The Oxford Dictionary of Popes

Oxford University Press, 2005 - 349 pagina's
This acclaimed papal Who's Who presents biographical accounts in chronological order of all the officially recognized popes from St. Peter to Pope Benedict XVI, with a new and expanded entry on Pope John Paul II. Providing a continuous history of the papacy, it also includes their irregularly
elected rivals, the so-called 'anti-popes, ' and an appendix discussing the legendary existence of a female pope, named Joan. Each papal and anti-papal entry covers family, social background, and pre-papal careers, as well as activities in office, and is arranged chronologically. The Dictionary of
Popes presents a continuous history of the almost 2,000 year existence of the papacy, revealing how, for much of that history, spiritual and temporal power have ben inextricably mingled in the person of the pope

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Excellent Reference

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This book is an excellent reference for a history of the papacy. The descriptions of each pope are only a few pages so one can get some relevant information rather quickly very useful! Volledige review lezen

Over de auteur (2005)

The late John N. Kelly, M.D., was a distinguished church historian and former principal of St Edmund Hall, Oxford. He was a Canon of Chichester Cathedral and a Fellow of the British Academy.

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