VHDL-2008: Just the New Stuff

Elsevier, 26 nov 2007 - 256 pagina's
VHDL-2008: Just the New Stuff, as its title says, introduces the new features added to the latest revision of the IEEE standard for the VHDL hardware description language. Written by the Chair and Technical Editor of the IEEE working group, the book is an authoritative guide to how the new features work and how to use them to improve design productivity. It will be invaluable for early adopters of the new language version, for tool implementers, and for those just curious about where VHDL is headed.

* First in the market describing the new features of VHDL 2008;* Just the new features, so existing users and implementers can focus on what's new; * Helps readers to learn the new features soon, rather than waiting for new editions of complete VHDL reference books. * Authoritative, written by experts in the area; * Tutorial style, making it more accessible than the VHDL Standard Language Reference Manual.

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Chapter 1 Enhanced Generics
Chapter 2 Other Major Features
Chapter 3 Type System Changes
Chapter 4 New and Changed Operations
Chapter 5 New and Changed Statements
Chapter 6 Modeling Enhancements
Chapter 7 Improved IO
Chapter 8 Standard Packages
Chapter 9 Miscellaneous Changes
Chapter 10 Whats Next

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Over de auteur (2007)

Peter J. Ashenden received his B.Sc.(Hons) and Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide, Australia. He was previously a senior lecturer in computer science and is now a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide. His research interests are computer organization and electronic design automation. Dr. Ashenden is also an independent consultant specializing in electronic design automation (EDA). He is actively involved in IEEE working groups developing VHDL standards, is the author of The Designer's Guide to VHDL and The Student's Guide to VHDL and co-editor of the Morgan Kaufmann series, Systems on Silicon. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the ACM.

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