The history of Clarissa Harlowe


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Pagina 189 - The harmony of their tongues hath into bondage Brought my too diligent ear : for several virtues Have I liked several women ; never any With so full soul, but some defect in her Did quarrel with the noblest grace she owed, And put it to the foil : but you, O you, So perfect, and so peerless, are created Of every creature's best.
Pagina 221 - Till at the last, his time for fury found, He shoots with sudden vengeance from the ground ; The prostrate vulgar passes o'er and spares, But with a lordly rage his hunters tears.
Pagina xii - must be the style of those who ' write in the height of a present distress; the mind tortured ' by the pangs of uncertainty (the events then hidden in ' the womb of fate) ; than the dry, narrative, unanimated ' style of a person relating difficulties and dangers sur' mounted, can be ; the relater perfectly at ease ; and if ' himself unmoved by his own story, not likely greatly to
Pagina 186 - Love various minds does variously inspire : It stirs in gentle bosoms gentle fire, Like that of incense on the altar laid ; But raging flames tempestuous souls invade : A fire which every windy passion blows, . With pride it mounts, or with revenge it glows.
Pagina 348 - Through life's perplexing road : The mists of error to control, And through its gloom direct my soul To happiness and good. XVI. Beneath her clear discerning eye The visionary shadows fly Of Folly's painted show. She sees through ev'ry fair disguise, That all but Virtue's solid joys Is vanity and woe.
Pagina 44 - My father sat half aside in his elbow-chair, that his head might be turned from me ; his hands clasped, and waving, as it were, up and down ; his fingers, poor dear gentleman ! in motion, as if angry to the very ends of them. My sister sat swelling. My brother looked at me with scorn, having measured me, as I may say, with his eyes as I entered, from head to foot.
Pagina 346 - Blest source of purer joys! In ev'ry form of beauty bright, That captivates the mental sight With pleasure and surprise; V. To thy unspotted shrine I bow: Attend thy modest suppliant's vow, That breathes no wild desires; But, taught by thy unerring rules, To shun the fruitless wish of fools, To nobler views aspires.
Pagina xi - As far as is consistent with human frailty, and as far as she could be perfect, considering the people she had to deal with, and those with whom she was inseparably connected, she is perfect.
Pagina 345 - With joy I hear the solemn sound, Which midnight echoes waft around, And sighing gales repeat. Fav'rite of Pallas! I attend, And, faithful to thy summons, bend At Wisdom's awful seat.

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