While the faithless and unstable

Mars with work the season blest,
We around Thy heaven-sent table
Praise Thee, Lord, with all our best.

Signs prophetic
Fill our week, both toil and rest.

Comrades, what our sires have told us

Watch and wait, for it will come :
Smiling vales shall soon enfold us
In a new and vernal Home :

Earth will feed us
From her own benignant womb.

We beside the wondrous river

In the appointed hour shall stand,
Following, as from Egypt ever,
Thy bright Cloud and outstretched Hand :

In Thy shadow
We shall rest, on Abraham's land.

Not by manna showers at morning

Shall our board be then supplied,
But a strange pale gold, adorning
Many a tufted mountain's side,

Yearly feed us,
Year by year our murmurings chide.

There, no prophet's touch awaiting,

From each cool deep cavern start Rills, that since their first creating Ne'er have ceased to sing their part.

Oft we hear them
In our dreams, with thirsty heart.

Oh, when travel-toils are over,

When above our tranquil nest
All our guardian Angels hover,
Will our hearts be quite at rest ?

Nay, fair Canaan
Is not heavenly Mercy's best.

Salem may

but see,

Know ye not, our glorious Leader

and die ? Israel's guide and nurse and feeder Israel's hope from far must eye,

Then departing
Find a worthier throne on high.

Dimly shall fond Fancy trace him,

Dim though sweet her dreams shall prove, Wondering what high Powers embrace him, Where in light he walks above,

Where in silence
Sleeping, hallows heath or grove.

Deeps of blessing are before us :

Only, while the desert sky
And the sheltering cloud hang o'er us,
Morn by morn, obediently,

Glean we Manna,
And the song of Moses try.



“ I will follow upon mine enemies, and overtake them, neither will I turn again till I have destroyed them."

“BEHOLD me, Lord, a worthless Gibeonite,
Unmeet to bear one burthen in thy sight,
To hew thy servant's wood, or water draw,
Yet trusted with thine own eternal Law.
The deadlier sure the guilt, the doom more drear,
Should Canaan powers prevail—and they are near.
The world of Sense, five mighty Monarchs, hard
Upon me lies, and I thy robe have marr'd.
Chariot and horse they come, a fearful fray :
I cannot stand alone this evil day.”—
“ Go, shamed and scared, seek Joshua in thy need,
Him and all Israel : they for thee shall plead.
Their voice hath power to stay the sun, and win
The frail fallen mourner time to hate his sin.

But when their prayer hath laid the Tempter low,
Be sure thou crush him : deal out blow on blow :
Set thy stern foot upon his neck, and hide
His corse, unpitying, in the dark cave's side ;
Nor venture but in thought to move the stones
That guard his place, lest even in those dry bones
Some quickening fiend the bold bad life renew,
And thou in sevenfold guilt thy heart's backsliding


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