furably! then they cry out, Thefe
are your men of the spirit; thefe
are the boly brethren; these are
your precife fellows, thefe are they
which make fuch fhew of Purity and
forwardness! you see now what
they are, when matters come out,and
their dealings are difcovered, when
it comes to the tryal indeed, or to a
matter of commodity, &c. Are not
they proud? are not they malicious?
are not they hard-hearted and co-
vetous as well as others, &c? When
the mercies of God(in their fenfe)
they are neither fo nor fo, but fuch
cenfures as thefe are very often the
meer evaporations of pure malice,
and the bitter ebullitions and over-
flowings of their gall,] &c.


And p. 164. [The ordinary conceit which unregenerate men entertain of thefe (experimental Minifters) is that they are troublers of Ifrael, Preachers of terrour, tranfgreffors of policy, un

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fit to Prophefie at Court, or in the Kings Chappel, peftilent fellows, Seditioners, Factionists, born only to difquiet the world, and vex mens confciences. In thefe dayes of ours efpecially, which are ftrangely prophane and defperately naught, in what man foever the power of grace, undaunted zeal, refolute fincerity, are more working, eminent, and remarkable, ordinarily the more and more implacable, outragious and inflamed Oppofites fball that man find, wherefoever he lives.]

And p. 10. The formal Hypocrite is moved to think his state good, and the way of his life to be right, from a prejudice which he conceives from the imputations which the world layeth upon the children of God; fuch as are Pride, Hypocrifie, fingularity, melancholy, fimplicity, &c.]

Page 38. [His form of godliness,

in bis conceit is the only true ftate of Salvation: whatfoever is short of him is prophanefs; whatsoever is above him is precifenefs. But when upon his death bed be awaketh..

And Direct, for Walk. p. 131. [The more forward he is in the narrow way, the more furiously is he perfecuted by the Spite of tongues: The most refolute for Gods glory, and in good caufes, is ordinarily moft railed against, and reviled. The foul fpirit of good fellowship, as they call it, is ftill foaming out against Gods chiefeft favourites the fouleft cenfures: that they are Hypocrites, Humorists, Factionists, Traitors, Peftilent fellows, and all that's naught. There is no creature that ever God made, not Satan himself excepted, which is more maliciously fet against and cenfured then good men. Neither Should any have so bad a name as

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they, could the hellish mists of virulent tongues obfcure and ftain the glory of their reputation.]

And p. 43. [At this day profeffors of the gracious way, be in greatest difgrace with the most, and a drankerd, and swaggering good fellow, an Ufurer, a fon or daughter of Belial, fhall find more favour, applaufe, and approbation with the world, then a man which makes confcience of his waies, &c.

Page 350. [They cry, Thefe forward Profeffors will all turn phantaftical, Familifts, Anabaptifts, Arrians, any thing which cry awakes the eye of State jealoufie, and fo by an unworthy confequent,drawS upon those who are true of heart, even Gods beft fervants, and the Kings beft fubjects, discountenance, fufpicions, if not moleftations, unneceffarily, caufelefly.]

And p. 351, 352. out of Auftins Epift. 137. he fhews, that it was fo

in his time, [They every way, and infinitely labour, that when fome Profeffors of holiness have foully fallen indeed, or be only fo flandered, the world would believe that they are all fuch: Do you not think in his time the world did thus exult and exclaim, or in the like manner upon Lots fall! Here now you fee Puritane Lot, who could not endure the good fellowship of the Sodomites, he is now himself seized on by incest : They are all fuch I warrant you] citing du Bartas tranflat. by Silvefter, P. 412..

Base, bufie ftranger! comeft thou hither thus

Controler-like, to prate and preach to us?

No Puritan, thou shalt not here do

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