him the greatest pains," they form, indeed, its
distinguishing characteristic. In setting forth
every fundamental doctrine, and every import-
ant duty of our holy religion in the very words
of Inspiration, they complete the Offices, and
render them a scriptural standard of faith and
practice, no less than a well-tempered manual
of Christian devotion.

Still, on his own estimate alone of its
merits the Editor had not ventured to offer a
devotional work to the public; much less to
ally it in any way with the interests of the
Clergy Orphan Schools: but in a just confi-
dence in the judgment of others he does not
fear, by making over the impression to that
Institution, to seek for it the widest circula-
tion, which by such an alliance can be obtained
for a book, thus recommending itself at once to
the piety and the charity of the reader.

Having thus endeavoured to do what in him
lay to add to the usefulness of the volume, and
to secure its largest acceptance with the pub-
lic, the Editor now sends it forth with an hum-
ble and hearty prayer that this Edition may
be not less blessed to the glory of God, and the
good of His creatures than, he has most happy
occasion to know, the copy from which it was
taken has been in more instances than one.

Necessary qualifications to entitle our Prayers to the favour and acceptance of God:

1st. a conscientious care and endeavour to serve God in purity of heart, and uprightness of life: p. 5-8.

2dly. such a calm and peaceable, such a charitable and beneficent temper as can easily overlook, and readily forgive the indiscretions and miscarriages, and even the affronts and injuries of those we converse with; and upon all proper occasions will contribute cheerfully, and where God has given ability liberally, towards the relief of those who are in calamitous or indigent circumstances: p. 8-9..

3dly. an attentive consideration of the nature and importance of the duty of prayer; and such an intense application of mind, and fervour of spirit as may manifest an inward sense and feeling of our innumerable wants and miseries, and a just esteem and value for those inestimable mercies we pray to God for: p. 11-14.

4thly. such a serious consideration of the infinite majesty and glory of God, and of our own vileness and dependence, as may dispose us to approach Him in an humble and awful frame of mind, and a decent lowly posture of body: p. 14.

5thly. an holy trust and confidence in the power, wisdom, and goodness of God; with an assured persuasion that whatsoever we ask according to His will we shall receive; not for any merit in ourselves, but for the sake, and through the mediation of our High Priest, and Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, Who ever liveth to make intercession for us: p. 15.

Prayer for the pious and profitable use of the Holy Scriptures. p. 19.

Prayer for grace to be frequent in prayer; and for the holy dispositions necessary to entitle our prayers to the Divine acceptance. p. 20.

The Lord's Prayer, with an explication of its several clauses by way of paraphrase. p. 24.





viz. Sect. 1. MORNING-Sect. 2. EVENING-Sect. 3. NOON-Sect. 4. AFTERNOON, with a Supplement of Prayers to be used under special circumstances, and an Office for the use of the Clergy.


Early Morning-Psalms,-p. 31.

Devout oblation of ourselves to God, and humble supplication for the protection and guidance of His Spirit and Providence, p. 36.

The more solemn DEVOTIONS for the MORNING. Prayer for grace to worship God acceptably, p. 38. Confession of sins, and petitions for pardon and grace, p. 39.

General Intercession, p. 42. and Thanksgiving, p.44. The Lord's Prayer, p. 46.-2 Cor. xiii. 14. p. 47.

Another Prayer for the Morning, p. 47.

Form of Morning Prayer to be used with a family, consisting of Prayer for assistance in our devotions— Prayer for pardon and peace-the Lord's Prayer— Prayer for Divine grace, protection, and blessing— Intercessions-Thanksgivings-and Prayer for the acceptance of our devotions, p. 52-60.



Questions proper to put to ourselves in our evening retirements for devotion, with suitable prayers, p. 61-63.


Confession of sin and prayer for forgiveness of it; and for grace to serve God more faithfully for the time to come, p. 63.

General Intercession, p. 66, and Thanksgiving, p.69. The Lord's Prayer &c.

Another Prayer for the Evening, p. 71.

Form of Evening Prayer to be used with a family, consisting of the same course as the Morning, p. 75.

Psalms for Bed-time, p. 84-with a Thanksgiving for the mercies of the day past, and Prayer for grace, pardon, and protection through the night, p. 88.


wherein the practice of Christian holiness is recommended and enforced from several considerations,-in passages wholly taken from Scripture, divided into tions for the six days of the week, (with prayers suited to each portion,) viz.


1stly, (Monday)-from a consideration of the several parts of our Baptismal Vow, viz. p. 90—101.

1. that we renounce the devil and all his works, p. 90.

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