O faithless ! know ye not of old

How in the western bay, When dark and vast the billows rolld,

A Prophet slumbering lay ? The surges smote the keel as fast

As thunderbolts from heaven :Himself into the wave he cast,

And hope and life were given.

Behold, a mightier far is here ;

Nor will He spare to leap,
For the souls' sake He loves so dear,

Into a wilder deep.
E’en now He dreams of Calvary ;

Soon will He wake and say
The words of peace and might : do ye

His hour in calmness stay.



“Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto Him, Rhabboni ; which is to say, Master.”

“ YE who wait in wistful gaze

Where young infants lie,
Learning faith and silent praise

From each pure calm sigh,
Say, 'mid all those beaming glances,
Starts, and gleams, and silent trances,
When the fond heart highest dances,

Feeling Heaven so nigh ?”

“Hard it is, ʼmid gifts so sweet

Choosing out the prime :
But no brighter smiles we meet

Than at waking time,
When they burst the chains of slumber,
Chains that guard but not encumber,
And glad fancies without number

Ring their playful chime.”

“Nay, but with a moaning sound

Babes awakening start ;
See the uneasy eye glance round,

Feel the beating heart.”
But the watcher's look prevailing
In a moment stills that wailing,
Eye and heart have ceased their ailing,

Joy hath learn’d her part.” —

So when rose on Easter dawn

Our all-glorious Sun, You might see Love's eye

withdrawn From th' adored One. Tears that morn were in her waking, Now again her heart is breaking Who may soothe her soul's sad aching?

For her Lord is gone.

Him for tears she may not see,

Even her soul's delight, Yet full near to her is He.

Say, did Hosts of Light

Ever breathe in mortals' hearing Tones so soft, so heavenly cheering ? “Mary," was the word endearing

Heaven and earth grew bright.

Lo, the babe spreads out his arms

Toward the watcher's face, Fain to hide from sad alarms

In Love's safe embrace.See, the Word of Grace attending, Magdalen full lowly bending. “ Touch Me not till mine ascending,”

Is the Word of Grace.

Love with infant's haste would fain

Touch Him and adore, But a deeper holier gain

Mercy keeps in store. “ Touch me not : awhile believe Me : Touch Me not till heaven receive Me, Then draw near and never leave Me,

Then I go no more.”



“God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts."

Had I an infant, Lord, to rear

And mould in JESUS' Law,
How should I watch in hope and fear

The first deep glance of awe,

When for a bright and conscious gaze

He lifts his eyelids meek,
And round his own world's little maze

Some marvel fain would seek !

Bright be the spot, and pure the ray,

That wins his steadfast eye ;
A path of light, a glorious way,

To guide his soul on high.

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