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Answers to expected problems posed by witnesses

1. Its difficult to get people to move out west.
Bring jobs to where the engineers are. For example, GE had
excess engineers from solar work in Valley Forge, PA plant
but needed engineers on nuclear work in Calif. Instead of
laying off in PA, they brought the nuclear jobs to their

2. Lack of faculty and facilities. Allowing enrollments to double without resources was a decision of college administrators. They can control enrollment if they want.

3. Not enough facoltyrs.-5...7; -;- i::-.. Academic administrators predict a drop in total college and engineering enrollment by '84 so do not want to add to faculty for the short term.

An observation

The committee has invited testimony from the academics, if you will the producers of the product, and from industry/ government the users of the product but not from the product: the working. engineer.


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