18.–Proclamation granting a free pardon to morning until nine, many officers of the army all deserters from military service who might and navy and high dignitaries of the Church report themselves to their commanding officers. presenting themselves at the doors, which Hammersmith Bridge opened by Prince

were not, however, opened until a few minutes Albert Victor.

to nine. Then a merry peal was rung upon

the Abbey bells, and gradually the people Inspection of the Tay Bridge by the

possessed of tickets made their way into the Board of Trade authorities completed, and a sacred edifice. Around Buckingham Palace certificate granted for the opening of the in the forenoon there was great gaiety. Her structure. Passenger traffic was accordingly Majesty rose early, as usual, and took walking commenced on the 19th.

exercise after breakfast with the Princess Died at Cheltenham, Thomas Fiott Beatrice. At a quarter past eleven the Royal Hughes, celebrated linguist, one of the two procession defiled from the gates of Buckingselected from the Universities of Oxford and ham Palace for the Abbey: The Royal Princes Cambridge in 1848, to be sent as attachés to on horseback escorting the Queen's carriage Constantinople.

formed a brilliant spectacle. The cheering as In the Cambridge Classical Tripos (rart

the Queen proceeded was tremendous and i.), Miss A. Ramsay, of Girton (daughter of

enthusiastic, and was repeatedly acknowSir . J Ramsay, of Banff), was placed alone in

ledged by Her Majesty. All along the route

the huzzaing and waving of handkerchiefs conthe first class—thus being Senior Classic of the

tinued until the Abbey was reached, about a year ; whilst two Newnham students were placed in the first class (part ii.). And in the

quarter-past twelve. At the west door the

ladies and officers of the Royal Household Modern Languages Tripos, Miss Harvey, of

awaited the Queen. The officiating clergy Newnham, was placed second in the first class.

were assembled in the nave, and immediately 20.-The mayors, provosts, and high sheriffs formed a procession. The Bishop of London, of the kingdom entertained at the Mansion the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and House by the Lord Mayor of London.

the Duke of Westminster were followed by

the Royal Princes. Then came the Queen and Preparation for tomorrow's proceed the Princesses. The ceremony, which was of ing: in Westminster Abbey, every nook a most imposing character, lasted about an and corner of which was thoroughly searched hour, and at its conclusion Her Majesty, still for explosives by Major Majendie, and the standing on the dais, received obeisance from building given over to the custody of the police, all members of the Royal Family. In return who kept strict watch over it until after the she kissed each of them. The Queen was then ceremonial. The scene in London to-night supported by the Lord Chamberlain through was described as one of the greatest possible the choir and down the nave to the west door, animation, the thoroughfares on the route of preceded by the Princes and followed by the royal procession being up to midnight at the Princesses. Her Majesty returned to many points so densely crowded that it was

Buckingham Palace by Whitehall and Pall scarcely possible to move.

Mall, amid renewed demonstrations of loyalty, 21.-Jubilee Day. The Jubilee of Queen

which she acknowledged from her carriage Victoria celebrated all over the world-in by gracious smiles and bows. London, in the English, Scotch, and Irish

ceedings throughout were most successful, provinces, in all the capitals of Europe, in

and passed off with only a single accident. Canada, the United States, Australasia, and

After a short rest at Buckingham Palace, on all the British Colonies. The Royal procession

returning from the thanksgiving service in the and ceremony in London was favoured with Abbey, the Queen reviewed the Naval Brigade, brilliant sunshine throughout. From an early

numbering 500 men, who came from Portshour the West End thoroughfares contiguous

mouth to furnish a guard of honour. In the to the route to be traversed by the Queen

evening Her Majesty gave a grand banquet presented an unusually animated appearance,

to her guests, among whom were 64 Royal many persons passing the night in the streets personages, while 132 covers were laid for the in order to secure a position from which a

members of the Royal household. The health view of the procession might be gained.

of Her Majesty was pledged at each table. At Traffic was stopped at eight o'clock, by which

half-past ten the Queen held a reception of hour Trafalgar Square was filled with car

Ministers and other personages. riages and cabs conveying ticketholders to 22.—The Queen, notwithstanding her ardutheir various destinations. At this centre the ous duties of yesterday, received visits from large hotels and public buildings on all sides, numbers of her relatives and Royal guests, and as well as business premises, were decorated at an early hour drove to St. James's Palace with flags, evergreens, and festoons, and as the and visited the Duchess of Cambridge. This troops detailed for duty in the streets took up visit was of very short duration, the Queen at their positions the scene was extremely brilliant. once returning to Buckingham Palace, where In the vicinity of Westminster Abbey great she held a reception, at which she formally activity prevailed from seven o'clock in the received the Jubilee presents sent fronı the

The pro


Foreign Courts and from the Colonies, as well (July 2). The second event was the laying of as the gift of £75,000 from the women of the foundation-stone of the Imperial Institute Great Britain, subscribed to by over three mil at South Kensington by Her Majesty (July 4). lions of her subjects. This latter presenta The third occasion was a review of troops at tion was made by Lady Stafford, who was Aldershot (July 9). The march-past, which accompanied by a deputation of 150 ladies. was performed by about 58,000 men and 102 Among other gifts received by Her Majesty guns, occupied two hours and three-quarters. was that of the Royal Scottish Society of The fourth and chief event was a grand naval Painters, who sent an album of sketches by review at Spithead (July 23). The Queen, on the members. In the evening the Queen left board the Victoria and Albert, passed through Buckingham Palace for Windsor, driving to a fleet of 135 ships of various descriptions, Paddington by way of Hyde Park, where the moored in three columns, each ship firins Children's Jubilee gathering was being held. twenty-one guns the royal procession The bairns, numbering nearly 30,000, were passed. At night the whole feet was illumassed along the central carriage-way, and minated. raised hearty cheers when the Queen arrived. Her Majesty, having presented one of the 24.-Her Majesty's letter of thanks to her little ones with a memorial cup, drove slowly people, forwarded from Windsor to the Home towards the station. From Paddington she Secretary I am anxious," wrote Her travelled to Slough, where she left the royal Majesty, “to express to my people my warm train, and was presented with an address. thanks for the kind, and m re than kind, reShe then drove through Eton, where three ception I met with on going to and returning addresses were presented, and on reaching from Westminster Abbey with all my children Windsor unveiled a statue of herself on Castle and grandchildren. The enthusiastic reception Hill, in presence of a very large gathering. I met with then, as well as on all these eventThe statue was the gift of the inhabitants of ful days in London, as well as in Windsor on Windsor to the Queen. Dr. A. C. Mackenzie's the occasion of my jubilee, has touched me Jubilee Ode was produced in the Crystal most deeply. It has shown that the labour Palace, London, in presence of an immense and anxiety of fifty long years, twenty-two of audience.

which I spent in unclouded happiness, shared

and cheered by my beloved husband, while an 23.—The Jubilee festivities at Windsor equal number were full of sorrows and trials were continued to-day, the principal items borne without his sheltering arm and wise being the feasting of over 7,000 children in the help, have been appreciated by my people. private grounds of the Home Park, where also This feeling and the sense of duty towards my a fire brigade demonstration afterwards took dear country and subjects, who are so insepaplace, both being honoured by Her Majesty's rably bound up with my life, will encourage presence. At Aldershot a review of the whole me in my task, often a very difficult and garrison, followed by a sham fight, was held arduous one, during the remainder of my life. in the Long Valley, in presence of the Prince The wonderful order preserved on this occasion, of Wales and the kings and princes at present and the good behaviour of the enormous multiin this country.

Four Jubilee functions in tudes assembled, merits my highest admirawhich the Queen took part occurred in July. tion. That God may protect and abundantly The first was a review of Volunteer corps, bless my country is my fervent prayer. numbering 23,672 men, at Buckingham Palace VICTORIA R. AND I.”


Albert Bridge, Chelsea, 1116.

Arica blockaded, 1331.
Albert Hall opened, 994, 1003.

Arins report, 1602.
Abercorn, Duke of, 1163, 1165. Albert Medal, 1156.

Army, royal warrant, 1019, 1030.
Lord-Lieutenant, 1145.
Albert Memorial, 1183, 1190.

grievances, 1122.
Aberdare, Lord, 1116.
Albert, Prince

territorial organization, 1355,

Statue, Cambridge, 1252.

reserves called out, 1385, 1463, 1465.
Duthie Park opened, 1435.
Albert Victor, Prince, 1344, 1386.

zist colours restored, 1399.
freedom to Earl of Aberdeen and at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1421. beards allowed, 1518.
Sir R. Cross, 1439.
receives Garter, 1433.

smoking allowed, 1536.
antiquarian discovery, 1535.

inajority of, 1460.

Arnim, Count, 1038.
Aberdeen, Earl of, 1439, 1480, 1515. at Whittington Home, 1462.

recalled, 1151.
at Leith, 1574
a Freemason, 1464.

arrested, 1160.
About, Edmond, arrested, 1069.

Master of Middle Temple, 1471. trial, 1173, 1180, 1210.
Abyssinia, war with Egypt, 1191. freedom of City to, 1473.

Arthur, Prince, 1008, 1019, 1116.
Ackworth Schools centenary: 1313.

at Cambridge, 1515.

Arundel Church dispute, 1316, 1336.
Adam, W. P., on Disestablishment, at Edinburgh, 1530.

Ascension Day, 999.

Albrecht, marriage of Prince, 1100. Ashantee War-
Adderley, Sir C., 1279.
Alcohol manifesto, 1038.

attack on Elmina, It06.
Adelaide telegraph, 1073.

ambuscade on the Prah, 1115, 1118.
Afghan boundaries, 1172.

shooting accident, 1568.

appointments, 1116.

Jubilee review, 1618.

blockade proclaimed, 1117.
Abdul Rahman Ameer, 1340. Alexander III. of Scotland, Cooth an staff leave, 1118.
Battle of Maiwand, 1341.

niversary, 1519.

Sir Garnet Wolseley's address, 1120.
additional troops, 1343.
Alexandra Palace opened, 1104.

successes, 1124.
Battle of Candahar, 1343.
Alexandra Palace deaths, 1116.

native attack, 1125.
review of troops, 1347.

Alexandra Palace Con ny, 1210. Earl Grey on War, 1125.
debate in Lords, 1351, 1354.
Alf rd, Dean, statue, 1020.

despatches, 1129,
evacuation of Candahar, 1356. Alfred, statue of King, 1237.

advance on Prashu, 1132.
Ameer enters Herat, 1363.
Alice, Princess-

battle of Amoaful, 1138.
FrontierCommission, 1457,1458, 1468. son killed, 1105.

submission, 1139.
Russians on frontier, 1446, 1448, illness, 1299.

Coomassie entered, 1140, 1144, 1146.
1450, 1454, 1464. 1465, 1466.
death, 1300.

objects secured, 1140.
Ameer at Rawul Pindi, 1465.
the Queen, 1301.

Treaty of Fommanah, 1141.
Ayoub Khan, arrest of, 1466. Alison, Sir A., 1437.

indemnity: 1142.
Russians enter Penjdeh, 1516. All Hallows' observances, 1331.

Royal umbrella, 1147.
African discovery-
Allsopp Company, 1592.

banquet, 1149.
Lieut. Cameron, 1183, 1191.
Alpine accidents-

return of troops, 1149.
Stanley, 1243, 1255..
Prof. Balfour, 1384

rewards, 1149, 1162.
Agincourt court-martial, 1022, 1029. Mr. Gablett, 1386.

medals distributed, 1152.
Agricultural Society, Royal-

Wm. Penhall, 1386.

Ashford, Baron, 1198.
1874 Bedford. 1877 Liverpool. Alsace "option,” 1070.

Asia Minor affairs, 1321.
1876 Birmingham. 1878 Bristol.

Alsace Lorraine election, 1139, 1143, Assam, empire of, 1997.

Assam, disturbance in, 1319.
1874 Inverness. 1877 Edinburgh. Amadeus, Prince, 1105.

1875 Glasgow. 1878 Dumfries. American mail dispute, 1580, 1581,

General Mezentsoff, 1293.
1876 Aberdeen.

1583, 1592.

Mehemet Ali, 1294.
Airey, Baron, 1223.
Amphlett, Sir R. P., 1211.

King of Italy, 1298.
Airy, Sir G., 1181.
Andersen, Hans C., 1169, 1174.

Kraptokine, Prince, 1305.
Ajar, accident, 1595.
Andorra, revolution in, 1319.

Drenteln, Gen., 1308.
Alabama claims, 1003, 1040.
Angelo, Michael, centenary, 1178.

Shereef of Mecca, 1331.
committee, 1036.
Angra Pequena, 1452.

President of Uruguay, 1560.
Granville to Fisk, 1041, 1050.
Annandale Peerage case, 1311.

M. Bratiano, 1566.
Lord Redesdale on, 1042, 1043, Appeal, Court of, 1.187, 1210, 1211.

Association Meetings—.
Fisk to Granville, 1045, 1052.

Archæological Institute meetings (Archæological Association.)
Geneva arbitration, 1053, 1055, 1874 Ripon.

1877 Hereford.
1874 Bristol.

1877 Llangollen.
1056, 1057, 1058, 1059, 1060.
1875 Canterbury.

1875 Evesham. 1878 Wisbeach.
settlement, 1079.
Arctic Exploration, 1085.

indemnity paid, 1118.
Eira (Leigh Smith), 1386.


Albany, Duchess of, 1405, 1426.

Greely Expedition, 1450.

1871 Edinburgh Sir W. Thomson,
Albany, Duke of,
Jeannette, 1365.

opens Firth College, 1319
Argyll, Duke of

1872 Brighton Dr. Carpenter,
marriage, 1374
on Sir A. Cockburn, 1043.

at Birkbeck Institute, 1414.
on Lord Mayo, 1139.

1873 Bradford Prof. Williamson.
death, 1446.
on Policy of Government, 1209.

1874 Belfast

Prof. Tyndall.
funeral, 1447.
on Liberal party, 1475.

1875 Bristol. Sir J. Hawkshaw.
birth of son, 1452, 1458.
in Dundee, 1496.

1876 Glasgow Prof. Andrews.
bust in Esher Church, 1458.
on Home Rule Bill, 1545.

1877 Plymouth. Prof.Allen Thomp-
remains removed, 1473.
marriage of, 1559.

Memorial, 1516.
Argyll, Bishop of, 1134.

1878 Dublin.

W. Spottiswoode.

Association Meetings, continued Bangor, Welsh College at, 1432.

Berlin Conference, 1339, 1343.
(Social Science.)
Bankruptcy jury trial, 990.

panic in Opera House, 1391.
1874 Glasgow. 1877 Aberdeen Bank of England forgeries, 1091, 1099, Bermuda, storm in, 1343.
1875 Brighton. 1878 Cheltenham.

I116, 1117

Bernhardt, Sarah, 1312, 1338.
1876 Liverpool.
Bank holidays, 1011.

Besika Bay, 1197, 1258.
Assyrian tablets, 1104.
Barbadoes riots, 1195.

Bessemer, Sir Henry-
Astrakan, plague in, 1304.
Baring, Mr. E., 1472.

knighted, 1312.
Atalanta, report on, 1350.
Barry, Dr., Bishop of Sydney, 1429.

receives freedom of City, 1345.
Atchinese War, 1098, 1100, 1105, 1136, Barry, Lord Justice, 1419.

Bessemer steamer trial, 1170.
1142, 1145.
Bates, Sergeant, 1079.

Bethlehem church dispute, 1095.
Athanasian Creed, 1052, 1054, 1055, Bath, bridge accident, 1233.

Betting offences, 1078.
1061, 1062, 1079, 1087, 1090.
Battenberg, Prince Henry-

Bible Revision, 1469.
Athanasian Creed debate, 1315.

marriage, 1477.

Bickersteth, Bishop of Exeter, 1462.
Aurora disturbances, 1064.

naturalized, 1479.

Bickersteth, Bishop of Japan, 1512.

son born, 1580.

Bicycle Club, 1247
annexation in, 1461.

opens Yorkshire Jubilee Exhibition, Bicycle feat, 1107.


ride from San Francisco to Shanghai,
Appropriation Bill, 1268.
Battenberg, Prince Louis

International Exhibition, 1345.
marriage of, 1448.

Billiard match, 998.
export of fruit, 1534.
Bavaria, Princess, 1616.

gold at Kimberley, 1534.

conference, 1034.
Suicide of King Louis, 1541.

Science College, 1167.
Ministerial changes, 1030.
Bavaria and Germany, 1125.

Dudley bequest, 1191.
Reichsrath opened, 1036, 1125. Bavarian, infernal machines on board, Museum of Arms, 1207.
Emperor's anniversary, 1139.

Science College, 1345.

at St. Petersburg, 1141.
Bayonets, defective, 1594.

musical festival, 1388, 1484.
Pope's letter, 1146.

Bazaine, Marshal, stabbed, 1606. manufacture of explosives, 1410,
Emperor at Eger, 1173.
Beach, Sir M. H., 1263.

Hungarian Diet, 1177.
Beaconsfield, Earl of-

Union Bank frauds, 1429, 1436.
Sir H. Elliot, Ambassador, 1254. gazetted, 1207.

Sir Wm. Thomson in, 1436.
Ignatieff at Vienna, 1274.
farewell address, 1208.

Aston Park Riots, 1455.
occupies Bosnia, 1292, 1296.
at Aylesbury, 1209.

Memorial to Col. Burnaby, 1495.
treaty with Prussia, 1304.
Guildhall speech, 1212.

museum, 1500.
Empress of, 1305.
at Berlin Congress, 1285.

returns seven Liberals, 1503.
silver wedding, 1309.

return from Congress, 1290.

Bishops, Consecration of, 1288.
Count Andrassy resigns, 1316, 1318. on Berlin Treaty, 1291.

Bismarck, Prince-
movement of troops, 1317.

invested with Order of the Garter, on Ultramontanism, 1068.
Empress at Windsor, 1330.


resignation, 1081, IIIO.
marriage of Crown Prince, 1357. banquet to, 1291.

honours, 1083
fire at Ring theatre, 1365.

freedom, City of London, 1292. Prussian ministers, 1126.
Hapsburg celebrations, 1398.
at Guildhall, 1298, 1315.

defence in Lower House, 1134.
Jews in Hungary, 1429.
gift from California, 1300,

on Alsace-Lorraine, 1145.
ice accident on Theiss, 1444.

declines Turnerelli wreath, 1312. on Ultramontanes, 1163.
military budget, 1597.

freedom of Grocers' Company, resignation refused, 1164, 1156.


attempted assassination, 1256.
Jungfrau, 1310.
at Aylesbury, 1317.

at Vienna, 1318.
Villack, 1307.

at Mansion House, 1321.

Blackburn, Judge, 1210.
Alpine, 1461.

announces Dissolution, 1330. Blackburn, Lord, resigns, 1583.
Aylesford peerage, 1473.

resigns, 1332.

Blackie, Prof., 1577:
Cabinet Council, 1333.

Blomfield, Bishop of Colchester, 1382.
at Windsor, 1335.

Boat Race
at Bridgewater House, 1335.

Anglo-American, 1058.
Endymion published, 1348.

Hanlan on Tyne, 1373.
Bacchante, cruise of, 1344, 1386.
death, 1355.

Oxford and Cambridge,
Bach's "St. John,” 1050.

funeral, 1356.

1874 Cambridge. 1877 Dead Heat.
Bacɔn, Vice-Chancellor, resigns, 1578. Queen's memorial to, 1370.

1875 Oxford.

1878 Oxford.
Baggallay, Sir R., 1181.

bust at Guildhall, 1392.

1876 Cambridge.
Baird Trust Gift, 1114.

statue unveiled, 1413.

Boehringer, pastor of Basle, excom-
Baker Pasha, 1244, 1259.
Liverpool statue, 1442.

municated, 1305.
Baker, Sir S.-
Beatrice, Princess

Bolivia, church lands, 1328.
rumoured calamity to, 1100, 1101.

at Aberdeen, 1435.

Bounty mutineers, 1356.
safety of, 1108, 1121

engagement, 1459.

Botanic Society's fête, 1061.
at Geographical Society, 1130.

marriage grant, 1468, 1474.

Bothnia, launch, 1145:
at Brighton, 1134.

marriage, 1477

Bouverie, E. P., on Gladstone defeat,
Balaclava anniversary, 1180.

1142, 1145.
Baldacchino case, 1115, 1131.

shooting affray at, 1427.

Bowen, Lord Justice, 1381.
Balfe, statue, 1160.
Beer and spirit duties, 1470.

Boyer, Sir George, 1200,
Balfour, A. J.-
“ Beggar's League,” 1069.

Boyne anniversary, 1553.
Rector of Aberdeen, 1580.
Beethoven centenary, 1022.

Boyton, Captain, 1169, 1172, 1976,
on Crimes Bill, 1601.

1214, 1223.

Brussels Palace of Justice, 1437. Bradford, fall of chimney, 1398.
Durouf, Calais, 1159.

formation of Congo State, 1468. Bradford Free Library, 1584.
Crystal Palace, 1160.

railway celebrations, 1484.

Bradford Mechanics' Institute, 1026.
Captain Burnaby, 1161.

Socialist riots, 1519, 1520.

Bradlaugh, Mr., affirms, 1339.
Zenith, 1170.

Belgium Geographical Congress, 1209. excluded, 1356, 1360, 1368, 1369,
Death of Mr. Powell, 1365.
Bell's Life stoppage, 1535.

Rescue of Brine and Simmons, 1370. Bellemere, Gen., censured, 1124.

action against Sergeant-at-arms,
Col. Burnaby, 1372.
Belt bankruptcy, 1599.

1377, 1427, 1444.
steering balloon, 1380.
Bellerophon, H.M.S., 1516.

committed for trial, 1384.
Capt. Mayet, 1401,
Ben Nevis Observatory, 1433, 1437.

Trafalgar Square meeting, 1429
Mr. J. Simmons, 1429.
hotel, 1474.

Attorney-General's action, 1450.
Sir C. de Crespigny, 1429.
Bend'Or” dispute, 1336.

motion for new trial 1459.
Mr. Renard, 1452,
Bennett, Sir John, 1240, 1243.

on Trafalgar Square riots, 1516.
at Suakim, 1465.

Benson, Dr. E. W., Archbishop, 1398, Bradley, Dr., Dean of Westminster,
Fête at Guines, 1469.


Dallot, first contest, 1066, 1093,
Berlin monument, 1030.

Bramwell, Sir C. W., 1210.

relics, 1430.

Brand, Speaker, elected, 1043, 1146. Burmah, continued-

Canada, continued-
addresses tenantry, 1067.

disturbed state of Upper Burmah, new fortress, 1568.


Imperial Institute, 1569.
Emancipation bill, 1026.
annexation proclaimed, 1506.

visit of W.O'Brien, 1611, 1612, 1613,
Emperor in England, 1016.
fire in Mandalay, 1526.

Bishops punished, 1132.

death of Gen. Macpherson, 1573.

Canadian Pacific Railway, 1551.
Breadalbane, Marquis of, 1475.

Gen. Roberts in command, 1573.

Canal, Dutch, 1309.
Brechin, Bishop of, 1567.

Burmese ambassadors, 1057, 1059, Canning, Lord, statue, 1272.
Brest scandal, 1068.


Canterbury, Archbishop of -
Brett, Sir W. B., 1210.

Burnaby, Captain, 1161, 1217, 1259. on comprehension, 1075,
Bribery, alleged, Joseph Arch against Burnaby, Col.-

rumoured resignation, 1147.
Lord H. Bentinck, 1603.
ballooning, 1372.

cross presented to Archbishop, 1467.
Briel anniversary, 1050.

death, 1461.

Cape Colony, Kaffir outbreak, 1254,
Bright, Right Hon. John-

memorial, 1495.

on constitution, 1051.
Burne. Jones, Mr. E., 1470.

Sir Bartle Frere recalled, 1341.
presentation, 1061.
Burning, death from, 1101.

Sir H. Robinson, Governor, 1342.
representation and land, 1035. Burnley Hospital, 1572.

Captain relief fund, 994.
Chancellor of Duclıy, 1119, 1120. Burns, Robert-

Cardiff, docks at, 1430, 1601.
at Birmingham, 1123,

statue, 1217

Cardwell at Oxford, 1043.
on Free Land, 1124.
cottage, 1345.

reconstruction of Army Bill, 1045.
on?“Residuum,” 1130.

Carey, Lieut., case of, 1316.
at Birmingham, 1138.

celebration, 1559.

Carlingford, Lord President, 1408.
on Liberal Organization, 1251. Burrows, Sir J. C, statue, 1266. Carlyle, T., honours to, 1132.
on Richard Cobden, 1240.
Bussel, Miss G. V., 1252.

Soth birthday, 1183.
on Eastern affairs, 1214, 1256. Butcher, Prof. S. H., 1390.

statue to, 1392.
at Birmingham, 1309, 1319.

Bute, marriage of Marquis, 1053. Carmarthen, quarry accident, 1459.
on India, 1315.

lecture, 1111.

Carnarvon, Lord, resigns, 1259.
land holding in Ireland, 1326. Burton, Consul, 1069,

meeting with Parnell, 1540.
seventieth birthday, 1364.

Butler, Dr. H. M., Dean of Gloucester, on Home Rule Bill, 1542.
retires from Ministry, 1384.


Carnegie, Andrew, gift to Edinburgh,
Lord Rector of Glasgow, 1347, 1408. appointed master of Trinity College, 1505.
opens new infirmary at Rochdale, Cambridge, 1575.

Carrier pigeon experiment, 1318.

Butt, Mr., Judge in Admiralty Court, Cart, river, widening, &c., begun, 1596.
25th anniversary of election, 1421. 1409.

Caswell murders, 1316.
at Leeds, 1437.
Butterfly swarms 1312.

Catholic celebration at Berne, 1316.
on Henry George, 1443.
Byles, Sir William, 1138.

Catholic protest, 1062.
letter to Mr. Caine, 1515.
Byron, anniversary, 1173.

Catholic (old) Congress, 1069,
election address, 1545.

Byron, Lady, controversy, 998, 999. Catholics, Old, at Rome, 1176.
letter to Mr. Rylands, 1546.

Cavendish, Lord F., statue to, 1473.
a D.C.L. of Oxford, 1548.

Cavill swims Channel, 1244.
returned for Birmingham, 1549, 1550.


Cavour monument, 1125.
on Gladstone, 1551, 1582, 1586.

Caxton celebration, 1124, 1235.
on Welsh Church, 1586.
Cabmen's rest, 1266.

Cenci, performance of, 1532.
Brighton poisoning, 1023.
Cabul. (See India.)

Census taken, 996.
aquarium, 1065.

Cadogan, Earl, admitted to the Cabinet, Census 1881, 1354.
library, 1118.


Central Asia boundaries, 1072, 1090.
Bristol, Colston's day, 1364.
Caird, Principal, 1133.

dispute, 1101.
British Museum, new block, 1390.
Cairns, Lord Chancellor, 1144.

railway scheme, 1146.
Brock, Rev. William, 1070.
Caledonian Bank, 1298, 1299, 1313.

Chaldean inscription, 1079.
Broadmoor, attempted murder in, Call, Sir W. M., arrested, 1582. Challenger expedition, 1119, 1197.
Cambridge Commission, 1033.

Chamberlain, Right Hon. J., 1201.
Bruce, statue, 1252.

Vice-Chancellor, 1075.

at Glasgow, 1319.
Brunel, J. K., monument, 1230. Cambridge, Duke of

on duty of Radicals, 1425.
Brussels Bourse, 1132.

on grievances, 1987,

at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1443.
Buccleuch, Duke of, Chancellor of assaulted, 1133.

on House of Lords, 1455.
Glasgow University, 1278, 1309. Cambridge, Duke of, on War, 1272. at Birmingham, 1460.
testimonial to, 1430.
Cambridge University-

at Hull, 1480.
Buckingham, Duke of, 1183.

last Wrangler, 1368.

at Glasgow, 1486.
Buckstone rocking stone, 1471.

Selwyn College opened, 1391.

at Bradford, 1488
Buda Pesth celebration, 1564.

Ridley Hall opened, 1391.

interviewed by unemployed, 1491.

Miss Perrin, Wrangler, 1422.

at National Liberal Club, 1508.
Peterhouse celebra ions, 1459.

resignation, 1520.

Miss Ramsay, Senior Classic, 1617 on Home Rule Bill, 1531.
Buenos Ayres, fever, 1008.
Cameron, Commander, 1183, 1193,1211.

Bolton letter, 1570.
Bulgaria, revolution, 1309, 1312, 1313, Camoëns celebration, 1337.

at Stornoway, 1607.
1486, 1487, 1540, 1562, 1563, 1564, Campbell, Mrs. A., accident to, 1590 at Glasgow, 1608.
1565, 1571, 1576, 1577.

Campbell, J. F., memorial unveiled at guest at Union Club, 1615.
war with Servia, 1487, 1498, 1499, Islay, 1613.

Chambers's Journal jubilee, 1368.
1500, 1516.

Chambers, Wm.-
Bunyan, statue, 1153.

Riel expelled, 1150.

baronetcy, 1416.
Burdett-Coutts, Baroness, 1010, 1062, Fisheries award, 1152.

death, 1417
1134, 1174, 1270.

breakwater at Belle Isle, 1347.

Chambord, Count de, 1118, 1123, 1124.
marriage, 1353.

railway in Newfoundland, 1382. demonstration, 1045.
at Westminster Town Hall, 1372. Lord Lansdowne, Governor-General, manifesto, 1072, 1088.

1417, 1437, 1438.

Changarnier, proceedings against, 1011.
Dalston, 1396.

departure of Lord Lorne, 1438. (Channel tunnel, 1166, 1383, 1384, 1422,
Highfield House, 1382, 1389.
British Association, 1453

Hoxton, 1452.

militia tendered for garrison duty in Charities, proposed taxation of, 1314.
Netherby Hall, 1492, 1495.

England, 1462.

Charnwood Forest Railway, 1466.
Notting Hill, 1476.

revolt in Manitoba, 1465.

Chatham Dockyard, naval designs in-

Louis Riel rising, 1467, 1468, 1469, vestigation, 1598.
threatened "rising”, 1318, 1567.

1480, 1470, 1491, 1497.

Chelmsford, Lord, G.C.B., 1317.
declaration of war, 1496.

capture of Big Bear, 1474.

Chess championship, 1517.
advance on Mandalay, 1496, 1497,

Pacific Railway, 1493.

Chess tournament, 1421.
Premier on Federation, 1506.

Chesterfield, letters, 1131.
surrender of Thebaw, 1499, 1500.

Parliament on Home Rule, 1530. Chevalier, M., at Liverpool, 1170.

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