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“ Who hath despised the day of small things ?"

66 Who for the like of me will care ?"

So whispers many a mournful heart, When in the weary languid air

For grief or scorn we pine apart.

So haply mused yon little maid

From Israel's breezy mountains borne, No more to rest in Sabbath shade

Watching the free and wavy corn.

A captive now, and sold and bought,

In the proud Syrian's hall she waits, Forgotten-such her moody thought

Even as the worm beneath the gates.

But One who ne'er forgets is here:

He hath a word for thee to speak : Oh serve Him yet in duteous fear,

And to thy Gentile lord be meek.

So shall the healing Name be known

By thee on many a heathen shore, And Naaman on his chariot throne

Wait humbly by Elisha's door ;

By thee desponding lepers know

The sacred waters' sevenfold might. Then wherefore sink in listless woe ?

Christ's poor and needy, claim your right !

Your heavenly right, to do and bear

All for His sake ; nor yield one sigh To pining Doubt ; nor ask, “What care

In the wide world for such as I ?”



“There is nothing among my treasures that I have not showed them.”

WHEN Heaven in mercy gives thy prayers return,

And Angels bring thee treasures from on high, Shut fast the door, nor let the world discern,

And offer thee fond praise when God is nigh.

In friendly guise, perchance with friendly heart,

From Babel, see, they haste with words of love : But if thou lightly all thy wealth impart,

Their race will come again, and all remove.

Ill thoughts, the children of that King of Pride,

O’er richest halls will swarm, and holiest bowers, Profaning first, then spoiling far and wide :

Voluptuous Sloth make free with Sharon's flowers.

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