measure to dispel the darkness of the night. According to the grace gi-, ven unto me, I have declared the kingdom of heaven to be at land, but when Messiah speaks of that kingdom, he speaks from his own knowlege ; “ what he hath seen and “heard, that he testifieth ;" and yet, though I have said so much of him, and so many go to hear him, “10 “ man receiveth his testimony,as. he ought to do. Think not this ą, flight matter, for no one can disbez lieve him, without giving God the lie; "he that hath received his tef“ timony, hath fet lo his seal, that “ God is true,” by allowing the credentials of his Son, and acknowledging' in him the accomplishment of what was foretold by the law, by the

; prophets,

prophets, and by myself. “For he,” the Messiah, “whom God hath sent, • speaketh the words of God,” and that in a different sense from all others, who, from time to time, have been endued with such a portion of the divine influence as was meet for them; but “ God giveth not the “Spirit by measure unto him," laving decreed, that in him should all fulness dwell. 6 For the Father loveth the Son,", not as he loveth any of his faithful fervants, but fo as that “he hath put all things into « his hand,” dispensing glory, honour, and immortality to mankind, through him alone. Be no longer envious and jealous, then, of his greatness, which is your salvation. If you would honour me, and at the Q 2


same time serve your own eternal interest; receive, in few words, the fum and substance of this my laft testimony-imo. He that believeth on “the Son, hath everlasting life: and “ he that believeth not the Son, thall “ not see life; but the wrath of God “abideth on him.” .

By this part of St. John's character and conduct, in how pleasing á manner are the ministers of Christ instructed, that they are to bear tefa timony to him, not to themselves ; to seek His glory, not their own; that they thould take pleasure in the success of their brethren's labours, by which the cause of their common Master is promoted; that the rising lights of the church should do hò. nour to those who have gone before


them, and the setting ones rejoice to be outshone by those who are coming after them; that envy and jealousy, in short, ought to have no place among the disciples of the Lamb of God, on whom defcended and abode the celestial Dove.

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Considerations on the imprisonment of

St. John, the message sent by him to
Christ, and the answer returned to


ADMIRABLE is the advice of 11 the son of Sirach to every one who is about to stand forth in the cause of true religion. “My son, if 6 thou come to serve the Lord, pre"pare thy soul for temptation. Set “thy heart aright, and constantly

" endure, and make not haste in time ." of trouble. Whatsoever is brought “ upon thee take cheerfully, and be

ó patient

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