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Soon will a thousand bells ring out,
A thousand roofs the choral shout
Prolong, where Kings with Shepherds meet
His manger with their gifts to greet.
What shall we do, mine infant dear,

may not those glad anthems hear ?
How shall we serve Him, thou and I,
Far from that glorious company ?

Thou smil'st in sleep :

Who knows how deep

The dream of joy that smile denotes ? Mild as the summer lightning, see, it floats,

As if, the new-born Spirit o'er, Came voices low from where departed babes adore.

Such is thy silent Liturgy,
But what is ours who wait on thee?
We offer thee to Him, this hour,
Who in like slumber veil'd His power :
Thy cradle with its hopes and fears,
Thy May-day smiles and April tears,
Whate'er thou hast, whate'er thou art,

Howe'er thy mother's dreaming heart

Shapes thy bright doom

In years to come ;

All with that offering would we blend, Which Saints on earth to Angel hands commend

To bear on high, this favoured day, And on the sovereign Babe's unquenched altar lay.

Mysterious are these smiles of thine ;
But of that Face, the Godhead's shrine,
Those holy lips, that awful brow,
Nor Angel then nor Prophet now
Might truly deem ; none trace aright
Those hoverings of supernal light.
No more to sight, in earth or heaven,
Shall the Eternal Child be given,

But, Infant dear,

Unveiled and clear,

Thou shalt behold Him as He died, Thine

the Crucified : In mercy may He meet thy gaze, And all the joy fulfil of all His bright glad days !

eye shall gaze upon



“ They saw the young child with Mary His Mother, and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto Him gifts."

How gaily seems the sun to rise

On christening days and days of birth,
Whether he smile in summer skies,

Or faintly warm the wintry earth !
Bright are the dreams he drives away,
And bright the promise of that day.
All charms, all gifts of Love are there,
Love breathes in all the fragrant air.

Oh haste we then to-day to greet

Him who is born our glorious King : Of gold and myrrh and incense sweet

Your treasures to His cradle bring.

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