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HE Fourth Volume of this CoĻLECTION of FARCES

makes its appearance about the time promised; and, as was formerly announced, will terminate the pub lication for the present.

Notwithstanding, the Publisher is determined at some future period to add two or three Volumes, if he shall

. be so fortunate as to obtain permission from the respec. table authors, to insert several excellent pieces which he has in view; the publication of which would highly gra. tify the public, but could not without such permission be attempted with any degree of fairness or propriety. If he has already taken any such liberty, he is sorry for it; and hopes the distance, and in moft cases the want of knowledge, of the gentlemens residence, will plead his, apology.

At the same time, he would not wish it to be thought he is making any very improper request; it being a well known fact amongst authors and booksellers, that the first season of publication of all dramatic pieces, especially of the petit kind, is the only period from which any advantage is derived to either. Any gentleman having no particular objection to the insertion of his pieces in the subsequent volumes, will confer a particular obligation on Mr Elliot by fignifying as much to him by letter.

The uncommon success this undertaking has met with from the Public, demands the Publisher's warmest acknowledgments: and he flatters himself that the contents of the present volume will be found of equal, if not superior merit to any of the former; while the improvement of marking with inverted commas those parts usually omitted in the representation, will, it is presumed, serve to stamp an additional value on the Collection. “

EDINBURGH, June 1783.

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