The Poetic Edda, Volume 1

University of Texas Press, 1 mrt. 2010 - 192 pagina's

The Poetic Edda comprises a treasure trove of mythic and spiritual verse holding an important place in Nordic culture, literature, and heritage. Its tales of strife and death form a repository, in poetic form, of Norse mythology and heroic lore, embodying both the ethical views and the cultural life of the North during the late heathen and early Christian times.

Collected by an unidentified Icelander, probably during the twelfth or thirteenth century, The Poetic Edda was rediscovered in Iceland in the seventeenth century by Danish scholars. Even then its value as poetry, as a source of historical information, and as a collection of entertaining stories was recognized. This meticulous translation succeeds in reproducing the verse patterns, the rhythm, the mood, and the dignity of the original in a revision that Scandinavian Studies says "may well grace anyone's bookshelf."


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The Prophecy of the SeeressVǫluspá1
The Sayings of Hár1Hávamál
The Lay of VafthrúthnirVaffcrúðnismál
The Lay of GrímnirGrímnismál
The Lay of SkírnirSkírnismál
The Lay of HárbarthHárbarzljóð
The Lay of HymirHymiskviða
The Flyting of LokiLokasenna
The Lay of FáfnirFáfnismál
The Lay of SigrdrífaSigrdrífumál
The Great Lacuna
Fragment of a Sigurth LayBrot af Sigurþarkviðu
The First Lay of GuthrúnGuðrúnarkviða I
The Short Lay of SigurthSigurþarkviða hin skamma
Brynhilds Ride to HelHelreið Brynhildar
The Fall of the Niflungs1Dráp Niflunga

The Lay of Thrymƿrymskviða
The Lay of AlvísAlvíssmál
Baldrs DreamsBaldrs draumar
The Lay of RígRígsþula
The Lay of Hyndla1Hyndluljóð
The Short Seeress ProphecyVǫluspá hin skamma
The Lay of SvipdagSvipdagsmál1
The Lay of GrottiGrottasǫngr
The Lay of VolundVǫlundarkviða
The Helgi Lays
Sinfjotlis Death1Frá dauða Sinfjǫtla
The Prophecy of GrípirGrípisspá
The Lay of ReginReginsmál
The Second or Old Lay of GuthrúnGuðrúnarkviða II hin forna
The Third Lay of GuthrúnGuðrúnarkviða III
The Plaint of OddrúnOddrúnargrátr
The Lay of AtliAtlakviða
The Greenlandish Lay of AtliAtlamál hin grœnlenzku
Guthrúns Lament1Guðrúnarhvǫt
The Lay of HamthirHamðismál hin fornu
The Catalogue of DwarfsDvergatal
Index and List of Names

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Over de auteur (2010)

Lee M. Hollander was Professor of Germanic Languages at the University of Texas at Austin and an authority in Nordic language and literature.

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