FCC Record: A Comprehensive Compilation of Decisions, Reports, Public Notices, and Other Documents of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, Volume 17,Numéro 10


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Page 6851 - Consistent with the stated objectives of applicable statutes, the analysis shall discuss significant alternatives such as — (1) the establishment of differing compliance or reporting requirements or timetables that take into account the resources available to small entities; (2) the clarification, consolidation, or simplification of compliance and reporting requirements under the rule for such small entities...
Page 6881 - The express terms of the agreement and any such course of performance, as well as any course of dealing and usage of trade, shall be construed whenever reasonable as consistent with each other; but when such construction is unreasonable, express terms shall control course of performance and course of performance shall control both course of dealing and usage of trade (Section 1-205).
Page 6576 - If a winning bidder fails to pay the balance of its winning bids in a lump sum by the applicable deadline as specified by the Commission, it will be allowed to make payment within ten (10) business days after the payment deadline provided that it also pays a late fee equal to five (5) percent of the amount due.
Page 6374 - ... each of which offers comparable video programming to at least 50 percent of the households in the franchise area; and...
Page 6734 - For any construction or alteration that would exceed the requirements of § 17.7 of this chapter, licensees must notify the appropriate Regional Office of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Form 7460-1) and file a request for antenna height clearance and obstruction marking and lighting specifications (FCC Form 854) with tbe FCC, WTB, Support Services Branch, Gettysburg, PA 17325.
Page 6567 - ... interest shall be imposed based on the rate for tenyear US Treasury obligations applicable on the date the license is granted, plus 2.5 percent; payments shall include interest only for the first year and payments of interest and principal amortized over the remaining nine years of the license term.
Page 6727 - Frequencies in the 2000-27500 kHz bands in part 2 of the Commission's rules as available for shared use by the maritime mobile service and other radio services are assignable to public coast stations for providing facsimile communications with ship stations. Additionally, frequencies in the 156-162 MHz...
Page 6581 - ... (30) days of the Public Notice conditionally granting the partial assignment application. Failure by either party to meet this condition will result in the automatic cancellation of the grant of the partial assignment application. The interest rate, established pursuant to §1.2110(e)(3)(i) of this chapter at the time of the grant of the Initial license in the market, shall continue to be applied to both parties
Page 6575 - Commission finds that the public interest, convenience, and necessity will be served by the granting of an application, the same will be granted. If, on the other hand, the Commission is unable to make such a finding and it appears that a hearing may be required, the procedure set forth in § 1.593 will be followed.
Page 6578 - Pursuant to §1.2107, a winning bidder that meets its down payment obligations in a timely manner must, within 30 days of the release of the public notice announcing the close of the auction, submit the appropriate long-form application for each construction permit for which it was the winning bidder. Long-form applications filed by winning bidders shall include the exhibits identified in §73.5005. (ii) These applications will be processed and the FCC will periodically release a Public Notice listing...

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