The Wars of the Roses in 100 Facts

Amberley Publishing Limited, 15 aug. 2017 - 192 pagina's
The Wars of the Roses were a series of brutal conflicts between rival branches of the Plantagenet family – the Lancastrians and the Yorkists. The wars were fought between the descendants of Edward III and are believed to stem from the deposition of the unpopular Richard II by his cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, who became Henry IV. The wars were thought to have been fought between 1455 and 1487, and they saw many kings rise and fall as their supporters fought for their right to rule. The Wars of the Roses in 100 Facts covers this dangerous and exciting period of political change, guiding us through the key events, such as the individual battles, and the key personalities, such as Richard, Duke of York, and the Earl of Warwick, known as 'the Kingmaker'. Matthew Lewis takes us on a tour through the Wars of the Roses, fact by fact, in easy-to-read, bite-size chunks. He examines some of the most important aspects of this period, from the outbreak of the conflict at the First Battle of St Albans, to Henry VI's insanity, and the character of Richard III and his final defeat at the hands of Henry Tudor.

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It Is Not Clear That Henry VI Was Ill During the Second Protectorate
Henry VI Summoned a Great Council to Resolve the Disputes in England
Henry VI Paraded His Peace on a Love Day 25 The Peace Was Broken at Blore Heath With the Help of a Friar and a Cannon
The First Recorded Gathering of the Sons of York Was at Ludlow In 1459
There Was No Battle at the Battle of Ludford Bridge 28 The Parliament of Devils Made the Civil War a Dynastic Struggle
Thomas Lord Stanley Had a Lucky Escape in 1459
A Raid on Sandwich Led to an Awkward First Meeting of Future Family
Lord Scales Used Wildfire Against the People of London 32 The Battle of Northampton Was the Last of the Wars of the Roses Preceded by Negotiat...

The First Battle of St Albans Was Not a Dynastic Dispute 17 The Daring Earl of Warwick Broke the Deadlock at the First Battle of St Albans
A Fortune Teller Had Warned the Duke of Somerset of How He Would

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Matthew Lewis is an author and historian with particular interest in the medieval period. His books include a history of the Wars of the Roses, a biography of Richard, 3rd Duke of York, and two novels of historical fiction telling the life of King Richard III and the aftermath of the Battle of Bosworth. He also writes a history blog, sharing thoughts and snippets. He can be found on Twitter @MattLewisAuthor.

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