Clarissa: Or, the History of a Young Lady. Comprehending the Most Important Concerns of Private Life. ... By Mr. Samuel Richardson. In Eight Volumes

Harrison and Company, 1784 - 1308 pagina's
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Pagina 4 - What will be found to be more particularly aimed at in the following work is — to warn the inconsiderate and thoughtless of the one sex against the base arts and designs of specious contrivers of the other — to caution parents against the undue 'exercise of their natural authority over their children in the great article of marriage — to warn children against preferring a man of pleasure...
Pagina 46 - ... chair and drew it so near mine, squatting in it with his ugly weight, that he pressed upon my hoop. I was so offended (all I had heard, as I said, in my head) that I removed to another chair. I own I had too little command of myself. It gave my brother and sister too much advantage. I dare say they took it. But I did it involuntarily, I think. I could not help it. I knew not what I did.
Pagina 4 - Much more lively and affecting', says one of the principal characters, ' must be the style of those who write in- the height of a present distress, the mind tortured by the pangs of uncertainty (the events then hidden in the womb of fate), than the dry, narrative, unanimated style of a person relating difficulties and dangers surmounted, can be; the relater perfectly at ease; and if himself unmoved by his own story, not likely greatly to affect the reader.

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