; bea sheete.

cause they being supposed in the dis“ That you may be assured of the pute of originall sin and special grace,

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