Supplementum Plantarum Succulentarum: Sistens Plantas Novas Vel Nuper Introductas, Sive Omissas, in Synopse Plantarum Succulentarum, Cum Observationibus Variis Anglicania

Impensis J. Harding, 1819 - 160 pages
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Page xvi - Francis, b. 1741, d. 1805. *Stapeliae Novae; or, a collection of several new species of that genus, discovered in the interior parts of Africa.
Page xviii - Decandolle et Jacquin , et de celles non décrites, existantes dans les jardins de l'Allemagne , de la France et du royaume des Pays-Bas.
Page 35 - VILLAS, principally in the Gothic and Castle Styles of Architecture, with their Plans laid down to Scale; and other Appendages.
Page 35 - HINTS on the FORMATION of GARDENS and PLEASURE GROUNDS, with Designs in various Styles of Rural Embellishment; comprising Plans for laying out Flower, Fruit, and Kitchen Gardens, and the arrangement of Glass Houses, Hot Walls, and Stoves...
Page 35 - DIRECTIONS for Cultivating the CRAMBE MARITIMA, or SEA KALE, for the Use of the Table.
Page xv - I. : 1811 — 16, pp. vin., 155. tab. col. 1 — 101. — II. : Post obitum Jacquini ab auctoris filia Isabella a Schreibers evulgatum. Synopsin specierum cum indice adjecit Eduard Fenzl. 1844. 11 pp., ind., tab. col. 101—169. (Plate 157 did not appear...
Page 35 - LAYING-OUT FARMS in the SCOTCH STYLE, adapted to England ; and Remarks on the Importance of the Berwickshire System of Management to the General Improvement of Landed Property.
Page 37 - This noble plant has at length produced its flowers for the first time in Europe, in the year 1815...
Page xv - English Botany, by JE Smith; the figures by J. Sowerby. London, 1790, seqq.

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