Round-ftool, a gentleman affronted by being placed on

one, 166.

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ALLUST, wherein partial, 66.

Satire, in what cases useful, 58.
Satirists censured when they depreciate human nature,

307. Distinguished from libellers, 227.
Scorn, the cause of laughter, 73.
Serpents, who to be accounted such in conversation,

209. Shakespear, his excellence, 103. His mind thoroughly

feasoned with religion, 314. Sharpers represented by a pack of hounds, 45. Their

character and reception, 29. Their practices at Bath,

83. Defended, 36.
Sieve, mathematical, to fift impertinences, 5.
Smith, Dr: Mr. Bickerftaff's corn-cutter, 282.
Smyrna coffee-house recommended for mufie, poetry,

and politics, 158.
Snap-dragon illustrated and described, 194:
Society, the pleasures thereof defcribed by Milton, 335.
Soul, human, confidered, 202.
Spaw.water, design of the coquettes to buy it all up,

Speaking, what manner of it moft offensive, 226.

Doctor at Kensingtox, account of him, 116. Speech, in its greatest perfection in an accomplished

woman, 66. Spleen, a never-failing remedy for it, 168. Squibs a branch of gunners, who to be so accounted,

209. Squires, countiy, described, 249. Starembergh, General, overthrows the army of the Duke

of Anjou, 140. Takes Balaguier, 150. Stentor, a finger at St. Paul's, reproved, 21. Injuries

done by his bawling, 22. Admonished by one at

St. Peter's, 59.
Strephon, his manner of winning a lady, 54.
Sweden, King of, defeated by the Russians, 27-44.
Switzerland, a prospect of it described, 232.


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ABEO, his character, 71.

Tenderness and humanity inspired by the Mufes, 258. No true greatness of mind without it, ibid. Theatres recommended as useful, 260. fillotson, Archbishop, what the copy of his fermons fold Tournay, bravery of the besiegers there, 49. Surren

dered, 68. Travelling, uselefs to many, 233. Will not make a

fool a wise man, ibid. Trials for rapes, moftly attended by women, 188. Tristram, Sir, the banker, his character, 37. Triumphs, abused by the Romans with regard to cap

for, 273:

tives, 70.

Trubies, character of that family, 73.
Trump, Tom, his defence of gamefters and sharpers, 36.


AFER, Will, his fpeech concerning fharpers, 31.

Valetudinarians, pretended ones, 151. Varillas, truly happy in the possession of modefty, 10. Verses on the death of Arria, 126. From Dryden, 4.

From Garth's Dispensary, 293. On marriage, 167; From Milton, 163-259-279-335, 336. On the death of Pætus and Arria, 126. From Shakespear,

17--297---319. From Sir John Suckling, 39. Virtue, its recommendation and great ornaments, 235, Vision of the mountain, and temple of fame, 171, &C.

Of justice, 265, &c. Vifits ridiculed and censured, 310. When unseasonabła,

215. A day-book kept of them, 311. Upholders company, their petitions and proposals, 262,

&c. Permitted to bury the dead, ibid. Their ada

vertisement for the funeral of Dr. Partridge, 264, Yulgar, who to be accounted fo, 106.


7. ALTER Wisdom, his character and manner of

courting Cleora, 256, 257.
Wealthy persons fix characters and wit to circumstances,

37. Whittington, Alderman, account of him and his cat, 157. Wildair, Tom, his character, and how reformed by the

generosity of his father, 51. William, the Third, King of England, an eulogiom on

him, 220. Window-breakers with half-pence censured, 153. Wit defined by Dryden, 65. Judged by men's parfes,

37 Wives, an infallible sign of their loving their husbands,

287. Women want regular education, 60. Those of the pre

sent age compared with those of the last, 61. Never
taken by their reason, but always by their passions,

Wren, fee Neftor.



ERXES, why he burst into tears, 251.

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