Enhancing Data Security: The Regulators' Perspective : Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit of the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, May 18, 2005, Volume 4


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Page 117 - Welfare, 1973). (1) There must be no personal data record-keeping systems whose very existence is secret. (2) There must be a way for an individual to find out what information about him is in a record and how it is used. (3) There must be a way for an individual to prevent information about him that was obtained for one purpose from being used or made available for other purposes without his consent.
Page 117 - Any organization creating, maintaining, using, or disseminating records of identifiable personal data must assure the reliability of the data for...
Page 117 - York to provide consumers with information, education and counsel about goods, services, health, and personal finance; and to initiate and cooperate with individual and group efforts to maintain and enhance the quality of life for consumers. Consumers Union's income is solely derived from the sale of Consumer Reports, its other publications and from noncommercial contributions, grants and fees. In addition to reports on Consumers Union's own...
Page 64 - The views expressed in this statement represent the views of the Commission. My responses to any questions you may have are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commission or any individual Commissioner.
Page 75 - Data brokers may receive some of their information from CRAs, particularly in the form of identifying information (sometimes referred to as "credit header" data) that includes name, address, and Social Security number.
Page 1 - US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, SUBCOMMITTEE ON FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND CONSUMER CREDIT, COMMITTEE ON FINANCIAL SERVICES, Washington, DC The subcommittee met, pursuant to call, at 10:04 am, in Room 2128, Rayburn House Office Building, Hon.
Page 70 - consumer reporting agency" means any person which, for monetary fees, dues, or on a cooperative nonprofit basis, regularly engages in whole or in part in the practice of assembling or evaluating consumer credit information or other information on consumers for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports to third parties, and which uses any means or facility of interstate commerce for the purpose of preparing or furnishing consumer reports.
Page 79 - A covered entity must have in place appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the privacy of protected health information.
Page 48 - Access restrictions at physical locations containing customer information, such as buildings, computer facilities, and records storage facilities to permit access only to authorized individuals; c. Encryption of electronic customer information, including while in transit or in storage on networks or systems to which unauthorized individuals may have access; d. Procedures designed to ensure that customer information system modifications are consistent with the bank's information security program;...
Page 79 - IV. THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION'S ROLE IN COMBATING IDENTITY THEFT In addition to its regulatory and enforcement efforts, the Commission assists consumers with advice on the steps they can take to minimize their risk of becoming identity theft victims, supports criminal law enforcement efforts, and provides resources for companies that have experienced data breaches. The 1998 Identity Theft Assumption and Deterrence Act ("the Identity Theft Act" or "the Act") provides the FTC with a specific role...

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