American Cold War Culture

Douglas Field, Lecturer of 20th-Century American Literature Douglas Field
Edinburgh University Press, 2005 - 214 pages
Although it is fifty years since the height of the Cold War, recent events have seen a resurgence of surveillance, paranoia and nuclear threats. Cultural critics and politicians are drawing parallels between the threat of Communism in the 1950s and 1960s and the present 'axis of evil'. This book taps into this interest, drawing on work from prominent academics as well as new theorists working in the field of Cold War Studies.American Cold War Cultureguides the reader through recent and established theories as well as introducing a number of previously neglected themes, films and texts. Divided into two parts (Cultural Themes and Cultural Forms) it features chapters on the themes of Gender and Sexuality; Race; Politics; the Family; Mobility; and the cultural forms of Film; Literature; Poetry; Television. The authors take a case study approach, and each chapter is prefaced by a contextualising introduction to the general theme or form being covered, ensuring accessibility to the broadest possible readership.Key Features* A broad-ranging survey of Cold War Culture in America* Introductions to the chapters place the case studies in their wider context* Covers both high and low culture; and shows links between politics and culture* Focuses on neglected areas of gender, race and sexuality

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Douglas Field is an independent scholar who has taught at the University of York and Staffordshire University.

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