She hears : one glance,-how brief and keen !

As with a lightning touch reveals Her Saint


his path serene ; With all her heart his vow she seals, With all her heart the prayer prolongs, That round him still the Watchers' songs Echoing may purge the hallow'd air, And from his soul the dreams of Judas scare.

Ever in hope and agony

She prays :-in hope when most he fears, In trembling when his hopes mount high.

Far, far away she feels, not hears
A deep chord thrill, an answering note
Go forth in Heaven, and earthward float.
Her Guardian Angel wafts it nigh,
But more it breathes than Angel sympathy.

order of the Church had been accurately observed in their case, he deemed, on consulting with the Priests about him, that there was no need to rebaptize such as had once for all received the grace of God in simplicity. Only he performed for them the other ceremonies, which the Priests alone may lawfully minister in the Sacraments. Moreover, Athanasius and the other boys, who in their sport were Priests and Deacons, he commended to their respective kinsmen, calling God to witness ; to be nurtured for the Church, and trained to that which they had enacted.." Sozomen, Eccl. Hist. i. 17.

Yea, gloom was on the Source of Light,*

A trouble at Joy's very heart,
When with the Traitor in His sight

His secret sad He told apart.
And when He spake of treasures seal'd
To proud wise men, to babes reveald,
From His celestial aspect fell
A lightning as in Heaven, a bliss ineffable.

These are Thy signs, Thou Shepherd good,

To Daring and to Meekness given ; To babes of mild, self-chastening mood,

Whispering their part in chants of Heaven. “ Else,” warning Love cries out, “ beware Of Chancel screen and Altar stair.” Love interceding kneels in fear, Lest to the Pure th’ unholy draw too near.

* St. John xiii. 21.

+ St. Matt. xi. 25.

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“ Behold the fig-tree, and all the trees; when they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves, that summer is now nigh at hand."

What is the joy the young lambs know,

When vernal breezes blow ?
Why carol out so blithe and free
The little birds from every leafless tree ?

Why bound so high the boys at play

On grass so green and gay ?
From nursing arms,


proper throne, Why rings so clear yon infant's joyous tone ?

The life that in them deeply dwells

Of genial spring-tide tells : Of their own selves they see and know To what glad tune the summer brooks shall flow.

Be thou through life a little child ;

By manhood undefiled ; So shall no Angel grudge thy dreams Of fragrance pure and ever brightening beams.



“As an eagle stirreth up her nest, so the Lord alone did lead him."

BEHOLD the treasure of the nest,

The winged mother's hope and pride : See how they court her downy breast,

How soft they slumber, side by side.

Strong is the life that nestles there,

But into motion and delight It may not burst, till soft as air

It feel Love's brooding, timely might.

Even such a blissful nest I deem

The cradle of the Lord's new-born, Where deeply lurks the living beam

Lit in the glad baptismal morn.

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