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Volume XIII.

[This Index constitutes a Table of Contents and an Analytical Index of Authors,

Subject Matter, and Titles.]
[Titles of articles appear in italics]

ABBAS Hilmi, 282.

ADAMS, Dr. George, “ Harry Lauder at the

Front," 319.

AERONAUTICS. appropriation by Congress.

11; statement of Senator Sheppard on
bill legalizing aircraft board; Secretary
Baker on “Liberty Motor," 12: “ Lessons
of Three Years of Warfare in the Air,"
73: Sec. Baker's statement on “Liberty
Motor.77 : air raids on London; promise
of reprisal, by Lloyd George; Gen. Smuts
on reprisals, 268; list of raids on Eng-
land between Jan., 1915, and Oct. 1917;
scenes during raids, 269; account of

death of Guynemer, 271:
French activities, 272: U. S. appropria-
tion and contracts; figures of Berliner
Tageblatt on airplanes shot down, and re-

ply of London Times, 273; brilliant work

at Chemin des Dames, 412; events of

month, 458.

AGADIR Incident, 484.

AIMS of the War, stated by Pres. Wilson

in reply to the Pope's peace proposal, 83;
Dr. Michaelis on desires of Entente
Allies, 88: resolutions of American Al-
liance for Labor and Democracy, stating

aims of U. S., 90: editorial from Oakland

Enquirer, 258; given in German reply to the

Pope's peace note, 285: reply of Austrian

Emperor, 256; German attitude discussed

by Dr. von Kuehlmann and Dr. Michaelis

in Reichstag, 288; replies by Lloyd George

and Asquith, 289; demands of Austria-

Hungary explained by Count Czernin,

290; British View expressed by H. H.

Asquith, 291; announcement of League

of National Unity, 293: Premier Painleve

on minimum aims of France, 294; views

of Amer. Federation of Labor, 444.

See also CAUSES of the War; PEACE.
ALBERT, King of the Belgians, message of

Pres. Wilson on Nov. 16, 386; E. Cam-

maerts on self-denial, 462.

ALBERT, (Dr.) Heinrich, 22, 281.

ALCEDO (patrol), torpedoed, 433.

ALEXANDER I., King of Greece, text of

speech after taking oath to constitution,

ALEXANDRA Feodorovna, Czarina of

Russia ; account of attitude toward Rus-
sian prisoners and reading of decree of

abdication, by Gen. Korniloff, 110.

ALEXEIEFF (Gen.) on disintegration of

army, 66; tendered position as Chief of

Staff, 71; part in collapse of Korniloft

revolt, 72.

ALFONSO XIII., King of Spain, popularity,


ALGECIRAS Conference, 484.

ALIEN Enemies, see ENEMY Aliens.

ALIEN Property Custodian, 234.

ALIENS, bill passed authorizing drafting of

friendly aliens, 24.

See also ENEMY Aliens.

ALLEN, H. Warner, estimate of German man

power, 248.

ALLIES: Commissions to United States,

"Imperial Japanese Mission,” 50; appeal

of French Mission for ships. 232.

ALLIES War Council, see SUPREME War


ALSACE-LORRAINE, restoration declared

for by Painleve, 1; part in fighting
migrations to France, 195: German atti-
tude toward restoration stated by Dr.
Kuehlmann and Dr. Michaelis, 288; replies
of Lloyd George and Asquith, 289; atti-
tude of France toward restoration dis-
cussed by Premier Painleve, 294: riches
in iron ore and potash, 386; views of

Count Hertling on division, 452.

AMERICAN Alliance for Labor and Democ-

racy, resolutions at Minneapolis on war

aims, 90.

American Army in France, 391.

AMERICAN Chartering Commission, 19.

AMERICAN Commission for Relief in Bel.

gium, 387.

AMERICAN Commission to Allies, 437.

AMERICAN Embargo Conference, 281.

AMERICAN Federation of Labor, see


American Labor on War and Peace, 90.

AMERICAN Socialist, 236.

American Troops' First Fight in Europe, 388.

AMERICAN Truth Society, 278.

America's Military Progress During the

Month, 237.

AMUNDSEN, (Capt.) Raoul, 428.

ANATOLIA College, Marsovan, murder of

Faculty by Turks, 339.

ANDREWS, William Whiting, 284.
ANGELSCU, (Dr.) Constantine. “ Rumania's

Efforts and Aspirations.” J24.
ANNEBAULT, Michel, defense of Belgium

against German charges, 493.
ANNUNZIO, (Capt.) Gabriel d', description

of raid on Cattaro, 459.
ANTHANASIADOS, (Dr.) Anthony, account

of Serbian suffering, 310.

Anti-Submarine Tactics, 121.

ANTILLES (transport), torpedoed, 432.

Appalling Plight of Serbia, 340.

ARCHIBALD, James F. J., 279.

ARGENTINA, account of use of Stockholm

Foreign Office by Count Luxburg for

transmission of messages from Buenos

Aires to Berlin regarding sinking of

Argentine ships, 53: avoidance of break

with Germany and feeling of people;

friction with Uruguay, 213.

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