Fables, Volume 1

Darton and Harvey, 1793 - 256 pagina's

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In the guise of cautionary tales for children, John Gay produces some witty and scathing satires on grown-ups. The illustrations are delightful woodcuts. Have not managed to identify the edition, but from the woodcuts 1790s Volledige review lezen

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Pagina x - Dr. Swift had been observing once to Mr. Gay, what an odd pretty sort of a thing a Newgate Pastoral might make. Gay was inclined to try at such a thing for some time ; but afterwards thought it would be better to write a comedy on the same plan. This was what gave rise to the Beggar's Opera.
Pagina xi - We were all, at the first night of it, in great uncertainty of the event, till we were very much encouraged by overhearing the Duke of Argyle, who sat in the next box to us, say, 'It will do — it must do ! I see it in the eyes of them.
Pagina 74 - ... twill then be known My charities were amply shown." An Angel came: "Ah! friend," he cried, "No more in flattering hope confide. Can thy good deeds in former times Outweigh the balance of thy crimes? What widow or what orphan prays To crown thy life with length of days? A pious action's in thy power, Embrace with joy the happy hour.
Pagina 136 - of tender age, In this important care engage? Older and abler pass'd you by; How strong are those ! how weak am I ! Should I presume to bear you hence, Those friends of mine may take offence. Excuse me, then. You know my heart, But dearest friends, alas ! must part. How shall we all lament ! Adieu ! For see, the hounds are just in view.
Pagina 134 - Friendship, like love, is but a name, Unless to one you stint the flame. The child, whom many fathers share, Hath seldom known a father's care. Tis thus in friendships; who depend On many, rarely find a friend.
Pagina 117 - Tis conquest to assert your right. How cumbrous is the gilded coach ! The pride of man is our reproach. Were we...
Pagina xii - Furthermore, it drove out of England, for that season, the Italian Opera, which had carried all before it for ten years.
Pagina 144 - Brutes are my theme. Am I to blame If men in morals are the same ? I no man call or ape, or ass — Tis his own conscience holds the glass. Thus, void of all offence, I write : Who claims the fable, knows his right.
Pagina 60 - Tis certain that the modish passions Descend among the crowd, like fashions. Excuse me, then, if pride, conceit, (The manners of the fair and great), I give to monkeys, asses, dogs, Fleas, owls, goats, butterflies, and hogs. I say that these are proud : what then ? I never said they equal men. A Goat (as vain as Goat can be...
Pagina 135 - The Goat remarked her pulse was high, Her languid head, her heavy eye; "My back," says he, "may do you harm; The Sheep's at hand, and wool is warm.

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