Whether on lonely shades the pale sad ray

From a sick chamber fall,
Or amid thousands more beam glad and gay

From mirthful bower or hall,
If pure the joy, and patient be the woe,

Heaven's breath is there, we know :
And surely of yon lamps on high we deem
As of pure worlds, whereon the floods of mercy stream.

Yea, in each keen heart-thrilling glance of theirs

Of other stars we read,
Stars out of sight, souls for whom Love prepares

A portion and a meed
In the supernal Heavens for evermore,

When sun and moon are o'er ;
Fixed in the deep of grace and song, as these
In the blue skies, and o'er the far-resounding seas.

More and more Stars, here in our outward Heaven,

More and more Saints above !
But to the wistful gaze the sight is given,

The vision to meek love,

Love taught of old to treasure and embalm

Whate'er in morning calm Or evening soft steals from the gracious skies, The dry ground freshening with the dews of Paradise.

All humble holy gleams I bid thee seek,

Dim lingering here below;
So shall the Almighty give a tongue to speak,

A heart to read and know
Of Saints at Home, robed and in glory crowned.

Dews on the lowly ground
May as we downward gaze true token yield,
Yea even in glaring morn, of midnight Heaven's pure


Stars to the childish eye may gathered seem

Into strange shapes and wild,
Lion or Eagle, Bear or Harp—such dream

As heathen hearts beguiled :-
Or as a flock untended, roaming wide

Heaven's waste from side to side : But of a central glory sages sing, Whence all may be discerned in clear harmonious ring. Such are Saints' ways—the forms so manifold

Our mystic Mother wears,
O far unlike our dreamings, young and old !

But Faith still onward fares,
Love-guided, heaven-attracted, till she reach

The orb whence all and each
By golden threads of order and high grace
Are pendant evermore, all beauteous, all in place.

.More and more Stars ! behold yon hazy arch,

Spanning the vault on high,
By planets traversed in majestic march,

Seeming to earth’s dull eye
A breath of gleaming air : but take thou wing

Of Faith, and upward spring :-
Into a thousand stars the misty light
Will part ; each star a world with its own day and


Not otherwise of yonder Saintly host

Upon the glorious shore
Deem thou. He marks them all ; not one is lost ;

By name He counts them o'er.

Full many a soul, to man's dim praise unknown,

May on its glory-throne As brightly shine, and prove as strong in prayer, As theirs, whose separate beams shoot keenest through

this air.

My child, even now I see thy tender breath

Full quickly come and go
At sound of praise. O may the touch of Faith

Those chords so fine and low
Early controul and tune thy heart too high

For aught beneath the sky.
So may that little spark of glory swell
To a full orb, and soar with loftiest Saints to dwell.



Lessons of Grace.



“ Abide you here with the ass, and I and the lad will go yonder and worship."

DREAD was the mystery on Moriah's hill :

Low on the ridge the cloud of morning lay : From each dark fold, along each gliding rill,

Strange whispers from the mountain met our way.

But we must wait below, and upward gaze,

While toward the mount the father and the son Pursue their course, soon in that awful haze

To vanish, till the appointed deed be done.

So when the Lord for some parental heart

Prepares a martyr's crown, He calls on high Father and child, in His still shrine apart

To learn His lore of healing agony.

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