O well for that fond mother, well for her belov’d, that

they, When th' hour His secret meaning told, did by their

promise stay.

Thy baptism and Thy cup be ours : for both our

hearts are strong.” Learn it, ye babes, at matin prime, repeat it all day

long. Even as the mother's morning kiss is token of delight Through all the merry hours of day, and at fall of

dewy night Her evening kiss shall to her babe the softest slumbers

seal, So Thy first greeting life imparts, Thy last shall cheer

and heal.Then, maiden, trust thy nursling here ; thou wilt not

choose amiss For his sweet soul ; here let him dwell ; here is the

gate of bliss.

Three Saints of old their lips upon the Incarnate

Saviour laid, And each with death or agony for the high rapture

paid. His Mother's holy kisses of the coming sword gave

sign, And Simeon's hymn full closely did with his last

breath entwine; And Magdalen's first tearful touch prepared her but

to greet With homage of a broken heart His pierced and lifeless

feet.Then courage, duteous maiden ; the nails and bleeding

brows, The pale and dying lips, are the portion of the Spouse.



“They brought young children to Christ, that He should touch them.

A CHRISTIAN child in pain !

O sad amazing thought ! A babe elect and born again,

With blood of Jesus bought,
That never yet knew dream of sin,
Nor throb of pride, nor will unclean ;

Yet faint with fever see him lie,
Or in strong grasp of sinners' agony !"

O, mother fond and wild,

Stay the complaining word !
What wouldst thou have? Thy suffering child

Is as his Saviour Lord.
Or ever eight brief days have flown,
He, the unstain'd, must make His moan,

Must taste the sacrificial knife,
Must to the Cross devote the tender life.

Behold, the Virgin blest

Calls on her Babe to wake
From His sweet slumber on her breast ;

How should her heart not ache ?
From her pure bosom, where all night
He softly slept, that Maiden bright

Resigns her Well-beloved at morn To shed His blood ; for therefore was He born.

Pierc'd is her heart, yet still :

For why ? that Mother's love
Is one with His Almighty will,

Chang'd by the o'ershadowing Dove.
O freely then your treasures yield,
With the dread Cross so lately seald,

Yield to the chastenings of th' Unseen,
The Saviour's Presence-tokens, sweet as keen.



“And ye now therefore have sorrow; but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you."

A FRAGMENT of a rainbow bright

Through the moist air I see,
All dark and damp on yonder height,

All clear and gay to me.

An hour ago the storm was here,

The gleam was far behind.
So will our joys and griefs appear

When earth has ceased to blind.

Grief will be joy, if on its edge

Fall soft that holiest ray :
Joy will be grief, if no faint pledge

Be there of heavenly day.

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