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SECTION I. Considerations on the nativity of St.

John, and the circumstances that
attended it.
HE lights of the intellectual,

like those of the natural syftem, are not all of equal magnitude and lustre. In the church, as in the firmament, one ftar differeth from "another star in glory.” Each con




tributeth its share towards dislipating the darkness with which we are surrounded; but fome, by their superior fplendor, immediately attract and dazzle the eye of the beholder. Conspicuous, above others, is the character of St. John the Baptist, that bright precursor of the fun, and harbinger of the morning, who arose to give notice of Meffiah's approach, and to prepare the world for his reception. Burning, and thining, he ran his course, proclaiming to the inhabitants of the earth,“

Repent, for the “ kingdom of heaven is at hand;" in other words, “ The night is far fpent, the day is at hand; cast off

therefore the works of darkness, " and put on the armour of light*. * Rom. xiii. 12,

“ Awake,

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